Obama gets his chew on…
Barack Obama chomped on his gum during the photo shoot with G20 leaders in Mexico.


Obama also bowed to Mexican President Calderone.
He can’t help it.



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  1. I remember every president since Eisenhower and I have never seen a president with so little class. Chewing gum? What is he, still in junior high?

  2. Come on November!

    Obama is going to make this all the more easy. Such a
    Classless obnoxious slob.
    A pimp on the corner has better manners.

    Powder is dry

  3. http://imaksim.com/wp-content/gallery/cache/210__420x_outlaw-president.jpg

    Above is funny, we need some fun these days to lighten our mood.

    Again, the stop smoking thing isn’t working out to well for Obama or and this is probably more like it. Never taught manners.

  4. Nicorette?

    Yes, that would be my guess for the following reason.

    The past two Presidents, Bush and Clinton, would always go out and job. That’s good for stress. I can’t imagine how stressful the Presidency is.

    Have you ever seen Obama out jogging? He’s thin, seems to be in good shape, but he never goes out jogging. Why doesn’t he? It’s hard to go out jogging when you’re a smoker.

    With the above story, he could have at least had a few cancer sticks before the photo op. He looks like a high school kid at Prom trying to hide his gum chewing.

  5. From the beginning he himself showed little respect for his successor. According to him in debates he told McCain, “your President” well, right there and then I was convinced if Obama was elected he would be the most liberal and partisan “president” in our history.


    Manners aside, Obama says he’s got game. (barf)


    Oh, to be a singer and dance man. Wow, wonder if he can walk and chew gum at the same time.

  6. ***The past two Presidents, Bush and Clinton, would always go out and jog*** typo

  7. #5 June 19, 2012 at 1:08 pm
    Mad Hatter commented:

    Have you ever seen Obama out jogging? NO but many times this.

    100 Rounds of Golf

  8. OT

    So, he chews gums and disrespect the office and he chooses to disrespect the Supreme Court and Congress. So really in the scheme of things, we couldn’t expect any less.

    Obama’s Bad Dream


    It is true, as the administration says, that the executive branch necessarily exercises discretion in enforcing the laws. It can set priorities, but it cannot exempt wholesale a class of people from the law. It is not merely “prosecutorial discretion,” to borrow the administration’s phrase, to hand out brand-new work authorizations. Since when is that the task of prosecutors? The authorizations bestow a legal status that, as a practical matter, will never be taken away.

    Even if that’s the right call, it’s not one for President Obama to make. Not for the first time, he’s proven himself callow, cynical, and contemptuous of our constitutional order.


  9. Islamists in Mali Encourage Smokers to Kick the Habit With 40 Lashes

    On another thread but it better be Nicorette he is chewing. Or get hypothesized quick. :)

  10. Once a no-class a$$, always a no-class a$$!

  11. OT

    Gov. Mitch Daniels to be chosen as president of Purdue University


  12. What has Obama accomplished, beside chewing gum…. Please watch this video


  13. Nicorette? Possibly…

    But notice the proximity of the attendees —

    As Mooch and the girls have readily offered,

    “His breath really stinks.”

    A quick search reveals:

    Healthy Chewing Gum | Best Gum for Bad Breath | Dry Mouth
    Cleure healthy dry mouth chewing gum is sweetened with 100% xylitol. Best chewing gum for bad breath.

    “Cleure” would be my guess. Barry does Google, doesn’t he..?

  14. Need a leader – got a wanna be basketball player.

  15. He is obviously not accepted into the group. He walked around probing for a friendly face and got shut out. Body language is so telling. Evil people usually have horrible breath.

  16. its nicorette gum. the nerves you know.. and that’s a no smoking conference.

  17. Obanema 100% clueless, a gift of affirmative action and the liberal failure that is the nation’s so called education system.

  18. ++


    re: #3 June 19, 2012 at 1:00 pm bg

    via Rush

    Bob Turner Stands with Kids as Libs Heckle
    Them for Singing Lee Greenwood Song …..

    btw, i don’t give a bats guano of Barry blows bubbles when he farts..


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