Generation Barack: Youth Unemployment Rate Soars to 16.8%

How’s that hopey-changey stuff treating you now kids?
Youth unemployment rate soars to 16.8% under Barack Obama.


For the third year in a row college graduates are facing a dismal jobs market thanks to the failed policies of Barack Obama and fellow Democrats.
Yahoo-WSJ reported:

The Class of 2012 may have few reasons to celebrate this year. Along with the long-term unemployed, experts say their prospects are the bleakest among all job-seekers.

The U.S. economy added a lower-than-expected 80,000 jobs last month, according to data Friday from the Labor Department. Though the overall unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.2%, experts say this year’s 1.8 million college graduates have a rough job search ahead. “Over the last five years, the jobs situation has gotten increasingly intense for each successive graduating class,” says Paul T. Conway, president of Generation Opportunity, a non-profit think-tank based in Arlington, Va. “Their concern is now palpable.”

The last half-decade has not been good to graduates. Only a half of those who graduated since 2006 are now employed full time, according to a recent Rutgers University survey. More college graduates are settling for jobs that in years past would have gone to those without degrees, while people in their 30s are now occupying jobs once taken by recent graduates, says Carl Van Horn, professor of public policy and director of Rutgers’ John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development.

But if all the young people who’ve already given up looking for jobs are included — the 1.7 million people aged 18-29 who’ve been out of work for more than a year — the latest 8.2% unemployment figure would be closer to 16.8% for that age group, Conway says. That’s the highest unemployment rate for that age group since World War II. “Their story is one of few opportunities, delayed dreams, and stalled careers,” he says.

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  • Rachelle

    Who wants to hire them? After years in government schools they are as ignorant as garden slugs/

  • I’m not a racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    In the excellent FBN special “Out of Work” which aired this past weekend, they interviewed several business owners & CEO’s who have thousands of job openings at decent entry level wages … but they are jobs in the Trades & service industries. One of the problems, aside from Obysmal’s policies, is the myth he perpetuates that everyone needs (and is entitled to) a college degree.

    Just another ploy to overburden and collapse the system perhaps, as his idols Cloward & Piven advocate – ??

    Whatever the case, this guy is so clueless on so many levels, it’s enough to make your head spin.

  • The generational theft continues.

    It would be nice if my generation started to vote in its own interest (and in the interest of our children). That would be change.

  • bigL

    My freind works for a large sch district. He is doiung sum,mer hauling. No summer school. gives time to dump storage. the latest to go is all the equipment for the auto shop. Don’t teach it any more, no wood shop in this sch district either, all the gateway computers 3 yrs old-to warehouse to be sold to the 2nds guy on a pallet.

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  • bg



    July 10, 2012

    In the land of “mentally unstable”

    [When the news reached the Twitterverse that a man was burnt
    alive in Bahawalpur, it just created a cycle of shock and disbelief.
    Very regretfully, this scribe was not shocked one bit. Knowing full
    well, what we are capable of and how low we have stooped in the
    past, this was just part of the ongoing continuum.

    The irony of the matter is, that a person who was supposedly and
    reportedly, mentally unstable was found desecrating the pages of Holy
    Quran. I am no religious scholar, but from what little I know about my
    faith, such individuals are exempt from all religious obligations, such as
    prayer, fasting, alms etc. The basis of course is, that these people are
    not able to decipher between the right and wrong due to their state of
    mind. Similarly, even the sane people are prohibited from praying, if they
    are under the influence of any substance, as it mirrors an unstable mind.
    Hence to expect discretion from such a person is absolutely futile.

    The irony of the matter is, that otherwise sane people who perhaps
    lead normal lives, were unable to differentiate between a deranged
    and a normal person. When the deranged individual allegedly desecrated
    the Holy Book, people were upset beyond belief. The basis of every
    religion is Good. Good teaches us to maintain sanity at all times and
    have an unyielding faith in our Creator. Let’s assume for a minute that
    this allegedly blasphemous act was done by a sane person. What would
    be the appropriate redress for such an act. Definitely not disobeying
    the law and threatening police and ultimately burn the person to death.

    A society that is so upset with its own shortcomings, failures and
    internal fissures, tends to lean towards such barbaric acts. This
    is in a way all the bottled up frustrations of self humiliation, which
    erupt in such an inhumane manner on the most vulnerable elements
    and members of the society.

    But wait why was I not surprised or impacted, as I said earlier. A
    society that accepts people blown into pieces at places of worship
    so regularly, where women parade without clothes as a punishment,
    where rape and sodomy are protected to salvage the family honor,
    where murderers are garlanded by those who are supposed to advocate
    law and order and where religion is used and misused to silence dissent
    must be truly INSANE. So in a land of mentally unstable, if one more
    person was burnt alive why mourn this loss. Its not the first time that
    this incident occurred and trust me, it would not be the last either.
    Expecting sanity from an insane society is insanity, isn’t it?

    Amen to that..


  • bg


    re: #6 July 9, 2012 at 11:56 pm bg

    and they, along with their crazier sister
    nation Iran, also have nuclear bombs.. 🙁


  • if everybody goes to college somebody with a college is going to working at mc donalds.

  • bg


    not to worry, i mean, your college grads will fail
    to find a job, his hobnobbing kids will succeed.. 😡


  • Objective Analysis

    Well maybe the federal government will hire them to be apart of his new Youth Corp like in Nazi Germany.

  • Multitude

    16.2%? Who’s counting this that high? Fire them.

    As President Obama’s statisticians exclaim: If you haven’t found a job, you’re not trying. If you’re not trying, you don’t count as unemployed.

    This economy is great! Barack, Nancy Pelosi and others have declared as such. Debbie “God Hates Me Because I Was Born Both Dumb and Ugly” Wasserman Schultz told us this week that everything’s cool, the economy is great and the Democratic Party wouldn’t change a thing. These are marching orders to the government statisticians:

    1. Things are so great that the jobs are there.
    2. If you don’t get one of those jobs, you’re not trying.
    3. If you’re not trying, we refuse to blame the President and his party through unemployment stats. You simply… don’t exist!

    That’s it. Erasing the youth in this case. And what better target to erase than those who went out en mass against warnings to elect a Leninist. May you suffer the President’s politics in joy.

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  • bg


    Objective Analysis #10 July 10, 2012 at 12:21 am

    yes, i too believe that is the objective..

    bit more here (#70), in connecting links & threads..


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    May you suffer the President’s politics in joy.

    I’d rather they do it writhing in pain, and for those youths that are still committed leftists, excruciating pain.

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  • Highlander

    The point everyone keeps missing as they express their concern for the high unemployment rates is that a large percentage of the people who are out of work are perfectly OK with that. They would rather just take advantage of the numerous benefits available to them, collect as many checks as possible for doing nothing, and deal a little dope on the side for spending money.

    The only people who are truly concerned about the high unemployment rates are the employers and producers, because fewer jobs means fewer profits, and the gainfully employed, because they see their jobs slowly evaporating. They have enough self-respect to cringe at the thought of becoming parasites and wards of the state …

    This notion that the unemployed are desperately trying to find work is nonsense. I personally know at least five people who are perfectly happy sitting on their asses collecting every benefit they can get their hands on, and NOT ONE of them has lifted a finger to find a new job. They voted for Obama, and will do so again rather than see their benefits cut off. Telling these people that electing Romney would help the economy, and allow them to go back to work at a good job is not only falling on deaf ears, it’s actually galvanizing them against Romney.

    Of course, people like Obama SHOULD be concerned about the jobs numbers, because if this recession continues much longer, they’re eventually going to run out of other people’s money to spend, but like most criminals, they just aren’t thinking long term. All they think about is how to amass the necessary power and influence to get in to office TODAY, and how to permanently cripple their adversaries so they can remain in office TOMORROW. The overall well-being of this country is of little concern to them, because by the time they’re done raping America, they will have all the money, and the rest of us will have nowhere else to turn but to them.

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  • Rightdawg

    Not to be callous, but elections have consequences. These younglings believe the liberal garbage that is fed to them by their college professors and lined-up en masse to vote for Obama in 2008. Most of them will vote for Obama again in 2012. If this voting block can’t see the truth staring at them in their faces, then so much for their college educations. Frankly, they get what they deserve by continuing to support Obama and will pay the price for their folly. Trillions of $$ of new debt on their backs for the rest of their careers, and lingering student loan debt for the lack of jobs in the economy. Reality bites. How’s the Hope and Change working for you?

  • Militant conservative

    LOL, creating a huge new crop of conservatives due to
    Failed policies. Unintended

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  • JPL17

    I blame Nixon. Extending the vote to 18-years-olds was the stupidest idea ever. Combined with the fact that American kids are now emotionally and intellectually stuck in adolescence well into their mid-twenties and beyond, the 18-year-old vote has been nothing short of disastrous.

  • democraps suck

    hopey changey punks….suck it up or re-educate youselves liberal policies suck but you were just caught up in your little american idol fantasies…LOLOL stay in mommys basement on your couch and don’t come out

  • Finncrisp

    “Only a half of those who graduated since 2006 are now employed full time, according to a recent Rutgers University survey”.

    This is what change looks like. with Ojackass at the helm, no recovery can occur. He has the single minded agenda to turn America into a failed state to allow for the takeover by whomever his handlers are.

    Does anyone out there doubt this?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …creating a huge new crop of conservatives due to
    Failed policies.

    That may happen if they can manage to learn something from their experience. I suspect the reality will be far less than that.

    As I’ve said before, if only the consequences of the choices and decisions of stupid people could be confined only to them. And that applies to more than just elections.

  • Patty

    Blacks horrible unemployment numbers but they will vote for him again.

    Youth not so much.

    But more important is Romney is up with independents,

    and Working Middle class.

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