The five Israelis killed by the suicide bomber at Burgas Airport arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport yesterday. The victims were named: Itzik Colangi, 28, Amir Menashe, 28, Maor Harosh, 25, Elior Price, 26, and Kochava Shriki, 44. (YNet)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gloated on national television after the bus bombing in Bulgaria that killed five innocent Israelis.
Jihad Watch reported, via Times of Israel:

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gloated publicly on Thursday over the deaths of Israelis in a terror bombing in Bulgaria, and hinted that Iran was responsible for the attack.

Speaking hours after Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had publicly blamed the bombing Wednesday at Bulgaria’s Burgas airport on “Hezbollah, directed by Iran,” Ahmadinejad described the attack as “a response” to Israeli “blows against Iran.”

“The bitter enemies of the Iranian people and the Islamic Revolution have recruited most of their forces in order to harm us,” he said in a speech reported by Israel’s Channel 2 TV. “They have indeed succeeded in inflicting blows upon us more than once, but have been rewarded with a far stronger response.”

He added: “The enemy believes it can achieve its aims in a long, persistent struggle against the Iranian people, but in the end it will not. We are working to ensure that.”




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  1. We need to organize a mass suicide bomber party out in the desert. Invite them all and televise it. Tell them they will not only be maryters…. but famous and on tv… they can go one aftyet the other or all at once… It’s up to theindividual camel humper.

  2. Turn him into dust along with the rest of his group.

  3. No quarter for these cowards.

  4. I have more jobs to kill. Why should I care?

    These people probably did not fill in an absentee ballot for me. I say screw them!

    Israelis are like union voters. If one dies you just get another to take his place. David Axelrod would agree!

    My campaign bus is over-heating and David Axelrod has a new scam to inflict upon Jewish voters. It’s an old bait and switch scam. I cannot go into details at this time. Sure, my campaign may suck but once Iran kills all of the Israelis it will suck worse. Good day.

  5. That Iranian’s president is a little sheite that needs his backside kicked. How come such short, insignificant little pieces of crap have such big heads. I look forward to him hanging from one of those pieces of equipment in Iran someday in the near future.

  6. If I was Ahmadinejad I would be prayin’ to the Moon God that Obama stays above 40% in the polls. The second it dips that low, Obama will suddenly be very concerned about the Iranian situation.

    I mean, hey, a war rally-round-the-flag has got to be worth, what? A bump of 10% in the polls?

  7. What a tough guy, taking out people on vacation using a splodeydope loser to do the job.

  8. Here is a better headline:
    Bumbling Mossad Agents Blow Up Their Own Bus


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