Obama Disrespects Air Force Academy Graduates

Obama spoke to the Air Force Academy graduates last week.

Then he made them wait in the stadium for the closing ceremony so he could skedaddle to a fundraiser.

A family member of an Air Force cadet sent this in to a friend.
Obama Disrespects the Air Force Academy Graduates

Hi All,
I just wanted to pass on a little info in case some of you were not aware of this. Yesterday was the Air force Academy graduation ceremony. My friend from Texas had just arrived and we drove down the road to watch the Thunderbirds air show after the ceremony was finished. Most of you know Pres. Obama spoke at the ceremony and handed out the diploma’s. When this finished it was time for the Thunderbirds to fly. There was one maneuver then they disappeared. A man standing by me called a friend at Peterson Field and found out that the air show was halted because Obama wanted to leave. A helicopter soon appeared and flew around in a circular pattern above where we were – basically doing reconnesance as Obama’s motor-cade was exiting the Air Force Academy. He was going to Denver to do some more campaigning since Colorado is a swing state. After he left the Thunderbirds came back and continued the show for the graduates. Think about this. Obama comes to a graduation, speaks etc. then decides to leave before the Thunderbirds can complete their air show. They had to fly around, & waste fuel. Thousands of people – the graduating cadets, parents, friends, observers in the vicinity parked in lots waiting to see them fly, inconvenienced, so Obama – his “highness’ could leave to go campaign in Denver! How disrespectful of EVERYONE in attendance. It would have taken only about 20-30 minutes more time to stay until the fly-over was finished thereby honoring the graduates, Thunderbirds and the military in general. However, this narcissistic disgrace of a ‘Commander -in-Chief” had to inconvenience everyone and leave interrupting the ceremony fly-over because everything is about him. I was disgusted by this and so was everyone else standing around near us. I hope this info gets passed on so others can learn how disrespectful this Pres. is toward the military. Not too many who witnessed this will be voting for him.

Sure enough. It’s true. Obama dissed the Air Force Academy graduates.
This was posted in the Gazette:

The thousands of graduation revelers at the Air Force Academy had to wait a while longer for the F-16 Thunderbirds to show up again after their dramatic initial appearance at Falcon Stadium.

Six Thunderbirds streaked past the cadets as they threw their caps into air early Wednesday afternoon. But the expected air show afterwards had to wait. The presidential motorcade left the academy shortly after the hat toss and the air show took a break as Obama drove down Interstate 25.

The Thunderbirds came back after a half-hour pause, drawing applause from spectators when they made their return – flying by in the diamond and the arrowhead formations.

Hat Tip Mara Zebest

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  • bg


    no, i mean, really.. /s/

    Is Obama Planning To Drop “The Star-Spangled Banner”

    no again, i mean, question about it.. /s/


  • Granny

    This is no surprise. You cannot put lipstick on a pig or make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. This particular “president” has less class and manners than anyone who has ever “graced” the office and his wife is not one whit better.

  • jony101

    I expect nothing less from hussein, and he never dissappoints me. If it was a graduating class of illegal aliens he would have stayed, he wouldn’t want to inconvenience his voting supporters.

  • SeniorD

    Really? Fly from Petersen to Denver? For crying out loud it’s barely a a short drive portal to portal! Guess the Clueless Inept One wanted his regime’s biggest symbol (second only to His Cluelessness’ Megalomania) to be included to remind his subjects who’s boss.

  • bigkahuna

    MSM will report this….. Oh wait…They will report it was Bush’s fault.

    When this @ssclown and his sasquatch move out of the whitehouse I bet we will hear all kinds of stories about the classless nature of them and their guests.

  • Jackie

    obama has no regard for anyone but himself. he has made this clear time and again. Hopefully he does not get re elected as then he will cause more problems for the US and he won’t have anything to lose, so he’ll keep destroying the UNITED STATES

  • bg


    Obama did not fall from the sky & land in
    the OO @ the WH with NO PAPER TRAIL..

    March 10, 1983

    Breaking The War Mentality

    January 18, 2001

    Breaking Free From The Consitution


  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    BHO sure knows how to put the POS in POtuS.

  • democraps suck

    Biggest dousche bag ever

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …so others can learn how disrespectful this Pres. is toward the military.

    We knew that all along, Sir.

    We knew it all along…

  • Militant Conservative

    Just sent this link to a large military school.

    They need to know how the CIC takes a dump

    On our finest. Obama is a POS

    Powder is dry

  • StrangernFiction

    He’s just in over his head.

  • Rick554

    As an Air Force viet vet, reading this makes me sick to my stomach. In my opinion, this poseur POC is free to leave the next time the Thunderbirds fly, the National anthem is played or ANY of our Services’ songs are performed.
    To the Graduates of our Air Force Academy….Thank You for Serving , GOD bless you and your Families and KEEP ‘EM FLYING!

  • Dave-O

    Obama: “But the cadets are such great props for the photo ops!!”

  • mg4us

    #10 Expresso Logic. . so good. . couldn’t agree more

    Obama is a RULLie. . a Resident Urban Low Life. . .
    A ghetto boy from Chicago’s South side. . .
    who only thinks about himself. . .
    and putting himself first. . .
    above all others. . .
    and above service to his Country

    As far as he is concerned,
    the Air Force graduates are just bitter clingers. . .
    as are their parents. .

    The only reason he went there was to get Taxpayers pay for his fundraising trip to Colorado
    So he can continue campaigning

    Obama – – the Campaigner and Thief

  • ebayer

    I blame the person who thought it was a good idea to invite this pos to speak.

    Whoever invited this a-hole is probably an Obama drone.

  • Patty

    Most of here, know Obama is a narcissist. But for those we know who are on the fence about Obama or Romney, this should be sent to them.

    I know George W. Bush would never do this, people can say what the want about George W. but he most certainly would never be disrespectful toward the Military and his father would have loved this show. Can you imagine, George H. Bush, who has probably Parachuted with some of these pilots, maybe.

  • Hjambotron

    As much as I’m not a fan of “Dear Leader”, I can’t help but think of the many times in my 20 year AF career where a colonel or general or some other high ranking individual take off before an event was over.

    They would come in, say a few words, then go off to some other event…typically causing inconveniences along the way for all the Airmen who were in attendance or who put on the show. But, it was and is, one of those things that happen. If you have a high raking dignitary, you make allowances for his or her schedule…

    Rude? Perhaps…but you roll with those little inconveniences regardless of who’s in charge…

  • Patty

    I agree with one thing. YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR.

  • mary

    Our son graduated in 2008 from the Academy and President Bush was the speaker at the Academy. Bush greeted and talked to EVERY SINGLE one of the 950 or so graduates. His speech was about THEM and AMERICA. Obama shows up this year and gives speeches that are all about HIM. Then he insults them, doesn’t greet all the graduates, and flies off to a fundraiser.

    What a low life.

  • Happy Fun Ball

    Too bad the T-birds don’t have a “middle-finger formation” they could have saluted Teh Won with.

  • Ghost


  • Mitch Rapp

    What’s more important? the Military or sales of legislation to bundlers?

  • Patty

    Rush: Obama has become Barack Hussein Kardashian, Celebrity of the United States

    The Obama campaign has been making much ado about a few of their celebrity connections of late, getting Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker in on the act with ads unveiled during the weekend’s MTV movie awards to raise some dolla’ dolla’ bills for his reelection campaign. Mr. Limbaugh, to put it gently, is somewhat less than impressed with their campaign tactics (h/t Right Scoop). Ouch:



  • Patty


    High-end fashion editor Anna Wintour is, I’m sure, an accomplished lady with quite the business acumen, and she’s certainly entitled her political opinions, but that’s not why any of Obama’s targets would listen to her. It’s because she’s helping to turn the Barack Obama presidency into something chic, trendy, and cool, lending her posh image to get kids to romanticize him instead of examining his policies. And hey, I can barely blame the Obama campaign for using this to their advantage — we’re a culture (most especially youth culture) inclined to eschewing critical thinking and revering celebrities’ opinions instead, and President Obama isn’t really helping to elevate the national consciousness. He won the youth vote last time by encouraging and going along with this type of thing, but maybe — just maybe — enough young people are sitting on their parents’ couches right about now to realize that celebrity mystique is a far cry from economic reality.


    Rush NAILED IT!!

  • Support our US soldiers and veterans: http://supporttroopsus.com/ Because they deserve it! Please share and spread the word that WE MUST SUPPORT OUR TROOPS NOW.

  • bigL

    Obama desparate for a “Reichstag” moment.For what-ever reason…I think he wants someoneto throw something at him or swing on him or call him a name.
    But thereare so many people that like him and support all this. No one outside these pagesand the USAF that were there will ever see or read this stunt.My freinds want to knowwhy what I tell them is not On ABC news or in the paper.

  • Patty


    mary, congrats, great parenting!

    What a low life.

    And he is scooping up all the others low life’s right down with him.

  • Patty

    AND HERE WE GO…..!

    Voter Fraud Explodes in Wisconsin; Eye Witnesses Speak Out


  • Seriously, was it such a slow news day you had to find something to be poutraged about?

    Let me ask you this.

    What did you say when Bush held the Abraham Lincoln out at sea a few extra days (after an extended deployment) for his “Mission Accomplished” moment?

    If you didn’t voice the same outrage, then don’t mind me as I point and laugh over your being mad about a 30 minute delay.

  • GMA215

    A mule in a tuxedo is still just a mule.

  • princetrumpet

    When asked for comment about the incident President Obama is reported to have said, “Romney’s a Mormon.”

  • GMA215

    Bush didn’t hold a ship over a few days for “his” “Mission Accomplished” moment. They were delayed 24 hours coming into port because he spent the night on board. The banner stating “Mission Accomplished” was placed in honor of the SHIP’S ACCOMPLISHMENT OF IT’S MISSION, NOT for Bush. President Bush NEVER disrespected the military or their families. EVER.

    And BTW, could your boy Obama land a jet on the deck of an aircraft carrier to visit the troops he “commands”?

    …At the time, Bush’s landing received rave reviews — a fact today conveniently forgotten. Conservatives, naturally, enjoyed it, but so did many liberals.

    “We saw some very powerful pictures,” reported CBS’s Bob Schieffer. “I think this was a remarkable moment. I mean, it really was…. [H]ere you have the president flying onto the aircraft carrier. The first president to fly on to an aircraft carrier in a fixed wing jet like he did, climbing out in that flight suit, looking very dashing. This whole day was quite an event…. We saw a little spontaneity today. We saw a little showmanship that we haven’t seen in a long time in politics, and frankly, I think that’s kind of good.” http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/07/bushs_mission_accomplished.html

  • KansasGirl

    What a jerk.

  • bg


    GMA215 #35 June 5, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Amen to that..

    neither does he have to be CIC to
    keep demonstrating his respect..

    November 10, 2009

    Thank you former President George W.
    Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush

    [As we will always be grateful for what George and Laura Bush did this
    week, with no media attention, when they very quietly went to Ft. Hood
    and met personally with the families of the victims of this terrorist attack.


    The Bushes went and met privately with these families
    for HOURS, hugging them, holding them, comforting them.

    If there are any of you out there with any connection at all to the Bushes,
    we implore you to give them our thanks…you tell them that a bunch of gay
    Hillary guys in Boystown, Chicago were wrong about the Bushes… and are
    deeply, deeply sorry for any jokes we told about them in the past, any bad
    thoughts we had about these good, good people.

    You may be as surprised by this as we are ourselves, but from this day
    forward George W. and Laura Bush are now on the same list for us as
    the Clintons, the Palins, and other political figures we keep in our hearts
    and never allow anyone to badmouth.

    Criticize their policies academically and intelligently and discuss the
    Bush presidency in historical and political terms…but you mess with
    the Bushes personally and, from this day forward, you’ll answer to

    We hope someday to be able to thank George W. and Laura in person
    for all they’ve done, and continue to do. They didn’t have to head to
    Ft. Hood. That was not their responsibility.

    The Obamas should have done that.

    But didn’t.


    Thank goodness George W. is still on his
    watch, with wonderful Laura at his side.]


  • ebayer

    @#35… Took the words right out of my mouth.
    Well said!

  • valerie


  • valerie

    #20 June 5, 2012 at 7:14 pm
    Hjambotron commented:

    The people who were in attendance did roll with it. And Obama is still a pig.

  • jawn

    i never thought in my wildest dreams,such fail known as obama could come right after george bush.

    Its unbelievable how anyone could outdo bush.

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  • Arch

    First, no one would accuse me of being an Obama apologist, however there is a prohibited air space zone over the president. If he is moving, all flights stop. period.

    It’s the law.

    Way to go Governor Scott Walker.

  • bg


    jawn #41 June 5, 2012 at 9:08 pm <——-

    and that dear people, is how turd droppers get their jollies..


  • bg


    Arch #43 June 5, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    the disrespect was his leaving in the
    middle of the graduation ceremonies..

    he should have never been there if he intended to disrupt
    the exercise, or made other arrangements for a photo op..


  • Hal Jordan

    I remember seeing George W. Bush shaking the hands of every member of the graduating class at the Air Force Academy a few years ago. It was impressive. I was very surprised to read that Obama did the same thing. http://www.mccookgazette.com/story/1856608.html I still think he needs to be replaced but we should be willing to give credit where credit is due.

  • bg


    Hal Jordan #46 June 5, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    what did you expect, it’s an ‘election year’.. duh


  • bg


    Hal Jordan #46 June 5, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    via your link..

    [President Obama pleads that the high fuel prices are caused by “the
    other guys” but his administration’ s actions in shutting down, the Gulf
    of Mexico production, refusal to allow drilling in Alaska, refusal to allow
    permitting for drilling on public lands and stopping the XL pipeline project
    has had a significant effect in causing fuel prices to rise. We all feel the
    hurt at the gas pump for our private automobiles and I am sure that
    vacation travel is also severely curtailed. All for the President’s unrealistic
    dream of green energy.


    What really gravels me are President Obama’s continuing efforts to cut
    the military budget. Nearly $800 billion has already been excised from the
    Pentagon budgets over the next ten years. Those cuts have caused the
    evisceration of virtually every military modernization program previously
    on the books. Research and development accounts crucial to the next
    generation of weapons are similarly savaged. Our nuclear assets are aging
    and no modernization projects are possible due to limited funding. There
    are plans afoot to dealert our fleet of nuclear tipped ICBM’s which have
    stood the test of time in deterring our enemies. Significant numbers of
    military personnel are being cut and those remaining are constantly being
    asked to do more. A real catastrophe looms in January 2013 if the
    “sequestration” mechanism goes into effect.

    Sadly the money being taken from the military budget does not go to
    savings. Instead that money, and more, is being funneled to social
    programs designed to buy votes for liberals that believe in ever bigger
    government. Our country is in trouble and sadly President Obama’s
    every effort is making it worse.


  • ant

    #35, that’s what I found so amusing about the wailing of ‘AWOL Bush’ from the left…the ‘fake but accurate’ documentation. Because everyone knows, any shmoe that avoided military service can land a fixed wing aircraft on a Carrier./sarc.

  • Rhoda R

    35 June 5, 2012 at 8:31 pm
    GMA215 commented:

    And BTW, could your boy Obama land a jet on the deck of an aircraft carrier to visit the troops he “commands”?

    Gma, I love Bush W but he didn’t land that jet – he’s not dumb enough to try. He wasn’t trained on carrier landings nor was he trained on the type of jet he flew in. He DID fly the the to the ac but he didn’t land it.

  • bg


    Rhoda R #50 June 5, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    not a fact finder much are we??


  • bg



    December 22, 2008

    Myths & Facts About the Real Bush Record


  • bg


    May 02, 2003

    Commander in Chief lands on USS Lincoln

    [President Bush made a landing aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln
    Thursday, arriving in the co-pilot’s seat of a Navy S-3B Viking
    after making two fly-bys of the carrier.

    It was the first time a sitting president has arrived on the deck
    of an aircraft carrier by plane. The jet made what is known as
    a “tailhook” landing, with the plane, traveling about 150 mph,
    hooking onto the last of four steel wires across the flight deck
    and coming to a complete stop in less than 400 feet.]


  • So a 20 minute delay is “disrespectful”, but making sailors coming off a 10 month deployment and their families wait an extra day isn’t?

    Ok, gotcha.

    I mean, why helicopter in when you can pull a giant wasteful publicity stunt like he did?

    BTW.. the Mission Accomplished banner was paid for, made, and hung by the White House.

    Perhaps you folks should listen to what Ari Fleischer said:

    White House press secretary Ari Fleischer called the criticism “a disservice to the men and women of our military”

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  • Combat Vet

    i have just returned from Afghanistan. I have never once felt disrespected by the president. You all sound like a bunch of babies. It was 30 minutes. If you dont know the president is very busy. Go do something positive like send a marine a care package.

  • creeper

    It’s a good thing none of those Thunderbird pilots had an itchy trigger finger…

  • creeper

    “If you dont know the president is very busy.”

    If you call holding four…hahahahahahehehehe…wait, I can do this…hahahehehehahaha…His daily sched…hehehehahahahaha…no, seriously, give me a minute…hahahaha…

    Nope. Sorry. I tried. I really did.

  • olivia

    I understand this is hurtful but have anyone of you been to a function where everyone is wanded, searched and checked before any higher gov. appears?

    Now IF Obama drove himself he deserved all the dirt but just think about it for a minute.

  • bg


    CV #56 June 6, 2012 at 11:08 am

    yeah, right.. 🙄

    creeper #58 June 6, 2012 at 11:48 am

    ditto.. 😆


  • marsha

    DID THAT really really happen…..what a selfish—-selfish— thing to do!!!! IF IT IS TRUE….

  • Audie C Gates

    “American Born?” Show me a Sign!!!

  • Frank M. Evans, MSgt. Ret.

    This is an afront to the office of the President. He did not make the schedule for his time there. The Academy officials did. I was stationed at the academy for over 4 years and saw many events handled in the exact same manner. If it was such a “diss” to the graduates, don’t you think the schedulers knew in advance what was going to happen at a certain time in the schedule of the president? Douche-bags!!!!!!

  • The article specifically says he left the graduation ceremony to attend a fundraiser, not business of state. As a result, I have to fault the President for not having handlers scheduling his activities appropriately. To wit: The fundraiser was more important than finishing out the graduation. That’s bad optics, at best.
    Frankly, I’ve had enough and I’m embarrassed. The world is laughing at America.

  • All this chatter…and because Jim…one person says this…it must be true. Well…I live in Massachusetts and Mitt Romney did nothing for this state. So good luck to you if you think he can run the Country. Jim…lean how to spell…. Nancy

  • I have lived thru 13 presidents in my lifetime and cannot find enough words of disgust in the english language to describe what I think of this worthless piece of narcistic garbage. Notice I used clean words. You can read between them.

  • BirdManBlue

    mary commented:

    “Our son graduated in 2008 from the Academy and President Bush was the speaker at the Academy. Bush greeted and talked to EVERY SINGLE one of the 950 or so graduates. His speech was about THEM and AMERICA. Obama shows up this year and gives speeches that are all about HIM. Then he insults them, doesn’t greet all the graduates, and flies off to a fundraiser.”

    Total BS, Mary. He greeted and saluted every one of the grads. I was there and took pictures.

  • BirdManBlue

    Every time I’ve been to a graduation with the POTUS as speaker, they’ve cleared him out immediately after the hat toss and flyby, then had a pause for the rest of the show until he’s safely out of the area–even frat-boy Bush who encouraged grossly unprofessional behavior among the cadets with chest-bumping, high 5s and other crap.. There’s just no way the SS is going tolerate all of the confusion that goes on during he show for him to stick around for 30-45 more minutes. The complaint is just BS.

  • Ismellbs

    If you really want to know what happened, read the blog of someone who was there. Pay attention to the entries for dates May, 22 & May 23.


  • Diablo135

    CHRISTIAN, you don’t know anything about how anyone on here felt about what Bush did so don’t presume. Secondly, who cares. We are not talking about Bush. We are talking about the CURRENT president. Now go play

  • Diablo135

    NANCY – So Mitt dropping the already low unemployment from 5.6 to 4.7 percent is nothing? Really?

  • oleman8

    First, Nancy learn how to spell learn. We all know how this person, won’t say our president, maybe yours, is so narcissistic and only wants what he wants and to hell with anyone else. Guess he thinks he is still in Chitown as a fund raiser, seems that is all he is doing in the White House these days. If they can raise that much at a fund raiser for him, well, take that money and put it towards the debt he has us in with China. Will be glad when he and his ghetto dressing wife are out of the White House and guess it is the fault of Bush she dresses that way. Biggest disgrace to ever happen in America. OBAMA======s ONE BIG A$$ MISTAKE AMERICA.

  • Ed Garland

    What a great idea. – Invite a dog-eating, anti-American, commie bastard to hand out the Air Force Academy diplomas. Who thought of that?

  • Amber Van Ryan

    This is ridiculous. How disrespectful of all of you! Of course the air show was halted, the President of the United States was leaveing. Are you all serious right now? Besides, if the fly over was the highlight of these whining people’s lives then I feel sorry for them and all of you that see an issue with this. Say what you want, cry all you want but the President of the United States is Barack Obama. If he wants to leave during an air show, it will be shut down PERIOD! If he wants use of a venue that you have already reserved for your wedding, you may get bumped PERIOD! It’s the highest office, in theory, in the land. Perhaps all of you that constantly speak negatively about our elected officials should run for office and fix all of our problems with your grand ideas. If you are unwilling to step up and seek out the job, then you are part of the problem. It’s really sad how ignorant people can be.

  • Mr Peepers

    What does one expect of “street corner” garbage….?? The occupiers of the WH are the lowest of the low “ghetto people”….!!!

  • Smilnatya

    I am neither for or against President Obama. What I am for is respect for the Presidency of the United States. I am sad to see and hear the disrespect expressed by Americans when referring to our leader. It is certainly a duty to call out a leader in regards to policial blunders or a difference of political ideals–but to name call a politician (Ass, terrorist, pig, etc.) is ignorance at it’s best. We count ourselves among the people of a nation that is suppose to be the example to the rest of the world and these comments are a poor example. Vote him out of office, that is your right, but while he is in office keep your name calling yourself.

  • Jack Smith

    The “one maneuver” was the scheduled fly-over (NOT part of the air show, so the show was not “interrupted”, as implied). For those who didn’t bother to read (probably because he just ticks them off by breathing), the President did not FLY to Denver; his motorcade drove straight up I-25. This was a scheduled plan with the AFA. Don’t let facts get in the way of your hatred, though.

  • tripod9

    Ive never seen such whinning in my entire career in the military as I see here.

  • G E

    Good Grief -whaddya expect – he’s a (left wing) Democat??!!

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  • golfingknutt

    Obama fooled 69 million voters in 08′ How many will he fool this November?

  • Larry Tooker

    Obama’s relation to the military, as Commander-in-Chief, reminds me of the comedian I saw long ago talking about his time in Vietnam… He said, “The fighting got real bad, I got scared and ran. I ran so far back behind the lines I bumped into a General!”

  • Lisa Bartels

    My husband flew for the Thunderbirds when Clinton was President and he did the same thing. That’s why the “Commander in Chief” of the Armed Forces should be someone who has served in the military and can appreciate and show proper respect for these men and women.

  • Having stood in the June sun on the USAFA parade ground, I understand completely how inconvenienced were the cadets, the grads and the families & visitors for our POS-In-Chief.

    I just can’t even imagine any of his predecessors – you know, REAL presidents – would ever even thought of this enormous show of narcissism and disprespect.

    It is of a piece with his closing The Wall for a day for a short reading from TOTUS on MEMORIAL DAY.

    This guy is a load in America’s pants. Time for a change.

  • George

    Smilnatya commented:
    I am neither for or against President Obama. What I am for is respect for the Presidency of the United States. I am sad to see and hear the disrespect expressed by Americans when referring to our leader. It is certainly a duty to call out a leader in regards to policial blunders or a difference of political ideals–but to name call a politician (Ass, terrorist, pig, etc.) is ignorance at it’s best. We count ourselves among the people of a nation that is suppose to be the example to the rest of the world and these comments are a poor example. Vote him out of office, that is your right, but while he is in office keep your name calling yourself.

    I would hav to agree with Smilnatya on this matter, but I will say that the President has brought alot of this on himself for sure. After all I can remember him standing up infront of alot of folks saying that the Republican need to go to the back of the bus. That was about three years ago. And since then he has not stopped with the statements about his White House. Last time I looked the White House belongs to the American people.

  • Donna

    President Obama’s contempt for the military is blatantly apparent each time he “returns the salute” of a military person. News films show that he never looks directly “at” the Marine – sometimes he doesn’t even return the salute until he’s actually passed by, and his back is to the soldier!
    Compare films of President Bush. He always looked directly at the Marine when returning the salute. As the wife of a career military officer, this seemingly minor lapse in protocol speaks volumes about our “imperial” President.

  • It wasn’t just a matter of him being impatient to get to Colorado, he knew that his exit would be seen by all those waiting to see the Thunderbirds. The man is a hack, he wants to hog the stage no matter what it costs those around him…Have we had enough of this one, yet? I was done with him and his speeches and his fifteen minutes of fame six months after he took office and began to destroy our nation.

  • Lou.ci Pher

    i just wish he choke and drop dead on one of his cigarettes, like real soon and while your at it, hopefully his hoot-chi momma trips over her size 12 foot coming down the flight stairs of AIR FORCE ONE and breaks her neck and goes as well. couldnt happen to a better bunch of treasonous unpatriotic scumbags!!

  • joe townsend

    yea thats why i did not vote for him, how many idiots are gonna vote for this american imposter that swindled his way into the white house, thanks to obama and his croneys getting there cuts from large corparations sending there merchindise to china to be manufactured instead of our over paid unions making it herre i personaly would pay a higher price to keep manufacturing here in the USA. just my opinion folks, why hasnt he been impeached ?

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  • Gege

    I am replying to #85 comment – George. Just in case you did not know it . George Soros runs Snopes so the information on it is very unrealiable. He is a lib and only flys the lib colors and Snopes has been found to have lies and information that is not to be found to be true or factual on it. So before you believe that website go look up your information first and find that facts first. This story is true. I have friends in the military and this did happen…

  • David

    Friends, I have read all 92 comments before mine. Whereas I believe that Ovomit is the worst president of my lifetime, leave the ceremony early is not really that outrageous. I spent 21 years in the Army and officials leave early every single time. What I find outrageous is the multitude of pictures showing this president cupping his hands over his groin area instead of having them over his heart during the national anthem. Or like one of the posters before me said, not saluting the Marines properly.

    Our nation needs to remove this HORRID president before he destroys our great nation. I thought Clinton was bad for having his affairs in the White House, but wow, that is nothing compared to this ones anti-America ideals. Please vote for anyone besides Ovomit in November.

  • dick ranez


  • Dezi

    If the existing President gets re-elected then this country deserves the garbage that comes out of that man’s mouth! ! ! No country on this planet will respects US and treat us with respect. It’s a fact, he will not get my vote. . . . . .

  • Shafteroid

    George, SNOPES is a Friend of the Mesihiah

  • Shafteroid

    Chris Any Preesident that Gives PAID SHOUTOUTS for Mothers Day and Tramples the Found of This the Greatest Country EVER Deserves the Respect he Recieves

  • SMH at a bunch of whiners

    I hope all of the officers graduating from the Air Force Academy this year aren’t as whinny as all you are. Otherwise, please bring on the un manned drones and just let the Marines fly. Jesus H. Christ since when do we care so much about a president we don’t care about, that we whine like a bunch of ignorant kids. Get your priorities straight people. Make YOUR country what you want it to be and not what you expect some other guy to do for you. SMH

  • PC

    Oh, Please! Stop acting like misbehaved children. This has happened before with other presidents and it will doubtless happen again. It´s just part of protocol.
    I see lots of folks here trying to disguise what they really think and feel (hate, racism) and it all sounds absolutely childish. Mind you, I respect your Right to express yourselves but I think you´re just being silly.
    On the other hand, go out and vote him out of office if you can. The key word is VOTE. But remember that other AMERICANS also have the right to vote and REELECT him if they can.

  • Gene

    Well BIG WHooptie! Like any of us who have been in the military havn’t had to wait for a speech or a meeting or chow or transportation or any number of things because of a whim on the part of a senior officer. If the Sissy who wrote the article doesn’t like waiting…then perhaps he should consider going somewhere the POTUS is not going to be as anytime you are at any event of that nature….waiting is inherent. Crybaby just want to make a moutain out of a molehill.

  • Evocatus

    After three and a half years in office, the big surprise is anyone still expects manners from The Little Fairy…

  • Esteban Cafe

    The man just keeps living up to my expectations.

  • Glen Griffin Sr.

    As a retired SS agent, I know for a fact there was no disrespect. There might be a little jelousy about the Commander in Chief being a big fan of the Navy. The president does not control his movements, we do. Everything is very on purpose. Blame security, not the President.

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  • Richard M – Government employee

    I agree with Glen Griffin comment (# 103). This is standard procedure. The crowd/attendees REMAIN seated etc until the VIP POTUS OR VPOTUS etc leaves.

    I wish people would do their homework i.e., research before they put their mouth in gear..

    It is the Secret Service’s call.

    Cut your “tea bag” off !!!!

  • Anonymous

    When you become the President of the United States and have a giant bullseye on your head, come back and write on how much you hate your security detail and how much you disrespect the time and devotion they invest to keep you safe. It’s all there for a reason. Show some respect for our Commander in Chief, whoever it is.

  • Leftcoastrocky

    well said

  • Dcinnamin Dhalaine Baker


  • baura

    (1) Presidents do not stay for the air show when they speak at the USAFA graduation. Bush spoke twice and did not stay for the air show either time.
    (2) The delay in the Thunderbirds program had no connection at all to the President’s departure. It was a previously scheduled refuling.
    (3) The only disrespect being shown is TO the president by those circulating lies.

  • nick84

    Easier said then done. RESPECT is earned. Not given!!!

  • Patriot

    He is President of the United States. He has already earned the respect you should be giving him.

  • santiago

    Twisted logic and blinded sick devotion. No!!!! Every human being has respect for being human but that is basic. If you have a title that does not earn you any respect just the title and recognition it comes with it. And you lose respect when you yourself do not respect others and it does not matter what your title is. You should respect the investiture always but not the person holding it, that respect is earned by that person. And who are you to tell others who should be or not be respected. Do you respect all heads of state? You should respect Putin and every other head of state by your own twisted logic.

  • santiago

    No you respect the office but not necessarily the person, Respecting the person forcefully and automatically because of the office he or she holds is wrong and sick. Look at Hitler and Stalin they both were commanders in chief and by the way you think you should render due tribute in their graves.