65,000 gathered in Dallas Ft. Worth for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love conference this weekend.

Wow! What a huge success!
CBS DFW reported:

More than 65,000 people filled Cowboys Stadium to see one of the most polarizing figures in America: conservative radio host Glenn Beck.

Thousands of Beck supporters traveled from various states to hear his message during his “Restoring Love” event.

Patricia Mosely arrived at Cowboys Stadium early. She drove from South Carolina with her entire family to see the event.

“I came up to support Mr. Beck and the conservative movement,” she said.

Hearing Beck’s message was part of the summer vacation plans for John Kensynberg and his wife.

“Restoring the love, faith, and community, we feel that it’s time we had smaller government,” he said.



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  1. I watched it all on GBTV (soon to be Blaze TV), from the FreePac speeches on Thursday night to the religious freedom speeches on Friday, to the grand finale on Saturday night. Outstanding! What other network carried any of it? Beck is on the cutting edge of internet TV. Buy a ROKU. Plug it into the back of your TV. Get a $5 or $10 monthly subscription and watch Glenn every day like you could on FOX. His show is the only thing worth watching on TV.

  2. Try at least 80,000 people there and millions online. More people where at Cowboy Stadium for Restoring love than Paul McCartney when he played there. But let take the spin to limit it at face value. It is not like the Media will do that, like 2 years ago when he had 800K at Washington with pictures but the MSM had history books will say 82K if anything about the event at all.

  3. Funny if Obama came to Texas whould Suzie Solis call him “Polarizing” too? He most certainly is.

  4. Glenn Beck draws a bigger crowd than President Obama.

    Stick that in your next headline MSDNC.

  5. Hey where is the Colbert and Stewart counter rally? mmmmmmmmmm

  6. Beck is not our friend.

  7. Of course Beck is our enemy…It makes perfect sense

  8. beck is not polarizing, the media is!

  9. What a fantastic experience! I watched both FreePAC and Restoring Love. Head count at Restoring Love was probably closer to 100,000.

    Beck is to be commended wholeheartedly. It was not just singing and exhorting. Beck is a master raconteur. His was a call to restore our history and our need for faith (not religion, but faith). He also invested heavily in bringing that history alive with a duplicate Liberty Bell, which was rung (and which brought me to tears), the print made from the original Declaration of Independence, Lincoln’s very own desk, a lawyerly document he wrote debating himself on his stand against slavery, one of the original posters from MLK’s march, “I Am a Man”, and so many other things. The music, the lighting, the sound system was outstanding.

    You can easily bet that the freedom-lovers in attendance left that enormous place spotless and crime-free.

    FreePAC was an amazing, dynamic and truly conservative alternative (i.e. replacement) to CPAC, which has deteriorated into a GOP blab-fest.

  10. I meant I watched both gatherings on GBTV.

  11. Many of us who work wished we could have been there and lent our support. . count us in on Election Day

  12. what a great guy! Beyond the man, the message will last forever.

  13. For those who missed these terrific events, you can sign up for a free trial run on gbtv.com and see the replays.

  14. My only complaint about the event was the glitchiness of the stream. It skipped, repeated, and when listening to the songs, that was very frustrating. On some of the mics, the sound could have been upped, too, but really, it was an amazing thing to behold. Kudos to all.

  15. Notice the Westboro Baptist “church” was outside protesting Beck’s event,just like they protest at funeral of our fallen soldiers…..Holding signs to turn people away froaam God and proclaiming God hates them..
    They are leftist team of atheist lawyers , nothing more

  16. When was the last time this reporter called a liberal “polarizing?” Never, I’m guessing. I’m so tired of reporters using these kinds of adjectives to describe conservatives, but they are rarely if ever used for liberals.

  17. Why would someone come all the way from South Carolina to watch him? Even IF what he said was interesting and insightful, they could watch it online. I watched a few of the speeches online. They weren’t anything new. Just the same old questionable rhetoric. Even watching some of it online, I was wasting my time.

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