Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu Delivers Independance Day Message to the United States (Video)

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu delivered an Independence Day message to the United States and President Obama.

“As Israel’s Prime Minister I appreciate deeply all that American has done for Israel. And as a leader of one of the world’s most vibrant democracies, you know how vibrant, I appreciate all of the sacrifices America has made in order to advance liberty and democracy throughout the world… I’m always moved when I read Thomas Jefferson’s words. They made America a beacon of liberty for all humanity.”

This was terrific.
Via Common Cents:

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  • Jim

    I am an American, first and foremost, but I am also a Zionist, by conviction. Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister for your kind words.

  • Ella

    I wish Bibi was our president. He is a true statesman. Unlike what we have now.

  • Steve

    My prayer this 4th is that THE Sovereign God would raise up more people like Mr. Netanyahu to lead our nations into truth and peace.

  • beachluver

    Bibi’s words were filled with more love and pride for our country than the occupant of the White House!!!!!! Thank you Bibi. Mitt will atrenghten our ties with you soon….I hope!!!

  • Gail

    My respect and admiration for this man is boundless! Thank you for all you try to do in the name of peace and freedom and liberty Mr. Netanyahu! May you live to see your dreams come true!

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  • TeaPartyNation

    At least SOMEBODY acknowledges America on this historically important day. Meanwhile, OBOZO and the rest of the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists will spend the 4th of July doing what they usually do on this date: desecrating the American flag and burning copies of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  • just-saying

    I agree with Ella and with Beachluver: I wish Bibi was a natural born citizen, but it’s good for everyone that he’s the leader in Israel.

  • Patriot Beachgirl

    Mr. Netanyahu,

    Thank you for doing what our President wouldn’t do on this most important day in our history. You are a class act all the way!

  • ar05075

    It’s refreshing to see a real leader. Thank you Mr. PM

  • Redwine

    Absolutely wonderful! Thank you, Mr. Netanyahu. You understand American history and the meaning of America more than anyone – anyone – in our hate-filled, liberty-destroying regime.

    Please listen to Romney’s beautiful Independence Day video:

    We can do it. America will rise as a beacon of individual liberty again.

  • Hans Wurst

    It’s spelled “independence,” not “independance.”

    Miss Wilson
    Fourth Grade Spelling Class

  • kathteach

    #11: Redwine – I agree – Bibi’s speech is terrific. Thanks for the link to the Romney Independence Day video.

    You know what I loved about this Romney message today – he emphasized the values and importance of “small towns all over the United States”….you know, those fly over places that Obama says are full of fearful folks who “cling to their guns and religion”.

    I hope this is the kind of quality messaging we see a lot of in the coming months – inspiring.

  • A_Catholic_reader

    Go Bibi!!

  • maria

    @ #12 July 4, 2012 at 3:37 pm
    Hans Wurst commented:
    It’s spelled “independence,” not “independance.”
    Miss Wilson
    Fourth Grade Spelling Class

    Hans Wurst, is that all you have to comment on? We Both know what ‘Hans Wurst’ means, in good German language it means ‘IDIOT’

  • atticcellar

    How dare he quote Thomas Jefferson.. The Zionist believe they are created superior to all the Goyam.. He is lecuturing on freedom of religion while they oppress the muslims and hold all gentiles as unclean and no diffrent than the beast of the field… We can be proud to be the muscle of the Zionist bringing death and freedom to Libya, Egypt, Afganistan and more.. We shall deal with Isreals other ememies.. Kill them all.. All that resist the Zionist NWO! We must be thankful for the Zionist shills that have been placed to rule over us for the past decades. We need to be thankful for the Zionist foriegn owned Federal Reserve Central Bank for devaluing our currency by 97+%. We must be thankful for the 16,000 additional IRS agents to be deployed accross the US which will be used to collect the intrest on our national debt owed to the Zionist.. It is golrious to be a citizen of the NWO!

  • Susan D

    I admire this man tremendously. All of my adult life, I have supported Israel. Since I am a conservative Christian, the only thanks I get from the American Jewish population is to be called a nazi and have them vote for every Democrat they see, most of whom support the Palestinians. I can see a future where I hand my vote over to the Palestinians just because I need to get politicially paid. If American Jews do not support those who endorse Israel, then why should I?

  • Greg

    Can Bibi be our President? I mean I know that he actually can’t of course because he was born in Israel and all, but come on, THIS is what an American President is supposed to sound like.

  • atticcellar


  • Greg

    atticcellar, That’s because the Palisteinians tend to strap bombs to themselves, scream Allah Akbar and blow themselves up infront of Churches, Or shoot rockets off at Israel kids. There’s a reason they don’t let them have citizenship you dolt.

    Oh and by the way, about 25% of the Israel population IS Palisteinian, because that 25% gets it and actually likes freedom.

  • atticcellar

    If they came in to your town and stole your land, livestock, gold and silver, if you were a patriot you too would fight back.. Palistilians are forbidden to live in most Isreali settlements (their homeland and birthplace for many).. Some are allowed to work for the Isreali’s at their discretion and must return to the “camps” when done with their duties.. I can assure you that 0% of the Palistinians support Isreal!

  • MVH

    And all we get from our POTUS on this Independence Day is some immigration twaddle at a swearing in ceremony of our brand-new citizens, today. In no way is it demeaning for them. I say “twaddle,” because the country had to be discovered and founded before immigrants would actually want to come here! And Obama, for whatever reason, did not recognize our founders.

    The times I’ve heard him appreciate this country is in reference to him: Only in America could someone of his background could’ve become POTUS. But to quote or give credit for this great country and it’s founders, is something I can’t recall ever hearing him mention.

    Thank you, Prime Minister Netanyahu, for reminding us of the greatness of our founding on this Independence Day, 2012!

  • Captain Ned

    A man who understands America better than our current President.

    You go, BiBi, and condolences to Yonatan.

  • ohiochili

    Atticcellar, every site has to have a putz and you win.

  • ohiochili

    I now have a bad case of President envy.
    Go Bibi!

  • CV1

    I thought his name was Benjamin.

  • Sasja

    There ain’t no such animal as a palestinian. There are animals who are arab muslims.

    May God continue to bless and keep Israel.

  • maria

    @#21 July 4, 2012 at 4:51 pm
    atticcellar commented:

    If they came in to your town and stole your land, livestock, gold and silver, if you were a patriot you too would fight back.. Palistilians are forbidden to live in most Isreali settlements (their homeland and birthplace for many).. Some are allowed to work for the Isreali’s at their discretion and must return to the “camps” when done with their duties.. I can assure you that 0% of the Palistinians support Isreal!


    please, don’t place your foolish comment here before you educate yourself about Israel’s history.

    UNSCOP recommended to partition Palestine into two states – one Jewish and one Arab. This Partition Plan was rejected by all the Arab states. The resolution was passed in the United Nations with a vote of 33-13. Amazingly, both the United States and the Soviet Union supported the resolution, at the height of the Cold War. Russia believed that a Jewish state with many Socialist and Communist ideals would lead it eventually become part of the Soviet sphere of influence. This passing of the Partition Plan negatively affected over 1 million Sephardic Jews living in Arab lands, where the Muslims began turning against their Jewish citizens.

  • Patty

    Through trials and tribulations Netanyahu is an honorable man who deserves are gratitude and we will always be there to help our friends. His deep love for peace is very evident, for his nation.

    Thank you for paying your respects to our nation on Independence Day.

  • atticcellar

    OH! The Zionist NWO UN was behind the theft.. That make it all alright! As you state, prior to the theft the brothers lived side by side.. It was the fake-jew Khazars (no genitic link to Abraham) who are behind the anti-semetic actions against the children of Ishmeal (Issac’s brother)..

  • l.barney


  • atticcellar

    Yes.. Look how the big “O” licks the Khazar’s boots.. for now.. Fake American and Fake Jew.. Great pair!

  • Redwine

    atticcellar – You are stupid and ignorant of history. You are full of hatred and propaganda. The “Palestinians” are a made up people. They are Arabs, many of whom migrated to Eretz Israel in the early 20th century for jobs provided by the Jews rebuilding their historic land. Arabs have full rights in Israel – to vote, hold jobs, study at all levels, serve in the Knesset, sit on the Israeli Supreme Court (yes, there is an Arab justice), etc.

    I lived in Israel for nearly 30 years and know full well how Arabs live. They were my neighbors.

  • atticcellar

    Redwine; Obviously a Khazar!

  • atticcellar

    The “Isreal” you speak of did not exist till the late 40’s.. You claim early 1900’s?.. Whos ignorant?

  • sandy

    Thank you Redwine #11 for the Romney Video. Its nice to hear Romney speak of our greatness while Willie Lohman Obama is out raising more money for his re-election because no candidate should raise more money than a sitting president.

    As for Netanyahu — he looks Presidential.

  • atticcellar

    Yes.. He should.. He is the president!

  • jaiphx

    Bibi speaks from his heart with knowledge and humility, and yet even here on this thread we have ignorance. When one does not know the history, one should keep his racist anti semitic comments in his own hate filled heart to his self, but the haters of the world always shout the loudest and most vilest, it always was, and until the lord comes, will be.

    Remember there will always be an Israel, just get used to it hater.

  • sandy

    Ohiochili #24 Love it lolol

  • doberman

    Historically, there is no basis in fact for a Palestinian people. The term is a bastardization of the people known as Philistines who came from the ancient city of Gaza. The most famous Philistine was a giant named Goliath who was defeated in fair battle with a shepherd boy named David. He was later made king of ancient Israel. People like atticcellar would serve themselves and mankind more efficiently if he would put aside his blatantly racist views and learn from the nation of Israel instead of allowing his blind hatred to rule what little mind he has.

  • jaiphx

    You know you can point out to the haters of the world, that Israel is surrounded by a couple of billion Arabs that want nothing but the death to Israel and all Jews, and that there is roughly 6 million Jews. That means nothing to haters. One day your heart will be inspected by the inspector in chief and be found wanting. The good BOOK tells us you will be judged in part by how you treated Jews.

  • sandy

    Let me just get this straight — Netanyahu is our enemy? and Mortis of Egypt is our friend? In what Universe?

  • atticcellar

    How foolish of me.. I should learn from the thieving Khazars who have been liars since day one.. They are not Jew’s.. They are not the seed of Abraham.. It is stated as fact in the Jewish Encyclopdia.. They do not practice the laws of Moses.. They in fact violate the laws of moses in favor of the Talmud.. An anceint Babylonian religion.. They learn in synagoge that they are superior to all other races (the Goyam).. They are allowed to lie, steal, kill (including murder) non “Jews”.. A Jew can not be judged by “non-jew”.. A Jew can not charge usery to another Jew but to a Goyam outright theft is permitted (just don’t get caught and its OK).. They hate my Jewish Lord Jesus Christ and their rabbi’s teach he was a wreached soul and that Mary was a Whore.. If you are really a Christian you can not support these theiving, Lying imposters.

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  • Redwine

    atticcellar = stupid, ignorant troll.
    Good grief.

  • Sarah2012

    Antticceller- PUT A SOCK IN IT… your such a pathetic, history-deprived downer.

    Redwine #33- exactly right, but to those too lazy or biased by Leftist propaganda to get informed w/ the truth. the Israel history only goes back to yesterday’s beakfast.

    Shame Obama & the American professors shy away from teaching w/ pride the American exceptionalism which Netanyahu highlights in this video.

  • atticcellar

    What I say is hardly leftist as the left is controlled by the Zionist just as the right is in American.. Bush or Obama or Romney.. Their masters are the same Zionist!

  • atticcellar

    On this 4th of July remember the American lives lost aboard the USS Liberty.. Google it and listen to first hand accounts of this attack on America which was launched in attempt to draw American into war with Egypt by the enemies of our nation.

  • Meximom

    methinks somebody forgot to take their meds today….

  • atticcellar

    #51 Oh my! What a great reasoned response.. When you can’t dispute facts just resort to pathetic one liners..

  • THANK you for posting this Jim, it is nice to hear from a leader who actually understands America! The current crop of communist-dems surely do NOT.

    I am heartened by the FURY I can feel in America right now over the health care TAXATION passed by scotus… (all the easier to repeal everyone is wondering?…)

    remember in November? WHY, YES.WE.WILL

    Hope you had a GREAT Independence Day Hoft family and friends… ! I’m off to see some fireworks in Park Ridge Illinois in 1/2 an hour – I’m usually in New Zealand, but lucky enough to be visiting this month in the USA….

    I LOVE YOU U.S.A.!!!!!! 🙂

  • atticcellar

    Romneycare.. The blueprint for Obamacare.. Wake up out of your dream neo’s.

  • mg4us

    I want to echo what others have said. .

    Bibi hit it out of the park. . he understands what made and makes America GREAT. . .
    Said so well and with true feeling for truth is powerful. . .

    Something Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Roberts, Ginzburg, Sotomeyer and Kagen need to understand. . .

    Come November 2012, let’s vote with the conviction of Jefferson’s words. . and show the world and each other that OUR CONSTITUTION still matters and we ARE THE UNITED States of America!

    Happy Independence Day!

  • Thank you, Prime Minister Netanyahu. You are far and away a better leader than Hussein bin Obama.

    Ze’ev (wolf in Hebrew)

  • Peter Warner

    Thank you, Prime Minister Netanyahu. And thank you Jim Hoft for posting such an inspiring message for us all.

    Netanyahu makes a crucial point- simple majority rule is not good government or good living. There must also be protection of individual God-given (inalienable) rights. Netanyahu uses the term ‘True Democracy’, I’m more familiar with ‘Constitutional Republic’.

    Netanyahu speaks of ‘these two ideas, coupled together’, and in agreeing, I see them as coming from the Bible (primarily the Ten Commandments) and the Constitution, which I believe need to be taught in America as part of civics in grade school and above, for healthy citizenship and society. Thank you for the greetings and for the reminder, Mr. Prime Minister.

    Let me ask those who know Hebrew: What do his parting words, ‘Hak sammel’ mean?

    ‘As they say in small towns across America, …’ has me still laughing. Good humor, and great statesmanship, and a great man. I’d like to meet him in person someday, if only to offer my condolences for Yoni.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • atticcellar

    Polack spy case = Isreal stealing US Nuclear secrets to build bomb, which the have, furthermore they refuse to sign onto the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty…
    USS Liberty = prolonged air attack on a full flagged (flying colors) US warship in order to draw US into war against Egypt resulting in the death of many us sailors..
    With friends like this who needs enemies!

  • Terencio2

    On this Birthday of the United States, a big thank you to BiBi Netanyahu, who is the leader of the Free World & an inspiration to all who love freedom. The American people WILL throw off the yoke of stupidity we now suffer under. And the American people are friends of Israel always!

  • atticcellar

    #59; America is soon to be as free as Isreal with armed troops on the street.. Required military service for all.. Maybe even forbidding by law jews marrying non-jews in America, just like Isreal! Then we could really be free!

  • jaiphx

    atticcellar====You really bore me with your sophomoric drivel. You really should choose either the attic or the cellar!

  • Fionnagh

    atticcellar, given the nature of your comments, I can’t decide in which place you might best be confined.

  • Fionnagh

    LOL 61, you beat me by a minute!

  • sarah2012

    #52- Peter, the translation for “Chag Sa’mayach” – “Happy holiday”

  • AuntieMadder

    I like the heck out of this guy.

    Thank you, Bibi Netanyahu, for delivering a fine Independence Day speech to the US while we currently have no president fit to do it…or even inclined to do it.

  • joe Transnscript of Bibi’s remarks

  • Peter Warner

    For [email protected]:

    Thank you, sincerely.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • Lefty

    Israel will defend itself….
    right down to the last American.

  • Millie

    Gosh! Could everybody just please pray for peace on Earth?

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