Arkansas Dem Congressional Candidate Gene Jeffress Talks N*gger Babies at Campaign Stop (Video)

Arkansas State Senator Gene Jeffress won of the House District 4 Democratic runoff earlier this month. He’s running for US Congress.

Here he is discussing n*gger babies at a campaign stop.
(Warning on language)

It’s OK, though. He’s Democrat.

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  • “My homeland has been doing this for centuries”? Really?

  • Ella

    Aw. He wants America to do better. As in aborting black babies……

  • American Woman

    Gee, what will the Congressional Black Caucus do? Will they walkout on their fellow fascists?

  • Llarry

    “My homeland has been doing this for centuries”? Really?

    No. In 1883 Germany Bismarck established a national health service, but private employers paid 1/3 of the costs health-insurance costs and workers paid the rest. Sick pay was limited to 13 weeks.

    The current German taxpayer-funded model of universal health care is possible only because Germany hasn’t had to pay for its own defense since 1945. If the U.S. demanded that Germany pay its own way, the Germans would have to choose between universal health care and national defense.

    There’s no nation on the planet that has both a First World military capable of global offensive operations and universal health care. The British came closest, but now they’ve gutted their military, and their health-care system is all about rationing, withholding treatment, and killing patients to save money. The ultimate result is that the Brits have neither a good military nor good health care.

    Cheap, effective universal health care is a mirage. It simply is not possible.

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  • Bigkahuna

    I hope every Dummycrat that voted for Obamataxcare is asked if he would have voted for it if they had called it was …an illegal tax on America ????? Put them on the spot and hold feet to the fire till they answer

  • Why is it that 99.99% of the time I see something like this, it’s a Democrat ?

    Naaaaaaaah……… Must be sheer coincidence.

    Yeah……… That it……… That’s the ticket……… Democrats iiiiiiiiiinvented coincidence……… Yeah.

    === === ===

    On a side note, George Soros just won the presidential election in Mexico.

    Yeah, he did.


    I’ve been posting since March that this was coming.

    Here’s page one.

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  • there wasn’t anything wrong with what that guy said. he was just using it as an example of racist thought.

  • donh

    There is a candy in the stores…A small licorice gum drop type candy shaped into teddy bears. Whenever I see them , I recall the voice of my grandmother asking me to give her one of them N:@@er babies from the jar she had in her living room. It was about the only time she would use the N word, and it was probably common language for that penny candy from when she was a child. Shame how somebody using this term is a bigger deal than 4 years of trillion dollar deficits , and it won’t be a big deal when a D says it. Nice crowd the man has going there. Its like he’s talking to himself.

  • katy

    This guy missed his calling. Hollywood baby. This was a scene in Deliverance wasn’t it?

    What a POS racist Dem hiding behind a made up story with all the embellishments of a KKK member preaching to his church…

  • zaire67

    Lets continue the lies: if you oppose Obamcare you are a racist and people will be dieing in the streets. He never stated the age of the neighbor that died, just that he didn’t know if they had health insurance. Inferring that it could have been the reason they died. I would have asked the age of the neighbor. Because if they were elderly, they would definitely die under Obamacare. They also never state the reason the system is opposed by so many Americans, other than racism.

  • USMC Thomas

    I kept expecting to hear the Preacher Robert Tilton farting.

  • Sleazy southern politician, with the fake corn pone delivery and the preacher patter down. The more people have these patterns the less you can trust them.

  • coolidgerules


    Thanks for the heads up. Beginning to wonder how many countries have elections in this hemisphere in the upcoming years. I know “Spooky Dude” is real tight with the commie down in Brazil as well as Chavez. Husein aint giving up power in November-bank on it.

  • CV1

    This guy is a tad overly dramatic. He certainly is working hard to sell himself.

  • Sarah

    I love this site, but the headline for this piece is misleading. He used the word in the context of something someone said which he found to be racist. That said, the guy sounds like a cheesy snake oil salesman, but that’s besides the point.

  • Randal Phillips

    @bigkahuna: the term Dummycrat is offensive. Dummies are way smarter than that. I prefer the term Dhimmicrat. Dhimmis are people who live under the control and authority of Muslims. That certain qualifies, don’t you think?

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  • USMC Thomas

    Germany’s plan for national defense, like the rest of Europe, is to convert to Islam.

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  • Highlander

    I think the point is that any time WE use a term like that, no matter HOW innocently we use it, we’re labeled as racists. In my local pub, one of the young left-wing bartenders goes ballistic any time he even hears the “N” word. It doesn’t matter if you’re quoting someone or telling a story about another person’s racist comments … he thinks the word, in itself, is taboo and will crucify you for using it … unless of course you’re Bill Maher. He thinks Bill Maher is wonderful. This guy even jumped all over me once for using the word niggardly. He REFUSED to accept the fact that it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with race, even after we showed him the definition.

    So, in this case, the point is that for some reason it’s OK for this Democrat to throw a racial slur around, as long as it’s a Republican being credited with using it. If the tables were turned, we’d never hear the end of it ….

  • atticcellar

    This guy, although a plastic politicain, Used the N word, in a quote.. I hardly think that makes him racist!

  • Highlander

    #23 … see #22

  • thebronze

    C’mon, Jim this is a bunch of crap and the title is totally misleading. He was talking in the context of one of his racist constituents.

    We can and should do better than this. They say enough stupid sh*t for real, we don’t need to make stuff like this, up.

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  • JenBee

    I agree with many of the posters above, the headline is blatantly misleading. The Dem candidate does sound sleazy and he’s obviously pandering, but the context is important, he was merely quoting what he heard a constituent say, and he condemned the language saying ‘We’re better than that.’ We have so much to attack Dems on, we don’t need to be misleading anyone or making stuff up!

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    Slow news day? Let’s focus on something a little more important and relevant:

    The Day The Republic Died

    On March 8, 2011 a bill was brought up by John Boehner for a vote in the House of Representatives. This was one of the early bills brought to a vote by the new Republican House Speaker. The bill, if eventually passed into law, would have expanded Obama Care. Red State reported it, the mainstream media, including FOX News, did not.

    This day in 2011 was the day our republic died. The significance of this bill was that it exposed a willingness on the part of John Boehner and the House establishment REPUBLICANS to actually vote to EXPAND the very program they were elected by the American people a mere 4 months earlier to “repeal, replace, or defund”.

    Two essential questions need to be asked regarding this vote:

    1) Why in the world did John Boehner even bring this bill to a vote? (Was this a payback for a previous political deal?)

    2) How did our respective Republican representatives vote?

    95 establishment REPUBLICANS supported this bill as it eventually passed in the House. Sadly for those of us in Missouri, the Congressional Record shows that with the exception of Billy Long the entire Missouri Republican delegation voted FOR the bill. Among those casting a “yea” vote from Missouri was now establishment Senate candidate Todd Akin.

    This vote was a canary in a coal mine. It should have served as an early indication to the American people that the Republican House we had just ushered in to power in 2010 had neither the political will nor the courage to stand on principle and fight to do whatever it took to stop Obama Care in its tracks. This lack of political will was later demonstrated throughout 2011 when this same Republican House cut deals with the Democrats to pass a series of CRs which raised the debt while funding the government through FY12. These 2011 CR deals funded early Obama Care programs, Planned Parenthood, the EPA, and a list of agencies and departments as long as Todd Akin’s arm that all Republicans will be campaigning against between now and November 6. Pledges and promises from any Republican who voted for the Obama Care expansion bill or any of the ensuing CRs (For the record – the CR votes implicate Missouri’s Billy Long as well) should be taken with a grain of salt in light of their voting record in 2011. House establishment Republicans extended a funding life-line to Obama Care throughout 2011 to get us to the point to relying on the opinion of a single Supreme Court Justice. So here we are, getting what we deserve because we allowed it to happen.

    Contrary to the opinion of some, John Roberts did not kill our republic with his ruling on June 28 2012. It had been dead for over a year at that point, at least since March 8 2011 if not before then. We just didn’t realize it. We had put our faith in the newly elected Republican House of Representatives then went back to sleep. Although I do not agree in any way with Roberts’s ruling, we got what we deserved for putting all our faith in the Republican establishment in November of 2010 then going back to bed. METALLICA, Enter Sandman, are we awake yet?

  • jorgen

    @#4 Llarry: “There’s no nation on the planet that has both a First World military capable of global offensive operations and universal health care.”

    Very good point!

  • junie

    He is so crazy, he need to look at the 8-10 babies being born in the Hispanic Community.
    Whites are so blind. They are taking care of their enemies, and hating on Blacks, fools.
    There are 50 Million persons waiting in line to go to the US.
    Look at South Africa, Kenya, and other places.
    Whites are going to be driven out of America.
    Islam may be the new religion soon.
    If Obama who is a Muslim is re-elected, Whites will have to side with Blacks to defend the US, Look up this site
    Any White person who cannot see the hand writing on the wall is a fool.
    It may be too late for America.
    Obama sold out America to the Russians, and other countries.
    All the control is being given to the UN.
    Why would he think that killing a few Black babies will make a difference?
    Earch person should get a Genotype DNA test, they may be of mixed origins.
    Hitler had Black and Jewish blood.
    Fools to hate on others.

  • squeaky

    “Whites will have to side with Blacks to defend the US…..” just as soon as Blacks see Obama for what he is and not who he claimed to be.

  • anti-bho

    He can surely “pack’em in” can’t he? Must have been all of six people there to hear that rousing speech…….

  • Hodgehog

    This dude has trouble written all over him. What a jackass.

  • Vixen

    @USMC #13:
    LOL! I was thinking “This guy sounds like a TV preacher.” You nailed it. 🙂

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  • whraglyn

    Mr. Hoft,
    For some time there have been growing on your banner such misleading headlines as the one identifying the above article.
    Democrat pols and their tools, oops: voters, prove daily they are bigots of the worst sort.
    Their antics display btheir bigotry of all sorts on a moment by moment basis.
    Deliberate misdirection as you have published above does far more to galvanize self-righteous anger for the other side than for ours.
    Please try to remain factual in your otherwise very necessary and very accurate reporting of the lies and thievery of Democrat pols and their tools, oops: voters.

  • rammer12

    This guy missed his calling as a televangelist. What a race playing huckster…

  • Blue Hen

    He’s either a racist, or he feels that he has the right to use such things as tools/weapons. I’ve seen university presidents driven from office for the furor resulting from saying such things, in a similar context. If this furor exists, and it does, then it should be applied equally. We are where we are because a race baiting machine politician was able to refer to his grandmother as a “typical white person” AND student groups and riot inciting liars like Al Sharpton are allowed to ply their trade.
    We will never be able to stop them ourselves. They will only be reined in when their sources of funding tell them to stop, because it’s causing collateral damage.

    I have no problem with this article or its title. Keep the pressure on. At the very least, we’ll underscore that this disgusting performance would be vilified if he wasn’t a media darling.

  • Patty

    Poor choice of words and if the people in is District have a problem, then vote him out of office. Just like our job ahead of us in November.

  • snap boy

    So was the woman who “didn’t want to pay for more n— babies” in favor of Obamacare because of its access to abortion?
    What was the point of Jeffress saying his next door neighbor died the night before and Jeffress doesn’t know whether he had insurance? Did the neighbor die totally ignored by doctors, nurses and hospitals? Did he have a heart attack or die after a long illness?
    The upside of this man’s campaign – it looks like only a dozen people in this community are dumb enough to consider voting for him.

  • CatoRenasci

    C’mon, this is a cheap shot at the clown: he was quoting someone’s statement and he said it was racism.

    The candidate is a bozo, but don’t waste time on cheap shots – takes away your credibility for stuff that matters.

  • Peter Hitt

    Well, Margaret Sanger couldn’t have put it better.

  • Ashen

    Misleading Jim. But you do this a lot.

  • Cactus

    I agree, the headline is misleading.

    Re #22: “So, in this case, the point is that for some reason it’s OK for this Democrat to throw a racial slur around, as long as it’s a Republican being credited with using it. If the tables were turned, we’d never hear the end of it ….”

    That may be the point, but neither the headline nor the description make that point at all.

  • fastnfurious

    Didn’t we always know that Democrats are racist at heart? Must be those southern KKK roots shooting through again.

  • William

    Commenters for this post are either;

    a. Incredibly dishonest, and are fully aware that this man was telling a story about a racist who used the term N*gger Babies. Telling a story and throwing around the term are two completely different things but that can’t get in the way of attacking a democrat.

    b. Incredibly stupid, are are unable to realize when someone is pointing out an instance of racism rather than being racist.

    c. Incredibly gullible, didn’t even watch the whole clip took Jim Hoft’s inaccurate headline as gospel.

  • Aaron

    Yeah I like the site too but JIM….why do you post stuff like this under a misleading headline? It’s bad enough when they call us racists for nothing. You make it seem like this guy is racist and he’s clearly not.

  • Aaron

    #49 Actually lots of people have called out Jim on this post. I’m hoping that maybe Jim hasn’t seen the comments yet and certainly hope he corrects the record. All any of us have is our credibility.

  • Gort

    Come on, man. That’s one hell of a misleading headline.

  • thebronze

    #51 July 2, 2012 at 6:22 pm
    Aaron commented:

    #49 Actually lots of people have called out Jim on this post. I’m hoping that maybe Jim hasn’t seen the comments yet and certainly hope he corrects the record. All any of us have is our credibility.


  • Dale

    He sounds really disingenuous to me and fake. He’s a fraud like the rest of them.

  • CommieJuice

    I’d like to buy a vowel. Jim.

    Did he say NAGGER babies? I rather walk bare footed in DC right now than to watch another Dimocrat loser show his true colors.

  • So he criticized a woman for being racist, and in that criticism he quoted her use of a racist term. Do you think that your readers’ language comprehensive skills are so poor that they will not understand this?

  • Language comprehension skills.

  • donh

    He reminds me of Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction.

  • Valerie

    Here’s another idiot.

    I’m not going to bother reading any articles with the byline Leonard Pitts in the future.,0,92722.story

    You might recognize, however, that there are people who buy into this nonsense, and some of those poorly informed fools will vote.

  • Bob

    What this lady told me was, she stood up and said, Senator, and she looked me right in the face and she pointed at me … said, “I don’t want to pay for no more n_gger babies in Chico County.”

    -Gene Jeffress

    Jim Hoft, you are a moron. And looking at pictures of you, you look like a creepy child-molesting moron. How many sex offender registries are you on?

  • Valerie

    Sockpuppets focusing on the headline and calling it misleading. C’mon, the clown played the race card and got caught.

  • Highlander

    #47 cactus …. and everyone else ….

    Did you miss the last line in the post? “It’s OK, though. He’s Democrat.”

    I thought that pretty much explained it. It’s sarcasm …

    Yes, I agree … it’s a very crappy thing to do to make it seem like someone is a racist by taking their words out of context, but the let does it to us all the time, and THAT, my friend, is the point …

  • Highlander

    That is, the LEFT does it to us all the time … it’s late …

  • Highlander

    #60 – Bob – classy liberal … as always … (sarc off)

  • Highlander

    I understood what you were getting at Jim … but thoughts don’t always come through clearly in print …. I’ve been misunderstood many times myself …

  • el polacko

    good grief…this is the quality of the people we have running for congress ?!? this loon is going to make our laws ??? we’re doomed.

  • Robert

    So a candidate quoting a racist who said someting racist to him, in the course of excoriating her and her views, is evidence of racism, but selling bumperstickers reading
    DON’T RE-NIG IN 2012
    is perfectly fine?

    Jim “Dim” Hoft, fighting hard to retain his title as Dumbest Man on the Internet.

  • Jet Jaguar

    I respect you and thank God for your work. You missed it on this one. The man is quoting someone saying “n-babies”. You know it’s not right to pick on him for that, although there are faults worthy of attention. Mark Twain would be just as guilty, but everyone of sane mind knows that he was actually defending the Black man, not deriding him.

    I know that you’ll continue to do great work – indispensable work for the cause of Conservatism and Liberty, but an occasional mea culpa would go a long way to buttress your credibility and to hone your abilities and presence as a weapon against the looting hordes of Liberalism.

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  • Purple State

    Jim, are you a believer in self-humility?

    It’s time to admit that you’re in the wrong about this. Someone quoting a racist does not necessarily make them a racist.

  • Janet

    Does anyone here really believe that this pandering Congressman was actually quoting a constituent? I don’t. He was playing to the crowd and apparently, their body language told him they weren’t buying his act so he kept having to ramp up his ficticious stories.

    Unbelievable that ANYONE would have EVER voted for this jerk.

  • salvage


    He quoted a racist, clearly disapproving of such things and you think that makes him racist?

    You get stupider every year.

  • Peter

    Quoting someone’s bad speech is not the same as saying something bad yourself. This is the sort of nonsense that the Opposition uses, and if you want people to get the message that “We’re better than them (and we have cookies, too!)”, then you don’t do stupid sh-, um, nonsense like this.

  • harkin

    Jim – very bad play. Best recourse is to update with correction and apologize. Otherwise you do yourself and your site incredible harm, deservedly so.

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