Probably just innocent turnip farmers.

The Ville D’ Aquarius docked at the Port Newark Wednesday morning. (NY Post)

US officials seized cargo today from a ship with goods from India and Egypt. As many as 60 Pakistani stowaways were found on board.
Yahoo reported:

U.S. authorities seized a cargo ship with goods from India and Egypt on Wednesday after hearing what sounded like people stowed away inside a container on the vessel, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

The container was buried beneath others and had not been opened hours after the ship was stopped, said Coast Guard spokesman Charles Rowe said. The ship’s manifest said the container was loaded onto the vessel on June 7 and was carrying machine parts.

At least seven ambulances waited outside Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal, where dozens of containers were moved to the dock for inspection. Authorities knocked on the outside of the red, blue or gray containers, listening for noises, and opened and searched them.

The vessel, Villa D’Aquarius, was stopped at 3 a.m. EDT (0700 GMT) at a standard checkpoint for incoming ships, the Ambrose Anchorage below the Verrazano Bridge in New York Harbor, Rowe said.

“The boarding team went aboard for a routine inspection. They heard sounds that were consistent with people being inside a container,” Rowe said.




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  1. I have posted about my worries about our Ports. And fears aren’t not only humans inside but possible containers with chemicals or a bomb.

    “The boarding team went aboard for a routine inspection. They heard sounds that were consistent with people being inside a container” great job and CATCH OF THE DAY!!

  2. ot


    CALL NOW! DOJ Sets Up “Hotline” For Illegals to Complain About Arizona’s SB1070

  3. Well, they do have an ocean or two to cross before illegally entering the U.S.!

    It never fails to amaze me what people will live or try to live through to enter the U.S……risking all and living in dire conditions.

  4. Just what we need, more Muslims !!!

  5. Did they get registered as Democrats before they were taken away? Pretty elaborate stretch for even the “Motor-Voter” crooks to pull off.

  6. They need to confiscate the ship and rename it after Congressman Issa.

  7. ++

    hmmm, so they are US citizens now, and as such, will be safely
    transported to their original no go zoned destinations, right??

    /truth sarc/


  8. OT


  9. ++

    Patty #10 June 27, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    not to worry, that was the new Chump Change for Obama PAC.. /s/


  10. “thru=no-fault-of-their-own” no doubt

  11. These folks were invited here by Barack Hussein Obama–potential voters for November 2012! No doubt that if any of them are still alive–they’ll be given amnesty and probably an invite to the WH by the fraud-in-chief!!!


  12. Looks like the Muslims are either getting help to board these vessels, or they’re very good at being stowaways. Makes one wonder how many have slipped by and weren’t caught.

    Glad they caught these future Democrat voters.

  13. ++


    June 27, 2012

    The Tea Party Won Utah, Seriously


  14. Dump it overboard and sink it.

  15. Where are they? I need to get them absentee voter cards. The election is only months away!

  16. Come on.
    They were headed for the Arab Festival in Dearborn.

  17. Toss the whole container in the drink

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