Obama White House to Arizona – Drop Dead …Update: Governor Brewer Unloads

Evidently, the White House didn’t like the immigration ruling today by the Supreme Court.
Homeland Security announced after the ruling that it is suspending agreements with Arizona police.

The Obama administration said Monday it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police.

Administration officials, speaking on condition they not be named, told reporters they expect to see an increase in the number of calls they get from Arizona police — but that won’t change President Obama’s decision to limit whom the government actually tries to detain and deport.

“We will not be issuing detainers on individuals unless they clearly meet our defined priorities,” one official said in a telephone briefing.

The official said that despite the increased number of calls, which presumably means more illegal immigrants being reported, the Homeland Security Department is unlikely to detain a significantly higher number of people and won’t be boosting personnel to handle the new calls.

“We do not plan on putting additional staff on the ground in Arizona,” the official said.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Arizona may not impose its own penalties for immigration violations, but it said state and local police could check the legal status of those they have reasonable suspicion to believe are in the country illegally.

Governor Jan Brewer unloaded on the Obama Administration following this announcement today.
FOX Nation reported:

“As though we needed any more evidence, President Obama has demonstrated anew his utter disregard for the safety and security of the Arizona people. Within the last two hours, I have been notified the Obama administration has revoked the 287(g) agreement under the authority of which Arizona law enforcement officers have partnered with the federal government in the enforcement of immigration law.

“Of course, it is no coincidence that this announcement comes immediately on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the constitutionality of the heart of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law: SB 1070. It’s worth noting that 68 law enforcement entities in 24 states have functioning 287(g) agreements with the federal government. But it appears the only agreements eliminated today were those in Arizona, the state that happens to be on the front lines of America’s fight against illegal immigration. We are on our own, apparently.

“I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The Obama administration has fought the people of Arizona at every turn – downplaying the threat that a porous border poses to our citizens, filing suit in order to block our State from protecting itself, unilaterally granting immunity to tens of thousands of illegal aliens living in our midst, and now this. Still, the disarmament of Arizona’s 287(g) agreements is a new low, even for this administration.

More… Jonathan Paton, candidate for Congress in Arizona’s First District, released the following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the heart of SB1070, Arizona’s state-based immigration enforcement law:

After more than two years of legal attacks by the Obama administration on Arizona, the heart of SB1070 has been upheld.

Arizona law enforcement can now do their jobs when coming in contact with an individual who they suspect may be in the country illegally.

I voted for SB1070 because Arizona had to take action in light of the federal government’s failure to enforce immigration laws. No state deals with the impact of illegal immigration more than Arizona. It is more than past time to deal with this issue.

When elected to Congress, I will take my experience crafting state laws to address illegal immigration and force the federal government to take responsibility and secure our border.

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  • Franklin Amman

    Lets see, Arizona has 11 electoral votes.

    The One thumbs his nose at AR and its problems and expenses with illegals, and he expects to pick up this state in his column.


  • Granny

    Let me get this straight. The Obama Regime, having had the preeminence of the federal government in nearly all immigration matters affirmed by the Supreme Court, is now openly declaring that they intend to selectively refuse to enforce or investigate any immigration violations in the state of Arizona?

    As in screw you, let the illegals overrun Arizona?

  • regularguy

    This is a slap in the face of every Arizonan, and that dyke Napolitano was their governor, no less. Worse, she put Arizona in big-time debt before she went on to screw up DHS under this lawless administration.

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  • l.barney


  • Redwine

    Incompetano has that haughty, arrogant “Mussolini” pose – just like Comrade Barry Hussein.

    Please listen to Mark Levin’s discussion of this ruling.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    is arizona no longer part of the homeland?

  • TryingNotToPuke

    This is the most immature, whining, crybaby administration ever – losers and amateurs.

  • Mad Hatter

    Sheriff Joe to the White House and Big Sis.

    Drop Dead. “I’m not stopping anything.”


  • Votemout2012

    I wonder if Speaker Boehner would call this spiking the football!

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    and some still think ObamaCare will be overturned.. *sigh*

    and albeit’s going on 4 years now, yes,
    am still praying to God i am wrong.. :-(


  • Big Al

    These bastards got everything they wanted out of SCOTUS thanks to the turncoat Kennedy yet they have to rub salt into the wounds. Wish Sheriff Joe could send a posse to DC.

  • J. Knight

    The Obama Administration should not have the ability to just enforce the laws they like, and refuse to enforce other laws. The idiots don’t have enough sense to see that they are destroying the Rule of Law they claim to support. This Obama Regime is the most evil in US history.


    This ruling doesn’t strike me as a win at all. The only portion scotus allowed to remain requires federal assistance (verification of one’s legal status, as this is performed by I.C.E.), which allows an administration to nulify any efforts a state might make (a point clearly understood by hussein obama, as the leak today clearly indicates). After reading a portion of Scalia’s dissent, it is clear that Justice Roberts does not embrace some fundamental conservative notions (such as constitutionalism perhaps). Bush Sr. screwed conservatives with a very liberal court appointee, perhaps this is an indicator (though I deeply hope not) that Bush Jr. gave us one also.

    The republican establishment has chosen to embrace many views outside of conservative orthodoxy (if there indeed remains such a proposition). Not the least of these is open border concepts favored by multinationalists. We will find no real support from their ranks.

    Constitutionalism, if dead here, is dead everywhere. The notion of limited government therefore is also dead.

    Another very sad day indeed. I’m stunned that many conservative sources are portraying this as a conservative victory.

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    i guess one could more or less chalk up another victory towards
    Obama’s (and evidently numerous others as well) final goal.. :-(

    please note the Breaking Free From The Constitution date..


  • L.E. Liesner

    By not upholding the laws of the land, Obama broke his oath of office again. When are the fools in congress going to do something about this. Under Article I of the Constitution, only the Congress shall enact laws. Under Article II the President is suppose to see that those laws are enforced. I don’t recall that this nation has change it’s form of government from a Republic to an Empire since Obama took office, do you?

  • how dumbed down are we bg
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  • Katie

    Wow! That’s just incredible! And he can get away with this?

  • jgarcia

    Obama is 2 steps ahead of GOP. This nullifies local law enforcement, without federal co-operation nothing can be done.