Eight Missouri Walmarts were evacuated last night after bomb threats were phoned in to each location.

In Jefferson City, shoppers were told to leave their carts and leave the store.
KCTV5 reported:

At least eight Walmarts across Missouri have been evacuated Friday evening after bomb threats.

Two of the stores are in the Kansas City area.

Two and a half hours after the threats were called in, police declared the scenes as safe.

The Gladstone, MO, Walmart at 72nd and North Prospect Avenue was evacuated after police got a call of a bomb threat about 6:30 p.m.

About the same time, the Raytown, MO, Walmart on Missouri Highway 350 near Raytown Road was evacuated for the same reason. Police said someone called in the bomb threat.

Kansas City, MO, police as well as Olathe police volunteered their bomb and arson K-9 unit to help at the Kansas City area locations. Officers found nothing suspicious and let everyone back inside the big box store about 8:30 p.m.

Media outlets in southern Missouri report that two Walmarts in Christian County have been evacuated due to bomb threats. Those stores are in Nixa and Ozark. Other media outlets are reporting the Walmart in Jefferson City was evacuated as well as the Walmart in St. Peters, near St. Louis. Just before 10 p.m., police confirmed that the Walmart in Piedmont also received a threat.

At this time, it is unknown if police are investigating the threats as being connected.

The Walmart stores reopened last night or this morning.




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  1. Another joker. Of a different kind. At least this one didn’t kill anybody. They just inconvenienced the store and the shoppers. Bet they got a good laugh out of this. Where do these people come from? There are some really sick people out there.

  2. Step one to martial law.

  3. Occupy Bomb Threats?

    If the Religion of Peace wants to blow someone up, they’re not going to give you a warning that it’s coming.

  4. I’ve never been a regular WalMart customer. I haven’t been in a WalMart in well over five years. But I’m going to start going there again.

    I’ve never eaten at a Chick Fil-A, but I’m going to dine there this week. (Actually, I’ve heard the food is quite good.)

    And I’m going to make it a point to always eat meat on Monday.

    And I’m now eight years into my 2004 promise to never again buy a vehicle made by the UAW.

    Jut one man casting his vote in the economic marketplace.

    By the way, the WSJ reports that Jeff Bezos of Amazon and his wife have given $2.5 million to support gay marriage legislation. Remember that when you fire up your Kindles.

  5. Why do I always picture Valerie and David giving orders to Van whenever these things happen?

  6. Gee….now what political side of the aisle has a thing against WalMart…?

  7. Commie-prick libs.

  8. Choomboy’s peeps.

  9. Oh those fun loving commie pukes.

  10. Brian Ross of the occupy movement?

  11. The Stars and Stripes Caravan https://www.facebook.com/​groups/starsandstripescaravans/ is pleased to announce that we are assisting patriots from all walks of life and from differing groups to attend their rallies and marches in DC on Constitution Day weekend, September 15th to 17th to insist on the restoration of our wonderous constitution. I have listed some links below to a couple of the groups that will be attending in this timeframe. If you know of any more groups, please let us know so we can assist them as well. Spread teh word far and wide, THANK YOU PATRIOTS!!!
    Millions of Patriots to March on DC
    The Million Patriot March on DC 9/17

  12. Sounds like the Purple People Beaters (SEIU) to me.These loons have been at war with Wal-Mart for quite some time over their refusal to unionize.

  13. Kato, you and I are of the same mind. Thank you for using the power of your purse.

    BTW, Chick Filet has DELICIOUS chicken sandwiches. Been eating them for years!

  14. Even though Wal-Mart caves in to every lunatic-left demand, the leftist extremists still hate it because it remains non-union, so there are no union dues going to the d-cRAT socialist party from Wal-Mart employees.

    Has brian ross yet appeared on the A(lways)B(iased-socialist)C(lowns) network to state how he’s uncovered the Tea Party involvement in these bomb threats?

  15. If these threats were made against public officials , those responsible would already be in jail or the morgue. The fact the police haven’t made an arrest proves these bomb threats are Obama supporters going thug guerilla war as they smell the sulfer of despair , panic, and loss in the air….. The communist Working Family Party SEIU mob have an obsessive hatred of Walmart that goes back 20 years. ……A reign of fear and terror will continue every day as long as Obama is losing.

  16. Fat women with mustaches and camel breath do not need black robes for protection from western men.

  17. #4, Excellent
    everyone take note, know your enemy

  18. #5, you betcha!
    what a stark difference between them and us, no Conservative has ever organized hatred against Ben & Jerry- it’s not in us to even think like that because we treasure and practice American values.

    but now, I too, think about where I spend my money because we’re in a war whether we like it or not.
    that lone Chick-Fil-A in Chi-thuggo is jammed every day now by our folks… right?

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