Busted: Audio of Obama Lawyer Arguing Obamacare Is a Tax Stuns WH Chief of Staff Jack Lew (Video)

Democrats told us Obamacare was not a tax.
Then they argued in front of the Supreme Court that it was a tax.
Now they want to tell us again that Obamacare is not a tax.

Jack Lew, the Obama White House Chief of Staff, was trying to persuade Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday that Obamacare was not a tax. But it didn’t work out so well for Lew when Wallace played audio of the Obama lawyer arguing that Obamacare was a tax in front of the Supreme Court.

Lew was stunned after being caught in the lie.

Nearly 75% of ObamaTax costs will fall on the backs of those Americans making less than $120,000 a year.

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  • Obama Lies = Freedom Dies.. bg
  • Moonbat_One

    Anyone else scream at their monitor watching this?

  • onbe

    =QUACK =

  • Obama Lies = Freedom Dies.. bg
  • Obama Lies = Freedom Dies.. bg
  • progressoverpeace

    This line of questioning was available long before this ruling and without the America-killing, irrational decision by Benedict Roberts. The fact that the media would have waited until after the SCOTASS decision that turned the United States into the American Socialist Superstate is just one more bit of evidence to their utter and complete lack of competence or integrity. Verilli made this argument some time back and no one in the media bothered to hop on it. Only now, when it’s too late and when the word “tax” has been so stretched, perverted and abused by the SCOTASS (when it no longer matters) do these idiots finally happen upon the bald-faced lies of this administration (just one more in the constant stream of ridiculous and intellectually offensive lies that have poured out the Dog-Eater and his administration).

    Thanks for nothing, MSM slime. When it could have mattered, you couldn’t be bothered. When the point is rendered moot and our Constitutional Republic strangled to death you become courageous truth-tellers.

  • john b

    NOte AGAIN: Lew says that only those that can afford to buy insurance and don’t will be subject to the penalty. That’s important. because, now who gets to decide who can afford it? Sounds like income re-distribution to me.

  • RL

    Notice how pathological liars work – They sit there with an insipid, effete smile on their face[s] and continue the shucking and jiving lie because they “think” [“think” used very loosely for the highly dubious process they are attempting here] that they “know” there will be no consequences….

  • Obama Lies = Freedom Dies.. bg


    #6 July 1, 2012 at 10:19 am

    oh.. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” (BHO), at the rate we’re going, your
    great great grandchildren will be living in the Ummah States of Allah..

    [you/your = in general, not specific]


  • Obama Lies = Freedom Dies.. bg


    i understand what they are saying.. however, as more and more
    people cannot afford health insurance, more and more “penalties”
    will be inflicted upon the masses, ergo, DICTATORSHIP will be as
    easy snapping WONES fingers.. /s/


  • http://www.ConservativeWall.com The Conservative Wall

    What is amusing about what Lew is saying is, the poor are freeloaders. The rich, they will either buy a policy, or pay for their health costs out of their own pocket, and most will just get the insurance because they are smart and know it is cheaper in the long run to have a policy.

    Lew is saying the freeloaders, those that cant afford the insurance, they have to pay their fair share.

    We are saying that the poor, have options already to get medical care, but to tax others, if they have insurance or not, is wrong.

  • 3-rd Trimester Obama

    Obama is attacking the freeloading poor AND the job creators. Now no one will vote for him. Because he is a confused liar.

  • Flintstone F.

    I think it’s really funny the way it all started, that there were 45 million people without insurance. They needed to be helped, taken care of. They were being unfairly cheated by a medical system set up for the rich.

    Now, they’re the freeloaders who are going to be punished for being “irresponsible.”

    Funny too how liberals can’t seem to see the illogical reasoning in forcing everyone to buy insurance when the government is going to be providing much of it (and eventually all of it) as a means to stop freeloaders from causing the rest of us to pay for their unhealthy lifestyle.

    Abortion: Hands of my body.

    Obamacare: Make all decisions about my body for me.

    No insurance: Medical attention needed and received. Subsidized.
    Obamacare: Medical attention needed and received. Subsidized.

    I feel like it’s really just about power and control and nothing to do with healthy living.

    They’re resigned to the idea that we are idiots so now Lew and the like stopped paying attention to the facts. Governing is simple to them, just set the controls on autopilot and ignore the people.

  • Patty

    Romney’s campaign ads advisers have been given a “BIG GIFT”, now let’s see how the use it.

  • olm

    If you can stomach it, read the comments section on a lefty site and specifically mslsd (msnbc)
    People are still absolutely adamant that this is free healthcare and only those who can afford it or refuse to afford it will pay.

    Honestly I can not believe the mind numb robots. At this rate, The One will be re elected and the “middle class” will be singing his praises all the way to and through the soup lines or worse.

  • Patty

    THE LYING KING: Barack Obama & Democrats Lied to Americans that Obamacare Was not a Tax … Then Obama Marched His Attorney’s to the SCOTUS and Argued Obamacare was a Tax

    President Barack Obama, Democrats and their talking point minions do not get it both ways. They are so good at talking out of both sides of their mouths, but not this time. Obama does not get to lie to America and say Obamacare was not a tax and then sent his legal eagles to the Supreme Court and argue just the opposite that Obamacare was a tax to get it ruled Constitutional.

    It was not a matter of Barack Obama and Democrats not being able to sell the healthcare bill. They tried mightily to do so and failed. The problem was and still is that ‘We the People” do not like the law, it has nothing to do with the message. According to the most recent Rasmussen poll, 54% of Americans favor repealing Obamacare Obamatax, while only 39% support it. Imagine, just imagine if Obama and Democrats called Obamacare a tax and then passed it on party lines against the will of the people. The 2010 midterms would have been an even greater shellacking than they were.

    Are you America going to take being lied to? It takes a really “snakey” President to tell “We the People” one thing and they argue the exact opposite point to the Courts.

    Democrats can say they want to move on all they want. The regulation in Obamacare are detrimental to business and thus jobs and the economy. It is all wrapped into one, thus to talk about Obamatax, is to talk about the economy and job growth.


  • pink tie Republican

    Chris should have poured a big bucket of cow manure on this guy’s head.

  • Patty

    #15 July 1, 2012 at 10:50 am
    olm commented:

    These are the ignorant and misinformed Americans who will never be reached.

    They have stood my their man and afraid they are the unreachable. To think they have the privilege, right or responsibility to vote.

    Voting is far more a privilege than a right and therefore should be entered into with care and effort. If we do not, we might loose both the “privilege” and “right.” Actually, I see it more as a responsibility rather than a right or privilege. Also, with the responsibility is the requirement to vote responsibility.

    I fear these uninformed will not take things seriously but selfishly when going to the polls.


  • 3-rd Trimester Obama

    There you go.

  • 3-rd Trimester Obama

    There you go.