Obama Disrespects Air Force Academy Graduates

Obama spoke to the Air Force Academy graduates last week.

Then he made them wait in the stadium for the closing ceremony so he could skedaddle to a fundraiser.

A family member of an Air Force cadet sent this in to a friend.
Obama Disrespects the Air Force Academy Graduates

Hi All,
I just wanted to pass on a little info in case some of you were not aware of this. Yesterday was the Air force Academy graduation ceremony. My friend from Texas had just arrived and we drove down the road to watch the Thunderbirds air show after the ceremony was finished. Most of you know Pres. Obama spoke at the ceremony and handed out the diploma’s. When this finished it was time for the Thunderbirds to fly. There was one maneuver then they disappeared. A man standing by me called a friend at Peterson Field and found out that the air show was halted because Obama wanted to leave. A helicopter soon appeared and flew around in a circular pattern above where we were – basically doing reconnesance as Obama’s motor-cade was exiting the Air Force Academy. He was going to Denver to do some more campaigning since Colorado is a swing state. After he left the Thunderbirds came back and continued the show for the graduates. Think about this. Obama comes to a graduation, speaks etc. then decides to leave before the Thunderbirds can complete their air show. They had to fly around, & waste fuel. Thousands of people – the graduating cadets, parents, friends, observers in the vicinity parked in lots waiting to see them fly, inconvenienced, so Obama – his “highness’ could leave to go campaign in Denver! How disrespectful of EVERYONE in attendance. It would have taken only about 20-30 minutes more time to stay until the fly-over was finished thereby honoring the graduates, Thunderbirds and the military in general. However, this narcissistic disgrace of a ‘Commander -in-Chief” had to inconvenience everyone and leave interrupting the ceremony fly-over because everything is about him. I was disgusted by this and so was everyone else standing around near us. I hope this info gets passed on so others can learn how disrespectful this Pres. is toward the military. Not too many who witnessed this will be voting for him.

Sure enough. It’s true. Obama dissed the Air Force Academy graduates.
This was posted in the Gazette:

The thousands of graduation revelers at the Air Force Academy had to wait a while longer for the F-16 Thunderbirds to show up again after their dramatic initial appearance at Falcon Stadium.

Six Thunderbirds streaked past the cadets as they threw their caps into air early Wednesday afternoon. But the expected air show afterwards had to wait. The presidential motorcade left the academy shortly after the hat toss and the air show took a break as Obama drove down Interstate 25.

The Thunderbirds came back after a half-hour pause, drawing applause from spectators when they made their return – flying by in the diamond and the arrowhead formations.

Hat Tip Mara Zebest

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  • bg


    no, i mean, really.. /s/

    Is Obama Planning To Drop “The Star-Spangled Banner”

    no again, i mean, question about it.. /s/


  • Granny

    This is no surprise. You cannot put lipstick on a pig or make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. This particular “president” has less class and manners than anyone who has ever “graced” the office and his wife is not one whit better.

  • jony101

    I expect nothing less from hussein, and he never dissappoints me. If it was a graduating class of illegal aliens he would have stayed, he wouldn’t want to inconvenience his voting supporters.

  • SeniorD

    Really? Fly from Petersen to Denver? For crying out loud it’s barely a a short drive portal to portal! Guess the Clueless Inept One wanted his regime’s biggest symbol (second only to His Cluelessness’ Megalomania) to be included to remind his subjects who’s boss.

  • bigkahuna

    MSM will report this….. Oh wait…They will report it was Bush’s fault.

    When this @ssclown and his sasquatch move out of the whitehouse I bet we will hear all kinds of stories about the classless nature of them and their guests.

  • Jackie

    obama has no regard for anyone but himself. he has made this clear time and again. Hopefully he does not get re elected as then he will cause more problems for the US and he won’t have anything to lose, so he’ll keep destroying the UNITED STATES

  • bg


    Obama did not fall from the sky & land in
    the OO @ the WH with NO PAPER TRAIL..

    March 10, 1983

    Breaking The War Mentality

    January 18, 2001

    Breaking Free From The Consitution


  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    BHO sure knows how to put the POS in POtuS.

  • democraps suck

    Biggest dousche bag ever

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …so others can learn how disrespectful this Pres. is toward the military.

    We knew that all along, Sir.

    We knew it all along…

  • Militant Conservative

    Just sent this link to a large military school.

    They need to know how the CIC takes a dump

    On our finest. Obama is a POS

    Powder is dry

  • StrangernFiction

    He’s just in over his head.

  • Rick554

    As an Air Force viet vet, reading this makes me sick to my stomach. In my opinion, this poseur POC is free to leave the next time the Thunderbirds fly, the National anthem is played or ANY of our Services’ songs are performed.
    To the Graduates of our Air Force Academy….Thank You for Serving , GOD bless you and your Families and KEEP ‘EM FLYING!

  • Dave-O

    Obama: “But the cadets are such great props for the photo ops!!”

  • mg4us

    #10 Expresso Logic. . so good. . couldn’t agree more

    Obama is a RULLie. . a Resident Urban Low Life. . .
    A ghetto boy from Chicago’s South side. . .
    who only thinks about himself. . .
    and putting himself first. . .
    above all others. . .
    and above service to his Country

    As far as he is concerned,
    the Air Force graduates are just bitter clingers. . .
    as are their parents. .

    The only reason he went there was to get Taxpayers pay for his fundraising trip to Colorado
    So he can continue campaigning

    Obama – – the Campaigner and Thief

  • ebayer

    I blame the person who thought it was a good idea to invite this pos to speak.

    Whoever invited this a-hole is probably an Obama drone.

  • Patty

    Most of here, know Obama is a narcissist. But for those we know who are on the fence about Obama or Romney, this should be sent to them.

    I know George W. Bush would never do this, people can say what the want about George W. but he most certainly would never be disrespectful toward the Military and his father would have loved this show. Can you imagine, George H. Bush, who has probably Parachuted with some of these pilots, maybe.

  • Hjambotron

    As much as I’m not a fan of “Dear Leader”, I can’t help but think of the many times in my 20 year AF career where a colonel or general or some other high ranking individual take off before an event was over.

    They would come in, say a few words, then go off to some other event…typically causing inconveniences along the way for all the Airmen who were in attendance or who put on the show. But, it was and is, one of those things that happen. If you have a high raking dignitary, you make allowances for his or her schedule…

    Rude? Perhaps…but you roll with those little inconveniences regardless of who’s in charge…