In 2008   The LA Times withheld a video that contained footage of Barack Obama celebrating with a group of Palestinians who were openly hostile towards Israel. Barack Obama reportedly even gave a toast to a former PLO operative, Rashid Khalidi, at this celebration. This was something the LA Times hid from the American public before the election. The media refused to release the video.

Terrorist Bill Ayers, Barack Obama and his good friend Jew-hater Rashid Khalidi

This controversial story was first reported at Gateway Pundit.

There were also reports that terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were at the same Jew-bash.

Khalidi was thought to be connected to the PLO.

Last year Stanley Kurtz figured out a great way to trick the media into releasing the Obama-Khalidi tape – by tricking them into thinking it would be bad for Sarah Palin.
Via Instapundit:

“I posted some thoughts on the media’s Palin/Obama paper-trail hypocrisy last Friday. Around the same time, Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft highlighted the continued refusal of the LA Times to release the unseen but nonetheless famous video tape in which Obama toasted Rashid Khalidi at a testimonial dinner likely also addressed by Bill Ayers. . . . Will we ever get to see that tape, and if so, how best to shake it loose?” Er, convince ‘em it would be bad for Sarah Palin?

Today Breitbart announced a new strategy.
The conservative website is offering a $50,000 reward to whomever can provide the complete video recording of the 2003 farewell party for radical Palestinian academic and activist Rashid Khalidi.



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  1. Oh, how I have been waiting to hear these tapes. This would be a deal breaker. The Jewish people are not in Obama’s corner and I am sure they can imagine what is on these tapes.

    But when America hears them, Obama will never get a second term and his job will be done whether he thinks so or not.

    These tapes will clinch it.

  2. Today Breitbart announced a new strategy.
    The conservative website is offering a $50,000 reward

    That is wonderful and maybe just maybe this will do it. Must stay hopeful.

  3. October 29, 2008


    Can you say November surprise?

    UPDATE: Doug Ross has this quote from the video:

    Obama said , “Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine” plus there’s been “genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis.”

    DEMAND THE LA TIMES RELEASE THE OBAMA VIDEO – I received this reward letter to “the Citizens of the United States”. It is sort of pathetic that such an offer would emerge from …. Europe. Read it, it’s beautiful. Shame on the Times tools. (Click to enlarge the image)

  4. OT

    Report: GOP investigation finds five top ATF officials responsible for Fast & Furious

  5. If money was the only tool necessary to gain access to the Khalidi tape and O’s college transcripts we would not be reading this story.

  6. And still the Elites on both sides tell us there is nothing to see with his BC, his SS#, his college transcripts and so much more. look at our dear friend John McCain, why is he trying to destroy Michelle Bachmann for DARING to question the loyalty oh Huma, a friend to Hillery, who is a good friend of McCain’s. McCain is evil.

  7. ++



  8. Too small a reward. Someone, in the summer of 2008, allegedly paid $1 million for the “Get whitey” DVDs from Wright’s church. Maybe another million would buy the Khalidi tape, but $50,000? Don’t think so.

  9. Chump change. He could be on tape saying that all Israelis need to wiped off the face of the Earth and his sh*theads would still vote for him. Cult following and it’s scary.

  10. The tape will never surface, and even if it does, the media will figure out some way to spin it as being out of context or whatever, and anyone who plays it will be branded a racist, so the media won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. Like the birth certificate etc. The radicals have been very careful to lay the groundwork ahead of time to marginalize and/or demonize anyone who questions Obama’s past, his actions or his motives. Every element of this has been planned for decades.

    The only hope is that the American people finally see through all the smoke and mirrors, and recognize that the media LIES.

  11. I stood on my feet for 10 hours at the LA Times in Downtown LA picketing for this tape in 2008. I tried to warn the Jews that Obama was a Muslim, Jew hating, Israel hating Anti-Semite. I warned them of what he would do, and I was right. Little consolation that four years later someone might pay attention. Long after the damage is done. I can’t believe I live in a country that “elected” Obama. But, a Jew voting Obama? I thought they said “never again.” Sad.

  12. Bet the farm that the tape and all known transcripts of same have been destroyed by now. Don’t forget with whom you are dealing.

  13. The only reason the tape was kept secret by the LAT – not to give them any credit – was the insistence of the source. That another copy has never surfaced indicates the source is dedicated to protecting Obama, too, and is probably a Palestinian sympathizer.

    It is unclear what the purpose of giving LAT a copy was in the first place, unless to confirm something else the source was telling them – but if they couldn’t directly use it or quote the contents, why on earth would they accept it under those conditions?

    But since they did agree to keep it private, it’s hard to blame the LAT. If a paper lies to a source, no source will ever trust them again. If there were probable cause it were evidence of a crime, it might be forced out; but other than that there is no way to make anyone divulge it.

  14. This crew at Breitbart now is joke.
    When they found the “Born In Kenya” literary agent stuff and then warned everyone – “But don’t call us Birthers!” – that was enough for me.

    Mooch still working off the original script 4 years ago –

  15. “Statement of Principles” from The Chicago Tribune. (Note the LA Times links to the Chicago Tribune’s Statement of Principles):

    “The Tribune places great emphasis on the integrity of government and of the private institutions and individuals who serve and lead society. It acts as a watchdog on government, protecting citizen interests in quarters where citizens themselves might not otherwise be represented. The newspaper does this in the belief that the people cannot consent to be governed unless they have knowledge of, and faith in, the leaders and operations of government. Always, the people are sovereign.”

    “The editorial page has four essential roles: to serve as a check on the power of government, to set an agenda for the Chicago region and the nation, to make persuasive arguments for the enactment of that agenda, and to inform and guide its readers so they can make better decisions.“,0,393391.story

    Mayor Raum would be proud of those principles.

  16. maybe when we’re satisfied with what we have instead of begrudging others for what we don’t. when a roof over your head, good health and food to feed your family is no longer enough to be happy about.
    [Forget your lust, for the rich man's gold
    All that you need, is in your soul,
    And you can do this, oh baby, if you try.
    All that I want for you my son,
    Is to be satisfied. ]

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