James O’Keefe Stuns Far Left Activists – Crashes Netroots 2012 (Video)

James O’Keefe and I took a stroll over to Netroots 2012 on Saturday.

We decided to take a picture under their banner after James picked up his name tag. James left the pimp outfit at home.

The energy at the conference was way down this year.
They didn’t know what to do with James. A few came by and said hello. Most of them just stared.

A couple others wanted their picture picture taken with James.

But overall there was not much energy at the conference this year. The Wisconsin election really weighed heavy on the moonbats. It was a tough loss.

Even the breakout sessions were empty.

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  • poor widdle moonbat muppets #sadface


  • coolidgerules

    The failure……..I can almost smell it

  • Pastorius

    Vangelis, the person the Netroot girl is saying she wants to “go in and see”, is the composer of the soundtrack for Chariots of Fire.

    The idea that Vangelis would appear at a Netroots convention is laughable.

    But, not as laughable as when her boyfriend corrects her, “Van Jones.”

    “Oh yeah, Van Jones.”



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  • Liz

    James should have his face on the dollar bill. Patriot.

  • They must be elsewhere crapping on police cars and dying from drug ODs in their smelly tents.

  • Redwine

    Magnificent! Love O’Keefe. He’s turned gonzo journalism into a conservative sport.

  • EBL

    Professor Jacobson and Darleen Click noted that they could just be snarky (after the fact). Cowards (although pussies seems more descriptive).

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  • Militant conservative

    This is the lack of MO I smell

    for November. The left knows

    they Are going to lose.

  • mg4us

    Nothing like a dose of reality to dampen the spirits of a progressive Libtard. . . especially NutRoot Nations. . .

    Hopefully they enjoyed cheese. .Wisconsin cheese. . . with their whine. . . followed by a good serving of TEA. . .

    Way to go O’Keefe. . appreciate your reporting and journalistic coverage of these losers. .

    Is it true many of them were still wearing their pajamas that they usually wear living in the basement of their Mommy & Daddy’s home?

  • mg4us

    Netroots Nation is now NutRoots Notion!

    Reason attendance is down is because some of the Nutroots still under arrest from their OWS charade. . .

    while others were grounded by Mommy & Daddy for not taking out the trash or keeping their room clean. . .

    Guess it sucks being an worthless Obamabot and having no job or opportunity. . .just massive student debts to pay. . .

    Remember. .you get what you vote for. . .

  • suzanne

    Brietbart is smiling real big! WAR!!!

  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap! O’Keefe is probably going to find that stack of fake absentee ballots I was going to hand out.

    I know this empty room picture is going to end-up on Youtube. I will be mocked for my stupid hollow “Hopey and Changie” campaign. My Moobats will be exposed to the sunlight and collide in mid-air. Worse, people will know I am a bankrupt empty suit.

    My limousine is running and my campaign is sucking. I cannot answer anymore questions. Good day.

  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    Good thing O’Keefe didn’t wear the pimp outfit. The moonbats might have mistaken him for Axelrod.

  • mg4us

    #16 Limousine Barry . . .agree with the bankrupt empty suit bit. . . the reason for the empty room was that folks were out attending a Clinton call-in. . .

    An awesome article in Today’s American Thinker. . .


    Obama’s many wars (war on women, War on class, war on wall street, war on big oil, War on Catholic Church, etc.). . .he also has launched a stealth yet silent war against Israel and is loosing the Jewish vote too

    But a war by Clinton against Obama. . . I know who I would bet on. .

    Remember it was Hillary and her team that brought up the Birther issue!

    Clinton probably knows more secrets about Obama but has not yet revealed them. . .
    Some possible secrets yet to be revealed:

    – Obama’s true birth certificate
    – Obama’s college transcripts
    – Obama’s missing years of contacts and associations
    – Obama’s real details on his visit to Pakistan and Russia when he was a young man
    – Obama’s secret dealings with Russia & Putin (KGB)
    – Obama’s secret tape LA times withholding on his pro Palestinian (anti-Israel) support
    – Obama’s secret dealings with islamo-facists CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban
    – Obama’s secret dealing with IRAN (allowing them to keep stealth drone & leaking spy secrets)
    – Obama’s secret dealings with Chavez during Honduran crisis in 2009
    – Obama’s anti-American/Anti-White association with Pastor Wright
    – Obama’s secret support & directions for Black Youth Flash mobs (2011 and more to come)
    – Obama’s secret dealings with Farrakhan
    – Obama’s Acorn involvement
    – Obama’s secret lovers ( Women & MEN!!!)
    – Obama’s drug dependency (perhaps this is why he stays so thin) and wee-weed up
    – Obama’s AIDS (contracted with his gay lovers from his church – -google it)

    Don’t put it past Clinton and traditional Loyal Dems to do a Lautenberg/Torricelli October surprise like they did in NJ
    Lautenberg was called upon again to run for the Senate. This time, however, it was to replace incumbent Senator Bob Torricelli, who had won nomination for a second term in the June primary elections but was facing federal corruption charges and an uphill climb for reelection against Republican nominee Doug Forrester. The selection of Lautenberg came with some irony, as there had been notoriously bad blood between Lautenberg and Torricelli when the two had served together in the Senate.

    It is going to be an interesting summer. . . . and OCTOBER!

  • Chelie

    James is a stud! If I were young enough, I’d be all over him like white on rice.

  • southernsue

    i think a lot of demons want obama out too.

    after all, there are lots of middle class demons who are loosing their way of life.

    most sane people know this obama is not one of us, citizen of USA!

    hope this election is slam dunk for romney!

  • Patty

    what NETROOTS, who is there to crash? 😆

  • Neo

    I love the smell of disillusioned netroots in the morning. Smells like victory.

  • kathteach

    I can’t think of anything better to honor Andrew Breitbart. Thanks Jim and others for getting on the inside of the loony left.

  • dunce

    I read somewhere that Okeefe is 6′ 2″ and Hoft standing next to him is taller, maybe they were polite because they were all a head shorter.

  • Detroyes

    I’m wondering if some of those Nutrooters even knew who James O’Keefe was. They hear the words “documentary film maker”, and somehow automatically assume he’s on their side.

    Its going to be a long, long, depressing year for most of them. Sure hope they’ve paid their shrinks in advance.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    #18 June 11, 2012 at 8:09 am
    mg4us commented:

    I suppose men need to avoid him like the plague. 🙂

  • RealMc


  • Valerie

    This could be the year when the TEA Parties peel off the best of the net roots people. Those would be the people of good will who got active, got a lot of what they wanted, and are repelled by the results.

    We’ll know, if the Netroots keeps getting weirder and weirder, like they lost their smart people.

    Meanwhile, for any new visitors, take a look:


  • tpartynitwit

    Your 29 seconds of video shows bored indifference, not “stunned far left activists.” How does O’Keefe keep getting permission to leave Mommy’s basement from his probation officer in NJ?

  • I looked up information about this organization to find out what the hell their deal was. I found out that they are nothing but another Socialist gang of aggitators and goon squads who are all being led by Elizabeth Warren another useful idiot of the Communist Party.

    And the girl who is sitting way in the back on the right, in the photo of the “breakout sessions” has a emotional illness. Anyone who isn’t assigned to a seat and sits that far back is a “neurotic” who is in a fanasy land in their mind. See, she feels safe way back there where she is. She thinks that it’s a safe place for her to be and yet she can still say she was right in the middle of the fight for our rights. Yeah, as far away as she could get from the conversation about whatever it was they were talking about way, way up front. Anyone who sits that far away from this scene as it was, isn’t concerned about being part of anything except what fantasy land is in their mind. And that’s where they like being, where it’s nice and safe, where she doesn’t have to make any committments.

    But she was there!

  • JustJP

    I wish it was Breitbart! God I miss that guy.

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  • Diane

    Um, that was it? I guess James is toning it down at bit – probably doesn’t want to get arrested – again. I used to wonder how in the world the Nazis came to power – now I know – gullible people like James and his supporters. Be careful what you wish for. But I know, it’s not the corporations and the rich buying politicians – it’s the unemployed hippies! That’s right, when the dirty hippies tell them to jump they ask how high? Really? How sad that this is not a joke.

  • The Real McCoy

    I am not an Obama supporter. But you guys here are the MOST delusional cadre I have come across in quite a while here on the internets. And THAT is saying a lot. You mix “Socialist”, “Communist” in one sentence, anything to get that boogie man out and about. Read your history, they would, and did, kill each other.
    You people are STILL going on about Obama’s birth certificate. STILL! Someone here even goes as far as talking about “Obama’s secret AIDS from an ex-lover at his church”.
    Absolutely delusional.

  • NotaRedneck

    Boy you people sure are stupid and crazy. A bunch of ignorant tea bagger losers. I wanna meet James O’Quiff. It’s not often you can have your picture taken with a lying criminal propagandist. The fact that you bunch of booger eaters thinks he is a patriot just shows how demented and racist all you idiots are.

  • erquirk

    The people at Net Roots Nation do not appear “stunned” by O’Keefe’s presence. They appear not to know who he is. I think Mr. O’Keefe and Mr. “Gateway Pundit” both have highly aggrandized self-images. Classic narcissism with delusional tendencies.

  • john C

    Hoft, you dumbass, the only people stunned by O’ Keefe’s appearance are you…and O’Keefe. It seems O’Keefe needs something to prostitute himself with since his pimp daddy / Sugar daddy Breitbart kcked the bucket. O’Keefe has not done anything since his attempted failed sex boat rendezvous with that news reporter. The man has turned into a joke. The big question is, who gives a rats ass about O’Keefe any more…..except you apparently. Breitbart must be crapping in his pants to see what a failure his personal prostitute James O’Keefe turned out to be.