Impeach John Roberts Movement Gains Steam

The movement to impeach John Roberts is gaining steam.
An Impeach John Roberts page was just created on Facebook.

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The process is similar to impeaching a president, like Democrat Bill Clinton.
The Politico reported:

The impeachment of a Supreme Court justice takes the same process as impeaching a president. The House of Representatives would impeach a justice, and the Senate would hold a trial on whether to convict and remove the official from office. Officials can only be removed from office after impeachment and conviction of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors,” according to the Constitution.

This comes after the Chief Justice’s nonsensical healthcare ruling last week.

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  • Brae

    I am not a fan of trashing the SCOTUS for it’s decisions because in the past I always believed they were impartial and ruling on Constitutional grounds. No longer.. I no longer trust the SCOTUS, and and further rulings on their part will now be seen by me as a political move. Roberts has trashed the reputation of the SCOTUS, and as long as he remains, any action by the SCOTUS will be suspect. He has to go.

  • Militant conservative

    This is worth the effort.

    Treason would be my guess.

  • Tim in Cali

    If he was intimidated by the media to change his vote,HE NEEDS TO ANSWER THAT

    How can you trust someone that easily scared into a vote…he is weak

    He changed his vote,WE THE PEOPLE deserve an answer..

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  • pb88

    I would say to do this after January so that Obama does not get the chance to pick the next one.

  • Chris

    Great idea. Then Obama can install another Kagan or Sotomeyer in his place.

  • Stonedome

    Don’t be distracted by this…Roberts decision was non sensical. Work hard to donate and vote for conservatives that will impose term limits. They want you in disarray…don’t fall for the chaos theory. Stay focused on deleting Hussein from office.

  • Militant conservative


    Your assuming Obama is going to be around. Got news
    For you son. Obama will be in

  • Scott

    Not gonna happen, so why waste the time and energy on it?

    Better to put our energy into getting Willard elected and 50 seats in the Senate to repeal it. Plus we get the added bonus that if Ginsburg or Breyer retires — which seems possible — we can pray that Willard will nominate a conservative justice to replace one or both of them.

  • lajari

    Get real – stuff like this makes conservatives look foolish. There are black helicopters flying overhead all the time for some people!! Don’t waste time or blog space on this one!

  • gastorgrab

    At least the 4 liberal judges actually believed in their decision. (not that i agree with them)

    Roberts stated one opinion, then voted the other way.

  • Smarty

    So we are supposed to judge him more harshly than the hard core libs, like Ms. ACLU Ginsberg?

    We need to stop focusing on people who piss us off 5% of the time. It may be a bigger disappointment than when a hard core enemy of the people screws us (we expect it from them), but we need to focus on the really bad guys.

  • Impeach him and obama gets to replace……I’m not happy with Roberts ‘s decision either, but no sense in getting cazy…..wait until the marxist is gone before we start calling for impeachment…..

  • Please wait until there’s a Republican President – otherwise the next Chief Justice is a hard left moonbat like Sotomayor or Kagan.

  • the Boodge

    If your gonna impeach Roberts, make sure obama is included as well! They are both TRAITORS in my eyes!

  • Remco Kimber

    Save your efforts. This has all the marks of the Impeach Earl Warren campaign in the 1960s. That effort went nowhere despite two favorable factors. One, the country was more conservative, and two, Warren had a string of really bad decisions that to this day continue to pour harmful after-effects. Notwithstanding the Impeach EW did not happen.

    Spend your efforts on electing true constitutionalists to Congress, and then watch them like hawks.

  • Mike in VA

    under what grounds? plus, get rid of this one for OweBama to appoint another?

  • dwd

    How can the same justice write both the opinion AND the dissent? That alone seems wrong.

  • Finncrisp

    This is an unnecessary distraction. The legislative branch is not going to impeah a SOTUS judge because he had a bad day at the office. This is exacly what the left wants. If Justice Roberts ruled the way he did because he was trying to keep the court out of the cross hairs of controversey, he got it wrong. If the left can get us to dump Roberts, they get a chance to replace him with another wise Latina or something. Is that going to be better? Since we now have the task of “do over by the people” on healthcare, let’s get to that task with our energy and vigor. We lost this one, for unexpected reasons, but we lost. Time to move on.

  • donh

    The fees Paid Roberts to lecture on Malta need to be invesatigated …On what date was the invitation extended…How much was he paid….White initialtion rituals took place during his visit….What degree or ranks within the Knighthood of Malta have been awarded to Roberts during his visit. These are all grounds for bribery and treason…..>

  • Sasja

    I know. Let’s impeach Roberts. If it gets to the Senate, they can convict and leave Bammy open to appoint a more radical justice. Great idea. Go for it.

  • Peggy R

    This should wait until Romney is installed for goodness sake.

  • Brandon In Baton Rouge

    I think we’ve got a better case for impeaching Kagan than Roberts, given that she clearly lied to the Senate during her confirmation hearings.

  • CV1

    Move along. The SCOTUS has spoken, the decision was made and we disagree with it. We must use the other options to stop Obamacare.

    Talk of impeachment is silly. It’s not going to happen.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    If we impeach him, Obama would appoint Sotomayor as Chief Justice and Eric Holder to replace Roberts.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

    Roberts will be ostracized by thinking, working Americans and realize his only friends are wacko, anti-American libs. He’ll realize the error of his ways and resign.

    I love the way that he already has been marginalized by Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Kennedy.

    If you’re more liberal than Kennedy, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg is your new BFF, you’re hosed.

  • Tony

    What lajari said. This is such a monumental act of sore loser syndrome. Get rid of the damned law, not the guy that, ahem, gave us Citizens United, and this year the Montana opinion and the “union busting” Knox case.

  • Bob

    Only after Mitt wins the election.

  • The Facebook page is a left-wing one motivated by campaign finance reform. Even if you’re sympathetic to the idea (which I am), don’t give that outlet the time of day.

  • donh

    So if Roberts was offered $100,000 to lecture at Malta on May 15 in the middle of writing his opinion ….you all are OK with that….Nothing to see here…move along.

  • Highlander

    In my opinion, this is a waste of time. We need to concentrate our efforts on November. If there is still a desire to impeach after that, then go for it.

  • donh

    and how are ” your efforts ” productively concentrated when you continue to show the American people that you have no fight in you…The most grotesque corruption can pass right before your eyes and the only response from the Rinocracy is to enforse weakness and submission to a state of denial.

  • old glazier

    This is why Roberts decision is so maddening. We’re left with no options at all. The SCOTUS will offer no relief for conservatives if God himself doesn’t intervene. Roberts has made his pivot and will not return. As for his writing both positions of the argument, that was done by the conservatives on the court to embarrass him for betraying us.

  • JoyO

    The Roberts decision is very disappointing. However, We the People need to working 100% on winning the November elections. After November, we can concentrate on other projects.

  • USMC Thomas

    Why not Kagan, whose prior involvement in SØBamacare should have required recuse.

    Her seat on the Court is a vile stain on Justice.

  • xkaydet65

    In the middle of the most meaningful election cycle since 1952 some want to distract us with an impeachment effort against Roberts. Why not call a Constitutional Convention ndn adopt amendments for recalling all federal officials when they piss us off. I know many here actually sent money to help Scott Walker fend off the recall. Well the recall was just pissed off progressives unhappy with his policies. Unless someone can uncover a clear smoking gun that Roberts traded his vote for some personal gain or advantage this talk is is just pissed off conservatives unhappy with a decision. It’s time to take Soros’ advice and move on. The lefties would much rather see us all wallowing in the mudhole created by this decision.

  • FedUp

    If you’re going to waste your energy, then impeach Obama & Holder. They ARE treasonous!

  • bigL

    Some man in the 60’s and 70’s had a bill-board sign on his property along the Santa Ana Fwy (the 5)
    in L.A. area–“Impeach Earl Warren”
    just saying

  • Sha Shaw

    Jim Hoft needs to get his head twisted back on straight Make Roberts resign while Obama is still President???

    Roberts, despite our displeasure that Obamacare is still in force, made the most conservative decision possilbe and and yes he considered the politics and designed it to favor conservatives

    Obamacare would NOT, I repeat WOULD NOT , have been all thrown out if the mandate was ruled unconstitutional on grounds of tax power. IT WAS SEVERABLE because there are all kinds of other funding mechanisms in the law,

    PAY ATTENTION! The entire Obamacare law would not be gone even if the mandate was, It is only the most reported heinous part of the law. Nothing hinged on it

    If Roberts had voted against the mandate , the liberals would have written the magority opinion on the serverablity issue if Roberts had voted in the minority on that issue. They,as they always do, would write whatever they want- they could have even written free healthcare as a “right” clearing the way for single payer
    THAT is why he switched, He read the opinion the liberals wrote and had to stop whatever horrible thing it was. So he switched his vote on the tax issue at the last minute, this empowered him and him alone to write the magority opinon, He struck the severablity opinon by the liberals completely out
    The congress does have near unlimted power to levy taxes , and they used to have the power to name the tax somehting else so we are none the wiser so it will pass congress
    Now they cant rename , if they call it a penalty, we say Roberts ruling , its a tax
    TAX TAX!
    Even if you dont believe a word Im writing, you’ve got to know that launching or joining a campaign against Roberts now is pointless and self defeating
    The flip side to the ruling is that Congress has the power to not only levy taxes but to ABOLISH THEM even it liberals claim it will do some imaginary harm to puppies

  • IF Robers is removed from office while Obama is preezy, we will have a bigger problem.

  • DocB

    I’ll second what Sha Shaw said. As much as I hate O’care, this ruling does put it in the limelight leading into the election – and does so as a tax. Not much O can defend here which erodes support for him.
    Furthermore, this talk of impeachment of Roberts sound like a ‘rope-a-dope’ position if you ask me. Wouldn’t put it past the left to initiate this to make the right look desperate. Don’t take the bait.

  • Doug Edelman

    Much as I disagree with Roberts, he’s done nothing IMPEACHABLE. And in fact, the LEMON of a decision can most certainly be made into Lemonade:

    But if there is any Supreme Court Justice WORTHY of impeachment, Kagan is it for having cast a vote AT ALL. Given her history of advocacy for ObamaCare BEFORE becoming a justice, she should have recused herself from rendering an opinion on the case. THAT COULD WELL BE an impeachable act!

  • Nelle

    Yes, Impeach Kagan.

  • aprilnovember811

    We already understand where the marxist on the left come from. We always despise them. We can’t tolerate a traitor on our side. Benedict Arnold betrayed George Washington and John Roberts betrayed the Constitution. It was also John Roberts who tried to silence people who insisted Kagan, who was placed their by the Kenyan impostor, recuse herself. Apparently John Roberts felt it was alright for her to sit in on this case, knowing she advised the enemy how to argue the case in court.

    John Roberts has destroyed his reputation, and he needs to resign. I wouldn’t push for it, until after the impostor is removed though.

  • Laura J. McGarry

    Investigation and Impeachment if warranted is the only just course. We have a Supreme Court that has blatantly ignored Title 18 criminal law violations and a House and Senate that do the same regarding the corrupt third branch lower courts including the Administrative Offices of the US Courts. We have a bizarre speech by a US Senator that was directed to Roberts. We have someone messing with our social media sites who removed the video of this speech and all tweets related to the video which showed Roberts in the room during the Leahy speech. The Supreme Court of the United States aided and abetted criminal law violations by public servants in the 3rd branch and corrupt attorneys with the denial of a Petition that described alleged criminal activity where the court rendered documents and the dockets themselves were the evidence of blatant dishonest service fraud and denial of access to the courts for a Disabled American. We have oversight committees that ignored the criminal behavior coming from the lower courts and the Administrative Offices of the US Courts. Our third branch is a sham and it is looking more and more that the house and senate are as well. THOSE IN POWER TO INVESTIGATE AND IMPEACH DO SO OR YOU TOO WILL BE OUT OF A JOB AND HOPEFULLY BEHIND BARS. We the people have had more than enough of this crap by tax paid public servants and we are no longer putting up with public servants where the priority is their own personal gain.
    The petition

  • aprilnovember811

    If John Roberts called this a tax, the Supreme Court broke the law hearing it to begin with. He pretty much committed fraud. For arguments sake, he said it wasn’t a tax, because he knew this violated the law, yet he said it could be called a tax for his decision. I disagree on him not being able to be impeached. His saying it wasn’t a tax, so he could hear the case, but basing his decision on the fact that it was, is fraud. He shouldn’t be sheilded by people. It needs to be called what it is.

    He has no credibility anylonger and should resign for the good of the country, and if we’re ever to regain trust again. Kagan and Sotomeyer shouldn’t be there to begin with, since Obama is Kenyan born. Roberts knows this also, but he doesn’t want to be blamed for all of the military deaths, just like Congress and the media. They just continue to cover for eachother, because they’re all evil. I hope the hand of God, reaches down and punishes all of them soon.

    They have this inflated opinion of themselves, and think everyone but them is stupid and don’t know what they’re doing. Remember, we aren’t the useful idiots that voted for Zero, the Muslim impostor.

  • Zubi

    Focus for a minute or two….impeaching Justice Roberts still leaves us with a stinking pile of healthcare. We must now engage our hearts and minds in this coming election. It is imperative that we WIN period. A Congressional and White House sweep will give us the opportunity to appoint additional CONSERVATIVE JUSTICES.
    We will be stuck with rationing, long lines, diminished healthcare. Our first class healthcare will be on a par with British medical system. Medical innovation will be strangled.
    ObamaCare stands. It is the law of the land. FOCUS on getting rid of this horror.

  • Gary

    Brae 2
    “in the past I always believed they were impartial and ruling on Constitutional grounds”

    How long ago did you think that?

  • Gary

    Gastorgrab 12

    That’s an excellent point. Now that you mention it, he did the exact same thing on Arizona.

    I remember him saying sth like “I’m beginning to wonder if the federal govt even wants to know who’s here illegally”.

    Roberts is a snake. I wish Bush had at least reversed the appointments and made Alito the Chief Justice.

    And don’t forget this was almost Harriet Myers. Wonder how she would have voted.

  • Gary

    Redneck 14, et al

    Not that I’m advocating this absurd notion myself, but just to be clear, the impeachment process would take a long time and the replacement process would take a lot longer. There’s no way Obama would still be in the WH, unless of course you’re assuming he wins in November.
    Now that would be an absurd notion.

  • Liz

    Impeach once Romney is in office. Then we replace with a real constitutional lawyer type.

  • Gary

    Old Glazier 33

    You may be right about that. It does seem to be the trend. On the other hand, another possibility is that Roberts is tired of being in the “predictable 4” on the right that is nullified by the “predictabel 4” on the left, leaving Kennedy to be a one-man Supreme Court, and he may have decided shake things up and become unpredictable so that it’s his name that is in the papers every time the court is in session.

  • Ghost

    Many commenters are missing the point: if Roberts reacts to pressure, let’s pour on the pressure- get it?! make him feel heat, even if it is unsuccessful.

    Besides, I like the Georgia shirts

  • Ghost

    and yes, other Justices could stand the same routine, as others have said.

    why does a defense keep pressuring the QB when they’re not sacking him?
    pressure, baby.

    THEY do it, we should too. Why should THEY have all the fun.

    Not only should the House repeal Obamadoesn’tcare every week, they should DE-fund.
    pressure, baby, pressure

    THEY do it. Stop fighting fire with water pistols, turn on the water CANNONS!

  • Conservative to the Core

    Impeaching Roberts is a Lib idea, folks.

  • kato

    Impeachment is utterly out of the question, and any politician who pursued impeachment would look as stupid as your typical member of the Black Congressional Caucus.

    It’s almost appropriate that Roberts should be part of the legacy of that compassionate dope. Aside from Cheney, Bush surrounded himself with an army of people whose alleged conservatism could be easily compromised.

    And even Cheney went soft on gay marriage when his lesbian daughter wanted to get married.
    Reminds me of the old quip about being against abortion until your teenage daughter needs one.

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  • Jim

    King Obama will be reelected. Does anybody serously believe he will lose to a liberal republican?

  • Tsame

    Be careful what you wish for. If he’s pressured enough he might STEP DOWN AND OBAMA WILL BE ABLE TO NAME ANOTHER JUDGE!!!

    LEAVE HIM ALONE!…for now…

  • Tsame

    sorry … just saw others said that already!

  • Rose

    “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior”
    Article III – The Judicial Branch


    “You seem … to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy… The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1820

    “A judiciary independent of a king or executive alone, is a good thing; but independence of the will of the nation is a solecism, at least in a republican government.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to Thomas Ritchie, December 25, 1820

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  • lonestar

    Yeah, impeach Roberts and barry gets to nominate someone more left than Ginsburg. Another stupid move by “conservatives”.

  • bg
  • captainfish

    Either impeach him or replace him as Chief Justice.

  • Ghost

    and the difference is………?

  • charlotte

    Please guys do not be stupid and silly. If Roberts is impeached now, Obama replaces him with Kamala West or Tony West, this FOREVER changing the balance of SCOTUS. Leave Roberts in until we have a GOP govt. Roberts knows he made patriotic America furious, as well as the SCOTUS dissenters. He probably will not do that again. Anyway he was threatened by Obama and his thugs re his kids. Similarly the Clintons were threatened that something would happen to Chelsea if they persisted in opposing Obama in 2008.
    So PLEASE stop this talk about impeachment. It is not good.

  • TJexcite

    For every Impeach Roberts there are 30 Impeach Thomas calls as he is not the right kind of Black. They did not even want him on the case.

  • Ivan

    If Roberts can be charged with treason for his ruling, then Congress should be charged with treason for passing the da**ed thing. Just sayin’…

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  • J Tracy

    It is hard to imagine how one can receive a tax penelty for failing to follow a law that the federal government did not have the authority to pass. I guess it is follow on to giving ficticous persons (corporate charters) the right to free speach. Could these decisions be consided high crimes?