CNN’s Piers Morgan defended Mitt Romney for his comments on the London Olympics yesterday. Romney, the problem solver, repeated what the press has been saying for weeks, that there were issues with security and labor that were “a bit disconcerting.”

CNN’s Morgan defended Mitt:
“Actually everything he said was completely true.”




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  1. You know, that really puzzles me. Entitled to his opinion and being one who will vote for Romney it’s okay, statement but I don’t trust this guy.

    This guy isn’t worth any more of my time.

  2. I would go out of my way to avoid ever being on the same side of anything as this Piers Morgan character. [And exactly what kind of parent names their kid Piers anyway?]

  3. I knew that was a pig i saw fly by. dang.

  4. He’ll be ‘walking that back’ in 3-2-1….

  5. Its exhausting to keep the liberal play book, and talking points current.

    He must of had a week old copy.

    Just imagine if they told the truth like conservatives….. It would set them free!

  6. Piers and the rest of the sycophantic media have poisoned the well. I believe nothing that any of them say and for good reason. I know damn well that I’m not alone. They tell me that the sky is blue, I go outside and look up.

  7. Thanks BG LOL I just saw it posted elsewhere…but glad to spread the word quicly to show people its all garbage by MSM/ Obama

  8. ++

    coolidgerules #9 July 27, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    while i agree with your premise..

    in this case however, you believe he’s what..

    that he’s lying about the truth or what??


  9.…………CNN president resigns, company going down the tubes….

  10. Piers Morgan is a British subject who makes his living trashing America and everything it stands for. Why, oh why, do conservatives fall for this crap every time it happens? A liberal occasionally states the obvious and conservatives fall over themselves in praise because they say something the conservative agrees with.

    If Piers Morgan hadn’t said what he said about Romney’s “disconcerting” comment, he would have opened himself up to accusations of hypocrisy for being a foreigner who trashes America every night on CNN.

    Don’t fall for this crap. Morgan was protecting his own paycheck.

  11. I keep looking out the window but I still can’t see flying pigs yet.

  12. actually romney is having a great trip. fact is the company hired to prepare for this olympics has shown a real lack of preparation and created security concerns. that is a fact! i see o’loser is tipping the flag same as bowing. i say nuts to that.

    i saw the media trying to make romney look bad long before the trip. headlines shilling “will romeny do well?” duh! ya think a change from that idiot obama would be welcome almost anywhere. hell they hate obama in the middle east. look at the mess he created there.

  13. #18 noway
    “… hell they hate obama in the middle east. look at the mess he created there.”

    Aw heck noway, the diaperheads hate everyone who doesn’t bow down to the Devil like they do – especially Christians and Jews. That’s been going on for over a thousand years now.

    “I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.” – Ripley. I do believe she had the Middle East in mind when she said that.

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