GOP Weekly Address: We Will Repeal the Massive ObamaTax

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In the Republican Weekly Address, U.S. Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) calls for full repeal of ObamaTax following the Supreme Court’s decision this week to uphold the President’s health law.

Here is John Barrasso, a medical doctor and US Senator.

“Hi. I’m Dr. John Barrasso, United States Senator for Wyoming.

“The President and his allies in Congress are going to try to convince the public that the Supreme Court just gave the health care law a seal of approval.

“The fact is that this is the same failed policy that won’t lower the cost of health care in America.

“On Thursday, I was in the courtroom as the Supreme Court ruled that the President’s health care law is what the President claimed it was not: a new tax.

“President Obama has repeatedly promised, and I quote, ‘if you’re a family making less than $250,000 a year, my plan,’ he said, ‘won’t raise your taxes one penny.’

“Now, all of America knows the truth.

“The President’s health care law hires more IRS agents to investigate you and to make sure you buy insurance—but it fails to deal with the shortage of nurses and doctors to actually take care of you.

“The President’s health care tax is only one of his many broken promises related to this law.

“He promised lower health care costs, but they keep going up.

“He promised lower insurance premiums, but they’ve increased $2,400 a family over the past three years.

“He promised the law would create jobs, but the Congressional Budget Office projects that 800,000 fewer people will have jobs because of this law.

“He promised it wouldn’t add a dime to the deficit, but the law calls for trillions of dollars in new spending that Americans don’t want.

“The President said he would protect Medicare—but instead he raided $500 billion from our seniors on Medicare—not to strengthen Medicare—but to start a whole new government program for someone else.

“Even after the Supreme Court ruling was announced, the President said that if you like the insurance you have, you can keep it.

“Mr. President, because of your law, many Americans have already lost the health insurance that they had and they liked.

“Each broken promise proves that the Supreme Court’s ruling did absolutely nothing to improve the President’s failed health care law.

“It remains unworkable, unaffordable, and very unpopular.

“Americans deserve better.

“As a doctor who’s practiced medicine for 25 years, I know that the health care system in this country is far from perfect. It’s one of the reasons I ran for the Senate in the first place.

“The goal of health care reform all along should have been to ensure that people get the care they need, from the doctor they choose, at a lower cost.

“Under President Obama’s health care law, they got the exact opposite—tax increases and government control.

“Now we have another chance to reform our health care system and in a way that does not result in higher costs, in fewer choices, and less personal control.

“There should be no doubt: Republicans in Congress will fight to repeal the President’s failed health care law.

“It is a law that is bad for patients, it is bad for the nurses and the doctors who care for those patients, and it’s terrible for taxpayers.

“In the middle of a tough economy, President Obama passed a health care law that has made our economy even worse.

“By forcing expensive new health care mandates through Congress, he’s made it harder for Americans to find good jobs and provide for their families.

“With unemployment at over 8 percent for over 40 straight months, we cannot afford for this tax to stay in place any longer.

“Once we have repealed the law, we will tackle the serious problems that plagued our health care system and are now getting worse.

“We will replace this law with real reforms that will actually lower costs and improve access to care.

“We will not make the same mistakes the Democrats made.

“We will not raise taxes in the middle of a recession.

“We will not push through a 2,700 page bill the American people can’t afford and don’t want.

“Unlike President Obama, we will not cut deals behind closed doors to protect special interest groups, or include political carve outs for some states at the expense of others.

“What we will do is make sure that our health care system is truly patient-centered, not government-centered.

“Republicans in Congress are committed to a step-by-step approach that’s focused on lowering the cost of care.

“That means commonsense solutions, like allowing premium breaks to encourage healthy behavior.

“It means letting consumers buy insurance across state lines, and letting small businesses pool together to offer affordable health insurance to their workers.

“It means finally ending the lawsuit abuse that leads doctors to practice defensive medicine by ordering expensive and unnecessary tests.

“Now that the Supreme Court has acted, the American people cannot afford for Congress to wait any longer.

“It is time for Washington to repeal the President’s health care law and replace it with real health care reform.

“Thank you for joining me today.”

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  • Callipygian1

    It’s hard to argue with that, but they will…

  • Yeah. Sure they will.

  • johnt

    Billions, trillions of dollars not mentioned ! Well nobody’s perfect, mistakes happen, the Democrats intentions were nice, it’s all for a good cause, it’s only money, the rich will pay for it, masses of people will die in the streets without this, the Republicans don’t care, it’s racism, & there’ll be only 15,000 new IRS agents, not 16,000. Would we lie to you ?

  • Ed Wallis

    This ruling is nothing less than
    The John Roberts Enabling Act of 1933 2012

  • donh

    #5 The Affordable Car Act was passed on the same calandar date as the Enabling Act….on purpose.

  • bg


    hmm, now where have i heard that before?? /sigh sarc/


  • bg


    informative & interesting:

    June 29, 2012

    SCOTUS Ruling Means Bigger, More Intrusive IRS

    [IRS officials on background tell FOX Business the U.S. Supreme Court
    ruling on health reform gives the IRS even more powers than previously

    The IRS now gets to know about a small business’s entire payroll, the
    level of their insurance coverage — and it gets to know the income of
    not just the primary breadwinner in your house, but your entire family’s
    income, in order to assess/collect the mandated tax.

    Plus, it gets to share your personal info with all sorts of
    government agencies, insurance companies and employers.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “We expect even more lien
    and levy powers,” an IRS official says. Even the Taxpayer Advocate
    is deeply concerned.

    The IRS army will inexorably increase in size, too. The IRS will now
    add new agents to hunt down tax cheats, as it has been budgeted
    to spend $303.5 million building a new system, erected on the back
    of its old system, to oversee the effects of the health law, including
    making sure people get the new tax credits they deserve under the

    As for the new IRS workers, the Government Accountability Office said
    the total will be about 4,500, with nearly 4,000 slated for enforcement.]

    more @ link..

    interesting & informative:

    June 29, 2012

    ObamaCare Lost on the Medicaid Mandate & Commerce Power.
    It May Yet Lose on the Tax Power.

    [Supporters of the Obama health law are incorrectly
    reading the Supreme Court’s ruling as a victory.

    First, the ruling severely limited the Obama health law’s Medicaid expansion, effectively giving states the green light to refuse to expand their Medicaid programs. Coupled with the fact that the statute already enables states to block the other half-trillion dollars of new entitlement spending, the law is in a very precarious position.

    Second, the Court ruled 5-4 that the individual mandate is not
    a legitimate use of the Commerce Power. That too is a defeat
    for the government, even if it is of no immediate consequence.

    Third, while the Court upheld the individual mandate as
    a tax, that ruling may be vulnerable to legal challenge.

    Chief Justice Roberts wrote, “The Federal Government ‘is acknowledged by all to be one of enumerated powers,’” and, “The Constitution’s express conferral of some powers makes clear that it does not grant others.” So it is interesting that Roberts did not specify exactly what type of constitutionally authorized tax the mandate is.]


  • American Patriot

    As much as I’d like to believe him, I can’t. The repub’s track record speaks for itself.

  • mcc

    RNC, Team Romney, listen up:

    This guy (I’ve heard of, but haven’t seen enough of) is GREAT —

    Boy, did he deliver this message well. Can’t imagine anyone doing it better.

    Get him out there as much as you can – he’s the spokesperson for the good guys.

  • mcc

    #8 — bg’s link for “bigger, more intrusive IRS” —

    I’ve been thinking…it’s gotta be: Barry’s Civilian Army.


    I’d almost rather the dudes with the guns…it’d be quicker.

  • sandy

    I don’t know whether it was the simplicity of his delivery or the brilliance of his message but this doctor knows and understands what Healthcare means to the average American.

    Real Healthcare is not a power grab by the government — its a doctor/patient relationship and the security that proper treatment won’t bankrupt you.

  • Still do not know why that Elena kagen guy did not excuse himself from this vote seeing he had so much to do with Odumbocare before he was on the Supreme Court…..

  • Redlite

    🙂 Good job Senator.

    I am happy to have him as My senator.

    He will run for POTUS some day. That is an Equality State promise.

  • sandy

    The blue eyed devil may have done us a favor. He has brought the Healthcare issue back to the forefront of this Presidential Campaign. Now Obama needs to explain the 21 new taxes he is using to fund Obamacare — The gifts given to Dem members of Congress for their support – the fact that Republicans were not allowed to amend this debacle or to contribute any input as this bill was passed in the middle of the night with the votes of Dems only.

    Obama wanted people to forget their hatred of Obamacare so that he could win a second term. He had it all figured out. His campaign would be that 4 white guys and an Uncle Tom kept him from giving Affordable Healthcare to all Americans. But the hamfisted Chief Justice had other plans. Now what we have is Obamacare 2 the Sequel The Nightmare Continues.

  • Lucy

    The governor of Florida is not going to expand obama care he stated last nite on Greta. He is going to elect people who will repeal bye bye nelson!!!

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    GOP Weekly Address: We Will Repeal the Massive ObamaTax

    All right, when the first opportunity presents itself to do so, make your move.

    You got what it takes, or are the current batch of Republicans basically just full of crap?

  • bg


    Hilter Finds Out Obamacare Upheld


  • bg


    dang re: #19 June 30, 2012 at 12:27 pm bg 😀

    Hilter Finds Out Obamacare Upheld


  • obamas support infantside, cap&tax

    EPA is shutting down more & more COAL mines-now they are going to TAX TAX TAX the air we breathe..IRS has 14 major projects and just received 300M the day it passed 22 NEW TAXES all
    on the middle class. What will we have left? Now he is attacking tricare-everyday this Lennin and more and more. And the democrats love it! WHY in GODS name would they want their
    subjects to have higher taxes??? He feels we our all rich Americans and we should be punsihed!

    He hates Americans..I mean HATES them! Both of the hate America. Read their books-we are fat and have two TVs..we need to be poor like Africans. Our school system is ruint, UNION thugs..
    now our Oyxgen..the repubs are paper pushers..NOT ONE filed for impeachment!! Not one they are such wussies. I’d have them everyday attack attack investigated! I would use every law that they ALL have job would protect Americans!!! What’s left from ALL these NEW taxes?? TAX TAX TAX TAX always TAXES!!!! Geez..

  • mcc

    Just caught a glimpse of a shot of LONG LINES of people…didn’t hear what they were in line for — but if it’s out-of-work people or some in line for a govt. handout —

    I want pictures of LONG LINES played for Americans to see every day ’til the election.

    Nothing better than a visual…

  • JoyO

    What did the Democrats do wrong? Was it insisting on passing Obamacare when 80% of Americans were satisfied with their healthcare before they started working on Obamacare? Was it the Cornhuskers Kickback? Was it the Louisiana Purchase, all of the secret deals worked out with the Healthcare and Pharmacy CEOs, the special exemptions for the Unions or the state of Florida? Was it the 1,500+ waivers to unions and mostly Democratic leaning companies? Or was it the recent HHS mandate forcing Catholic Hospitals to provide abortions?


  • progressoverpeace

    The GOP was given a major mandate in 2010 to repeal that monstrosity. They should have made repeal of it conditional on raising the debt limit. But, instead, the GOP colluded with the America-hating dems on that insane and near criminal lame duck session RIGHT AFTER the 2010 vote, did nothing to stop ObamaCare throughout 2011 and all those “debt limit” negotiations, which they caved on like schoolgirls (even allowing the Dog-Eating Retard to get the US a downgrade by his constantly going on TV and THREATENING to stop debt service – as that was not even a financial worry, debt limit or not – and then blame on the GOP, which did nothing to defend themselves/us and make it clear that Barky had demanded that downgrade for America’s debt) and skated through 2011 getting absolutely nothing done, whatsoever … hoping that everyone would forget about ObamaCare as the Crybaby Boehner showed more deference to those repulsive lunatic Occupoopers than he ever showed to the Tea Party who fought so hard to try and right this nation.

    I can’t say that I have any faith in the GOP. I’m giving them one last vote in 2012, but not with any expectations, at all. They are awful. Their only saving grace is that the dems are abominable misanthropic nihilists who would take the whole Earth back to nothing but single-celled slime, if they were able.

    I’m just totally shell-shocked at this point. We have a division of Frenchmen defending us and our way of life against the most aggressive and barbaric enemy this nation has ever faced, and from within the gates, holding the levers of power … not very inspiring. Oh well … History will not be kind to this population of Americans – myself included. Not at all. Not one little bit.

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  • MVH

    Oh, really? You morons were supposed to begin the dismantling of Obama Care in November 2010!!

    The TEA Party saved the GOP. And it’s time barnacles like, Boehner, McConnell, Hatch, the Bushes, and the rest of the party elites be pushed out.

    G-d willing, the House will remain and gain more seats for Conservatives. If that happens, Boehner needs to be replaced with a TEA Party Conservative. Enough with the “it’s-my-turn” style selection of GOP Party leadership!


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  • Mikey

    #25 – Hello we DO NOT have control of the Senate. The House DID pass a bill for repeal, but with the Dems in charge of the Senate, and a Dem President. It went NOWHERE. We need to elect Romney and change the composition of the majority of the Senate to Republican BEFORE anything can happen. #26 – I AGREE with you we need a change in the Speakership in the House. Boehner cries to much, is ineffective and spineless (sometimes I wonder what the Dems are holding over his head) and acts like McCain too much of the time. We need new blood this year. Vote, vote, and vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROMNEY 2012

  • progressoverpeace


    Obviously I know that we didn’t have the Senate. We had THE HOUSE and the Dog-Eater needed THE HOUSE to get the debt limit raised. Why don’t you read my comment. The only way the debt limit should have been raised was with a deal to repeal ObamaCare. Period.

    But the GOP didn’t have the guts to even propose that. They caved on everything and eventually raised the debt limit time after time and even roped America into a “deal” to hack defense to death in the last “negotiation”. The GOP NEVER EVEN TRIED. Passing a few ObamaCare repeals in the House and then just moving on was NOT what they were voted back in for. Hacking defense to pieces while raising the debt limit was NOT what they were voted back in for.

  • Wyostk

    Your a good man, Sen. Barrasso, ….but repeal won’t happen when you have to go up against the RINO Ruling Class, Romney, Boehner, and McConnell. The best you will get with the current gop is some other convoluted screwed up mess. Reform? Where in The Constitution …..never mind.


    hurry up

  • Valerie

    I just posted this, but it really fits better here.

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