Disgusting… St. Louis Mom Strips & Exposes Daughter on Naked Bike Ride (Video)

WARNING: Not Suitable For Work–

The fifth annual World Naked Bike Ride St. Louis was held tonight.
Hundreds of naked cyclists took to the streets for their ride from South City to downtown and back to South City. The annual ride reportedly promotes body acceptance and an increased awareness of alternative means of transportation. At least, that’s what they say it’s about.
–Image Removed—
Many of the riders let it all hang out.

–Image Removed—
Squishy was there.

And this mother decided to take her child out for the naked ride.
–Image Removed—

She even stripped off her daughter’s top for the ride.
–Image Removed—

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  • Flintstone F.

    Retching, hydrochloric acid, gag…

    How about a re-post of the Australian hurdler instead?

  • I’m not a Racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    In light of this topic, I have to ask: why is the tagline on this site, “Where hope finally made a comeback”?

  • Militant conservative

    Once again showing that

    liberals will use and abuse

    anyone including their own

    Children. Perverts and

    sociopaths. Just like the

    shooter in Colorado.

    Powder is dry

  • NeoKong


  • Limousine Barry

    I gave my bicycle to Barney Frank to give the little people something really sexy to watch. Unfortunately, Barney is so fat that the small seat was forced up his arse and the tires blew!

    My secret service men cordoned off the area with a tent and yanked the seat out of his huge arse. It was a stinky job.

    Next year we will have a John Deer tractor seat installed and solid tires. That should solve the problem.

    My limousine is running and I have another fund raiser to attend in California. David Axelrod has a fresh scam for my California donks. I cannot go into details at this time only to say that California is the only state I can count on. All of my donors live there. I have said too much already. Good day.

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  • Marsh626

    Ah, liberalism. The freakazoids are steering the ship that is Western Civilization into an abyss.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The annual ride reportedly promotes body acceptance…

    Stupid people will do the stupidest things…

  • Oh, I saw this today in Vancouver, Canada. I also wondered about kids seeing this kind of stuff. Let’s just say that people have different opinions.

    I have friends who don’t even want to take their kids to public pools because of change rooms. But some people take their kids to the nude beach.

    I did an article on this here:

    Also, this caused crazy traffic today… thus, more emissions.


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  • Granny

    Pretty tame Jim. You should see Zombie’s pics of the doings in San Francisco – complete with the old dudes who use a bicycle pump to blow up their scrotums to the size of basketballs LOL.

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  • Diane Harvey

    “And He said, ‘Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?'”


    Ah, the local head of the Rainbow Coalition said we should all get on bikes and ride around that way. It’s being done all over the country.


    “So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.”

    “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground,”

  • Bill Mitchell

    Why is it the women you want to see naked never participate in these things? Ever go to a nude beach? Nothing but fat hairy hippies.

  • anti-bho

    Will I need to run my anti-virus after linking to Gateway now?

  • Gregory

    Should you go to the Burning man festival in late august in Nevada, you might see a much higher quality of bicycle rider

  • Mary’s

    “Please be safe please be safe, I can’t check”…. Idiot

  • Conservative Ken

    Where was “Child Protective Services”? Oh I forgot, the Obummber boys like child porn.

    That was just Nasty.

  • P. Aaron

    Bad naked.

  • juandos

    I went to check this out for the 2nd year in a row…

    Again there was a crying need for vast quantities of eye bleach…

    Why, oh why do the world’s ugliest people have this lemming like urge to expose more of that ugliness as if it were some sort of badge of accomplishment?

  • Dale

    Drinking Soda BAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Stripping your young child naked and riding through the streets is okay.. Leftwing Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

  • mackykam

    Surprised many bikers were able to see the road, what with their hanging dugs slapping against their faces from the wind!

  • jbinnout

    ….but they both have on helmets, safety first!

  • owl

    #20 Ken, that was my first thought. The way the Dem and their World Order love all the ABC Depts, where is CPS when you need them? Probably helping round up the people who are catching all the rain water.

    This is perfect tape of Obama’s World Order. Any fool should be able to choose between a chicken sandwich and naked nasty. I bet Obama’s bud would approve of these VALUES.

    If this was a fully clothed Repub or Christian ride, Poop Scoopers would be all over that kid. VALUES.

  • PegLeg

    I agree with #16 Bill Mitchell! Man, I cannot unsee that first picture!

  • chuck in st paul

    Awww geez guys!! I was just about to go get lunch. Eeeeyuk.

    All those sagging booblets and asses… EYE BLEACH!! for the love of goodness – EYE BLEACH please!

  • greenfairie

    Probably the same kind of mom who doesn’t mind if her creepy boyfriend wants to spend some “alone time” with the kid :O.

  • Jenny

    TOO MUCH INFORMATION! What has been seen cannot be unseen. Thanks Jim, NOT!

  • valerie

    I have never understood the need or desire some people have to be nekkid. For me, clothes have utility. I was told that people who go to nude resorts carry around towels to sit on. I hate carrying stuff around in my hands. It seems SO much more efficient to wear shorts. The thought of sitting on sand at the beach and getting that sharp stuff in my sensitive lady parts is really repellant. And bicycle seats tend to go better with padding and something to prevent chafing.

    I really don’t care one way or another about whether other people wear shirts, and I have a set of boobs that can stand the exposure, but I’m not the kind of person that wants to sit still so much. So, if I’m up and moving around, I want something supportive to cut the bounce. I can’t be the only one, because women’s sports bras sell like crazy.

    Running around nekkid is dumb because it is uncomfortable.

  • Mikey

    I would be all for these types of public displays if beautiful bright happy people participated in them. Great for my libido as well.
    But unfortunately these mostly leftist liberals are just stone cold ugly unsmiling people which serves mainly to turn everyone off to their message and avert their eyes at the same time.

    W/o Alinsky, these guys would be lost

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  • That reminds me.

    ‘A horrifying child pornography and molestation scandal involving a high profile San Francisco gay rights activist has rocked the city’s political scene; compounding the nightmare, the scandal broke at the worst possible moment, the day after San Francisco’s Pride Parade, which was the culmination of a month-long public relations blitz promoting LGBT equality. The publicity efforts of thousands of people were negated and even reversed by the actions of one man.

    The San Francisco Examiner, SFWeekly, the San Francisco Chronicle and various LGBT blogs have all published exposés in the last few hours, each with exclusive information.

    WARNING: The following descriptions may be too upsetting for some readers. Proceed with caution.’…

    Child porn and molestation scandal shocks SF, ruins Gay Pride public relations blitz

    Chick-Fil-A is on the right side. I’m sure the mother of this little girl supports same sex marriage nonetheless.

  • Dale

    That was DISGUSTING seeing that liberals droopy, saggy, vegan boobs. Oh I hate liberals!!

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  • Cactus

    At least Squishy was wearing shorts.

    @31 Valerie… way, WAY too much information.

  • J Wayne

    I have a couple of comments. First it is clear that most of those who comment on this are not nudists. Nudists do not discriminate against others and some of those who comment here appear to be bigoted and prejudiced. Wonder if they think the same of other life choices, such as gay – only the good looking should be gay, or different races – one being more worthy of being seen, or religion one type being better – the rites being easier on the eyes, and of course the sexes, they may want to see only women instead of men. Nudists do not remove their clothing to be seen or to see others, they do it because it is healthy and comfortable.

    #31, sorry but I believe naked is much more comfortable, but since you have never gone to a beach naked, you couldn’t know how much more comfortable it is to be clothes free. I do however value your right to your own opinion and only regret you have decided without first trying it.

    For all of you that are blaming the left and liberals … LOL … 65-70% of nudists are republican or independent. Hard to believe isn’t it? Wish the Republicans understood how often they upset members of their own party who strongly believe in their “right” to enjoy nude recreation.

    Also, kids are natural nudists and nudist children make better grades, are more socially compatible with others, have much better body image of themselves and fall way below the national norm on teen pregnancy. They don’t have to find out what the other sex looks like in the back seat of a car or behind the shed. They see every body type and understand (unlike many of those who comment here) nudity and sex are two different things. Sexual behavior is generated in the mind, not the skin. 76% of the american public support our right to nude recreation. The facts, studies and polls are out there, just “Google” for them.

    It is true that some of the participants in the WNBR (World Naked Bicycle Ride) are NOT nudists and some are there for the “titillation factor” For those, I can only hope they came away with a different opinion then they had going into the ride. And … remember to hike naked, it adds color to your cheeks!

  • Talia

    First of all, the way you titled the post makes it seem as if the mother stops in the middle of the road and rips the child’s clothes off. She doesn’t. I don’t see anything wrong or lewd about the mother or the child. Secondly, did you ride around recording this family, because if your chasing a naked child down the get a picture or video that seems pretty disgusting to me.