St. Louis Tea Party Holds Freedom Rally Following SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling

St. Louis Tea Party rallied tonight following today’s Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare.

Over a hundred activists came out in 100+ degrees to rally for freedom at Art Hill in Forest Park.

Jim Hoft: “Sandra Fluke can buy her own damn birth control… We’re not going down without a fight!”

St. Louis Tea Party Leader Bill Hennessy fires up the crowd.

By the way, I ran into five people tonight who said this was their first Tea Party rally.

Reboot Congress has more video from the protest.

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  • illini guy

    Now more than ever the Stab us now’s in MI, that communist in OH “Stalin” Brown, Casey in PA and every other fellow traveller must be repudiated and defeated.

  • Purple State

    Time to move on and work on getting jobs in the United States.

  • Dale

    The tea party is weak and ineffective, we were not able to stop the takeover of the senate, and we allowed Obama and George Bush to be elected. I seriously think people are going to get so angry and frustrated that they are going to take up arms in this country because we’re tired of being bullied by the evil fascists that are destroying our government.

  • Dale

    #2, go post somewhere else.

  • JoyO

    “We the People” must VOTE the Republicans in majority positions in the House, the Senate, and take back the White House ON NOVEMBER 6, 2012. We must save our country from the Progressives/Socialists/Marxists that have taken over the Democratic Party. If we don’t, our children will be living under poverty conditions like the children of all communist/socialist countries.

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  • donh

    Great speech Jim…A true independant thinker…Smacking down those RINO talking points trying to sell this Robert’s urination as holy water. Powers that be really wanted to break our TEA spirit the way they intentionally set up the expectations game so as to make the disappointment even bigger. The Supreme Court is a LAGGING indicator of where the voters are driving this country. …KEEP UP THE FIGHT…>

  • MamaGriz68

    How is the TEA Party weak and ineffective? It is working purposefully in precincts and primary races to effect change in the state houses and in Congress, where we need to have a revolution if we have any hope of righting the ship. Did you see what happened recently in WI? People are waking up and want to take back the country. We have removed entrenched establishment folks like Dick Lugar. Breitbart was right: war (and it doesn’t have to involve guns or violence). We must keep fighting!

  • Bubba

    Gee….that’s…uh…quite the turnout.

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  • Minty

    Once again, the neocons are wailing because they didn’t get their way. You have no clue what it means for a law to be constitutional.

  • donh

    Yes #9 for 5 hours notice….and Jim has leveraged the turn out by taking video and posting for all who have jobs or can’t afford the gas…. Very inspiring to see that passion and committment to liberty. ..and the honesty to shove those crap talking points all the corporate government Rinos handed out to conservative media outlets to parrot about ” silver linings ” .

  • Hermit

    Do you have any clue what a neocon is. Obviously you seem to think it is just a derogatory name for all non-liberals. Look it up. It has to do with former liberals. Not many conservatives, and likely very few TEA party members are neocons.

  • Flintstone F.

    #11 Minty.

    I think you need to read the constitution. Obamacare was forced on us, as they said “it’s not a tax. It’s not a tax.” Over and over they lied about why, what and how.

    Why Obamacare? Because 45 million people don’t have insurance (30 million…….20 million….uh…).

    The real reason: Insurance companies are evil corporations with money (but they’re not people, but we hate them anyway) and we must destroy them if we are ever going to socialize medicine (Maxine Waters knows the score…)

    What is Obamacare? It’s the revolution in healthcare this country has been crying out for decade after decade (evil republicans and insurance companies make me so mad….)

    What it really is: Socialism. Pure and simple. Single payer (government control) system with no viable manner in which to pay for it. It’s the yellow brick road to rationing (Grandma and Grandpa, you’ll be the first to go). Freedom of choice, it’s what you want…(bye bye).

    How? By LYING to the American people.

    “We have to pass it to know what’s in it…” (words to that effect).

    “Both.” (Sebelius admitting to double counting medicare money when asked what it was for, Obamacare or medicare savings).

    “It’s not a tax.” (Obama, Pelosi, over and over).

    Every conceivable aspect of their behavior regarding the passage of Obamacare was shrouded in deception. Immoral, unethical, un-American, arrogant, misguided, unintelligent, communistic garbage.

    Kick it to the curb.

  • Hermit

    Also Minty, just because a law in constitutional doesn’t make it right or desirable. Slavery was constitutional in it’s day.

  • Lex Concord

    The Tea Party is not a joke. We are working hard to effect change within the system, knowing that it might not be viable. We’ve had a lot of successes at both the local and national level. We can’t win them all. The more of us there are, the more effective we’ll be.
    Remember, Tea Party is just a commonly used term to describe the conservative grassroots Constitutionalist movement. The groups go by many different names. I urge the true patriots who are not yet actively involved to turn off the propaganda box, jump in the trench and get your hands dirty, so you won’t have to get them bloody. Yep it’s a hassle. It takes time and effort. Internal strife and bickering are a given. But it’s the best thing going right now. If we were inconsequential, the socialists wouldn’t hate us so much, and wouldn’t make so much effort to denounce us.

  • I still love rallies, but I’m even more excited about the upcoming elections!

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  • obfuscatenot

    This is deplorable. Too many lawyers in D.C. -after all, it is not against the law to lie. Isn’t that right? So to call it a mandate in the legislative process, and then a tax in the judicial, well that’s just par for the course for Demoncrats-oh and all taxes are to originate in the House of Representatives, NOT THE SENATE! So if it is actually a tax IT would not be constitutional? After all it’s not against the law to lie. Obama still isn’t calling it a tax. “Just words”.
    Never, never give up!
    – Now let’s have a TEA PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robin

    I’ve asked this elsewhere, but the question bears repeating: Can taxes be waived, or do all the political Obamacare waivers now become null and void?

  • Peggy R

    #3, those events pre-dated the Tea Party. In fact, I’d say those events caused the rise of the Tea Party.

  • is that a drone in the upper left corner of the first photo?

  • el polacko

    granted, the weather was uncomfortable, but “over a hundred” ? looks more like about 25 folks turned out. oh well, let’s hope that they are at home sharpening their pencils in anticipation of election day.

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  • richard40

    “Time to move on and work on getting jobs in the United States.” #2 Purple State

    Wrong Purple. Obamacare IS a jobs issue, since it is one of the worst job killing bills out there. In reality gov can do little to create jobs. The only thing gov can do is stop the things Obama is doing to kill jobs, like Obamacare, crazy regulations, tax hikes, cronyism, and wasteful spending. Once gov stops doing things to kill jobs, the private sector will then create them.

    “The tea party is weak and ineffective, we were not able to stop the takeover of the senate, and we allowed Obama and George Bush to be elected. ” #3 Dale.

    Dale, You know zippo about the Tea Party. Are you really that ignorant, or are you a dem plant trying to cause trouble. How in the world can you blame the Tea Party for Obama, Bush, and the 2008 Senate, since the Tea Party did not even exist until after Obamas election, and they have repudiated the policies of both obama and bush. As for the Tea Party being ineffective, tell that to the hordes of dems that lost in 2010, the rhino bush type repubs that lost primaries, and the people that tried to recall Scott Walker.

    I hope the left continues to rejoice at this betrayal by the Roberts court. Now we know the court will not protect us, and the only way out is for We The People to throw the rascals out in the next election, and keep throwing them out, until this travesty of a bill is finally repealed. In my opinion, what has happened may be summed up in the words of Admiral Yamamoto after Pearl Harbor “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve”.

  • richard40

    To # 16, Lex Concord.
    Right on. If there were more intelligent and practical patriots like you this country would be a lot better off.