John Roberts Jokes About Spending Summer at Impregnable Fortress After ObamaTax Decision

Chief Justice John Roberts joked about spending the summer at an “impregnable fortress” after ObamaTax decision.
The AP reported:

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts joked that he’ll spend some time on an “impregnable island fortress” now that the court has ended a session that featured him casting the decisive vote to uphold President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Responding to a question about his summer break, Roberts said he planned to teach a class for two weeks in Malta, the Mediterranean island nation.

“Malta, as you know, is an impregnable island fortress. It seemed like a good idea,” Roberts said, drawing laughter from about 300 judges, attorneys and others attending a four-day conference Friday at a posh southwestern Pennsylvania resort.

Roberts appeared Friday at a conference hosted by the Judicial Conference of the District of Columbia Circuit, one day after the Supreme Court said the federal government can require citizens to buy health insurance. The impromptu 35-minute session featured Roberts answering alternating questions from Chief Judge David B. Sentelle, of the D.C. Circuit Court, and Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth, who heads the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

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  • Hardnox

    He can joke all he wants. It’s not funny!

  • Fuquay Steve

    I guess you are part of the 1%. Figures.

  • Remco Kimber

    Roberts is an officer of the US and a federal employee. Apparently he thinks that he’s still writting briefs in the DOJ and the Solicitor General’s office. As Scalia noted the government made the tax argument barely in passing, focusing next to no attention to it in oral argument or in briefing.

    But no fear. Judge Roberts to the rescue who went out of his way to find some way, any way, to pull the government’s iron out of this fire.

    Yuck !

  • MamaGriz68

    I’m not laughing.

  • bg


    hah, he & Barry must think they’re the new
    Dean & Jerry, more like Tom & Jerry.. gah!!

    and just for the knowledge of it:

    Romney’s Best Defense: The Truth About Romneycare


  • Sasja

    It could turn out to be a positive as far as November is concerned since this ruling has so many folks up in arms and chomping at the bit to rid ourselves of this monstrous bill.

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  • DRH

    …. that would be the SCOTresS of Solitude?

  • snap boy

    Any justice, much less the Chief Justice,who finds his/her ruling a source of amusement is an embarrassment to the Court.

  • donh

    More proof the Supreme Court Jester is an evil genius…..Twisting the dagger Soros gave him in our back……His departing referance to Malta reveals an intentional sinister allusion to the Knights of Malta New World Order illuminati cult that goes back the Crusades…All the fascist players in WW2 were members of this order.> …..He is really going to the George Soros UN funded Spis Castle …the true seat of the caliphate…. which you can see from the air has an external wall shaped like a bull . A temple where humans are sacrificed to BAAL going back to the dark ages….. >

  • old glazier

    Laughing and vacations after delivering the country over to its enemies? I can’t express the contempt I will forever hold this man(?) in. After betraying those who put him where he is, he sold us out for an imaginary “image” of the all knowing, all compassionate supreme jurist of the world. Well you just lost all your old friends and your new ones will slap you on the back this political season while laughing behind your back at you. You’re a traitor and a man of low character who has forever ruined your family’s name. That name forevermore will only be used for a slur.

  • Tim in Cali

    Roberts said he planned to teach a class for two weeks in Malta ,in what

    A. Backstabbing 101
    B. Burning the Constitution
    C. How to magically pull a tax bill out of your ***
    D. All the above

  • rolling thunder

    Roberts has legitimized the largest tax increase in American history–during the worst economy since the 1930’s. Forget the 500 billion figure that has been thrown out by pundits, the true cost for the first five years of Obamacare will be in the trillions. Add that to the current national debt of 16 trillion, and one can see there is a fiscal cliff that America is heading towards at an accelerating pace. But of course, health care taxes will be instituted on nearly everything imaginable to fund the ever increasing healthcare bureaucracy which will creep enthusiastically into every business venue imaginable. Because of the myriad rules that will be enforced by this bureaucracy the age of American entrepreneurship is finished. My guess is that VAT taxes will be instituted at somewhere between seven and ten percent, capital gains will be raised, income taxes will be raised, and just about every tax conceivable will be legitimized to pay for the huge bureaucracy that’s being created. In my estimation, it will be nearly impossible for any economic recovery to take shape for the next four to five years. And don’t think that the healthcare bill applies just to U.S citizens. With Roberts other stellar decision earlier in the week, add half of Mexico to the costs of administering the costs.

  • Mad Hatter

    The best thing Roberts can do this summer is to get his head examined.

  • lizzy84

    I can’t find the silver lining that spins CJ Robert’s decision into a positive thing. I think he had a truly sound Constitutional argument but changed it for reasons that our grand kids may someday learn. What I know is that a very bad law setting a very bad precedent was pushed all the way through and now I can be instructed to do this or do that by some central planner in Washington as long as my failure to do that thing can be taxed. I think this will become a political disaster for the maybe it will all end well but the Constitution lost big time.

  • Dan C

    John Roberts and the other stooges on the SC can take away our freedom and we have no recourse.

    Don’t even try to tell me voting is a recourse. We voted for a “Conservative republican” and he gave us this justice.

    It wouldn’t bother me at all if some people went full ACORN on John Roberts and picketed his house and made his life miserable for the rest of his days.

    That’s what he deserves. Of course, the conservative movement would never do that. Only the left does hardcore tactics and thats why they win and why the government always grows.
    What he did to us was unconscionable and he faces no consequences. HE IS A GOD apparently. We are just his little subjects. He actually jokes about taking our freedom away. HAHAHA, so funny Mr. Roberts.

    He is set for life and doesn’t have to worry about the things we worry about. I wonder how he would feel if his freedom was curtailed in such a way? We will never know.
    He agrees with Obama and Pelosi that we are slaves to the state..Of course, he calls it a TAX wink wink.

    I really dislike him, and that is putting it VERY mildly. Sorry for the rant, but this is a very bad person we are dealing with here. Don’t let anyone spin it differently to you. Good people don’t do things like this. Don’t forget that.

  • mg4us

    Roberts is a disgrace. . our Constitution took a serious blow yesterday.

    Listen to Mark Levin.

    And what is Roberts doing teaching abroad. . at taxpayer expense. . aren’t there serious students here in the US?

    The DC elites have perverted and distorted our great Country.

    The inmates have taken over the asylum!!!

    Wonder if Obama has some incriminating evidence on Roberts to make him change his mind so suddenly?

    If the Supreme Court no longer defends the Constitution, then it may be up to the military to protect this country from ALL ENEMIES — Foreign and DOMESTIC!

    Governors too!

  • Little David Puddy

    I wonder if he will be vacationing with Colin Powell. Traitors both.

  • Highlander

    I’m glad Justice Roberts thinks it’s funny, because he’s the only one. The more I hear, the less I’m inclined to believe that he did this with good intentions, and even if he did, what he did was an insult to the Constitution and the American people. I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m feeling a great deal of animosity toward him.

    If the daily insults and abuse being heaped upon the American people by this government continue, eventually they will have consequences. At some point, the people in this country who cherish freedom are going to get fed up with these attacks on the Constitution, and will move to throw off this government. When that day comes, they’re going to be working off of a very short list of the perpetrators of these attacks, and I’m guessing that Roberts’ name will be at the very top of that list. Personally, that’s a position I wouldn’t want to be in, and I certainly wouldn’t be joking or laughing about it…

  • RoadKill

    Malta? I thought that was where Obama and the ladies were planning on spending the first 20 years after he leaves office – unless the Federal Marshals catch them first.