Dems Try to Sneak Gun Control Regulations into Cybersecurity Bill

Leading Democrats offered new gun control limitations to the Senate cybersecurity bill.

Democrats were quick to play politics following the massacre last week at a Colorado theater.

Chuck Schumer led the charge.
The Hill reported:

Democratic senators have offered an amendment to the cybersecurity bill that would limit the purchase of high capacity gun magazines for some consumers.

Shortly after the Cybersecurity Act gained Senate approval to proceed to filing proposed amendments and a vote next week, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), a sponsor of the gun control amendment, came to the floor to defend the idea of implementing some “reasonable” gun control measures.

The amendment was sponsored by Democratic Sens. Frank Lautenberg (N.J.), Barbara Boxer (Calif.), Jack Reed (R.I.), Bob Menendez (N.J.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Schumer and Dianne Feinstein (Calif.). S.A. 2575 would make it illegal to transfer or possess large capacity feeding devices such as gun magazines, belts, feed stripes and drums of more than 10 rounds of ammunition with the exception of .22 caliber rim fire ammunition.

The amendment is identical to a separate bill sponsored by Lautenberg. Feinstein was the sponsor of the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004.

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  • BarbaraS

    Never let a crisis go to waste.

  • BarbaraS

    And never let an opportunity to restrict our freedom go by either. That is the entire platform the dims dare not voice, but it is their true one. This is not the party of the little guy anymore and hasn’t been for decades if ever. The dims are just good at pandering at the wet dreams of the drones and buying their votes even if dead.

  • Molon Labe.

    Bring it.

    What are ya waitn’ for, Democrats ?

    Put it out there.

    You know you want to.

    Give it it’s own legislation.

    Move to invalidate/repeal the 2nd Amendment and disarm civilians.

    Go for it.

    We’re waiting.

    By the way, there’s no threat in anything here.

    But there is a promise.

    Oath Keeper
    Patriot Guard Rider

  • bigkahuna

    Romney ads should not simply ask if you are better off than you were 4 years ago….

    They should ask if you are less free than you were 4 years ago ????

    Then list all the freedoms we have lost and the liberals have proposed.

    Smoking privledges, Freedom to choose not to buy health insurance, gun restrictions, EPA and water regulations, etc etc etc.

  • Conservative Ken

    Somebody needs to remind these idiots that Texas has conceal and carry BECAUSE of a mass shooting!

    Luby’s massacre 1991.

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  • Robodog7

    Notice how the sponsors of the bill ALL are from states that already have repressive control laws on their books. NY., NJ., RI., & CA. They aren’t satisfied with denying their citizens their 2nd ammendment rights, they want to go Nation wide.

  • Militant conservative

    KS, I’ll go there.

    The 2nd is for us to protect

    Ourselves from tyrannical

    politicians such as the

    sponsors of this bill.

  • Limousine Barry

    It’s Friday and it’s the last working day of the week. The White Clingers will be drinking beer or enjoying a good meal their families. They will never know what hit them!

    This is a good time for a legislative ambush! I want the Clinger’s guns, magazines, money and medical records. So, I sneaked in the first of many gun controls into a benign piece of cyber warfare legislation. It’s sure to pass. It will catch the Clingers by surprise! Ha-ha!

    Let me be clear, I was for gun control before I was against it. And, I am for it again. I can lie with the best of them.

    That is more than I can say for my opponent. His religion precludes him from lying. I can lie with impunity – the MSM will cover for me. David Axelrod put in a full days work making this crappy piece of legislation… something he rarely does!

    If you like the way I cut midnight deals with my donkey cronies then you should vote for me. Send me $300.00 before midnight. My campaign is going broke!

    My bus has a bent axel and David Axelrod has a fresh scam for my Union donors. It’s the old “bait and switch” scam. Besides, my union donors always vote for me. I say screw them! I cannot answer anymore questions. Good day.

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  • coolidgerules

    Cowardly, crooked lawyers. Shameful that people vote for this scum time after time after time. They are just pandering to their lobbyist (Tides, Brady) groups. They don’t have the courage to put it to its own bill.

    Notice how these sh*tbags don’t seem all the concerned by the coming election? Notice how all the congressional dems are still for the most part voting down the party line against the wishes of their constituents? Too cocky. They know Hussein is going to attempt to rig the election, if not outright steal it.

  • #11 – CoolidgeRules….. “They know Hussein is going to attempt to rig the election, if not outright steal it.”

    That’s assuming we’ll get to November 6th without the #HeilObama administration staging something or allowing a ‘nudge’ from outside to trip the wire so they’re ‘forced’ to suspend the elections until things ‘settle down’.

    — — —

    Wait……… What’s wrong with me ?……… I keep forgetting the meme: “It can’t happen here”……… Never mind anything I said………. Teh Olympicals are on and El Guapo’s wife is leading the US delegation in all it’s flag-dipping glory.

  • like someone here pointed out a few days ago there are 2000 state and federal gun control laws. this is just an attempt to pass another useless law by the most pandering, incompent, ineffective legislators in our history.

    i’m sure holmes would have never done what he did if it was againist the law.

  • juandos

    Oh yeah! Leave it to the seditious & parasitic tards to want to put productive people in harm’s way…

    That reminds me speaking of unarmed victims slaughtered in another so called No Gun Zone (called a free fire zone by the twisted bastards who mock those stupid sighs) why is this damn administration dragging its collective feet over that mooselimb bastard Nidal Hasan?

  • LiberalsRstupid

    If I were a Democrat I would be desperate to take the guns from American Citizens too. I would be worried the Population is going to rise up against me for being a corrupt incompetent liar that spends his days attacking other Americans for being American and gives illegals every benefit.

  • Maria

    What always amazes me is that Cybersecurity has nothing to do with guns. I love it how they are constantly trying to sneak things into bills. Like gold regulations in the healthcare bill.

  • baseballguy

    Easy-peasy why these things are attached to other bills – that way they can claim “THEY did that” or “I didn’t realize” or “I couldn’t vote against all the other good stuff” defense if it passes.
    Not my job man.

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  • Jim

    The usual suspects up to the same old crap I see!

  • Rock

    As I have noted before, Democraps are slimy born out of wedlock slugs, and I’ll remind you again during the Carter years they tried a similar ploy by trying to make it illegal to sale or purchase ammunition by slipping it into a down to the wire budget bill, fortunately it was found and squashed. Something that needs to happen to all Progressive scums if we are to retain our freedoms.
    A question where in the Constitution do these pukes see a suggestion that the citizen are not allowed the same personal weapons that the average grunt carries. The weapon of the day was a musket or cap & ball.The Founders gave us that Right not for hunting but to allow us the ability to defend ourselves against a corrupt regime.

  • CT

    Hope this Admendment is soundly defeated along with it’s back door coward sponsers.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Once again, the ‘leventy-seventh verse same is as the first in the Left/Prog/Dem/Statist playbook/songbook.

    When it comes to the all-so-predictable gun-control mantras they blather forth, they are found to be of:

    Small Caliber


    Immense Bore

    As usual, they follow a shoot-from-the-lip sequence of Ready, Fire, Aim!

    *OUCH!* — dang, I keep losing more toes that way….

  • Lemonaide

    When Chucky starts spouting “reasonable” measures drivel prepare to bend over and take it in the rear. These people are neither reasonable nor honorable and can’t be trusted.

  • Granny

    I think I have to agree with Ice-T:

  • bg



    July 27, 2012

    Obama’s second-term agenda will prove devastating to U.S.

    [Here are some of the second-term plans we uncovered:

    • The re-creation of a 21st-century version of FDR’s Works Progress Administration program within the Department of Labor that would oversee a massive new bureaucracy and millions of new federal jobs;

    • An additional government-funded jobs program that provides “good jobs” capable of supporting a family with a “decent standard of living.”

    • A new government mandate to force businesses to provide twelve weeks of paid benefits to employees who need time off to care for a new child, a sick family member, or their own illness. Plus, a higher, required minimum wage that would raise the floor for all employees.

    • An expansive, de facto amnesty program for illegal aliens via both executive order and interagency directives linked with a reduction in the capabilities of the U.S. Border Patrol.

    • Plans to bring in untold numbers of new immigrants with the removal of caps on H-1B visas and green cards.

    • Government-funded, neighborhood-based programs to better integrate the newly amnestied immigrants into society, including education centers and health care centers. A “federal solution” to ensure that the amnestied immigrants are treated “equitably” across the United States.

    • A National Infrastructure Bank that would evaluate and finance infrastructure projects of substantial regional and national importance” and would finance “transportation infrastructure, housing, energy, telecommunications, drinking water, wastewater, and other infrastructures.”

    • The wresting of control of the military budget from Congress by placing an ”independent panel” in charge of military spending while slashing the defense budget in shocking ways.

    • Spreading the vastly reduced resources of the U.S. Armed Forces even thinner by using them to combat “global warming,” fight global poverty, remedy “injustice,” bolster the United Nations and step up use of “peacekeeping” deployments;

    • A new “green” stimulus program and the founding of a federal “green” bank or “Energy Independence Trust,” which would borrow from the federal treasury to provide low-cost financing to private-sector investments in “clean energy. “

    • A “green Manufacturing” revolving loan fund to create 680,000 manufacturing jobs and 1,972,000 additional jobs over five years

    • Detailed plans to enact single-payer health care legislation controlled by the federal government.]


  • Truth Teller

    Good luck trying to take away any more of our rights.

    Do politicians not realize they are physically outnumbered and that WE THE PEOPLE can pretty much do whatever the hell we want?!?!?!

  • bg


    ‘We Will Defend the Constitution Against Enemies!’:
    See C.L. Bryant’s Standing-Ovation FreePAC Speech

    [“[With] one voice tonight so many of you from all over this world
    have come here to the land of the free and the home of the brave
    and we want to let you know that we have always defended people
    who embraced liberty all over this world,” he proclaimed. “And these
    patriots will not stand down in the face of their enemies!”

    But in addition to supporting others in foreign lands, he also told
    the crowd to defend liberty at home. The audience erupted, getting
    even louder after he added, “We will defend the Constitution against

    Bryant also railed against big government, warning that America “could
    go away as we know her.” And earlier in the speech, he encouraged the
    audience not to “bow down to any earthly king.”


    “There are those among us who would enslave us,” he said. “The reach
    and the scope of big government is the new plantation and if we are not
    careful we will fall under the spell of government handouts. That is why
    we will send this message tonight from Dallas, Texas, that…we’re going
    to sweep clean the White House.”]

    Runaway Slave


    more (#41)


  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    And the Republicans should tack on an Amendment to this same piece of legislation requiring Obama to release ALL his records and come clean as to who he really is and where he’s really from. The Dems will all hide under their tables and vote “NAY” when the bill fially comes up for a vote.

  • The UN treaty Hussein will sign has worse anti-gun rights provisions.

    ‘… Amazingly, the FBI was warned two months ago about terrorism coming to American movie theaters. Yet, they seem to have mysteriously ignored these warnings. I suggest visiting the preceding URL as soon as possible as this link most assuredly will disappear from the net courtesy of the police state surveillance grid. Why wasn’t this warning acted upon? And why do several URL’s keep disappearing from the net, related to this FBI warning, causing truth-seekers to continually repost this information? Many people have been puzzled by the rapidity of the FBI’s presence on the crime scene which even preceded many of the Aurora police officers arriving on the scene, despite the fact that the Aurora police maintain a substation in the mall less than 100 yards away from the crime scene. A reasonable person might be inclined to ask, what did the FBI know that the Aurora police did not?

    If this was a plot, why would anyone do such a thing? Ironically, on July 27, 2012, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to sign the UN gun control treaty. Obama only needs a few more senators to sign the treaty to make it the law of the land. Of course, the public is supposed to believe that this tragedy and the immediate media calls for more stringent gun control, and the coincidence with the UN gun control treaty signing date, following this tragedy, is merely one big coincidence!

    Gun control and undermining the Second Amendment was what FAST and FURIOUS was all about as Obama and Holder shipped guns into Mexico resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of Mexicans and over 200 Americans including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The covert FAST and FURIOUS program blew up in the administration’s face as Holder is facing potential criminal prosecution for his related actions. Therefore, it seems logical that the Obama administration would invoke Plan B. If these globalist minions would stage FAST and FURIOUS, then why should it be hard to believe that the same thugs would stage the Aurora, Colorado movie massacre at the showing of the Dark Knight Rising? It’s interesting to note that Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, myself as well as many other awake Americans have been predicting a major false flag attack which would lead to the justification for Obama to enact draconian, UN-sponsored gun control legislation.’


    Needless to say the Senate must not ratify this treaty. The movie theater massacre may well have been a Hussein manufactured crisis to create the climate for drastic gun control via the UN.

  • Annoyed

    Gun laws would prevent shooting sprees?

    Please tell me more about how the criminals follow laws.

  • H8Unions

    This is so typical of “Chuck-You” Schumer.

    Always wanted to slap the back of his bald head and say “What were you thinking?”

  • Freddy

    This makes perfect sense. As cities like San Francisco slip into fascism they will need to grab every gun they can before the people revolt.

    If you need proof, look no farther than the religous bigot that San Francisco supports.

  • bigL

    OT today was egg regulation day for Feinstein…q: why do eggs need regulation? where is the threat.
    she was working with Debbie Stabenau (sp). Now I know something was off.

  • Marsh626

    Take note of how they try to redefine standard sized gun magazines as “large capacity”. My Glock 20 holds 15 rounds. I bought a couplze magazines for it recently online at a great price. These anti-self-defense leftists want to make me a criminal for doing so.

    And even for the genuinely large capacity magazines, those should be kept legal as well. And it shouldn’t matter if you’re a gun owner who personally doesn’t use such magazines. As gun owners, we have to stay united in resisting all bans. Divided we’ll fall.

  • owl

    We must take the Senate and keep the House. We need everyone to start reminding the voters that we need them.

    I do not think Obama/Dems/Media are going down peacefully. I keep saying it over and over. Who is going to stop it from happening? Law enforcement? Holder is the AG and he would not even allow armed thugs to be prosecuted that were dressed in black with big sticks in front of the voter places.

    So who is going to stop it from happening? Law enforcement? You are kidding. Our ELECTED officials. You jest. Some solitary Dem Judge that proclaims the results valid and then what you gonna do?

    Who will stop it? I have watched several Dem Senators take seats when they stole it and not one thing was done. It could be tied up for years in our courts. So who is going to stop it?

    Our ELECTED officials have let us down. They needed to impeach Holder many years ago. They needed to stand up when those thugs were let loose.

  • Roger

    Americans who think owning a semi-automatic weapon is an inalienable right have let their freedom get to their head. And I am not the only one who thinks like that. Take a look this discussion

  • Who is really behind the gun control push?

    ‘Fresh off of handing a “diversity” award to outspoken Jew-hater Dawud Walid, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is moving on to a new outrage by launching an attack on the U.S. Constitution.

    The current issue of ISNA’s bi-monthly magazine Islamic Horizons carries an article about ISNA’s demand for gun control.

    More recently, the Obama administration came under fire at the time of inaugural in January 2009 because one of the leaders at the National Prayer Service was then-ISNA president Ingrid Mattson.

    And yet the Obama administration continues to work with ISNA, granting the organization the highest level of access.

    In February, ISNA leaders were included in a closed door meeting with FBI Director Robert Mueller where they demanded a purge of the bureau’s counterterrorism training materials of anything or anyone they deemed “Islamophobic.”

    One of the pieces of items entered into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation trial was a strategic memo of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America that identified what their goal was in this country:

    At the end of that memo is a list of those organizations that the Muslim Brotherhood leadership identified as “ours.” At the very top of the list was ISNA.

    The Islamic Society of North America has a vision for America. And yet it isn’t one that treasures the protections on freedom recognized by the Constitution. Taking down the First and Second Amendments won’t be sufficient to realize ISNA’s Islamist vision. But for them, it’s a good start.’

    Top U.S. Islamic Group Calls for ‘Gun Control’

  • Roger #36

    Just how do you let freedom go to your head? You are the sort who allows the prospect of Americans deprived of their freedoms to go to your head. It makes you and other leftist drones giddy with anticipation. We the People decide for ourselves what our rights are, not the government. The government exists only to protect the rights of the people that the people decide for themselves. Not only is a mere semi-automatic weapon within the rights of the American people but fully automatic weapons. This is a nation founded on the rule of the people by the people and for the people, and it is the people who decide what they may and may not possess. If you can’t handle that concept leave.

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  • Stonedome

    They’ll never stop unless we make them…

  • Barracks Insane Of Bama

    All it needs now is a death panel and the bill will be complete. Darth Vader would be proud.


    Wake-up New York, what is wrong with these poeple keep voting this mean,insightful,windbag,socialist,progressive,just like our senator from washington,Sen.patty murrey,she will put us over a financial cliff if we don’t play the game of class warfare. Put these old farts out to pasture,oh wait the EPA will fine them for methane gas emissions. WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

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  • EndSocialism

    The second amendment when it was created was to assure the people that the gov’t wouldn’t be better armed than its citizens. It was NOT meant for hunting, snakes and such, etc. Obviously those are included, but was not its purpose. If you don’t think this a slippery slope to disarming the citizen, look up history. Stalin, Hitler, and other tyrannical socialists disarmed their people under the guise of “the gov’t will protect you”. I don’t need protection by the gov’t. I need protection FROM the gov’t.

    And in response to the comment above about semiautos as an inalienable right. That’s not the point. When the gov’t has more firepower than the populous, guess what happens? Again, look at history. The second amendment is the ONLY think keeping the gov’t from becoming a dictatorship. The Dems get emboldened when some wacko shoots up the place and of course the only solution is more laws and regs? 310 million people and one wacko means the rest of us can’t be trusted to own guns. You will always have a very small minority that break the laws. That doesn’t mean that the rest of us are dummies.

    If you think gun restrictions works, look at the stats. The very locations that have the STRICTEST gun laws have the highest gun crime. Chicago, DC are perfect examples. These are the very same places that have retard senators and congressmen/women that want to pass laws on the rest of the U.S. that they have already done to their constituents.

    Chuck U : You may have a bunch of sheep voting for you, but there are alot more wolves out there that won’t lay down and take it. You can shove your socialist agenda someplace painful.

    Wake up America.

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