City Orders Firefighters to Remove US Flags From Trucks – They’re Offensive (Video)

The city of Seminole, Florida ordered firefighters to remove American flags from their trucks after receiving complaints from local citizens. The flags were offensive.

FOX4Now reported:

Florida fire fighters say the city apparently got two complaints about American flags being flown from fire trucks.

The flags were not a safety issue, and they were not tattered or torn. But when the complains came the flags were gone.

A dozen demonstrators stood outside a Seminole fire station waving American flags Sunday. They say they were there because fire fighters were banned from flying old glory on their trucks.

A spokeswoman for Seminole Fire Rescue said the city is trying to be sensitive about the proper display of the American flag.

Someone allegedly complained to the city about a large American flag being flown from the back of a ladder truck.

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  • Mrs. P

    I am getting so sick of people saying that you can’t display the American Flag because it is offensive…..Excuse me ….if you find the American Flag offensive you do not deserve to live in the USA.

  • Militant conservative

    Geez, witnessing the destruction of a country.

    It would be offensive if the

    Fire truck was dragging Treyvon.

    Powder is dry

  • Hodor

    Let me try and wrap my head around this. The AMERICAN FLAG is offensive… to AMERICANS… in AMERICA. And the city caved to these loons? I’m dumbfounded.

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  • Buffalobob

    Demographics of Seminole FL 94% white. Don’t have a breakdown of what percentage of those are progs. Who the hell is making the complaint.

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  • Robert

    “A spokeswoman for Seminole Fire Rescue said the city is trying to be sensitive about the proper display of the American flag.”

    That is so much bull it is unbelievable.

    If they got two complaints and removed the flag, and then get X times that many complaints, let’s see if they replace the flags.

    We’re waiting. In the meantime, the city “leaders” need to be replaced.

  • bil

    You want to contact these asswipes?, here:

  • bg


    yet another IslaMarxist (#19/20)
    move right out of Hitlers playbook..

    The Children’s Story by James Clavell

    The Children’s Story Part 1

    The Children’s Story Part 2

    The Children’s Story Part 3

    inch by foot by yard by mile, coming closer
    to being the new reality every day.. *sigh*


  • stuart

    Gosh, if we just could leave the blue parts and the red parts off of the flag, maybe then the “sensitive liberals” would approve. We could be just like France.

  • donh

    Try calling the city about how offended you are by your $7,000 property tax bill and see how easy they drop it for you.

  • Jack

    I’d like to think the firefighter’s would tell the city to stick it but they’ll probably bend over and take it.

  • nelle

    Anyone who is that offended by the sight of the flag really ought to live somewhere else.
    The rest of us should look for another place to display one, to make up for those that are being banned.

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  • Frances Nelson

    two complaints and they want them to take the US Flag off firetrucks? What the hell is wrong with that Town? And why are they bowing to TWO people? This is what is wrong with this country. The politically correct who are in the minority are getting away with dictating what the majority should and should not do. It’s time for the majority to speak up as loud as these liberal asswipes

  • Tim in Cali

    Sooo,Labor Day in Seminole ,Fla….is now

    1. Fly your American flag proudly day
    2. “Honk your horn if you love America Day”
    3. All day patriotic songs on the radio
    4. All the above

    Shove it back in these punks face
    If they complain….do it 10X more

  • StanInTexas

    So the flags were removed over TWO complaints.

    So does that mean if the city gets TWO DOZEN complaints about the lack of flags on the fire trucks, they will put them back? Or do those TWO complaints count more?

  • Grumpy

    Nothing in the video or the report indicates that anyone found the flag “offensive”.

    What’s the matter? Does the truth just not have a place in the conservative dictionary anymore?

  • bg



    July 16, 2012

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    more @ link..


  • snap boy

    Were the two complainants wearing the colors of Mexico?