Three adults and two juveniles were arrested for terrorizing a Jewish summer camp in Pennsylvania.

Charges include terroristic threats, assault and vandalism.
The Times of Israel reported, via Israel Survivor Updates:

Three adults and two juveniles were arrested this week after they allegedly terrorized a Wayne County Jewish camp for boys and teenagers, WNEP TV News reported. The five were charged with menacing children at Camp Bonim on three separate occasions.

Police made arrests after a separate incident in which one of the suspects, while off camp grounds, hit a camp counselor with his truck and was subsequently stopped by authorities in New York state.

According to the report Wednesday, the attacks occurred during the early morning hours. The accused allegedly entered the camp grounds in a white pickup truck, chased campers and damaged property.

Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards said that the suspects also “yelled ethnic slurs that are unspeakable and…shot a paintball gun at some campers, hitting one with the paintball gun.”

“It`s unfortunate that people might come in here, and because we might be slightly different from everybody else that gives them the right to do things that are just incorrect,” head elementary counselor Isaac Pearl was reported as saying on the WNEP website.




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  1. OWS ?????? If Obama had a son..he would look just like them.

  2. It is an Obama world.

  3. “It`s unfortunate that people might come in here, and because we might be slightly different from everybody else…”

    No, everyone is the same. The constitution makes it so in man’s laws and God made it so with his creation.

    IQ levels vary…

  4. ““It`s unfortunate that people might come in here, and because we might be slightly different from everybody else that gives them the right to do things that are just incorrect,” ”

    oh just blame the tea party and be done with it.

  5. Thanks for linking the news, Jim.

    As I commented at my posting, let’s try this one more time:

    “Fight back ! Whenever you are offered violence, fight back ! The aggressor does not fear the law, so he must be taught to fear you. Whatever the risk, and at whatever the cost, fight back !”…………… Jeff Cooper, Principles Of Personal Defense.

    Kenny Solomon
    Israel Survival Updates
    The American Survival Guide

  6. The public relations war against the Jews is working…

  7. You noticed how they didn’t give names. I bet they are muzzies.

  8. Now we will get a quick flurry of media blood libel ….pointing fingers at fans of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party …followed by a media stonewalling of real useful facts about these individuals and any associations to labor unions , OWS, or the Democrat party ……… with wing support from worthless RINOS about how we should not be bad like the left and jump to any coclusions…..don’t you be trying to tie these ” isolated individuals ” to any organization…Just look away and keep dreaming of the fantacy world of an America that was………while our country mutates into some reality zombie horror movie with each passing hour.


    look at the comments to this article. Just talk about how Jews are the problem.
    No one cares about what happened at the campsite.

  10. Names?

  11. To #9 Ceroth & #12 Gastorgrab:

    Tyler Cole of Tennessee and Mark Trail and Cassandra Robinson of Pennsylvania were all charged, along with two juveniles. The charges included assault, vandalism and terrorist threats.


  12. From the report

    ” “Go back to where the f*** you came from you god**** Jews. We don’t want you here,” Trail allegedly shouted, according to the complaint.

    I didn’t know Helen Thomas had a cabin in the Poconos.

  13. White, driving a Ford pickup truck, from Republican hotbeds of Wayne County PA and Linden TN…yet you’re blaming the Left, OWS, and Muslims?

  14. ++

    White House refuses to name Israel’s capital

    Obama won’t call the War Against Terror the War Against Terror, Holder won’t call our resolved Radical Muslim enemy Radical Muslims, Napolitano won’t call OWS crimes OWS crimes, i could go on…

    but come on people.. enough with the lets play stupid games, way too
    many lives are at stake, not that the powers that be give a damn, and
    you know they don’t, they’re just trying to reach their demented goals
    without getting slaughtered by the enraged masses :ala: their Islamic
    dictat counterparts..


  15. Linden TN is just outside of Steve Cohen’s district….the man who WORSHIPS Goebels as shown in this BIZARRE interview with Anderson Cooper where Cohen REPEATEDLY glorifies Goebels with a drooling admiration ….using words of high respect lile ” master “…. and goes on to mention Nazi boxers and submarine commanders in which this sitting US Democrat displays a CREEPY fascination with every bit player in the Nazi party. …while he uses BIG LIE techniques from the socialist play book to smear the Tea Party….>

  16. Ok, that answers that. Thanks Kenny for the info.

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