Arkansas State Senator Gene Jeffress won of the House District 4 Democratic runoff earlier this month. He’s running for US Congress.

Here he is discussing n*gger babies at a campaign stop.
(Warning on language)

It’s OK, though. He’s Democrat.




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  1. “My homeland has been doing this for centuries”? Really?

  2. Aw. He wants America to do better. As in aborting black babies……

  3. Gee, what will the Congressional Black Caucus do? Will they walkout on their fellow fascists?

  4. “My homeland has been doing this for centuries”? Really?

    No. In 1883 Germany Bismarck established a national health service, but private employers paid 1/3 of the costs health-insurance costs and workers paid the rest. Sick pay was limited to 13 weeks.

    The current German taxpayer-funded model of universal health care is possible only because Germany hasn’t had to pay for its own defense since 1945. If the U.S. demanded that Germany pay its own way, the Germans would have to choose between universal health care and national defense.

    There’s no nation on the planet that has both a First World military capable of global offensive operations and universal health care. The British came closest, but now they’ve gutted their military, and their health-care system is all about rationing, withholding treatment, and killing patients to save money. The ultimate result is that the Brits have neither a good military nor good health care.

    Cheap, effective universal health care is a mirage. It simply is not possible.

  5. I hope every Dummycrat that voted for Obamataxcare is asked if he would have voted for it if they had called it was …an illegal tax on America ????? Put them on the spot and hold feet to the fire till they answer

  6. Why is it that 99.99% of the time I see something like this, it’s a Democrat ?

    Naaaaaaaah……… Must be sheer coincidence.

    Yeah……… That it……… That’s the ticket……… Democrats iiiiiiiiiinvented coincidence……… Yeah.

    === === ===

    On a side note, George Soros just won the presidential election in Mexico.

    Yeah, he did.


    I’ve been posting since March that this was coming.

    Here’s page one.

  7. there wasn’t anything wrong with what that guy said. he was just using it as an example of racist thought.

  8. There is a candy in the stores…A small licorice gum drop type candy shaped into teddy bears. Whenever I see them , I recall the voice of my grandmother asking me to give her one of them N:@@er babies from the jar she had in her living room. It was about the only time she would use the N word, and it was probably common language for that penny candy from when she was a child. Shame how somebody using this term is a bigger deal than 4 years of trillion dollar deficits , and it won’t be a big deal when a D says it. Nice crowd the man has going there. Its like he’s talking to himself.

  9. This guy missed his calling. Hollywood baby. This was a scene in Deliverance wasn’t it?

    What a POS racist Dem hiding behind a made up story with all the embellishments of a KKK member preaching to his church…

  10. Lets continue the lies: if you oppose Obamcare you are a racist and people will be dieing in the streets. He never stated the age of the neighbor that died, just that he didn’t know if they had health insurance. Inferring that it could have been the reason they died. I would have asked the age of the neighbor. Because if they were elderly, they would definitely die under Obamacare. They also never state the reason the system is opposed by so many Americans, other than racism.

  11. I kept expecting to hear the Preacher Robert Tilton farting.

  12. Sleazy southern politician, with the fake corn pone delivery and the preacher patter down. The more people have these patterns the less you can trust them.

  13. Kenny-

    Thanks for the heads up. Beginning to wonder how many countries have elections in this hemisphere in the upcoming years. I know “Spooky Dude” is real tight with the commie down in Brazil as well as Chavez. Husein aint giving up power in November-bank on it.

  14. This guy is a tad overly dramatic. He certainly is working hard to sell himself.

  15. I love this site, but the headline for this piece is misleading. He used the word in the context of something someone said which he found to be racist. That said, the guy sounds like a cheesy snake oil salesman, but that’s besides the point.

  16. @bigkahuna: the term Dummycrat is offensive. Dummies are way smarter than that. I prefer the term Dhimmicrat. Dhimmis are people who live under the control and authority of Muslims. That certain qualifies, don’t you think?

  17. Germany’s plan for national defense, like the rest of Europe, is to convert to Islam.

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