Ouch!… Sarah Palin Slaps Down Bob Beckel on Death Panels (Video)

Ouch! Sarah Palin just slapped down FOX News crank Bob Beckel.
Sarah Palin destroyed Bob Beckel today on The Five. Beckel tried to bash the former Alaska governor on her death panel comments but came up short. It was brutal.

This was great.

Bob Beckel: Governor, that deception, does that go for the death panels that were never real, that you said were in there?

Sarah Palin: Oh, it’s in there. There’s a faceless bureaucratic panel, and the acronym is the IPAB, and it will be a board that will tell you Bob, whether your level of productivity in society is worthy of receiving the rationed care that will be a result of Obamacare. Consider this Bob, it defies all common sense to ever consider that health care won’t be rationed, when, obviously with more and more enrollees in the program and fewer and fewer services being provided because it will be so inefficient and expensive and bureaucratic, of course, healthcare in a socialized system which this will become, it will be rationed.

Greg Gutfeld: Governor, whey to put Bob in his place. Nicely done. He’s speechless.

I think she just called him stupid.

A Congressional committee voted to remove the IPAB death panels in March.
(The death panels that aren’t in Obamacare)

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  • Path

    Yeah Sara – keep it up girl!

  • Joanne

    Holy Crap. I didn’t know the UK euthanized the elderly……so they intentionally take their lives before they are ready because there are no beds. OMG!

  • Monkey Wrench

    Don’t insurance companies have these Death Panels that ration care today? I remember being in a doctor’s office a few years ago talking with my doctor about a certain treatment. He excused himself and when he came back he informed me that my insurance company would not cover the cost of the treatment he felt I needed.

    Luckily I had no problem paying for it myself, but someone of lesser means would have had to go without. Is that rationing of care on the part of the insurance company? I don’t think this changes under Obamacare. Some things will not be paid for by insurance, but we can always pay for it out of pocket, right?

  • karra

    Beckel is the one reason I don’t watch this show. . .

  • Granny

    #2 June 29, 2012 at 5:03 pm
    Joanne commented:

    Holy Crap. I didn’t know the UK euthanized the elderly……so they intentionally take their lives before they are ready because there are no beds. OMG!

    And do you actually believe that this doesn’t happen here too? About 6 months before he died my Dad tripped on a rug in the dark in an unfamiliar house he was staying in after a house fire and broke his pelvis. After some time in the VA he was sent off to an excellent rehab facility that specializes in this kind of injury recovery. However, at nearly 89 he couldn’t quite keep up the pace they demanded, so he was transferred to a different facility to make room for someone who could.

    That other facility was nothing more than a warehouse where the elderly are sent to die. Almost immediately he became contaminated with staph aureus. The man in the bed next to him was dying. When he started having breathing difficulties (he had chronic bronchitis) my sister asked to have him seen by a doctor. The nurse ignored her. When it got worse she asked again. Then she asked to have him taken to the hospital. When she got right in their face and demanded to know when something would be done in the way of having a doctor look at him she was told “when his status changes” – as in “when he is dying.”

    As luck would have it my sister is a nurse. She pitched a bloody fit and got him sent to the VA for a look see. The VA admitted him for a day or two and she talked the VA doc into releasing him to her “to take back to the nursing home.” And then she STOLE him – quite literally – and brought him home to die. He lived until the first day of spring. Had she not quite literally stolen him he would have been dead before Christmas.

    His case is NOT unique.

  • Ghost

    Please keep this post available-
    I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired having to endure the countless comments from co-workers who mindlessly float “Palin is stupid” remarks although never able to provide defensible specifics that I’d love to instantly refer to this :60 smackdown clip. Folks, a perfect spontaneous response is never easy.

    btw, my first defense to those libtard haters is to point out how this losing VP candidate from 4-years ago still commands such interest and emotional investment, and from both sides…
    like, when has THAT! Ever happened?

    Remember Rush: “Listen to the Libs, they’ll TELL you who they fear”

  • Lady Mondegreen

    There she goes again….

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  • Granny

    #3 June 29, 2012 at 5:05 pm
    Monkey Wrench commented:

    Don’t insurance companies have these Death Panels that ration care today? I remember being in a doctor’s office a few years ago talking with my doctor about a certain treatment. He excused himself and when he came back he informed me that my insurance company would not cover the cost of the treatment he felt I needed.

    Luckily I had no problem paying for it myself, but someone of lesser means would have had to go without. Is that rationing of care on the part of the insurance company? I don’t think this changes under Obamacare. Some things will not be paid for by insurance, but we can always pay for it out of pocket, right?

    Actually, no you cannot. That was one of the big objections to this monstrosity. The insurance company & the government has entire control over what treatment you will or will not have. As a matter of fact, they have so much control that we can virtually eliminate physicians all together. Your lab results are all printed out by the computer and everything else is done by a “protocol” that even a 6 week Physician ‘s Assitant can follow. Sort of a put Tab A into Slot A kind of thing.

  • David E

    Love ya’, Sarah! This is how liverals “argue”. They just mention a phrase like “death panels” and expect their opponents to fold. Shallow thinking, shallow argumentation.

  • donh

    Those final words need emphasis…130,000 elderly human beings are prematurely put to death in the UK, which has a population of 62 million…..So this one man Judas Roberts will be respnsible for the untimely institutional execution of 400,000 plus elderly Americans per year as our system decays into British socialized medicine…..> http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/1300000-elderly-patients-killed-every-year-by-death-pathway-top-uk-doctor

  • Monkey Wrench


    Are you sure about that? I confess that I have not read the bill. Apparently very few people have, including the Congressmen that voted for it. Lol.

    But if I’m a millionaire and decide to have some medical procedure that is not covered by my insurance plan, can’t I just go to a private doctor and pay to have it done with my own money? For example, most cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance plans today. But I can have it done if I want. I just have to pay for it myself. Same with Lasik, hair implants, boob jobs…

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    re: IPAB death panel,

    has it been removed??


  • how dumbed down are we bg
  • how dumbed down are we bg


    “recycled ObamaCare bladerdash”

    what’s wrong with this picture??

    and where is the economy, not to mention Romney??


  • billypaintbrush

    Beckel would be most productive paired up with Sarah. He can continue to say incredibly stupid and look disinterested in the effort and let her smack him around.

    What a clown.

  • nana

    Go Sarah ! Get them..

  • Tired Okie

    It’ll be back! You can bet on it! And after that the little trip to Heaven pill will come our way.

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  • Guido

    As a hard-drinking guy myself that grew up in a time when drugs didn’t hurt you, I like Beckel as a kindred soul, but I just cannot believe that HE believes that drivel he spouts. Any minute I expect him to put someone in a figure-four leglock or jump from the top rope and body slam someone. Good acting, Bob!

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    i want to wipe insurance companies off the map..

    in the meantime, we can both make BIG BUCKS..

    win win for O man..

    bit more here & here & here & here..


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  • BetseyRoss


    Yes. Even if you have the money to get yourself treated, the doctors cannot take you because it is against the law. We have a doctor in our tea party and he has read the bill twice. The Democrats are the party of death. There won’t be enough doctors to take on this horror as many are leaving/retiring right now. We live in a hospital community where the main industry is healthcare. It will be rationed as Sarah said. There isn’t enough money in the world to do this without rationing.

    There are other horrors in that bill that have nothing to do with healthcare. It must be repealed in its entirity.

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    btw re: #22 June 29, 2012 at 5:50 pm bg

    Obama: “by the end of my FIRST term”..

    way too many of US are still asleep, not to mention that about
    half of those who are awake are more or less sleep walking.. 🙁


  • TXPatriot

    Did you not hear the Dems next step is to unionize all the doctors?

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    re: numbers only..

    here’s hoping posts don’t get deleted..


  • Walter Sobchak

    Monkey Wrench,

    One key difference: if your insurance company refuses to pay there are other avenues available. You can sue the insurance company if you think they’re wrongfully withholding payment. If you’re truly destitute theres Medicaid (which Obama raided a half trillion dollars from to pay for this abomination of a healthcare plan). If that fails you can look to private charity or hold a benefit event. With Obamacare you will simply be denied treatment. Even if you have the money to pay out of your own pocket you will be refused treatment. That is what they meant when they were talking about “bending the cost curve”. They will try to reduce costs (which will never happen regardless) by reducing demand by simply saying “NO TREATMENT FOR YOU”.

  • bigL

    Give The 5 another chance. It is reall well done. they have to preapare like crzy to get all theremarks in in just afew seconds. Bechel is ok, and too that is why God created the MUTE button.

  • ohiochili

    Monkey Wrench, in the past, if your insurance company would not cover a treatment, your doctor should have appealed- the last appeal goes to your employer who owns the policy and sets what your insurance will and will not cover. Now, if you were on Medicare, then you are sol right from the beginning.
    I handled hundreds and hundreds of such appeals when I worked for an extremely large company that I will not name, except it begins with an ‘A’.

  • GotFreedom

    Fox really has to cut the “fair and balanced” [email protected]!!! Beckel is a big mouth and needs to go if Fox wants to up their ratings at 5pm.

    As a side note, our son is in medical school–it broke our heart yesterday when we heard SCOTUS decision–if this Obamacaretax is implemented, we fear that some day, some bureaucrap pencil pusher in DC with no medical training will tell him, sorry, we can’t authorize that procedure or that medicine or those tests–we asked our son what will you do–upon becoming a doctor, you will swear an oath to do “no harm”; denying your patient a procedure/medicine/tests that may save their life is no longer going to be allowed if the bureuacraps have their way, especially when patients get to be a certain age–will our son, or any doctor for that matter, do what they know is right and do all they can to “do no harm” to their patient or will they allow the govt to tell them how to be a doctor (or nurse or practitioner for that matter) and prospectively end someone’s life because to give them medical care doesn’t fit in with the Fed’s game plan?

  • NoBlahMa

    Beckel just had a little taste of the Palin nightstick. I wonder how long it will be before he wants to take her on again? Palin Power!!

  • Gospace

    What other people are saying about pay your own way is true- Obamacare outlaws it. You are simply not allowed to pay for your own care; all care must come through insurance or the government run healthcare plans.

    Hence, the end of all medical innovation. Research costs- and can never GUARANTEE a payback. Therefore, research ends.

  • I saw that live, hilarious

    Michelle Fields did a number on him re. welfare last week and you could see the steam coming out Beckel’s ears lol

  • LL

    The only way ObamaCare will survive is if Americans are too greedy or stupid to allow it to stand. After the November election it can be voted out of existence the same way that it was voted in. That is what Chief Justice Roberts said if you read what he said closely.

    Or we can have this massive tax increase and expand the Nanny State beyond all reasonable proportions.

  • anti-bho


    “distraction” my a$$. he’s not skipping any chances at making political points (don’t let any catastrophe go to waste). simply put, he’s the most worthless pos I know.

    Obama accused of “distraction” ahead of Colorado wildfire trip – CBS News


  • how dumbed down are we bg


    Tired Okie #18 June 29, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    yep, and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet..

    fortunately, most of us won’t be seeing near half as much as our
    future generations, whom unfortunately, will be the ones literally
    living and dieing under O’s Hitlerian policies (scroll for more.. 🙁

    more here & here & here..


  • dmacleo

    under that setup you have a appeals process.
    the IPAB rulings cannot be appealed, has no congressional oversight.

  • Babsy

    “I think she just called him stupid.”

    He is stupid. He’s a lying Democrat. It’s his nature.

  • Flintstone F.

    Monkeywrench #3

    Private insurance with a pool of 300 million to be insured would take care of all but the most burdensome costs of insurance. It would preserve our relationship with our doctor, allow us to make our own decisions and get the government off our backs. But they can’t do business across state lines.

    So to answer the question, no there would be no death panel. There would only be the next insurer who might be able to help you. We just need to have government allow for insurers to do business across state lines to open up the pool of insuree’s. This would allow premiums to go down (people become much more insurable), more choice in types of coverage and an endless list of insurer’s that fit your specific needs. The government is one size fits all.

    Obamacare is government run healthcare and once everyone is in compliance, the government has final say on coverage. The problem is it can’t pay to cover everybody (not by a longshot, medicare, medicaid and social security are already unfunded liabilities to the tune of 100 trillion dollars and this is another social program, just ten times bigger) so they will then have to make decisions on who gets what. Ta da!! Death panel. “Bye bye granny.” “Hey you down syndrome baby, you ain’t go’ see the light ‘o day.” Obama lied when he said it was above his pay grade. He meant it was above the amount government is willing to pay.

    As for your last question the answer is no. You will not have the freedom to go to a doctor when you want (you know, that mandate thingy. Doctors, insurance companies and patients will come into compliance. Case closed).

    When people say that this is the death of our Constitution, they’re really not exaggerating. This is dire. Don’t be fooled by the first 3 years (if it must be endured), it will eventually collapse as a communist folly, wasting time and energy for all man.

    Obama: Slowing society down. Just like he said he would.

  • Indy

    Palin, way to “Fight like a girl” Gutfield has not be a Palin fan, glad to see him make a positive comment.

    Yes, I remember reading a UK article


  • Blue Hen


    Aren’t we all counting our blessing that instead of that dumb snowbilly we have “Delaware’s own” Joe Biden? Who is so super smart that he thinks that he’s “second in line to the Presidency”? Who thinks that we’ve been creating 250,000 jobs a month since the summer of 2010? Don’t that make you peasant feel soooooo warm and fuzzy?


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  • sarah2012

    Worth listening to thispost’sPalin full ten minute segment on Fox’s “Live w/ Five’


  • Monkey Wrench


    This is the first I’ve heard this. So if I want a face lift or some woman wants breast enhancements and they are not covered by their insurance, doctors are not allowed to perform the procedure? Or if I want a colonoscopy and my insurance company says no, I can’t go to a doctor and pay for it myself?

    I’d like to point this out to some of my friends, who think Obamacare will be wonderful. Where can I find out more details on that? Please don’t say read the bill. It’s waaaay to long from what I understand. lol

  • Militant conservative

    Spot on and smoking hot babe. Beckel is a tub o lard.
    I see his type daily getting knee and hip replacements.
    he’s not worth the effort.
    Fat ba$tard

  • Gary Miller

    Governor Palin comes off as very silly in this segment.

  • bg


    Gary Miller #47 June 29, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    that’s your opinion, and you’re certainly welcome to it,
    however, who cares.. it’s what was said that counts..


  • Flintstone F.

    Monkey Wrench,

    The government will now, eventually be involved in every medical procedure. It will be available until it isn’t. It’s about coming into compliance and being unable to afford to continue to do business.

    That is, doctor’s perform the work in the manner the government prescribes for the price the government sets. Doctors will have difficulty keeping a private practice open and insurance companies will never be able to compete with the price of government insurance (the federal government doesn’t have to balance a budget…apparently) and will go out of business and/or become an extension of government (care).

    This will happen slowly over the next decade? It will be shiny and new for a while, but it will collapse.

    I’ll find some links and see if I’m right about elective surgery and post later. But again, private insurance will be in compliance with government regulations (price controls) or you will have government insurance. (Do you want to get kicked in the nads or do you want me to swiftly plant my foot between your legs)?

    Freedom of choice: It’s what we lost.

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  • Teddy

    Take yourself back. Get control of your health and stop looking for someone else to fix it. You can buy the insurance or pay the tax, but they cannot make you use the system. In fact, stop the matrix madness altogether and vote the worst president in history out of office.

  • Flintstone F.

    Oh and Sarah Palin is always a welcome sight. Pray for her so she can continue to have such a huge influence in elections. We need the senate.

    Principled governing is what Palin is about and she’s making it infectious (2016!!)

    By the way, she has always had the ability to comeback with an intelligent retort. She made the creepy Biden look like a fool (Of course we were told “stand up Chuck” won the debates).

  • Jason

    My viewership of Fox has dropped quite a bit since they decided to parade around this Beckel character. I enjoy hearing the viewpoints of some of the reasonable leftists Fox features, like Lanny Davis or Kirsten Powers. I rarely agree with them but they present their case like reasonable adults and I listen.

    Viewing a broadcast with Beckel is not a productive (or enjoyable) way to spend my limited free time.

  • paul walker

    Bob’s sole purpose in life is getting his ass handed to him verbally by good-looking intelligent conservative women.

  • Flintstone F.

    A gut wrencher for monkey wrench:

    Jan Schakowski telling supporters that private insurance companies should be afraid and agreed with the idea that single payer would put them out of business. “This is not a principled fight…” – Schakowski


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  • Joanne

    Granny, I know elderly who refuse to go to the hospital, because no one they knows comes out alive. It is just hard to believe that those in healthcare, who are suppose to keep people alive, just knock them off; this makes them murderers. This world is nuts.

  • mcc

    She was asked on Hannity’s show today who she liked for Veep besides Lt. Col. Allen West.

    I couldn’t believe how bizarre it was to hear her once again name someone I’d said I’d love to see chosen: Mark Levin! I was listening to see if she’d say Sowell’s name again, and she did. But it got lost: Hannity was cracking up too much at the thought of his pal, Levin, as VP.

    But to hear her name another unusual choice that had occurred to me just about knocked me off my chair.

    Again she said she liked the idea of “someone not in politics” – an idea I think is great as well. Even though Hannity wasn’t taking the Levin choice seriously, she made the case for him as well as anyone could.

    Looks like Sarah and I like the same men: West, Sowell and Levin. And can’t forget Todd…he seems awfully loveable, too!

  • Who would even consider the ramblings of a drunken whore merchant.

    Didn’t Eric Bolling save Bob from choking on a chicken bone or something ? My question is WHY ?

  • Shawn

    Fox must appear to be fair and balanced that’s why we get beckel. I know hw can’t believe some of the crap that comes out of his mouth. He is far more digestable than that true Lib farce alan combs.

  • stuart

    Shawn #60
    I don’t mind Beckel, I can ignore him.
    Combs, on the other hand, makes me want to wipe that self satisfied smirk off his face with a Louisville Slugger. But, to quote that great statesman Richard Nixon, “It would be wrong.”

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  • thegoldman

    I can’t stand that water carrier beckel.

    He has nothing to say other than obamas talking points.

    Get rid of the water boy and put someone in his spot that can think for himself !

  • el polacko

    if it took “whey” to put bob in his place, what happened to the curd ?


    If the government giveth, then the government can taketh away….in a heartbeat.

    Bekal ought to vist those folks on the IPAB panel and work out a deal with them now, since his lib life is proving to be worthless.

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