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Obviously, this is something you would never see in the mainstream media.

More racy photos of Barack Obama’s mother were recently discovered. The photos were apparently taken at Frank Marshall Davis’s home in Honolulu. The photos reveal an intimate relationship between Obama’s mother and his childhood mentor.
(Warning on content)

From the video:

Racy photos of Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, have recently surfaced in vintage fetish and bondage magazines. The photos, taken at Frank Marshall Davis’ house in Honolulu, appeared in Bizarre Life, Exotique, Secret Pleasures, and Battling Babes. They help illustrate the intimate relationship between Dunham and Davis. “My father was from Kenya, he grew up herding goats,” Barack Obama told the cheering crowds. Did Obama build his political career upon a fairy tale? Was Obama misdirecting Americans away from a deeply disturbing family background and a Marxist political foundation?

Obama’s version of his early childhood is false — the family did not split up when the Kenyan Obama went to Harvard as he claimed. In fact, Ann Dunham, took “Barry” to Seattle a few weeks after his birth, in late August 1961, and began studies at the University of Washington, while the Kenyan remained in Hawaii. All evidence points to a “sham” marriage to cover up an illicit affair. Barack Obama began regular visits to Frank Marshall Davis’ house at the age of 10, and Obama refers to Frank Marshall Davis throughout his autobiography as his childhood “mentor.”

More… Snopes recently scrubbed its article on Obama’s mama’s picture porn.
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  1. Thank you Jim for posting this article…

  2. Momma done bad.

    Ridin’ dirty

  3. Hussein’s mama was a… a… slut.

  4. Somehow I don’t think the main stream press will pick this up! But if this were about Romney, how long would it take for the MSM to be all over it?

  5. OT……From the “Good luck with that file”

    No intimidation there,just forward them to the IRS

    Open up all your records Obozo

  6. If Davis really is Obie’s dad, that sure would explain a lot…

  7. So all the lies were to cover up the fact that his mother was a slut and his father a pedophile? Nice.

  8. Offensive comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  9. Chinky

  10. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

  11. oh, gee whiz…can you imagine if these photos were of any Republican candidate? That person would be kicked out of the Republican party, and rightfully so. What these photos tell me is that Obama’s mom, and by extension, Obama himself (since his mom raised him and was an influence on him), are of questionable morals.

  12. Barry’s mama was a slut even by today’s standards. Back in the early 60’s she was a trollop and a whore.

  13. My first impression after the YouTube Video…..she was no Betty Page…

  14. Matt, truth hurts huh. Have you seen the naked photos of
    The presidents mom? I have those too. The fruit does not drop far from the tree. This means Obama is a piece of excrement. Sucks being you.
    Obama is a love child of a
    Marxist socialist loving wench
    Of poor taste. How many men
    Paid her bar fine?! Obama
    The lil bastard that could!
    Whose yer daddy?! We still
    Don’t know.
    Powder is dry

  15. A Honolulu hooker posing and banging for a commie. Results? The bastard child AKA Bari Barry Barak Barack Malik Soetoro Soebarkrah Shabazz Obama II. Priceless…

  16. Well at least she was consistent, she liked it leathery and dark. Can’t say
    That about every presidents
    Mom. LOL , defend aberrant
    Behavior liberal/socialist go
    ahead, it’s fun to watch the
    Left gyrate and spin, oops
    That was obamas mamas
    thang. Yup, he’s presidential
    material. ROFLMBO!
    He’s soooooo over his pay
    Grade. But his mom made good bucks. “you got the money honey I got the time!”
    Powder is dry

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