Good Grief… Peaceful Pro-Walker Marine Veteran Arrested at Bill Clinton’s Wisconsin Rally (Video)

It’s an Obama world…
A pro-Walker Marine veteran attended the Wisconsin rally on Friday featuring Bill Clinton. He carried a pro-Walker sign at the rally and got into a few loud discussions with the pro-union crowd.
The Franklin Center has video.

The leftists couldn’t handle the truth.
So, union cops were called in and dragged the veteran out of the rally and arrested him.
They didn’t like what he was saying.

The Marine is predicting a 10 point win for Scott Walker.
I second that.

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  • Larkin

    Meanwhile…union thugs in action.

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  • dnb

    all for the crime of disagreeing …

  • jainphx

    The fact that the damn police in Wisconsin are members of the public employees union scares me. the protesters at the capitol tore it apart and no arrests. That sgt. needs an attitude adjustment.

  • Granny

    Looks like an unwarranted interference with a citizen’s Constitutional Rights under color of the law to me . . .

  • These union thugs police should be arrested. When anyone DISAGREES with their dialog, it is civil unrest. This was peaceful until the police became confrontational. Let the firing’s begin with the Sargeant.

  • Sanmon

    Black Panthers can block polling stations with night sticks. Kenneth Gladney gets beaten for selling don’t tread on me merchandise.

    But don’t you dare support Scott Walker at Democrat Tom Barrett’s rally with Bill Clinton in Wisconsin.

  • Gary Ogletree

    Need a good lawyer to file half a dozen lawsuits, city and cops.

  • bg


    still believe something like this could never happen?? 🙁

    bit more here & here & here, in connecting links and threads..


  • bg


    re: #9 June 1, 2012 at 6:06 pm bg

    June 1, 2012

    Cops Gun Down West Pointer for Legally Carrying Firearm 🙁

    bit more:

    [Erik Scott was a West Point graduate who went on to serve honorably in the Army, get his MBA from Duke and establish a lucrative career in real estate and as a sales rep for a medical device company. He was 38 years old when he was gunned down in portico of a Las Vegas area Costco store by officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. While it was 7 bullets from the only people we’re supposed to trust with guns that snuffed out Erik Scott’s life, what really killed him was an irrational fear of firearms – hoplophobia.

    Scott and his girlfriend had been shopping in the Costco, but had been asked to leave when an employee spotted Scott’s lawfully carried handgun. Scott had inadvertently exposed the gun when he squatted down to inspect some merchandise. He informed the employee that he was legally carrying the gun and was in possession of a valid Nevada concealed weapons permit, but was informed that Costco has a policy against carrying firearms in their stores.]


  • bg


    re: #9 /#10 June 1, 2012 bg

    June 1, 2012

    LA Top Cops Partner With Islamists

    [Baca won adulation in 2010, when he testified before a congressional
    panel, exploding at a question about the wisdom of his close relationship
    with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization
    with documented ties to a Hamas-support network.

    “CAIR is not a terrorist-supporting organization,” he said.
    Anyone who says different is an “amateur intelligence officer.”

    He has equally warm views toward the Muslim Public Affairs
    Council (MPAC), a group which routinely minimizes the threat
    posed by Muslim extremists in the United States and criticizes
    FBI sting operations against would-be terrorists.]

    Jasser et al have warned US over & over again..

    forget none so blind for refusing to see..

    more of US are like the deaf refusing to listen..


  • bg


    calling Michelle, way too many
    cops seem to be OBESE.. /s/


  • Ann Ominous

    Leftists in Wisconsin can sense how easy their liberal, leftist grip on the state can slip out of their grasp.
    Look for more of this, but keep the pressure on and most will bow to the inevitable.. sad part is those union cops will never change.

  • I was in LE for 18+ years and that has to be one of the most unprofessional things I have seen, and from a supervisor no less. Disgraceful.

  • bg
  • EBL

    Semper fi!

  • Mike in VA

    here is what he was doing earlier.

  • BurmaShave

    Can the contrast be any starker between this and what went on at the WI state capital 16 months ago?

    Vote Democrat = vote thugocracy

  • Apparently…. The Union Police Thugs Cant Handle the TRUTH!

    What great negative PR for the asshat union loser trash of Wisconsin 😉

  • bigkahuna

    This guy deserves a medal and I hope he sues the cops for false arrest. Let them lose some more money from their budgets.

    Never saw any arrest when these liberal idiots were trashing the various buildings.

    What a bunch of jerks he was dealing with.

  • Path

    Oath Takers

  • iamsaved

    I’ve heard the public employees unions in Wisconsin have lost half their members and those who left had an increase of about $1000.00 per year in take home pay now that they don’t have to pay the extortion. They’re running scared and they should be. The unions went from doing a service for the working class to greed and corruption by the power hungry.

    I’d be outraged if I were a union member if I saw my dues going to support Democrat political candidates while they’re screaming about how their pension plans are going broke. Why don’t the unions shore those up with the dues and put the money to good use for their members.

    May Wisconsin become a right to work state along with every other state.

  • mg4us

    This guy needs to contact Scot Walker and the AG of WI to investigate the police involved. . seems there was unlawful conduct by the officer and his compatriot. . .

    Needs to be relieved of duty and a full scale investigation of the department is needed.

    Please keep this in the news and remember:
    Brownshirts and red menace come in a multitude of colors and uniforms!!!!

  • Noovuss

    I’ve been telling you that the cops are union thugs.
    Now what?
    Are good conservatives expected to keep kissing the cops butts, for some unknown reason?
    This is outrageous behavior and a breaking of the oath that they take.
    Powder still dry……..

  • Patty

    An Axelrod payback for heckling him. GEE! Attack watches and taking our rights away is good for them bad for us. Bias.

  • Milwaukee

    Well, at least that cop was beefy enough. When I lived in Milwaukee I noticed that the biggest people down along the lake were the County Deputies. Ok, these guys were police, but were is Michelle Obama and the “Let’s Move” movement? Those guys were big. And the cop didn’t mind one bit muscling the guy to the side and sticking his finger in the protesters face. The protester wasn’t any where as close to the cop as the cop was to him. But don’t worry City of Milwaukee. If there is a big law suit, you guys get state aid to help run your sorry city.

  • Where’s the WHOLE story? What was he arrested for? Let’s get the facts, shall we?

  • john b

    See…. the vet’s problem was that he wasn’t a Occupy-ier. Then the cops wouldn’t touch him.

  • Walknot

    In the begining of this clip I hear the cops say “you better get out of here or you’re gunna get your a** kicked.” Was that a direct threat?

  • owl

    I watched the police stand by and let those union thug protesters camp, destroy and threaten for weeks. Nary a peep. The entire time I thought I would have been arrested.

    Surely someone else thought that was very strange behavior. I watched them just watch.

    Something stinks with the police union and the mayor of their city?

  • Wisconsinlady

    What a bunch of hypocrites these cops are. The stinking hippies were allowed to desecrate our State Capital building day and night for months on end. They broke through windows to get in, cooked in it, chanted, stunk it up, acted like “zombies”, compared Walker to Hitler, used foul language, etc, and the Capital police turned their backs. Our congresspeople had their lives and the lives of their families threatened and had to be escorted out to their cars through underground tunnels. This cost taxpayers millions of dollars and this “recall” crap is costing millions more. Union thuggery at its finest here in Wisconsin-coming to a state near you soon if we don’t win this do-over election AGAIN on June 5th

  • Militant Conservative

    Been telling y’all this is what is in store for

    The NOTUS. An ass whooping of biblical

    Measure. The Dems are just now seeing the

    Train wreak. The TEAnami continues.

    Minorities and women hardest hit.LOL

    Powder is dry

  • Patty

    If this won’t upset you, nothing will.

    World War II Vet Forced to Abandon Maintaining Hillside Memorial Cross After 31 Years Pic here

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  • bg


    Mike in VA #17 June 1, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    8) thank you..


  • bg


    Patty #33 June 1, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    what, wouldn’t insurance (his and/or
    theirs) cover any accidental costs??


  • CT

    I bet there were a lot of Germans that once said it can’t happen here.

  • Patty

    #36 June 1, 2012 at 9:41 pm
    bg commented:


    Patty #33 June 1, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    what, wouldn’t insurance (his and/or
    theirs) cover any accidental costs??


    New owner took over property but who cares, My GOODNESS, there are people who would be willing to carry on this tradition for this Patriotic hero. This man is 94 and this project kept him alive. Yes, he has something to do, yes, he is elderly but just keep it and maintain it for him, even for a little while, until…, sad but just until he passes on. I won’t it to stay forever. I love it and so do the people who live there.

    No one wants him to get hurt but there are many who could help him. This is just an excuse and it is simply shameful.

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, if I can’t beat them at the poles I’ll arrest them. It’s that simple.

    Sure, Bill Clinton sucks and is going under the bus. But he’s not completely used up. He makes a good straw man. Until he is of no use to me I’ll keep him around… which is more that I can say for soldiers who don’t like me – they go to jail. They are my troops and I can put them in jail at any time.

    My limousine is belching fumes and David Axelrod stinks worse than Barney Franks tailpipe. I cannot answer any questions. Good day.

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  • KansasGirl

    Always faithful.

  • time to set up a fund – to help the Marine sue the b_–d-thug police–

    bg-# 10- yes-I posted about our WP grad gunned down by Las Vegas thug police at Costco-when it happened-nothing was done about it –

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  • bg


    #42 June 1, 2012 at 10:53 pm
    Carol-Christian Soldier


    there was no sign of violence,
    everything was settle.. *sigh*

    if he were an Islamist or Hoodie attired, we’d never hear the end of it,
    seems fine upstanding people never earn a mention or even a headline
    at a blog sometimes.. 🙁


  • Doug Breston


    This guy is going to be R I C H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billsocal

    What did you expect from Commie thug unions. They guy can sue the city and each one of the cops for violating his constitutional rights. Maybe he can even sue the cops for violaitng their oats to protect and defend the Constitution.

  • Spartan79

    Inquiring minds want to know: can anyone identify this porcine pig of a cop? It would be interesting to find out if he signed a recall petition.

    Also: I wonder what this public servant is hauling down. In most states compensation of public employees is public information. I’d wager that as a senior police sergeant in a major city in the upper midwest the dude is pillaging the treasury to the tune of at least $150,000 including overtime and fringes, and will probably be retiring in a year or two at the ripe old age of 55 or 60 for a 30 year paid vacation courtesy of the taxpayer.

    These guys’ gravy trains are in severe jeopardy of derailing if Walker is able to continue in office. It is little wonder that the cops are all in for the recall.

  • Robert

    The cop says something about pointing at him, and then at about 1:05 the cop points at the Marine.

  • Teamansam

    Haha stupid teabagger shouldn’t have stuck his finger in that cops face. Remember baggers we can be mean to ;). Oh and you aren’t the only ones with dry powder. If it means civil war let it come. I would definitely have some fun.

  • Robert


    You guys stink and leave trash behind, just like now you just did.

  • Shockwave

    These a-holes in the crowd acted like a bunch of f-ing fools. How immature are these people?? The union thug cop needs his fat ass FIRED! What a total scumbag he is…
    Pukes are going to lose. My support is with the Marine! God bless you brother. Those people are nothing but curb dirt!! F- them!!

  • Jugears McKenyan Sr

    It’s disheartening seeing cops side with the union thugs even though they are Union thugs themselves, as I know some in Chicago here in the burbs as well and they claim they won’t turn on any side be it right or left meaning the people, but these had no problem doing it small scale here.

    You never know, the ones wearing uniforms in the civilian sect can easily be ”with them or against them” from the top floor and when it’s an “us or them” decision most today choose “”ME”” so I don’t know if we can count on the military and cops to help beat back the regime if it comes to that……… which Obungholio seems to dream for like kids do for sugar plum fairies on Christmas. : (

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  • Daisy

    Heard from another poster that the protestor was confused – he’d been told to move to the left of the media…and he wasn’t sure that was possible.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

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  • 1RedBeard

    Ok, let’s back it up a step.

    #1: Is that video representative of everything that happened, or is there more that we need to know?

    #2: If it is representative of why the Marine was arrested, then the cops should be relieved of duty without pay and have permanent reprimands in their files, and the Marine should get a public apology on the evening news from the cops and local government officials.

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  • Shawn

    A clear violation of his civil rights. I hope Walker wins.

  • ClinkinKY


  • Keith

    What a bunch of screaming hyenas.

    Go, Scott Walker!!!

  • Keith

    Glad this was on video, the union thug cop had absolutely no justifiable cause to arrest this patriot. Soon to be a rich patriot, if he pursues the proper course of action now.

  • chuck in st paul

    It’s time to do some Guardian Angel type escort services for guys like this. Get 20 or 30 vets and have them infiltrate the crowd. When some jerk cops like this show up as soon as they manhandle the protester hit them with stun guns and drop ’em. Then cuff them around a tree or something and depants them. Then fade away and do it again and again. If a weapon clears leather it would not be amiss to defend one’s life with deadly force in my opinion.

    It’s way past time to put the fear into these storm troopers.

  • #62-I agree!! Guardian Angels indeed!

    The lone wolf gets picked off-

    it looks like the only one watching the Marine’s back was a guy in black clothes-the camera-man?

    The Dark Siders (unions-OWS and et al) always go as a mob-

    We can go as a well organized machine!

  • MC

    This is sickening! 🙁

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  • Mary

    I hope he sues the police department and that abusive policeman, demanding he be fired.

  • Alisa

    It makes me SICK to see him get arrested! He did NOTHING wrong! That sgt should be getting reprimanded for that nonsense. And how hateful were those union people. I hope Scott Walker wins by a mile!

  • tpartynitwit

    What a jerk! Shouting and jabbing his finger at public safety personnel! What a maroon! What makes him so special?

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  • bobbymike

    I have posted several times on different blogs the same story when I see ‘average’ police officers act this way.

    There was a book about the German Police during WWII. Not military police but who became military policemen. Because of their experience they were often used in ‘rear areas’ of the theater of operations to control the public in foreign countries. They became some of the most brutal thugs of the Nazi regime.

    When I see police act this way I think, “If they could get away with it I know they would have beaten this man and thrown him in a land fill”

  • Ghost

    #37 and #70 – Excellent!

    I’ll remember this quote:

    “It can’t happen here”
    Wolfgang, average German citizen- 1932

    btw, it was JUNE 1st! why is everyone wearing jackets like it was March 1st?
    another nail in the Global Warming coffin

  • Ghost

    Sinclair Lewis borrowed the quote for his 1935 book

  • Ghost
  • paul52

    I live in Wisconsin and was unaware of a Gestapo presence in this state. BTW, #71, it ain’t summer here yet, not for another month. GO, WALKER, GO!

  • us citizen

    Plain and simple, they violated his rights. I am a cop and these cops should be ashamed of themselves. They should be immediately removed from their posts and disciplined. Unless this guy did something off camera to warrant an arrest, they engaged in an unlawful arrest. He has a great civil case against at least 3 of the officers in this video.

    To get the ball rollin more, repost this video and the prior one to get it viral. Also call and email the local police department where this happened. Send them the videos and demand an investigation of the incident. Send the links to the conservative constitutional websites that are out there and get them to cover this story also.

  • Those police officers need to be prosecuted on charges of violating the civil rights of the protester.

  • Gennifer

    I don’t have an iota of sympathy for the guy. He came to the rally looking for trouble and he found it. It was a Barrett rally, his only purpose was to get people riled up-he succeeded. Unfortunately he ended up in the back squad car for it, but if he couldn’t take the heat he should have stayed out of the kitchen.
    P.S. When the cop said “you’re gonna get your ass kicked” I took it as a warning by the cops that he was risking his safety from the people he was pissing off, not the cops themselves.

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  • Gyrene

    Hey Gennifer…why would he have gotten his azz kicked? Cops were right there to protect him? Isn’t that their job? That and placing yellow tape around crime scenes. Using your logic, Rosa Parks should have been taken away as well since she knew what she was doing. Agreed?

  • bpp

    fascist, totalitarian thugs … sickening, but they are liberals after-all

  • bpp

    Gennifer, you’re a disgusting, vile individual. Huge numbers of hecklers show up at GOP events. Arrest them all you say? sickening

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  • roy paul shields

    Black savages can burn our towns down destroying property and peoples lives; Illegal immigrants are allowed to flood cross our border committing crimes at an alarming rate and muslims are allowed to disrespect our country and our laws and that Marine was arrested for demosrating his opinion! I took the oath as a 17 year old Marine 63 years ago to guard and protect my country and our Constitution and that oath stays with me until I draw my last breath. Someone should have taken those lard *ssed cops out for treating that Marine the way they did. Send those lard *ssed cops to Baltimore. Semper Fi. GOD BLESS AMERICA