Lech Walesa told Mitt Romney he must be successful in November.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (R) and his wife Ann (L) meet with former Polish President Lech Walesa in Gdansk, Poland, July 30, 2012. (REUTERS/Kacper Pempel)

Anti-communist leader Lech Walesa told Mitt Romney today that he must be successful in the November elections not just for America but for the rest of the world too. The former Solidarity leader understands how the economic decisions by US leaders influence global markets.
The Washington Post reported:

I wish you to be successful because this success is needed to the United States, of course, but to Europe and the rest of the world, too. Governor Romney, get your success, be successful!” Walesa said through a translator following their joint meeting in Gdansk.

The favorable comments came as Romney began a visit to Poland at the end of an overseas trip that included stops in London and Jerusalem.

Romney’s schedule on Monday also includes meetings with Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk.




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  1. Lech Walesa should hold a seminar in America on courage.

    John Boehner and his RINO cronies should be forced to attend.

  2. #2 you said it for me. Only thing I would say differently is the word RINO. I dislike it because many get painted with that brush when they disagree.

    I am convinced that Boehner has to go. I do not know if he is really the idiot he plays, or simply can not get the true message out. Regardless, I have grown to hate his leadership. He NEVER is effective in calling Obama out. I also can not find him stopping Obama, his AG, or the thug gangs in the streets. I HATE Boehner’s type of leadership.

  3. I like this picture. Obama hates Poland and just loves him some Putin.

  4. What a wonderful photo.
    Tweet it. This is a wonderful PR photo for Romney. He really is the opposite of Comrade Barry.

  5. Lech Walessa is a true Living Hero, an icon for freedom throughout the world. Note that he has refused to meet with Obama.

  6. Amen, Romney. What a contrast to SubObama who referred to Nazi Death Camps, as Polish Camps.

  7. What a great picture and Polish President Lech Walesa is one JOLLY FELLOW.

  8. I so admire Lech Walesa. Having lived through the moral rot and economic miseries that the collective hell of socialist and progressive policies inevitably bring, he’s a natural conservative as are millions of Eastern Europeans. God bless this courageous man… I only wish he qualified to be Mitt Romney’s pick for VP.

  9. I wish the camera man or woman had moved Ann Romney over a scoach! Looks like she is wearing a dunce hat.

  10. I remember living through the time that Lech Walesa fought for Poland’s freedom. This man is truly a hero like our own founding fathers were.
    May he continue to have a long life with good health.

  11. Its about time! Let’s get this done Mitt, future POTUS!
    I don’t agree with you on everything, but, I do believe you have America And Americans in your best interest! Or is that our best interest! Rock On Mitt! Bring back the days of made in America Pride!

  12. Walensa is nick name ” Bolek” from KGB file , hi is no hero, hi – Russian agent ‘Bolek” was stoped “Solidarity ” movment ,truth hero is Walentynowicz ,Gwiazda , and 10 milon workers , Lech Kaczynski ,Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Rommey exactly know – Walensa is activist pro soviet and Putin. Walensa is nic Walensa, Obama, Putin ,Tusk, Merkel organize ,to kill Polish Goverment with Lech Kaczynski , American should start thinking ,and stop trust main stream media

  13. #18 is the Pole they make the jokes about.

    Hey Stanslaw what kind of dirt do you have in your bag on Father Jerzy?

  14. Mitt can conqueror iran let hem be a moron ayatollah.
    In Poland to become a tzar.
    We need that in the USA
    And please visit normal countries

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