Impeach John Roberts Movement Gains Steam

The movement to impeach John Roberts is gaining steam.
An Impeach John Roberts page was just created on Facebook.

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The process is similar to impeaching a president, like Democrat Bill Clinton.
The Politico reported:

The impeachment of a Supreme Court justice takes the same process as impeaching a president. The House of Representatives would impeach a justice, and the Senate would hold a trial on whether to convict and remove the official from office. Officials can only be removed from office after impeachment and conviction of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors,” according to the Constitution.

This comes after the Chief Justice’s nonsensical healthcare ruling last week.

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  • Brae

    I am not a fan of trashing the SCOTUS for it’s decisions because in the past I always believed they were impartial and ruling on Constitutional grounds. No longer.. I no longer trust the SCOTUS, and and further rulings on their part will now be seen by me as a political move. Roberts has trashed the reputation of the SCOTUS, and as long as he remains, any action by the SCOTUS will be suspect. He has to go.

  • Militant conservative

    This is worth the effort.

    Treason would be my guess.

  • Tim in Cali

    If he was intimidated by the media to change his vote,HE NEEDS TO ANSWER THAT

    How can you trust someone that easily scared into a vote…he is weak

    He changed his vote,WE THE PEOPLE deserve an answer..

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  • pb88

    I would say to do this after January so that Obama does not get the chance to pick the next one.

  • Chris

    Great idea. Then Obama can install another Kagan or Sotomeyer in his place.

  • Stonedome

    Don’t be distracted by this…Roberts decision was non sensical. Work hard to donate and vote for conservatives that will impose term limits. They want you in disarray…don’t fall for the chaos theory. Stay focused on deleting Hussein from office.

  • Militant conservative


    Your assuming Obama is going to be around. Got news
    For you son. Obama will be in

  • Scott

    Not gonna happen, so why waste the time and energy on it?

    Better to put our energy into getting Willard elected and 50 seats in the Senate to repeal it. Plus we get the added bonus that if Ginsburg or Breyer retires — which seems possible — we can pray that Willard will nominate a conservative justice to replace one or both of them.

  • lajari

    Get real – stuff like this makes conservatives look foolish. There are black helicopters flying overhead all the time for some people!! Don’t waste time or blog space on this one!

  • gastorgrab

    At least the 4 liberal judges actually believed in their decision. (not that i agree with them)

    Roberts stated one opinion, then voted the other way.

  • Smarty

    So we are supposed to judge him more harshly than the hard core libs, like Ms. ACLU Ginsberg?

    We need to stop focusing on people who piss us off 5% of the time. It may be a bigger disappointment than when a hard core enemy of the people screws us (we expect it from them), but we need to focus on the really bad guys.

  • redneck

    Impeach him and obama gets to replace……I’m not happy with Roberts ‘s decision either, but no sense in getting cazy…..wait until the marxist is gone before we start calling for impeachment…..

  • Naqamel

    Please wait until there’s a Republican President – otherwise the next Chief Justice is a hard left moonbat like Sotomayor or Kagan.

  • the Boodge

    If your gonna impeach Roberts, make sure obama is included as well! They are both TRAITORS in my eyes!

  • Remco Kimber

    Save your efforts. This has all the marks of the Impeach Earl Warren campaign in the 1960s. That effort went nowhere despite two favorable factors. One, the country was more conservative, and two, Warren had a string of really bad decisions that to this day continue to pour harmful after-effects. Notwithstanding the Impeach EW did not happen.

    Spend your efforts on electing true constitutionalists to Congress, and then watch them like hawks.

  • Mike in VA

    under what grounds? plus, get rid of this one for OweBama to appoint another?

  • dwd

    How can the same justice write both the opinion AND the dissent? That alone seems wrong.

  • Finncrisp

    This is an unnecessary distraction. The legislative branch is not going to impeah a SOTUS judge because he had a bad day at the office. This is exacly what the left wants. If Justice Roberts ruled the way he did because he was trying to keep the court out of the cross hairs of controversey, he got it wrong. If the left can get us to dump Roberts, they get a chance to replace him with another wise Latina or something. Is that going to be better? Since we now have the task of “do over by the people” on healthcare, let’s get to that task with our energy and vigor. We lost this one, for unexpected reasons, but we lost. Time to move on.