Your Right to Know: More Racy Photos of Obama’s Mother Discovered (Video)

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Obviously, this is something you would never see in the mainstream media.

More racy photos of Barack Obama’s mother were recently discovered. The photos were apparently taken at Frank Marshall Davis’s home in Honolulu. The photos reveal an intimate relationship between Obama’s mother and his childhood mentor.
(Warning on content)

From the video:

Racy photos of Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, have recently surfaced in vintage fetish and bondage magazines. The photos, taken at Frank Marshall Davis’ house in Honolulu, appeared in Bizarre Life, Exotique, Secret Pleasures, and Battling Babes. They help illustrate the intimate relationship between Dunham and Davis. “My father was from Kenya, he grew up herding goats,” Barack Obama told the cheering crowds. Did Obama build his political career upon a fairy tale? Was Obama misdirecting Americans away from a deeply disturbing family background and a Marxist political foundation?

Obama’s version of his early childhood is false — the family did not split up when the Kenyan Obama went to Harvard as he claimed. In fact, Ann Dunham, took “Barry” to Seattle a few weeks after his birth, in late August 1961, and began studies at the University of Washington, while the Kenyan remained in Hawaii. All evidence points to a “sham” marriage to cover up an illicit affair. Barack Obama began regular visits to Frank Marshall Davis’ house at the age of 10, and Obama refers to Frank Marshall Davis throughout his autobiography as his childhood “mentor.”

More… Snopes recently scrubbed its article on Obama’s mama’s picture porn.
Hat Tip Mara Zebest

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  • maraz

    Thank you Jim for posting this article…

  • Bedtime Bonzo

    Momma done bad.

    Ridin’ dirty

  • Hussein’s mama was a… a… slut.

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  • Dana Whtie

    Somehow I don’t think the main stream press will pick this up! But if this were about Romney, how long would it take for the MSM to be all over it?

  • Tim in Cali

    OT……From the “Good luck with that file”

    No intimidation there,just forward them to the IRS

    Open up all your records Obozo

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If Davis really is Obie’s dad, that sure would explain a lot…

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  • Jenny

    So all the lies were to cover up the fact that his mother was a slut and his father a pedophile? Nice.

  • Matt

    Offensive comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • Neo


  • Neo

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

  • ChicagoJenn

    oh, gee whiz…can you imagine if these photos were of any Republican candidate? That person would be kicked out of the Republican party, and rightfully so. What these photos tell me is that Obama’s mom, and by extension, Obama himself (since his mom raised him and was an influence on him), are of questionable morals.

  • nobama

    Barry’s mama was a slut even by today’s standards. Back in the early 60’s she was a trollop and a whore.

  • My first impression after the YouTube Video…..she was no Betty Page…

  • Militant conservative

    Matt, truth hurts huh. Have you seen the naked photos of
    The presidents mom? I have those too. The fruit does not drop far from the tree. This means Obama is a piece of excrement. Sucks being you.
    Obama is a love child of a
    Marxist socialist loving wench
    Of poor taste. How many men
    Paid her bar fine?! Obama
    The lil bastard that could!
    Whose yer daddy?! We still
    Don’t know.
    Powder is dry

  • Ed

    A Honolulu hooker posing and banging for a commie. Results? The bastard child AKA Bari Barry Barak Barack Malik Soetoro Soebarkrah Shabazz Obama II. Priceless…

  • Militant conservative

    Well at least she was consistent, she liked it leathery and dark. Can’t say
    That about every presidents
    Mom. LOL , defend aberrant
    Behavior liberal/socialist go
    ahead, it’s fun to watch the
    Left gyrate and spin, oops
    That was obamas mamas
    thang. Yup, he’s presidential
    material. ROFLMBO!
    He’s soooooo over his pay
    Grade. But his mom made good bucks. “you got the money honey I got the time!”
    Powder is dry

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  • waicool

    where were the mainstream media when these facts really mattered. that’s a rhetorical question because we all know the answer. the lamestream media omits the embarrassing details of liberal politicians. The story here is not the unusual lifestyle of Obama’s mother or the questions raised regarding his village birth. The big story is the media’s coverup of the information. This is a colossal embarrassment for the Obama and even more embarrassing for the knuckleheads who fell for the media narrative and voted for this unqualified tool. Obama’s goose is cooked. We just simply won’t ever hear the end of this story because there is no place for this story to go except viral. It will take awhile for the mainstream liberal media to even mention these facts but new media will be buzzing with it and I will be taking notes on the methods the liberal’s use to control the damage of this revelation. Kudos to gateway pundit for bringing truth to light, as unpleasant as it is, it is the reality we are immersed in. I gotta get some more popcorn.

  • MVH

    A couple of years back a French blog had some a few explicit photos of Ms. Dunham [the blog doesn’t seem to be around anymore; it’s just as well]. The guy who ran the site posted them with the caveat that if the images were Photo Shopped (different head and body), it was a masterful job. He also wrote that the pics were credited to a F. Davis. He didn’t say where he got them.

    How odd that this should come out, now. Since they were available on the net since October or so of 2008. This is embarrassing. One’s mom is one’s mom regardless of what she did.

  • Lord Sandwich

    This is ridiculous. Those pics are not early 60s. Women had helmut hair.

  • Militant conservative


    My mom had enough sense to

    Not be a slut. This is prior to

    1961. Obama has a ho for a

    Mom. This is the BC

    bombshell. Not where, but

    who is Obamas daddy.

    Isn’t it sad you/we don’t

    know. What 52% morons put

    Him in office.

  • Barry Davis, average American boy from a normal American family. Nothing to see here… move along move along.

    Good GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim in Cali

    Would like to get DNA from Frank Marshall Davis or a relative and find out if we have a match.

    Them again,any guy that traveled to Hawaii in late ’60 could be a match

    Wonder what JFK was doing at that time .
    Jack Ruby owned a strip club,might be a connection.
    We should dig a lot deeper

    I’m making popcorn

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  • Drider

    Not to make light of this but honestly, it’s quite possible that Obama doesn’t even know who his father is.

  • Warren Peece

    Some of these photos were on the Internet during the 2008 campaign. I remember seeing them. I think this is the site that had them:

    This page has an update:

    It’s amazing to me that up until this year, no one in the “media” knew anything about Obama’s pot-head days, his dog eating, and his pseudo “law professor” credentials. The information is out there, most of it is in Obama’s own books. Apparently they were “best sellers” that noen of them actually read.

    What’s next? Will they finally ‘discover’ Larry Sinclair?

  • justavoter

    The other deal is about how Obama interpreted VDH as a mentor.Does handing a kid five bucks and telling him to go out and play fit that definition?

  • Nelson

    Explains why the word WHORE gets scrubbed lately. A certain group
    don’t want us mentioning it in case we start to recognize what he is.
    That dirty muslim kenyan bastard didn’t help those people he needed help
    from. Bush Jr spent more money on welfare programs to help the black
    people he supposedly doesn’t care about. The only reason Obama has spent
    anything is because he doesn’t have any other ideas.

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  • Calliegirl

    Well, that definitely sows up the creepy perv vote.

  • obama is a fraud

    He has so much hate and rage just like the rest of them..always the VICTIM–YOU OWE ME. Lennin and Stalin where all ill. Full of HATE. He wants HUGE GOVERNMENT with those who can’t think, write, or read at the top. All our electric will triple $16 kilowatt to $347 (OHIO) food has tripled, gas, everything and medicine is going up 3x…him? He is fine–10MILLION.

    KING OBAMA is evil, cruel, and so many have suffered and he SMILES and Jarrett is guiding him.

    Can you imagine what 4 more years will BRING? OMG please help us….

  • dwillmore

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The issue is not that his mother posed nude, and be careful of doctored photographs, but that the character Obama is completely made up.

    Don’t cast stones at a woman who posed nude. She did not institute Obamacare.

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  • gorgo

    Agreed. Even if his mother was a slut, the real important thing to focus on is the fact that of the two men, Obama far more closely resembles Davis.

  • Look at the photos. Obama is the child of Frank Marshall Davis. The evidence is plain as day. And that means…instead of being the child of an alcoholic womanizer, he is the child of a Communist pedophile.

    Read up on Frank Marshall Davis and you’ll understand how Obama blossomed into a Communist sympathizing America hater from childhood.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Whether or not this stuff is true I don’t think it helps us and could hurt. The people who are voting for Obama simply do no care and might actually approve of such things. Conspiracies will nit bring Obama down, the economy will. Romney is smart to stay away from this stuff.

    More than hurt Obama this stuff is likely to rally his base to him.

    Stick with his record.

  • Catblaster

    At least I haven’t had breakfast yet.

  • Bustr


    Porn always is pushing the envelope, isn’t it?

  • Bustr

    I don’t care what Obama’s mom did. It doesn’t matter one whit.

    But I think if my mother did porn, I would pretend to be Kenyan, too.

  • USMC Thomas

    Yo Momma!

  • Larry

    His mother wasn’t a kenyan. This photos are important and prove what Obama really is.
    It shows who supports him now and the plan they have always had in mind. When George Bush went into Iraq he only did so because he knew the Europeans would have eventually. Those pinko eurofags have done their part in the M.E. right now and it ain’t good. What Obongo and his croonies have done is something quite terrible and different than what Bush did. People are talking about Obungo selling out America but now all of you have to ask who’s he selling the country to. No it’s not the Chinese. Will the ‘liberal evil mother bastards’ now launch their usual online attacks? Online dirty tricks for them now? Doesn’t matter now as we can all see what his mother was and he is. Who he serves and what he’s doing.

  • Hoser

    “The issue is not that his mother posed nude, and be careful of doctored photographs, but that the character Obama is completely made up.”

    Well then, whoever authored the book is a complete tool.The true photo’s would have added at least some kind of interest in what otherwise is a drool piece of fiction.

  • jorgen

    No wonder Obozo supported the Fluke-slut woman!

  • Sasja

    I don’t see how this is helpful in our fight to rid ourselves of this disaster named Barak. There will be those who will have sympathy for a child who was subjected to a mother’s proclivities and will cast their votes accordingly. Children are not responsible for their parents’ behavior but can be the victim of it.

  • Army Dad

    This explains why his Grandparents took over raising him.

    What are the odds of this story making it on the “networks”? 100-1?

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  • Bitter Clinger

    I envision Chrissy Mathews having a hissy fit about this on “Hard Boiled” this afternoon. Let the spitting and fuming begin!

  • hey Matt ….question …..have you seen the movie Nailin Palin ….how about that photo shopped pic of Culp ….now can you say with certainty that this is not obama’s mommie …. * GRIN *

  • DomesticGoddess

    No wonder Hussein is a sociopath.

  • jorgen

    Chriss Mathews’ unmentionable is probably tingling when he sees these photos!

    Anyway, why single out Davis (or Malcolm X) as Obozo’s biological father. Any of her customers could have been his father.

  • Hoser

    Sasja, your dead on correct but then again, in the words of Charlie Cook, “who is Barack Obama”.
    It would have been nice to at least know for sure who is parents we’re, of whom, Barack Obama may not even know.

    Add to this the fact that I watched the absolute attempted destruction of a VP candidate last election AND her young daughters that I just don’t care what they pull out of the gutter on Obama and his “possible” family.
    I for one think it is entirely relevant for the American people to know who our candidates parents are simply so we can know what the stability of their family units are.
    The difference between Obama and any other POTUS candidate apparently is that vetting Obama’s family unit seems to need an “R” rating at the minimum.

    Drug use
    Adult/Sexual situations

  • vityas

    And Larry O’Donnell et all have the temerity to mock a lovely decent woman like Ann Romney.

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  • CT

    I have no use for our petulant punk POTUS, but how relevant is his mother’s personal life to his right to run for elective office?

  • Dave-O

    This explains a LOT about Barry (Barak, Barack, whatever) Hussein Soetrero (Obama, whatever) ‘s family situation – yes, no wonder his maternal grandparents took over the child-raising responsibilities, what a mess! Lovely daughter they had!

    Thanks Jim for posting this. You are correct, – we’ll never see a hint of it in the lamestream media. What a freakin’ disaster of a man was created out of this cesspool of a birth family!!

  • scituate_tgr

    #13 NEO

    lol. Thanks for that post.

  • Trent J. Telenko


    Now I need some brain bleach.

  • ahem

    Although this woman looks amazingly like Obama’s mother, there are some discrepancies in the underlying cheekbone geometry, the shape of the head, and the end of the nose.

  • cali

    Below is a link, filling in many gaps in obama’s mythic and, fraudulent backround -the unvarnished truth not reported anywhere yet:

    It is startling!

  • rich

    lmao so obamas mommy was a tramp

  • Bitter Clinger

    @cali; If this is true, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. However, 320,000,000 other Americans would be surprised.

  • vylx

    I’m surprised that no one has pointed out the obvious: O’s Mom was a deviant. She was a white woman who slept with black men in the 60’s- not socially acceptable- she seems to have a collection of naked pics- not socially acceptable – and she was married several times- not the norm in the sixties.

    Of course, if libs had to spin this, it would be that she was a “free spirit.”

  • USMC Thomas

    Are the photo verified to be Ann Dunham or is this a hoax by lefties to discredit conservative bloggers?

  • JimmyT

    Offensive comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • Justin Case

    This is cheap and salacious.

    I’m more concerned about what her son is doing to us, than what his mother did. Her story is over. A few tawdry pictures vs trillions of dollars in debt and nothing to show – a foreign policy in shambles – leftist idealogues being allowed to run the show, etc.

    I expect better.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    “Mamma…I’m gonna have a bastard alien pickaninny”

    ~Stanley Ann Dunham~

  • jorgen

    but how relevant is his mother’s personal life to his right to run for elective office?

    It explains a lot of things about Obozo. This is the background in which he grew up. It also expalins the bizarre choice of a transvestite nanny.

    Are the photos showing Obozo’s mother? Who cares? Obozo has preferred to hide more than 80% of his life and it is not even certain that he was born in Hawai. It is up to Obozo to open up.

  • bg


    albeit those kinds of pix may score points these FB days, until they
    have been verified/confirmed to be pix of Obama’s Mama, i’ll hold
    on to my opinions.. /s/

    The Frankfurt School of Critical Thinking

    [Many factors have contributed to the liberal, permissive and anti-Christian philosophical approach which underpins much of modern life in Europe and North America. Some of these influences – without any doubt – go back even beyond the Enlightenment to the Renaissance, and indeed even back beyond that. But – typically – these influences have continued to be refined over many centuries. For example, it may come as a surprise to some to learn that many of the philosophical/social/economic assumptions inherent throughout modern life became focused and refined in Germany within the last hundred years. It is as though a plot was connivingly conceived and carried through by men and women despite often living hundreds of years apart. The goal? To remove the Christian religion from having any influence over human affairs! This may initially sound like a highly preposterous claim but the more I research this subject the more convinced I become of the conspirational nature of these influences.]

    Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro

    [When Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii, she was a full fledged radical leftist and practioner of “Critical Theory” (Is the examination and critique of society and culture.. Which had two different meaning”.. a stricter Marxist as a revisionism or visionary.]

    Critical Theory

    [Critical theory is thus able to develop a sharp, subtle, and derogatory account of modern consciousness which undermines much we believe by showing us the influences which have moulded our beliefs. These influences are contrasted with rationality and with the conditions for rational argument that would allow what Habermas calls the ‘ideal speech act’. Critical theory has therefore had a considerable influence, often indirect, on such ‘counter-culture’ movements as feminism and the green movement because it allows them to point to the structure and irrational origins of our ‘patriarchal’ or ‘industrial’ thought.]

    “It’s the right thing to do”


  • JayC

    We don’t who or what obama really is.

    I suspect that he is not even a US citizen. Judging from the fact that his church homosexual buddies were executed and that his documentation is falsfied and/or off-limits, I would venture to say that the US government has been overthrown. The real question now is:

    Who is really in charge?

  • bg


    re: #72 June 20, 2012 at 9:18 am bg

    His own mother .. was “very young
    and very single when she had him.”

    Barry was there and didn’t correct her story line, as a matter
    of fact the story line has changed so many times i can’t keep
    up.. what would a good investigator say about that pattern..

    that the person was LYING?? gah!!


  • Dave in NYC

    Yep, I’m sure Obama decided to cover up the story of his real father — a famous writer and activist who he has no problem calling his “mentor” — by inventing a father who was a Kenyan alcoholic with multiple wives and the middle name “Hussein”.

  • chuck in st paul

    you fellow morons and moronettes realize what this means don’t you – Obysmal is now very likely ACTUALLY a ‘natural citizen’ if this dude was his real dad

    One has to wonder if there was an original birth certificate with Davis’ name on it, that was later changed. In covering up his bastard past it created all the hoorah about the birth certificate and his citizenship. Supporting a lie always requires a string of additional lies to keep up the fiction.

  • valerie

    As far as I am concerned, Stanley Ann Dunham’s bad judgement in posing for pictures isn’t relevant, BUT FOR the fact that the Democratic Party succeeded in having the story, and several other stories, including a fairly large pool of contradictory statements apparently originating with BO and his family about his origins; his possible attendance at college as a foreign student; voting fraud in the primaries; and questionable funding of his election campaign.

    It’s the coverup.

  • Militant conservative

    Sasja, it’s called character

    assassination an Alynsky


  • valerie

    #72 June 20, 2012 at 9:18 am
    bg commented:

    The slogan for “Critical Theory” adherents is “F*ck the System.” They are fond of that phrase, and it encodes their objective.

    Most Americans are interested in fine tuning The System, because it works better than any other government devised by men.

  • bg


    JayC #74 June 20, 2012 at 9:24 am

    i wrapped my best guesstimate up in a big RED BOW..

    bit more @ #13 and #44, in connecting
    links, and scroll threads for much more..

    ie: One Camp


  • Kissmygrits

    I am very skeptical that baby Barry was taken to WA just weeks after his birth. Back then, you stayed in the hospital at least 5 days after giving birth and then you weren’t supposed to take the baby out of the house for 2 weeks or more. I’m not even sure an airline would let someone carry a baby that young on board for such a long flight. This whole story is just not plausible.

  • Patty

    Sadly, yes! ‘Obama’s mama was trash and only 17-years-old when she got knocked up

    Obama mama got pregnant with him out of wedlock — that’s right! — and Obama’s mama was only 17 years old when she got KNOCKED UP by that African over there in Kenya. And the difference between Obama’s mama and Bristol Palin is that Obama’s mama was TRASH. I mean she was dirt! She was a bag of trash sitting on the sidewalk, waiting there in Honolulu on one of those streets for the garbage truck to come by and pick her up and take her to the dump.

    Rather than the garbage truck coming by, a man named Obama, Barack Obama, Senior, from Kenya, this man who died in a violent accident at the age of 46 years of age, who had two iron legs, in Kenya. He lost his legs in a violent automobile accident driving drunk there in Kenya. The man was a pathetic alcoholic. He had children, I’m talking about Obama, you say that, boy, y’all, talking about y’all wanting [him] to be president, Barack Hussein Obama, his daddy was a pathetic alcoholic.

    He died in a violent automobile accident. First he had a violent automobile accident and the car pinned his legs and they had to amputate both his legs. And this is going back to the 1960′s now, in Kenya, so they gave him two iron legs. But he kept drinking and driving and finally he killed himself with those two iron legs in an automobile. The man was a pathetic loser, couldn’t keep a job, knocking up women all over the Kenyan village of Africa. That’s Obama’s father. Well, he knocked up Obama’s mama when she was only 17 and then ran off and left her claiming he was going to study economics at Harvard.[..]

    “His mama got knocked up by this low-life, this low-living, alcoholic pathetic African, who was already married to several other women back in Africa when she lay down with him, when she wallowed in the mire with him, when she lay in the hog path with him and got knocked up with him, she was trash”

    Rev. Manning has repeated said Obama was wrong for America and he was outspoken about the real truth about Obama’s father and mother. Nothing new, only that I find it difficult to believe that America has been aware or awake. They were conned once by Obama and what scares me, will they fall for this con again.

    Manning aired the dirty laundry years ago. Some may think he is an unreliable source. I haven’t. He defended Bristol Palin. I liked that but I like the fact that he was one who actually came out and informed, his opinions, about Obama.

  • bg


    #76 June 20, 2012 at 9:30 am
    Dave in NYC

    heh, Rev Wright was his “mentor”, and i could
    name several others, where have you been??


  • NorthernX

    What a pathetic, sordid past your media and politics covered up.
    No vetting whatsoever–for a president of your country no less.
    Nobody should EVER trust Democrats again…

  • valerie

    #62 June 20, 2012 at 8:07 am
    ahem commented:

    Cite? No, of course not. You never have one. You could have asserted, with equal credibility, that the pictures weren’t from Frank Marshall Davis’ home.

    Barack Obama himself has encouraged the demand for explanations, mainly by refusing to be forthcoming with his own citizenship information after his campaign demanded the same from John McCain. John McCain promptly disclosed his documents, and was subjected to a knowingly false attack by the Barack Obama campaign.

    Barack Obama’s campaign raised the issue, and then never settled it.

    Further, our allegedly free lame-stream media refused to air legitimate questions about not only Obama’s background, but the current fiscal behavior of his campaign.

    Even the Washington Post Ombudsman has twice admitted that Obama had not been properly vetted in the last campaign.

    Just after the campaign, when the Ombudsman was Deborah Howell

    And more recently, by the current Ombudsman, Patrick Pexton

    Patrick Pexton’s article outlines a series of very pertinent topics that should be covered by the Washington Post between January and November of this year.

    The Washington Post would do well to take the published comments by two of its Ombudsmen seriously. Unlike the New York Times, the Washington Post has a history of taking care with the fact-checking of its news articles, and of distinguishing between facts and opinion in both its news and “color” articles. The need for a genuine news source about political events from our nation’s capitol has increased, not diminished with the introduction of the new media. The New York Times hasn’t made the transition. The Washington Post may yet do so. At any rate, its survival is at stake, and the way for it to assure its survival is to increase the quality of its work product.

  • bg


    June 20, 2012

    Maraniss Comes Clean on Obama’s Seattle Hegira

    [Unfortunately, no one bothered to check the record while Obama was basing his persona and his candidacy on the myth of this multicultural romance. This includes Maraniss himself. In a botched 10,000-word Washington Post article published on the eve of the 2008 election, he chose to overlook the fact that Obama created a false narrative for the first two years of his life and then ran for president on that narrative.

    He was not alone. Everyone in the respectable media, left and right, did the same. This includes the New Yorker’s David Remnick in his 2010 Obama bio, the
    New York Times’s Janny Scott in her 2011 bio of Obama’s mother,
    the Boston Globe’s Sally Jacobs in her 2011 bio of Obama’s father,
    and the Times’s Jodi Kantor in her 2012 book on the whole extended

    Worse, conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza based his disingenuous
    2010 bestseller, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, on a story that had
    been debunked in the conservative blogosphere as early 2008 and
    was widely known to be false by 2009.

    As is becoming increasingly clear, the rise of Barack Obama
    represents a journalistic scandal of historic proportion.]


  • Patty

    Just once at a press conference I would love to see Munro of Daily Caller or anyone ask Obama this question: “How long was your mamma a porn star”

  • Patty

    I think we have the answer why Obama is the person he is today. And why he had no true and morally competent friends.

    Why we are seeing this nation’s morals go down the drain. And now, any anti-gay military member will be kicked out of military.

  • Patty


    CBS-Harry Reid invoked Washington Nationals baseball player Bryce Harper Tuesday. The Senate Majority Leader told a reporter asking about the DREAM Act, “that’s a clown question, bro.” Harper, a 19 year old Mormon, used that line when a reporter asked him what his favorite beer is.

  • bg


    re: valerie #85 June 20, 2012 at 10:09 am

    re: #86 June 20, 2012 at 10:30 am bg

    June 20, 2012

    Lying Liars: Jack Cashill slices and dices Obama biographers

    [P.S. Paul Mirengoff of PowerLine Blog dug up Jodi Kantor’s January 2007
    reveal of FauxBama. Mirengoff writes the article “shows the degree to
    which Obama’s fellow Harvard Law Review members had figured out the
    future U.S. president. Having listened to young Obama spin yarns about
    himself, as he would later do in Dreams From My Father, a Law Review
    skit had a mock Obama present the following autobiography”:

    I was born in Oslo, Norway, the son of a Volvo factory worker and
    part-time ice fisherman. My mother was a backup singer for Abba.
    They were good folks. In Chicago, I discovered I was black, and I
    have remained so ever since.

    P.S.S. More on Obama’s {fantasies uh, delusions} out-and-out lies here.]

    yet they all kept SILENT and covered up
    for him, anyone care to venture why??


  • Dave in NYC

    Yikes…a lot of bad human beings hanging out on this site. Hope you folks come to peace with whatever it is that’s really bothering you.

  • Doug Edelman I tried to warn y’all about the Frank Marshall Davis connection back before the election of 08! BTW, have you noticed how Obama looks a lot more like Davis than he looks like Barack Senior?

  • Catherine

    being that bho likes to leek info maybe obama leaked these photos to distract?

    January can’t come fast enough.


  • rivet

    If you buy this bad joke, you might also be interested in the filmmaker’s other conspiracy theory parodies:

    Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison

    Elvis Found Alive

  • bitterclinger

    You guys haven’t seen anything yet…

  • ahem

    valerie: I’m a painter. I compared different facial dimensions of the pictures above with those of Ann Dunham for almost an hour, and I noticed the three differences I mentioned. I could be wrong, but I am personally not entirely convinced that the gal in the magazine is Obama’s mother.

    I hate his politics too.

  • noway

    i saw racier photos of her in 2008. it is out there. i always thought davis was probably the father. the question in my mind includes: does he still have citizenship in indonesia? falsified his student loan applications? falsified his social seucrity and military papers? all of these questions are not answered and won’t be unless we demand it. obama is covering up his whole past. time to find out who he really is and file the charges that apply. jmo

  • mcc

    Re #96 — I saw these photos last night and thought the facial structure was off as well.

    What I can be sure of, though, is that the man who pretends to be our President was raised in an unhealthy environment. A toxic environment that both his mother and grandparents created for him.

    I have compassion for the young child and every reason to believe that child is a sick man today because of the very real evils he might have witnessed – and survived – himself.

    And I’m sorry that Jeremiah Wright and TUCC could not address his need for a Saviour. But Wright, too, is a lost soul. And rather than lead his parishoners on the path of their salvation, he led them farther down the road to hell. That, too, is grievous.

    Barack Obama is a wounded man. In ways we may never fully know. His lies are a coping mechanism. Reality, I’m sure, for him is too painful. And while we can – in our better moments – understand, forgive him his failings and have compassion on him, we cannot allow him to continue leading our country.

    Because of his beliefs, and coupled with his sick mind, he has the potential to be a very dangerous man. He should never have been allowed to hold a position of public trust and certainly not one that carried with it so much power.

  • mg4us

    Like mama like son. . .

    Now executive priveledge on Fast & Furious. . .

    President Wee-Weed-up is a Loser!

    And commited Fraud and broke laws by issuing a fraudulent document (fake birth certificate).

    President is to Uphold law and Constitution yet he does everything to usurp it. . .

    America deserves better!

    Come November vote the Liar-n-Thief out!


  • maraz

    @ Bill Mitchell #40 and Sasja #48

    I don’t buy into this meme that truth should ever be off the table. I’m perfectly capable of multitasking and piling it on for everything that should be exposed by this candidate. Truth is truth – so why should it be off the table? That argument never computes for me…

    But thanks for regurgitating the mainstream media message which always makes the same claim. It’s somehow never productive to reveal the truth when it’s aimed at a Liberal… Nice try.

  • bg – you need to get your own website called “connect the dots”.
    My head is spinning, I can’t keep up!

  • maraz

    @ meximom #102

    LOL… That is a legitimate complaint that I have as well…

    bg… I like a lot of your contributions and links.. but you need to make the links more direct… instead of a link that leads to a link that leads to another link… and so on… before finding a link where the meat is… just provide a direct link to the meat itself…

    I’m often offput by clicking on the links because I don’t have the time to do detective work for where the focus link is located. Just trying to offer a constructive criticism… again… I appreciate your contributions other than the link problem…

  • Pingback: Your Right to Know: More Racy Photos of Obama’s Mother Discovered (Video) | The Navigator()

  • Deserttrek

    so the kenyan might actually not be a kenyan? lots of things wrong with this guy. get him out and then prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. the country needs it.

  • Simsalabim

    What is that term for someone born out of wedlock? You know, the one no one uses anymore because there are so many of them.

    In Obamao’s case, it isn’t just a perjorative term.

    The Seinfeld episode where the marathon runner named Jon Paul calls a baby these terms comes to mind.

  • Gill

    Valerie is right about fixing the system. IT might get dirty but it’s worth it.
    Look at health care. No one wanted to chase out the crooks because they
    were afraid of making Obamacare look good. No one wanted to admit the insurances
    were running scams. Well Obamacare is here now because the nation didn’t face facts.
    Turning back Obamacare is one thing to do. It’s all a system worth fixing including
    so much paper work and red tape for personal freedoms. Both those directly in the constitution and those not.

    This all means not allowing our politicians get Detroit bad before we start to jail them.
    Including the hidden paper pushers that play games in the back ground. Those are the real problem. They take away the personal freedoms and change ways of life without
    every being identified.

  • Pingback: WTH? Racy Photos of Obama’s Mother Discovered | Random Ramblings from IowaDawg()

  • Pingback: The Morning Links (6/21/12) | Lady Liberty 1885()

  • Dean Reid

    Obama sucks so what? You morons think that Mittens is gonna fix anything?
    What’s he actually going to do? All the industries disappearing or down sizing.
    Think he’s going to reverese it? He and the rest of the RINOs aren’t doing anything.
    Even if Mitt wanted to fix it he won’t be able to. Mittens has his own socialized medicine
    for you and nothing else. It’ll be a big expensive stationary change to vote Mitt in.
    None of these puppets will do anything.

  • the reason they srubbed about nude photos cause they think thats (2) transvestites. @0:44 you can tell shes holding her/his unit- and at 0:50 you can clearly see that STANLEY is a MAN.. Dreams of my father is mommie…Scary isnt it?.. this chit reminds me of “the Omen”

  • Pingback: Obama Fabricated Account Of Racially Persecuted Kenyan Grandfather – « CITIZEN.BLOGGER.1984+ GUNNY.G BLOG.EMAIL()


    Another dumb ploy . Get over it he’s our president.


    Another dumb ploy . Get over it he’s our president. Pls

  • My, what an ACTIVE imagination! There is no evidence that Obama’s mother ever met Davis, much less that they were intimate. Those photographs were NOT taken at Davis’s home (2994 Kalihi Street). I should know. I lived there from 1957 to 1963. FMD actually IS my father!

    “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.” – Abraham Lincoln

  • 36_gaugePhag

    This revelation doesn’t mean anything.

    Are the republicans now happy to see their slave owner pasts come out? For her generation it was rebellious to be with man of color.

    All this protest and bs from Republicans just made his cause and his side of the race card look better.

    Doesn’t take a whiney lying mouthpiece online to tell you that. Non issue and has no bearing on the job at hand.

    Romney isn’t going
    to fix anything and he sure won’t get the economy moving like the Republicans pretend he will. Won’t happen.

  • 2brknot2b

    I always wondered why he cared so little for his Kenyan half-brother in the hut. Perhaps he knew all along “who’s ur daddy,” and so the Kenyan crap is just that. If this were true, that Frank Marshall Davis was/is his daddy, then it sheds a whole new light on his birth, parentage, and “birther” claims. But we can only go by what has been provided, and according to records Barry -Hussein ‘bama,Jr.-Soetoro released (his long form bc) he has a Kenyan daddy which makes him not constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president. Now, had the bc said Frank Marshall Davis was his daddy, and Barry Hussein was Ann Dunham’s love child with Davis, that would make a whole lot of difference in determining who Barry truly is.

  • DreamsFromYoMama

    No big surprise there. But what I really want to know is how much he has paid the blackmailers to keep the lid on this stuff so far? Billions? Trillions? Also consider that Who’s-Yer-Daddy In Chief has a large stockpile of nukes… unless he had to give those up years ago to keep this under wraps too.

  • Pingback: My Homepage()

  • will I go to jail for having teen photo of Ann dunham in Dirty mags?..I have originals.

  • DreamsFromYoMama

    She looks a lot different in those pictures. Mind you, I looked a lot different when I was 13 years old too! Look for a Stanley Andrew Dunham born in 1956, and in the Territory of Hawaii. You see, Hawaii wasn’t a state until after ’59.

  • Dylan
  • MR. transparency

    where was MSNBC= Marxist Statist National Barrack Communications , I mean there are all prize winning journalist, maybe larry flint will have them in his next issue of Husler ?????
    The whole Oblabla thing has been nothing but a Joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I bought # 4 and I didn’t find Ann.. what shot was her?

  • Truth seeker

    Every thing OTRAITOR has said, has been a lie, he can’t even tell the truth about his real name, I’ll bet he’s even been busted on coke charges!

  • williambaranowski

    Girl gotta do wut a girl gotta do.

  • Check the high heel strappy platforms at :36, they used to be called “hooker shoes” but now they are the fashion!

  • $5994958

    While obama’s dad was still married to a woman in Kenya he married Obama’s mother eight months before he was born…they were both studying Russian…….Mom seems like a free spirit

  • DJH

    Just when you think Oboneheads past is bizzare and full of lies anyway, I read this about his mammie!!!!!

  • P.J. Harrell

    What a sad, pathetic bunch of people posting. The woman is DEAD for God’s sake. She isn’t here to defend herself so you big men want to post this crap ? Do you feel good now, shaming a dead woman ? Makes me wonder what YOUR mothers did to make you hate someone else’s mother so much. I hope you all sleep good tonight since you are all such good, decent people.

  • jim stretch

    We can never despise him enough. He’s blatantly and sociopathically dishonest and therefore, considering his persona, extremely creepy. Biggest phony conman to ever sleep in the WH. A well-known homosexual allegedly complicit in the murder of former boyfriends. An all-around bad guy.

  • Al Gagnon


  • jimdep

    We’re not shaming just a dead women. She gave us this FRAUD potus. And look at her. She’s a disgusting waste of a person and was a COMMUNIST too! We hate her and her son!!!!!

  • tophtml

    This goes a long way in explaining how the country voted for a president and ended up with a crime boss instead. I’m sure that, in future decades, the psychiatric community will weigh in on this.

  • tophtml

    She may be dead, but her legacy to the rest of us lives on, and on, and on . . .

  • Rock Eye Jack

    Like when Obama supports Kermit Gosnell cutting off baby heads with scissors?

  • guest

    …more like a free whore.

  • ddfsdfs

    the b__tch shamed herself. WE didn’t shame her! And her b__stard son obviously has NO shame. He’s just as deviant and perverted as his mom.

  • Brian Swanson

    don’t try and play that card, it’s not about that….you lib’s have tried so hard to take EVERYTHING off the table. TRUTH is dead for you and “isn’t here to defend itself”

  • Brian Swanson

    open your eyes and the ears of your heart, stop ignoring truth. who raised you that you hate conservatism, personal responsibility, white males, God, the real One and a He ?

  • Icestorm

    The possum doesn’t fall far from it’s mammy the tramp. Hey guys want to see a picture of my mammy?

  • C4talyst

    Because someone is dead we can’t question history? The inability to separate facts from feelings is what I despise most about leftists.

  • biilyjoe

    you’re being kind in calling her a “free spirit”.

  • biilyjoe

    At that “prayer breakfast” he lied about the Crusades and all the usual gullible ignoramuses didn’t even question it; just like the clueless when he spoke at Georgetown Univ. , and like a vampire who cringes at a cross, made them cover the IHS –reference to Christ— before he would speak there !!

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

    When will the people demand that congress take action, impeachment or treason

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