Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Obama Invites Muslim Brotherhood Leader to White House

It’s an Obama world…

Several hundreds Imams listen to Muslim Brotherhood’s presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi at a rally in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, May 20, 2012. (AP /Fredrik Persson)

Israel National News reported, via Israel Survival Watch:

United States President Barack Hussein Obama has invited his Egyptian counterpart Mohammed Morsi to conduct an official visit to the U.S. in September. Deputy Secretary of State William Perez said he delivered the invitation to Cairo during his meetings with the president on Sunday.

This would be the first visit ever to the U.S. by a member of the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood in an official capacity.

Obama previously made a congratulatory phone call to Morsi when his victory in Egypt’s presidential elections was made official. Obama also confirmed the United States’ commitment towards democratic development in Egypt and offered his country’s support for the Egyptian economy.

According to Bikya Masr, Morsi sent a thank you message to the American president through Perez.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was banned from political activity due to its subversive tactics for the past 60 years, captured the presidency after prolonged violent protests ousted former strongman Hosni Mubarak and the ruling military junta held elections. The unrest and rebellion that has swept through the Arab world in the last two years was encouraged, among other things, by Obama’s speech in Cairo in 2009, in which he sought a “new beginning” in relations between the U.S. and adherents of the Muslim religion.

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  • bigkahuna

    I think MUSLIM BROTHER would be more accurate.

    Dont be fooled…this is an evil man and he has no business being anywhere withing a mile of the White House

  • Bad Actor

    Horrible. I’ll bet one of the dinner conversation topics will be how to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

  • Robert

    I wonder when the stadium executions will start up.

  • Thanks for linking the madness Jim.

    Also, thank you for being there, standing on the wall for our flag and freedom.

    And to everyone ‘tuning in’ to Gateway Pundit…… God bless you for being there as well.

    — — —

    ‘They’ can’t have our nation. Not the left, not the peace lovers, nobody who means harm to liberty.

    I don’t think so…… The flag don’t play that. 😉

    Cheers !

    Kenny Solomon
    Oath Keeper
    Patriot Guard Rider

    — — —

    PS…… It’s ‘Israel Survival Updates’. 😉

  • coolidgerules

    The almost complete news black-out on all the socialist, communist, and islamic groups worldwide is almost breathtaking. And King Putt has ties to all of them/or building alliances with them. He ain’t leaving the office.

  • Kate

    Are the American Jewish voters paying attention? WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  • Mad Hatter

    First Egypt, now the Muslim Brotherhood is working to take over Libya. When Glenn Beck said over a year ago the Muslim Brotherhood movement for a Caliphate is under way, people thought he was crazy.

    I don’t think Glenn or anyone else could have ever predicted Obama would openly welcome one of the terrorist to the White House.

    If people can’t see this for what it is, they’re blind, stupid, and in denial.

  • Joanne

    Obama is the ‘greatest’ muslim terrorist the world has ever known. He is a fraud who has illegally set himself in the highest position in the once greatest country on earth and has proceeded to destroy her. Bravo to all those stupid people who continue to support their own demise.

  • Perfected democrat

    Hope the SS doesn’t forget to plug in the metal detectors and pat them down at the front door for body bombs…

  • succotash

    Maybe they are going to discuss that war on women and womens rights/sarc

  • RoadKill

    Yup, Obama had to get his instructions on how to further destroy this country!

  • Patty

    Peaceful Muslims Vow To “Wipe Christianity From The Face Of The Earth”

    A Muslim group has released its plan to “wipe Christianity from the face of the earth,” Islamize the West and establish an Islamic system of world government – placing those who resist “under a police state.”

    The 23-page booklet, “The Global Islamic Civilization: The Power of a Nation Revived,” is the brainchild of the United Muslim Nations International, a group led by Sheik Farook al-Mohammedi. The document outlines a plan for Muslim world domination and the re-establishment of the Caliphate. Al-Mohammedi leaves no doubt about his view of Christianity.

    “Christianity should be destroyed and wiped from the face of the earth,” al-Mohammedi said. “It is an evil demonic and Anti-Christ system, all Christians are in complete Ignorance.”

    The sheik includes a veiled threat in his remarks.

    “Islamic Power has returned upon the face of the earth and the Revived Global Caliphate has set eyes on the West to once and for all rid the world of Christianity and there is nothing you can do about it,” al-Mohammedi said.

    He makes his objective clear.

    “I have pledged and made a firm promise to the Caliphate of the United Muslim Nations International organization that I will do my utmost to Islamize all of the West within a short period of time,” al-Mohammedi said.

    Al-Mohammedi’s views are reflected in the book, which calls on all Muslims to, “listen attentively (to the teaching in the booklet) so they may be able to feel the spirituality of an Islamic revival within themselves and they will be able to achieve the much needed upliftment (sic) and also a means in gaining the closeness of Allah Subahanhu wa-ta’ ala.”


    I was told my a friend who heard some well known people, names I do recall who said:

    If Obama wins the election a great depression like none other, I am not talking what we are going through, presently. This will be much worse. And those who voted for Obama will then realize the mistake they made. Then there will be a revolution and our nation will be attacked by other nations. Obama has reduced our military and on July 27, 2012 he is signing the New Gun Control Treaty.

    Now, dining with Morsi. I can only pray that these men are wrong about everything. God Help us.

  • Patty

    don’t recall. typo

  • Nelle

    Another one of those moments that people will look back on and say, That’s when we should have realised…”

  • Patty

    Obama Spends Record $12 Billion To Keep Documents Secret

    President Barack Obama has said his administration is the most most transparent administration in the modern era.

    But a new report by the Information Security Oversight Committee found that in 2011, the Obama Administration spent a record $12 billion to keep documents secret, a 12 percent increase over last year’s classification costs.

    As Asawin Suebsaeng of the liberal Mother Jones publication puts it, “It’s safe to say that it is long past due to officially declare the Obama era a transparency #fail.”

    We are in serious trouble and I pray this nation says awake and will research Obama agenda.

  • LL

    Who says that Obama doesn’t have friends? There are a lot of Americans who wouldn’t be willing to have dinner with he and that shrill shrew that he’s married to.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Well, we’ve seen fools underestimate (or sympathize with) genocidal maniacs before. Obama is only the painfully dumbest of them. At least Mr. Chamberlain hadn’t had an up close and personal demonstration of the Nazi ideology in action and can therefore be somewhat excused his political naiveté. Obama has seen the full implementation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s stated ideology in action. He’s been to the holes in the ground where the WTC once stood, surely someone has shown him the videos of the results of suicide bombings. There are video images of dead and mangled women and children to go along with the rhetoric and bombast this time around.

    If Chamberlain had been able to watch part of the Blitz, and had visited a death camp in Poland and THEN signed the Munich Accords, (I’m aware of the temporal impossibilities, but bear with me for purposes of illustration)he’d have rightly been denounced as a traitor, a Nazi sympathizer, and a supporter of genocide. Odumbo is squarely in the same hypothetical situation I just outlined and yet he still intends to personally sit down, congratulate, and engage with those who have preached violence for decades, have supported violence for decades, have created violence and chaos for decades, and promise only more violence in the future? What does that make Obama?

    Man do we need literacy tests at the polls. And not just “can you read” tests, we need “do you understand enough about the world to make informed decisions about who should run it” tests. Damn sure Obama wouldn’t be President.

  • Patty


    THIRD WORLD AMERICA: Class War Gets Violent In Chicago

    No Excuses for Criminals or for the Police Superintendent

    Incredibly, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy gave a talk to black leaders wherein he seemed to be blaming Pilgrims and actions of the police for the crime in black communities. One can sympathize with the stew of social and economic conditions that can foster criminal behavior, but that doesn’t absolve perpetrators of responsibility for their own actions.

    What is Garry McCarthy’s explanation for his cop-out? It’s not racist to say there are irresponsible black people terrorizing black communities. Most of the people in these communities want a peaceful life, and they know the criminals aren’t Pilgrims.

    In 2010 and 2011, I wrote about Chicago’s crime problems. The commentary below is adapted from my 2010 post. The problems faced by the demoralized Chicago Police Department haven’t changed even though Chicago then had a different mayor and a different superintendent. In fact, the problems are even worse. The police force is critically undermanned, and they are being spat at, verbally abused, punched, kicked, stabbed, shot at and have had their cars deliberately rammed.

    Read more:

    Now, when you have the time please read this article. Rather lengthy but interesting.

    America has lost responsibility in matters that are too complicated to figure out the reasons why. But all the same we are all to blame for America’s problems. Greed in Hosing Market, Wall street, Banks, whomever you wish to blame. No accountability and when that is allow to continue for a decade or more then we do reap what we sow.

    I don’t know if we are being punished or Obama has compound our misery or both. But remaining on the track and Obama continuing his Radicalism and Socializing nature it is going to get worse. Much Worse. Lazy Americans need to put down the potato chip bags, lay off the remote and go on line and start research and just plain grow up and wake up.

    Serious changes are happening the News is hard press to report it all. Then vote Diner in Chief out of office.

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  • Patty

    #17 July 8, 2012 at 10:37 pm
    The Elector of Saxony commented:

    I am sure there is something beyond our control. We are in a hole and we can’t dig ourselves out. All I see that gives me a glimmer of light is my vote and hopefully, Americans are falling for this person a second time around. Because if he is re-elected _________ I just really so sadden I just don’t have words. It really is breaking my heart to see what is happening and it is a train wreck.

  • Patty

    aren’t falling. Typo again.

  • Patty

    #17 July 8, 2012 at 10:37 pm
    The Elector of Saxony commented:

    He’s been to the holes in the ground where the WTC once stood, surely someone has shown him the videos of the results of suicide bombings. There are video images of dead and mangled women and children to go along with the rhetoric and bombast this time around.????

    And if so, we may never know but from what Obama has said and has done. It doesn’t care, he has to be on a mission for us to self destruct. Under Obama’s own devises.

  • Patty

    He dine with Ayers.

  • donh

    As they dig up Arrafat’s rotten corpse….Morsi is coming to take home Blind Shiek Omar Abdel Rahman from prison….who is the Dajjal prophesied in the Hadith. ….Upon return to Egypt the battle of Armageddon will begin…..>×263.jpg

  • Patty


    President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama

    Over two million hits.

    What would happen if Romney said this but switch it to White? All Hell would break lose.

  • Patty

    #24 July 8, 2012 at 11:01 pm
    donh commented:

    Whoa! Creepy.

  • i hope he invites the leaders of NOW to dine with them so they can find out their future in america thanks to their favorite president.

  • Limousine Barry

    Now, I am getting some traction. The Muslim Money!

    In 2008 I got the Jewish vote and then screwed them. Ha ha!

    Now, with my dear friends the Muslims I can get some really big money. Once, I have their money and their votes – from all 57 states I can start settling scores with my enemies – the Jews and the Christians.

    If you like my “screw-you” politics then vote for me. Send $3 million to my campaign before midnight. If not, I will rocket you from an airborne Predator drone.

    My enormous black bus is belching fumes and David Axelrod has a new scam to inflict upon my donors. This scam involves pitting my Jewish donors against my Muslim donors. It should be bloody! And, bloody profitable! Sure, my political tactics suck but once I have destroyed America it will suck worse. Good day.

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  • Marsh626

    Nothing short of treason.

    The Muslim Brotherhood was founded to reinstate the caliphate in order to reunify the massive muslim empires of the past and then conquer the entire world for islam.

    During the Holy Land Foundation trial where the largest islamic charity group in North America was shut down by the U.S. government for secretly funding islamic jihad terrorist groups, a document was uncovered which revealed the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. In it, they stated that their mission was a civilizational jihad where they’d systematically infiltrate American society and overthrow it from within in order for islam to be supreme in this continent and the wider world.

    They are our sworn enemies. We should be bombing and shooting them. Not cheering on their rise to power and treating them like allies. This is insane.


    Your headline should read ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? HUSSEIN Invites Muslim Brotherhood Leader to White House’.

  • crackermike

    Muslim leadership now considers USA as part of the Umma. They are correct.

  • DomesticGoddess

    He should be locked up for treason. It will also be interesting to see if Moochelle is anywhere near the festivities, and what she will wear.

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  • Morgan

    I wonder if he’ll be waiting for hours while Obama dines without him–OH WAIT, that was Benjamin Netanyahu…

    Or will he have to exit using the back door, walking by the trash–NO, that was the Dali Lama.

    They’ll be rolling out the blood-red carpet for this [email protected] Obama is not a Christian. Obama is not a humanitarian.

  • saveus

    obama’s plan to destroy the USA is working sooner and better than he expected

  • Chris

    Who’s next to visit Obomb-uh? Hamas?

  • TeaPartyNation

    Obama Invites Muslim Brotherhood Leader to White House
    …what better way for the most anti-Semitic politician since the Third Reich to work with his islamic jihadist muslim pals to plot the destruction of Israel?

  • stuart

    Dinner with the Umma? Might I suggest a barbeque. Pork chops, or hot dogs: Serve them Hebrew National, only the best.

  • bg


    wash (#36)..

    rinse (#23)..

    repeat (#37)..

    scroll threads for a bit more of much more..


  • GP Fan

    Re: #28 July 9, 2012 at 1:44 am, Limousine Barry

    I always enjoy your posts! Thanks!

    #31 July 9, 2012 at 3:25 am
    Marsh626 commented:

    “Nothing short of treason.”

    “They are our sworn enemies. We should be bombing and shooting them. Not cheering on their rise to power and treating them like allies. This is insane.”

    INDEED!!! What the h*ll happened to ENFORCEMENT of the law??? I am sick to my stomach that they go after baseball players, and allow the DOJ to sit there and lie time and time and time again!!! ENFORCE THE D*AMN LAWS!!! ALL OF THEM!!! FULLY!!! EQUALLY!!!

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  • Robert T. Griffin

    In your face America… Bat Droppings on the American Psyche, Honoring my Father comes first, Muslims are my heritage, not these Crusading Christians seeking further annexation of my father’s religious dreams of a caliphate. Off with this flag waving lapel pin, I never did cater to this symbolism, down with this idea, this notion of a free society that isn’t so free when you read the fine print! Enjoy those tax hikes, I will and so will my personal friends.