Flashback: Obama in 2008 Promised Health Care Should “Never Be Purchased With Tax Increases On Middle Class Families” (Video)

At a campaign stop on October 4, 2008, Barack Obama told supporters that health care should not purchased with a tax increase.

“Health care should never be purchased with tax increases on middle class families.”
Via Free Republic:

It was just words.
Nearly 75% of ObamaTax costs will fall on the backs of those Americans making less than $120,000 a year.

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  • Stella Baskomb

    Well, Obama’s blustering about about taxes is usually just silliness, but IMO he says far worse when he says the right to health care is “a right that should never be subject to Washington politics”.

    But – obviously – “Washington politics” is necessary to secure that so-called right.

    And, therefore, that so-called “right” is forever a political creature, wholly dependent on Washington politics. In other words – it’s not a “right” at all, but a benefit for some people provided by taxing other people to pay for it. This is what Mr. Constitutional perfesser Obama calls a “right”.

    It’s fraudulent and it’s demagoguery.

    We can do better. In November.

    Yes we can!

  • There is so much WASTED EFFORT, predictability and naivety on the Right, I want to scream.

    Conservatives keeps deluding themselves into believing that the Left “will play by the rules” – HA! The only rules they play by are Saul Alinsky’s rules!


    For starters, Repubs need to learn how to do things the other guys aren’t expecting. For example, start a bi-partisan petition to force ALL members of congress to drop their own gold-plated medical plans and join Obamacare. Dems and Rinos will have a hard time justifying any resistance.

    Seriously, what are they going to say? Ummm, uh, nope, can’t do that, because um, uhh….

    But another lame, meaningless, totally partisan petition to repeal obamacare? ho hum. Dems and the media will shred it, claiming it’s just “sour grapes” for having lost the Supreme Court ruling.

    If you’re going to beat the enemy, you have to think like the enemy and anticipate their moves.

  • Highlander

    And yet, his supporters will give him a pass on this. It’s one thing to show support for a President based strictly on his ideology, but when you start accepting lies and deception, and turn a blind eye to the flagrant back-stabbing, it’s pretty hard to attribute that support to ideology. The hypocrisy has become so blatant, you just have to wonder how they can still support him …

  • mg4us

    Well At least Obama is keeping to his word. . . that health care should not purchased with a tax increase on middle class families.

    An increase would mean an adjustment up, usually incrementally . . .

    Obama isn’t doing that, so he kept his word. . .

    Instead he is massively escalating “wealth transfer” via a tax according to in-Justice Roberts of Supreme (Crony) Court. . so technically not a tax increase!

    And By the way, the kind of care one will get may not even be called health care as sick and old will have to wait or be denied treatments since it will cost the government more than what they pay in.

  • Bob

    I assume Congress has exempted itself and other top government officials from Obamacare. That’s what they do, isn’t it?

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  • Mary

    As the head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce said: “We didn’t really care about his position or views on anything. We just wanted a black president no matter what.” Racism.

  • squeaky
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  • ebayer

    I absolutely do not understand the need for this monstrosity of a program.

    The poor will still be on medicaid
    The old and infirmed will still be on Medicare
    Military Vets will have the VA.
    Illegals still won’t have to pay.
    Government employees won’t be obligated to join Obamacare
    Some Unions and Big Industries got waivers.
    People who are covered with their employers will still be covered.

    So,who is this bill aimed at?
    The “30 million” uninsured?
    So we have to have this huge complicated mess just for them?

    And if it’s not a tax,then why is the IRS going to enforce it?

  • Indiana

    Soon the Obots will figure out that Obama is an equal-opportunity liar. He’ll lie about anything, straight faced, and without a conscience.

  • lizzy84

    @Ebayer/#10 said.
    And if it’s not a tax,then why is the IRS going to enforce it?

    You beat me to it…if oBamacare isn’t a tax then why is the IRS hiring 1000’s of new agents to enforce it?
    Make ads advertising that fact until it sticks in voters’ minds:

  • Indiana

    It’s a tax….and will hit those hardest that couldn’t afford to buy health insurance in the first place. Can you imagine how happy they’ll be when the IRS comes after them with penalties and interest? Those that aren’t objecting to Obamacare….obviously haven’t had to deal with the IRS, a majority of them Obomabots. This is going to be fun to watch…..if we don’t overturn it in the next election. Personally I don’t give a rat’s azz, except IT WILL HURT THE ECONOMY.

  • For what it’s worth, Politifact says the “thousands of (armed) IRS agents to enforce Obamacare” is a big lie.

    However, it’s worth noting that they seem to be basing their conclusions largely on the word of people in the Obama administration. (??!!)

    Bottom line: everybody lies, and you can’t believe anything you hear or read.

    I honestly can’t name one truly trusted source of political news anymore. How sad is that?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Soon the Obots will figure out that Obama is an equal-opportunity liar.

    Anyone that fits that qualification is unlikely to figure out anything. Those types are typically unquestioning drones and are likely to demonstrate a stubborn ability to remain in denial, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  • SeniorD

    Look, the Socialist-in-Chief currently occupying the Oval Office will say anything to fool his natural enemies, the American People. Working hand in hand with Chicago’s Outfit, Alynskyite ‘Community Organizers’ and funded by the shadowy Trust Fund Socialists, Obama-the-Stalking Horse has just acheived a major criminal enterprise goal – a trillion dollar extortion of American Ideals.

    I don’t look to the gutless professional politicians criminal sycophants in Washington to arrest Obama and his allies on RICO charges. Congress is OWNED by the TFS/Outfit cabal.

    Is it possible for a incoming President to rescind the Pardons sure to by flowing out in January?

  • Larkin

    “…you can fool some of the people all of the time…”

    Abe never specified as to how much “some” actually was.

    If that some is 53%, then 100% is S.O.L.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I was waiting for this:


    (Part one. Copypasted with permission, no changes.)

    It isn’t just Lindsey Graham that is a stupid, stupid jackass. If you’re buying any of this, “Everything’s fine! We actually WON on ObamaCare, and Roberts is a genius!” jackassery, then go look in the mirror and behold the Sombrero of all Asshats.
    Are you detecting ire? Are you getting the sense that I’m just a LITTLE pissed off? It’s one thing to watch a bunch of godless, drug-addled, moloch-worshiping Marxist dumbasses spew mental diarrhea, but to have to sit and watch pretty much everyone on the right do the same thing is just too much. Do you people not have functioning brains? Is there truly no capacity for any intelligent thought or the ability to recall and parse objective facts and evidence? Really?

    Let’s start with an analogy. Defending this week’s SCOTUS decision is directly analogous to the following:

    Ann’s Omelet Recipe
    1. Gather every egg in your kitchen. Throw them all down the garbage disposal. (This omelet is going to be so good. Trust me.)

    2. Go out to your breaker box and turn off the electricity to your entire home. (No, really. It’s going to cook up better than anything you’ve ever had before.)

    3. Burn your house down. (This omelet is going to be delicious. You’ll see.)

    4. Find a handgun. Load it, cock it, put it in your mouth, pull the trigger and blow your brainstem to kingdom come. (Can’t you almost smell how delicious this omelet is going to be?)

    Roberts is not a “Machiavellian genius.” Roberts is a moral degenerate lifetime Washington D.C. politico, who is well known in the beltway to be borderline obsessed with his image. In other words, Chief Justice John Roberts emotionally operates on the same level as the average twelve year old girl, and just sold out not just the Republic, the Constitution and the entire American populace, but really the entire planet, because now that the United States is no more, the forces of evil will run absolutely rampant over the rest of the planet. And Roberts did it so that a bunch of coke-snorting sodomites and psychopaths in Georgetown will pretend to like him – for about five minutes.

    Roberts just ratified the “right” for the government to tax people on their existence. Either you purchase a service commodity, thus paying a tax which is collected by the insurance company itself, or you will pay a tax to the IRS directly. Insurance is, for all intents and purposes, an innovation of the last fifty years, meaning that almost no one carried any insurance of any kind, and insurance was itself in some places ILLEGAL (and now we know why, because if allowed to cover anything other than large disasters, insurance will, by mathematical definition, destroy any market that it comes into contract with and end in fascism.)

    All of this ObamaCare mandate is a pure function of being a living human being. My required car insurance is a corollary to my totally optional decision to own and drive a car. The requirement that I carry “full coverage” insurance instead of the minimum liability-only insurance is a corollary to the fact that I freely choose to lease my car, and thus there are additional conditions that I must meet. Income tax was tied to the fact that I chose to work and generate income – not on my existence itself. Property tax is a corollary to my decision to buy real estate. The gasoline tax is a corollary to my free decision to drive a car, and a car that runs on gasoline. Yes, I think that income and property taxes in particular are intrinsically morally dubious, but that is not the debate before us. The debate before us is whether the Federal government, or ANY government can ever, ever licitly tax human beings on the very fact that they EXIST.

    The obvious answer is NO. We do not choose to bring ourselves into existence. Human life is the property of God Almighty, who has of His own goodness, charity and perfect will deigned to gift us with free will so that we might exist in His image – sovereign, reasoning and thus capable of authentic love, the freely chosen gift of self to some “other”. And even at this, God only asks that in return we worship Him at His Mass on Sunday, and that we *voluntarily* tithe ten percent of our income, or whatever we can manage. But the tithe is *voluntary*, not coerced.

    The state, fully ratified by the emotional schoolgirl John Roberts, has now elevated itself above God, and has done nothing less than declare itself god. The state now sees itself as the source and arbiter of human life, demanding and coercing tribute in exchange for permitting human life to continue. Fail to pay tribute to Moloch for your very existence, and your property, your liberty and eventually your life will be forcibly confiscated.

    Oh, but all of the dumbasses out there swear up and down that this step in the battle for the Republic had to be lost so that we could later, in some grand strategy, win the war.

    Listen dumbasses, the war is already lost. YOU JUST LOST IT. You didn’t just sac your queen in order to set up a checkmate. Your ass just got checkmated and Barry Obama is sitting on the couch lighting up a joint, and texting Reggie Love to come over for a little celebratory sodomy.

    Which brings us to Barry Obama. One of the big arguments I see is that Roberts’ decision “catches Obama in a lie, so we’ve got him now!”

    I don’t even know what to say to this. It is so stupid it just makes me want to give up on the entire deal.

    Listen Jackasses, everything Obama has said and done for his entire adult life, his entire political career, his entire campaign, and in his entire regime is a lie. For the love of God, EVEN HIS NAME IS A LIE. He passed an obviously forged birth certificate last April. Every single thing he has said, promised and done has been total, complete, objectively proven lie after lie. And you think you’re going to checkmate him with THIS? You think that a point of semantics between “penalty” and “tax” is going to bring him down in this nation of Snooki-watching imbeciles? Are you on drugs, or just merely stupid?


    What else can one say?

    Part two at barnhardt.biz. For a limited time.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Part two is even better:

    Just a teaser:


    And now the argument that if we just get a few more “republicans” into Washington D.C., we can stop him!
    This plane of stupidity makes me the most irate. What in the hell is wrong with you people? Do you not have any recollection of anything that has happened? How did those 2010 elections work out for you? Boy, that really put the brakes on the Obama regime, huh? Wake the hell up. Obama has not been slowed down in any way. His tyranny and destruction has not been held up or checked in any way. It has only accelerated since the day he usurped the White House.

    The only pundit online that gets it. Sorry, Jim. but SERIOUSLY.

    Ann is a brave young woman, and speaks the truth.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Okay, one more quote:


    Obama just declared by executive fiat de facto amnesty. What have your precious little Tea Party freshmen done to counter that? Nothing.

    Obama has by executive fiat declared same-sex marriage the “law of the land.” What have your precious little pants-pissing Tea Party congressmen done to counter that? Nothing.

    Obama has started wars and entered the United States military into new combat theaters with ZERO congressional approval, and has told the congress through Leon Panetta that congress will no longer even be CONSULTED OR INFORMED of new wars. No. Obama MIGHT notify them, after he has consulted the U.N., if he has the time and feels like it. What have your mighty, mighty Tea Party freshmen done to counter that? Exactly nothing.


  • Taqiyyotomist

    She ends it with a bang. Quite a few, actually. Apropos for Independence Day. 😀

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  • A car salesman says, “What do I have to do to put you in this car today?”

    Obama, a salesman for a Stalinist collectivization of medical care, says, “What lies do I have to tell you to make you approve this takeover? Because I will totally tell any lie it takes!”

  • Taqiyyotomist

    “the Sombrero of all asshats”

    Ann’s Gift.

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    The Day The Republic Died
    On March 8, 2011 a bill was brought up by John Boehner for a vote in the House of Representatives. This was one of the early bills brought to a vote by the new Republican House Speaker. The bill, if eventually passed into law, would have expanded Obama Care. Red State reported it, the mainstream media, including FOX News, did not.


    This day in 2011 was the day our republic died. The significance of this bill was that it exposed a willingness on the part of John Boehner and the House establishment REPUBLICANS to actually vote to EXPAND the very program they were elected by the American people a mere 4 months earlier to “repeal, replace, or defund”.

    Two essential questions need to be asked regarding this vote:

    1) Why in the world did John Boehner even bring this bill to a vote? (Was this a payback for a previous political deal?)

    2) How did our respective Republican representatives vote?

    95 establishment REPUBLICANS supported this bill as it eventually passed in the House. Sadly for those of us in Missouri, the Congressional Record shows that with the exception of Billy Long the entire Missouri Republican delegation voted FOR the bill. Among those casting a “yea” vote from Missouri was now establishment Senate candidate Todd Akin.


    This vote was a canary in a coal mine. It should have served as an early indication to the American people that the Republican House we had just ushered in to power in 2010 had neither the political will nor the courage to stand on principle and fight to do whatever it took to stop Obama Care in its tracks. This lack of political will was later demonstrated throughout 2011 when this same Republican House cut deals with the Democrats to pass a series of CRs which raised the debt while funding the government through FY12. These 2011 CR deals funded early Obama Care programs, Planned Parenthood, the EPA, and a list of agencies and departments as long as Todd Akin’s arm that all Republicans will be campaigning against between now and November 6. Pledges and promises from any Republican who voted for the Obama Care expansion bill or any of the ensuing CRs (For the record – the CR votes implicate Missouri’s Billy Long as well) should be taken with a grain of salt in light of their voting record in 2011. House establishment Republicans extended a funding life-line to Obama Care throughout 2011 to get us to the point to relying on the opinion of a single Supreme Court Justice. So here we are, getting what we deserve because we allowed it to happen.

    Contrary to the opinion of some, John Roberts did not kill our republic with his ruling on June 28 2012. It had been dead for over a year at that point, at least since March 8 2011 if not before then. We just didn’t realize it. We had put our faith in the newly elected Republican House of Representatives then went back to sleep. Although I do not agree in any way with Roberts’s ruling, we got what we deserved for putting all our faith in the Republican establishment in November of 2010 then going back to bed. METALLICA, “Enter Sandman”, are we awake yet?

  • Rachelle

    I just read that France is going to extend its TV tax to computer screens.

    If they copy the Roberts’ decision they will charge one tax for having a computer screen and another tax for not having one.

  • lizzy84

    @ Taqiyyotomist/#21

    Nothing else needs to be added..AB says it all.
    And apropos for Independence Day, this ancient text seems to summarize very well where we are at: http://www.humanevents.com/2007/07/04/when-in-the-course-of-human-events/

  • Husseincare and Husseintax are just solutions to the problem of we the people who just want to be left alone.

    ‘There is no neutrality when dealing with people who reject the very concept of neutrality. Who draw everyone into the long columns of their spreadsheets and catch everyone in their spider’s web. There is no middle ground with people who don’t believe there is a middle ground, who believe that every human on earth is part of the problem and can only opt out of being the problem by joining up with them and following their directives.

    That is what we are up against. We confront the Great Solvers of the Human Problem who are determined to arrange everyone and everything to their liking. They began by controlling everything that people did. Now, they have moved on to controlling what people don’t do. If you live, if you breathe, if you stir, move your muscles, track moving objects with your eyes, then there are obligations imposed on you.

    ObamaCare is one of the final declarations that there is no opting out. Even if you don’t drive, own a home, own a business, own a dog, or do one of the infinite things that bring you into mandatory contact with the apparatus of your local, semi-local, trans-local, national or global government, you are committed to a task from maturity to death. Your mission is to obtain health insurance, and, in a system in which you become the ward of the government as soon as you taste air, it is the price that you pay for being alive.

    In a free country, you are not obligated to do things simply for the privilege of breathing oxygen north of the Rio Grande and south of Niagara Falls. But this isn’t a free country anymore; this is a country in which you get things for free. And there is a big difference between those two things.

    ObamaCare is one of the final declarations that there is no opting out. Even if you don’t drive, own a home, own a business, own a dog, or do one of the infinite things that bring you into mandatory contact with the apparatus of your local, semi-local, trans-local, national or global government, you are committed to a task from maturity to death. Your mission is to obtain health insurance, and, in a system in which you become the ward of the government as soon as you taste air, it is the price that you pay for being alive.

    People often talk about the First and Second Amendments, the Fifth comes up, and even the Fourth. But how often do we think about the Third Amendment, that old relic of a time when we were ruled by a distant power with no concern for our lives or our freedoms? “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner”. It’s one of the few amendments that goes unnoticed. No one challenges it. No Supreme Court blots it out with the stroke of a pen or rephrases it to mean that there is a Constitutional right to abortion or a ban on executing juveniles.

    There is no occupying army quartered in our homes. They have sizable barracks with marble floors, gleaming chandeliers and metal detectors through which you must pass in order to meet with even one of their lower officers. They aren’t quartered in your living room, they rent hotel names and build buildings and send the bill to you. And then they send you another bill, which informs you that they have decided that the War on Obesity, the War on Health Care or the War on the Economy requires you to do a set number of things, the costs of both the doing and the enforcement to be borne by you.’…

    There Ain’t No More Middle-Ground

    Welcome to the United Socialist States of America where 3,000 tyrants are one mile away.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Yes, I lied! Tricked you again! Ha ha!

    Let me be clear, 0bamaTax should never be purchased with tax increase on middle class families… until I am firmly in control. Now, that I am in control my 0bamaTax will be purchased with Tax Increase on middle class families. I lied! Ha ha!

    Middle class family means any Taxpayer in this country who has not donated to my campaign or bought an 0bamaTax waiver. I will hire approximately 10,000 to 15,000 new IRS agents to extract the cash from your family.

    It true the IRS is the largest Revenue collection agency of this country and some of revenuers do carry guns. But, most IRS agents wage war on the middle class with more sophisticated weapons.

    The IRS is armed with your Tax Identification Number or Social Security number and legal subpoenas. Through modern electronic banking they can instantly look into your bank account and if necessary remove your money and give it to me… and they can get your house, your car, all your assets, and every last dime you own!

    Sure, the IRS funds the Treasury Department and the Secret Service – the Secret Service is heavily armed. And, I can assure you that with my authority the can unleash armed agents against you. Pay now before it is too late!

    People say I lie. It is true. But, that is a good thing! I am the best liar this country has ever had!

    I have raised 110,000,000.00 dollars for my campaign. This is the great difference between me and my opponent. He can’t lie and he only has one-sixth of the amount of cash I have. Lying pays well!

    My limousine is expelling noxious fumes and David Axelrod has a new scam to inflict upon my donors. It’s a variation of the “bait and switch” scam. I cannot go into details and I have told you too much all ready. I must go. Good day.

  • this administration has made lying with a straight face an art form!

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  • squeaky

    life is full of solutions to the world’s biggest problems that are fine on paper but go down in flames when applied to reality. immediately after this 2,700 + page bill was signed, the geniuses discovered they forgot the provisions for children with pre-existing conditions and had to go back in to add them. all of this back slapping and crowing about a program before it starts and the hidden land mines start going off. the dust bin of history is loaded with all the best of intentions that couldn’t live up to all the hype.

  • squeaky

    there was a couple in ma who had a health policy that was deemed by the state to be inadequate and the state fined them. as in everything else, when obama decides that your healthcare policy doesn’t measure up to what he THINKS it should be………….so many opportunities to abuse the power over other people and so many people with real and imaginary axes to grind. i wonder what kind of gauge [success or not] the chicago annenburg challenge would offer to inquiring minds? re-electing obama could be like hiring the donners [as in the donner party] for a cross country trip.

  • squeaky

    why isn’t romneycare referred to as patrickcare since he did all the tinkering and has been governor since 2007? he seems to be hiding behind romneys pant legs…..come out come out wherever you are deval. you’d think he’d be demanding recognition rather than hiding in the shadows.

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  • mg4us

    Republicans should make a clip of Obama saying this mandate is not a tax followed by Rep Joe Wilson saying You Lie when he shouted it out at the State of The Union.

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  • REOP

    All these people who wanted obamacare never ask what the actual cost would be,per week or month. It is like looking at a menu with no prices on it. It’s too expensive for you. Find out what the cost is before you condemn or compare private health insurance.

  • GP Fan

    #20 July 1, 2012 at 8:13 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    Just tellin in like it is!

    I’ve already been watching the rationing and basing of care on what a bunch of bureaucrats have predertmined, AND based on how salvageable you are, decline the quality of healthcare here in CA for YEARS already. Doctors here have already been stopping to take medicare, and there is no medicaid here because it’s put directly into the absolute disaster they call medi-Cal, the state welfare program.

    And with this new healthcare bill, our healthcare disaster is now going nationwide. It’s all because THE MOST important thing that the healthcare bill was/is based on, is what they call “outcome based” medicine, and IT IS THE DRIVER of rationing. Basing medicine on how your outcome looks ON PAPER, how healthy you look on paper, and/or the totality of the “outcomes” of any doctor’s patients, is exactly HOW THEY GET PAID. Your best healthcare options, what’s best for each individual patient, are not part of any equation. You are particularly unlucky if you or your symptoms don’t fit in their pre-determined/pre-decided/pre-required, mold.

    I could, and should, write at length on this very subject…the effects on the patient. I am the one in the family, and of friends (I take care of my elderly mother right now), that can handle the medical community and wade through the bureauocracy when somene gets sick. So they all come to me for help. I have been through it, watched the decline, know their tricks, seen it all first hand. And it’s not pretty. Unfortunately, it’s been getting much much worse, FAST. And it’s coming to all of you. If you think cadillac plans are the answer, I assure you, you are sorely mistaken. Perhaps if you are rich and pay cash, you may be better off for now, but sooner or later, it will infiltrate every part of our system.

    They keep talking in the news about how pre-existing conditions are now covered, and they keep saying the doctors/hospitals/etc are doing all these unneccessary tests, but I am telling you…I have already seen FIRST HAND, doctors telling you that you DON’T NEED certain tests, or not tell you about your condition at all, so you don’t even know that you’re being denied or not getting care you need. There are all kinds of ways they get around it, they don’t write certain symptoms in charts, or refuse to operate based on minor things, or wont take certain patients, they find any number of excuses to keep you from getting medical care you may need or might be helpful.

    When it come’s to “outcome” based medicine, exactly what the new healthcare bill is based on, that’s the only way any of them get paid. If they decide you need a test that’s not on the list handed down from bureaurocrats, then it is deemed unneccessary and refused payment. Whether it’s medicare or an insurance company, you end up paying for it yourself, out of pocket, and the doctor gets dinged for not adhering, so they stick to the list of care they are allowed to offer you. Or better said, they just don’t tell you about helpful things that are NOT on the list. It’s all “Outcome” based medicine. The less they do, the healthier you look on paper, the better looking the “outcome”. The new “outcome” based healthcare bill equals rationing, period. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

    Like I said, I could write at length on this and give detailed specific accounts of first hand experiences of what I’ve seen, but I’ve rambled long enough for a comment section. I could just cry.

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  • Doug L. Griffiths

    So he lied again. this is one of his ways to throw everyone off. Now he will blame somone else again, after all he thinks he is a God & perfect in every way.

  • Doug L. Griffiths

    So he lied again now he will blame somone else after all he thinks he is a God

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  • Trojanguy

    Yes, this is all part of the master plan by the criminal in the White House, to “Transform” (destroy) America. This marxist Rat must go in November…..our very freedoms depend upon it. The following link explains exactly why……….chilling reading………


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