Top Democrat: Media Gave Obama a Free Pass in 2008

(My FOX Philly)

Former Governor Ed Rendell told the Free Beacon this week that the liberal media gave Barack Obama a “free pass” in 2008.
The Free Beacon reported:

A top Obama surrogate said the president will not have to worry about a swooning media or crowds overcome by fainting spells in 2012.

“The media and the population saw him as this transformative figure [in 2008]; he was the first serious black candidate, a new, young, promising figure,” said former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. “People have sobered to that; the newness has faded and people now see him as another practical politician.”

Rendell is known for being blunt, a theme he touches on in his new book, A Nation of Wusses, and a trait that has gotten him in hot water on the campaign trail.

In April, Rendell joined a chorus of disgruntled Democrats, including Newark Mayor Cory Booker and former President Bill Clinton, who dissented from the Obama campaign’s attacks on Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s record as a venture capitalist.

He stood by that position in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon.

“All we said was that the attacks on Bain were over the top and a few Democrats jumped on us for that,” he said. “But to be a good surrogate you need to be reasonable; the independents are not going to believe you’re credible if you try to just say, ‘My guy is an angel; that guy’s the devil.’”

Rendell believes the media gave Obama a free pass in 2008, creating an environment in which the newly elected president received the Nobel Peace Prize nine months into his tenure—“a little ridiculous,” according to Rendell.

“Reporters violated the rule of neutrality,” he writes in the book.

Wow. There are four months to go and already Democrats are writing this election off. It looks like the whole country lost when the media refused to do its job in 2008.

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  • KornKing

    “reporters violated the rule of neutrality”
    Thanks for stopping by, Ed.

  • Bill Mitchell

    That and he’s a sh*tty president.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Romney +5 on Rasmussen today. Take this with Gallup’s 43 yesterday and methinks the Executive Order business is stinging a bit. Which leads me to believe that Obama was so deep into Fast & Furious he had no choice but to commit political suicide with the Executive Order.

    May have been a choice between losing the election and going to prison.

  • Bill Mitchell

    You know Obama is in trouble when Michelle makes the case in a speech that we should love Obama because he used to shovel her car out of the snow.

    I mean, seriously, she actually said that.

  • Sam Stone

    I have always liked Rendell. I do not live in PA but back around 2008 he said something about white black regarding voters for or against Obama. I found his comment highly insulting. I wrote him a letter explaining my concerns not expecting a reply since I was not a PA resident but in a few weeks he did reply with a typed letter and signed by him not a robosignature. He was very honest in his explanation and sort of apology for his misused wording. a real gentleman and an honest one. I disagree with most of his policies but he is an OLD TIME Democrat not a new progressive type. Rendell deserves to be heard and take what he says seriously.

  • Brandon In Baton Rouge

    “You know Obama is in trouble when Michelle makes the case in a speech that we should love Obama because he used to shovel her car out of the snow.

    I mean, seriously, she actually said that.”

    That’s up there with the Bush White House talking up Harriet Miers’ qualifications for SCOTUS because she served coffee at her church. I suspect her comment will go over about as well as that one did.

  • BurmaShave

    ‘Governor Ed Rendell told the Free Beacon this week that the liberal media gave Barack Obama a “free pass” in 2008.’

    WOW, ain’t that sweet. It sure cost the nation a fortune in treasure, not to mention all the misery.

  • Sam Stone

    Bill Mitchell, she also said he was all our husbands. How gay is that?

  • Hardnox

    Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then.

    The rats are jumping ship.

  • Brandon In Baton Rouge

    “Bill Mitchell, she also said he was all our husbands. How gay is that?”

    Sounds like they can’t make polygamy jokes about Romney after that crack.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Not only is Obama going to lose – badly – he will become absolutely poisonous by election day.

    My prediction: Barack Obama will go down in the history books as the man who destroyed the progressive movement once and for all. Remember, liberals are metaphysically incapable of accepting the idea that their politics is wrong and doesn’t work. Barack was just the wrong messenger.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Donating to Obama’s campaign at this point is like buying tickets on the Titanic AFTER it hit the iceberg.

    BTW, ignore the MSM polling on RCP showing Obama ahead. There isn’t a poll there that doesn’t give Democrats a 9+ point advantage in the sample. That joke from Bloomberg must have thrown them 20 points.

  • Blue Hen

    Rendell is hawking a book. Rendell is a person of influence in the Democrat party (former DNC chair, mayor of Philadelphia, Governor of PA). He wants that influence to continue. He wants the Democrat party to continue.

    A party has several options in any election:
    1.Find the best person and stand behind them
    2. Conduct a primary to sort through prospective candidates
    3. Search for and run a ‘sacrifical lamb’ in races and areas you wish to be seen as being viable, but where you have little or no chance to win.

    I think we’re seeing option#4. They have an incumbent who is increasingly being known as a terrible executive, person and finally, a candidate. The party of the race card isn’t going to destroy itself running a primary. They are determined to remain in existence after November 2012. So they are starting to treat him as the sacrifical lamb. They’re going to let him lose and saddle him with as much of their baggage as possible. And if he flames out beforehenad (F&F, any other scandal, tantrum) then and only then will they move to replace him.

  • xkaydet65

    Where does Rendell write 2012 off? He complains about Bain because it’s a losing issue. His comments on the media, while correct, will have no effect on coverage this time and Obama will continue to get a pass only now the media attacks will be aimed at Romney the head of the ticket, not at the prospective Veep as in 08. I keep reading that the Rats are deserting a sinking ship and all i see is a POTUS who, because of the economy and unraveling of the financial and political structures across the globe, should be beaten in the Fall by Donald Duck. And yet Obama is even in the polls. If Republicans and conservatives think this election is wrapped up and act that way, they’ll have another four years of this fascist to suffer through.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    the media did a hell of a lot more then give him a free pass. they openly conspired to get him elected.

  • Blue Hen

    to #14

    We didn’t see these open disagreements before. We haven’t seen people announcing months before the national convention that they won’t even attend. We’re seeing him underperform at fundraising, and now he’s behind Romney in that category. We are seeing behaviors that can be best explained by them concluding that Obama is in trouble. He’s an incumbent and he has a free pass for the MFM and he is dropping in the polls. Against the rich mormon. He should be performing far better than he is.

    I do not think that anything is locked up. But the current trend indicates a November disaster for the Dems.

  • AuntieMadder

    Don’t get too succored in by this. If, between now and Nov, the worst the news media has to say about Kenya Boy is that he isn’t perfect and that he made up stories and exaggerations, as well as “composite” persons, about his childhood through college years to make himself seem more interesting to increase sales of his books, then they’re still playing their viewers/readers.

    Even the most clueless members of their audience know that things aren’t quite right in this country, even though they can’t list the specifics. And they know something is amiss with Kenya Boy or, at least, in his so-called administration (“regime” is more fitting) but, again, they can’t tell you exactly what’s wrong. The news media is aware this and, so, they know they can’t portray him as The Second Coming – a messiah, a savior – like they did in 2008; even the most clueless now know better than to buy that. So, they’ll portray him as a man, imperfect like all men, having done some things in his past that he now knows he shouldn’t have, just like all men have their regrets. But, all things considered (meaning: he inherited all of this from that evil Boooosh), he’s done the best that can be reasonably expected, better than any man currently living could do. Things may not seem right but they’d be much worse had he not been in the lead for the last four years and we’ll be better off, still, four years from now if we permit him to continue what he’s started.

    If you doubt my suspicions, then go read these headlines and how some of the news media is reporting on Fast & Furious, now that it’s too big for them to continue simply ignoring.

    House Panel Votes to Cite Eric Holder for Contempt
    [Image: Attorney General Eric Holder (© Jacquelyn Martin/AP)]
    The panel voted along party lines to cite the attorney general, capping a mounting and contentious fight over the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-running controversy in · 1 day ago

    New MSNBC Host: ‘I Don’t Really Think’ Fast and Furious Is a Scandal
    [New MSNBC Host: ‘I Don’t Really Think’ Fast and Furious Is a Scandal]
    Salon’s Steve Kornacki, who will soon co-host a new show on MSNBC with The Blaze and GBTV’s S.E. Cupp, appeared on Chris Matthews’ Hardball Thursday to bash conservatives and regurgitate some routine …YAHOO! · 47 minutes ago

    Of Course ‘Fast and Furious’ Investigators Are Opportunists
    [Of Course ‘Fast and Furious’ Investigators Are Opportunists]
    Critics of House Republicans keep saying they’re just trying to score political points. But partisan hackery doesn’t make transparency less important. The House wants to go fishing in a vast sea of documents, some of …Atlantic Online · 20 minutes ago

    How Fast and Furious investigation could hurt the GOP
    [How Fast and Furious investigation could hurt the GOP]
    With the economy stalled, the unemployment picture gloomy and confidence in a recovery low, the Obama administration needs a distraction from economic ennui. Enter Operation Fast and Furious, the gun …New York Daily News · 3 hours ago

    Fast and Furious: How President Obama and John Boehner got to the brink
    [Fast and Furious: How President Obama and John Boehner got to the brink]
    It was a fight that neither man wanted. For more than a year, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner showed little interest in becoming central players in the long-simmering controversy over … · 6 hours ago

    NRA Foils Own Agenda Over “Fast and Furious” Fallout
    The general public is at this point only marginally aware of all this Fast and Furious talk, though attorney general Eric Holder’s citing for contempt has succeeded in garnering a bit more attention. Republican party activists, however, are like sharks in …CNN · 13 hours ago

    Fast and furiously, the GOP hunts Holder
    It would be reassuring to think all the attention being paid to a botched federal gun-trafficking program called “Operation Fast and Furious” was about Brian Terry, the U.S. Border Patrol agent whose death is inextricably linked to that debacle.Philadelphia Daily News · 3 hours ago

    White House Dismisses House ‘Fast and Furious’ Investigation
    [White House Dismisses House ‘Fast and Furious’ Investigation]
    The White House on Thursday dismissed the House Republican investigation that has led to a showdown over executive privilege and contempt of Congress as a “politically motivated, taxpayer-funded, election-year …New York Times Blogs · 20 hours ago

    On Eric Holder, GOP fast and furious
    There is something charmingly futile about House Republicans’ move to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. Even if the full House follows the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s vote Wednesday to hold him in …Miami Herald · 16 hours ago

  • democraps suck

    10 bucks says he will still vote for the slime ball

  • jainphx

    tommy==== You get the door prize, they covered up, they made up and that is called giving him a pass?

  • James

    Mr. Mitchell and Blue Hen: I hope that you are correct… but we cannot be complacent, especially months before the election. In the words of Han Solo, “Don’t get cocky, kid.”