Gangster-in-Chief Obama Bypasses Congress – Grants Immunity to Illegal Alien Children

Politics – Chicago Style…

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The Hill reported:

The Obama administration announced Friday it will stop deporting illegal immigrants who come to the country at a young age.

The politically charged decision comes as Obama faces a tough reelection fight against Republican Mitt Romney, with Hispanic voters in swing states seen as a key bloc.

The change in policy could allow as many as 800,000 immigrants who came to the United States illegally not only to remain in the country without fear of being deported, but to work legally, according to a senior administration official speaking to reporters Friday.

Obama is set to make a statement at 1:15 p.m. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the new policy Friday morning.

“Young people who were brought to the United States through no fault of their own as children, who meet several key criteria, will no longer be removed from the country or entered into removal proceedings,” said Napolitano in a conference call with reporters on Friday morning.

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  • Patty

    Tacos and no Elitist dinners will do just fine in the Ultra world of Obama for votes in Arizona and other states with High Populations of Hispanic. He his not threatened a bit by what Congress has to say. He is all about the Hispanics and Black voters. They are the poorest of the poor. Yet, the average income of Americans is $40,000 dollars.

    What does he care in our Foreign Holdings of U.S. Debt hit an all time high. Get this bill done and he can when this thing. Funny, at the Ultra Dinner of Chicken and Sauces he said, that this .01% of the richest of the rich will get him over the top.

    Says quite a bit about this socialist in Chief. Throw the children of illegals a bone, then he’s has the Hispanic vote in his pocket as he dines and dashes from restaurant eating fatty ribs and cornbread. My what a real slick hypocrite he is.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Let’s see Boehner et al on the steps of the US Capitol Building calling for impeachment. This is NOT a dictatorship! Obama is NOT king nor is he emporer. We The People have something to say through our elected representatives. Mr. Boehner, stop crying, come out of the closet, take off your pink necktie and take action!

  • Patty

    If he is re-elected the only hope is that The Republicans carry House and Senate. But even then as he whispers to Russian and loses our friends and spends, he always has his Executive Order.

    Frightening and then I heard that Some leaders want to tax free money from the Fed. They are saying it is okay under the Constitution to do so. Can you imagine that. They don’t think that this is more money we will owe China.

    We are finished if these tactics of his work in the Fall.

  • Patty

    #2 June 15, 2012 at 11:32 am
    Bitter Clinger commented:

    I have said he needs to be impeached along with Biden and Holder. Seriously, we are finished if this Creep in Re Elected.

  • Patty

    OUTRAGE: Obama Bypasses Congress; Gives Amnesty, Work Permits to 1 Million Illegal Aliens

    There is so many serious things going on in America. Leaks in Security, Obama Executive Orders for Votes, GSA, Solyndras, Joblessness and now giving work permits to “1” million ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  • DOES ANYONE CARE! where does it say in our CONSTITUTION” that illegals get ahead of ”AMERICAN CITIZENS” obama is nothing but a SNEAK, LIAR, THIEF, & i have had enough…
    when it gets to the point of illegals & citizens we are on the bottom of the this is the way to live..the congrss & senate won’t even HELP AMERICAN CITIZENS, but they sure like our TAX
    money………..iks anyone out there care if not for yourself, how about your kids……….. THE AMERICA THAT I KNOW IS GONE.

  • susan d

    A question to all the limp, loser liberals who support this monstrosity:

    A man and woman rob a bank, taking tens of thousands of dollars; they are apprehended. Do their kids get to keep the money?

    Another question:why are there laws when liberals never have to obey them?

  • Patty

    Obama Jobs Program: Help Illegals Compete with Americans for Scarce Jobs

    Anything that will hurt Americans Obama will do. He doesn’t need the leaders in Washington as he is a dictator.

    I can only hope this backfires and those in America who know the score with vote him out of office.

  • Sparky

    How to stick a fork in the eye of unemployed Americans.

    Commie Obama would rather feed illegals to buy their vote, than look after the people of his country. Mind you, the guy does hate the US.

    Why Americans put up with his crap every day is beyond belief.

  • SacTownMan

    All of these moves are simply part of the shell game being played by the Chicago Slime Machine to divert attention from the miserable job the POS POTUS has done.

    Expect to see more of these Friday Suprises in the next few months. I think the final thrust could be a attack on Iran just before the election. Classic Alinski tactics at work here;

    “The tenth rule: The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”

    Romney needs to stay on message, “it’s the economy stupid” and not allow the Chicago hacks to implement their game plan!! Don’t play into their hands, use their own tactics on them!!!

  • 1 – start impeachment proceedings. for holder, napolitano and obama.

    2 – impound funds for dhs and doj.

    3 – shut down the govt.

  • J. Knight

    We have the President of the United States refusing to support and thwarting the law of the land. Obama is now the de facto emperor. Will the Courts and Congress do something with him or not? That’s the question.

  • J. Knight

    #10 Are you the SacTownMan who used to comment on Riehl World View?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The politically charged decision comes as Obama faces a tough reelection fight against Republican Mitt Romney, with Hispanic voters in swing states seen as a key bloc.

    Yeah, his motivations seemed pretty obvious to me even before I got to this part…

  • dwd

    Think it through:

    – Unemployment is already HIGH
    – Giving illegals work permits means there are now more people in the work force
    – More people in the work force competing for the same number of jobs means unemployment will go even HIGHER
    – Those now unemployed will have an even harder time finding employment because they will be competing against this new pool of now-legal workers who are also looking for work
    – If this new pool of now-legal workers can’t find work, won’t they start drawing unemployment checks?

    So Obama has:
    1) legalized illegals
    2) increased unemployment rate
    3) created more competition for scarce employment
    4) created a new pool of people who will suck money out of the government

    And he has done all of that to:
    1) buy Hispanic votes
    2) make Republicans look bad to Hispanics when they oppose what he has done

  • Mad Hatter

    Bitter Clinger commented:

    Let’s see Boehner et al on the steps of the US Capitol Building calling for impeachment. This is NOT a dictatorship! Obama is NOT king nor is he emporer. We The People have something to say through our elected representatives. Mr. Boehner, stop crying, come out of the closet, take off your pink necktie and take action!

    That’s just it Bitter Clinger, Boehner isn’t man enough to do anything about the Traitor in Chief. Boehner is a limp wristed cry baby that has done nothing for the Conservative cause.

  • dwd
  • jgarcia

    Everyone except for Native Americans is either an immigrant or descended from immigrants or slaves. Native Americans had no say when their lands were taken over by Europeans.

    Give me a break with all this whining, these were children who came here when they were as young as a few months old. They have not known any other country. What is wrong with us that we will deport a young graduate who has lived here since perhaps age 5 and can contribute to America?

    Lets be real. Is the GOP the party of family values?

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  • Mad Hatter

    If you have noticed throughout the years, the Hispanics don’t ask for legal status, they demand it, and demonize those who disagree with their in your face attitude.

    They are the ones that march in our streets holding up signs that read, “we didn’t cross the border, the border cross us.” They are not here to assimilate, they are here to colonize, and they see enforcement of U.S. immigration law as a burden to their agenda.

    They like Obama since he reminds them of a Latin American dictator. They admire and respect that type of power. They don’t admire and respect our Constitution.

  • GotFreedom

    THIS IS [email protected]! Richard Nixon was forced out of office for doing much less than this illegal imposter in the WH has done to our country/Constitution. Our family came here legally; waited our turn; filled out all the necessary paperwork to become LEGAL CITIZENS–no one gave us a helping hand–we had to do it/prove our worth by ourselves. These children came here illegally with their illegal parents and should not be given any consideration–illegal is illegal!

    When will Congress grow a pair and kick his can to the curb!

    Is it January 20, 2013 yet?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Everyone except for Native Americans is either an immigrant or descended from immigrants or slaves.

    Even those so-called “Native Americans” weren’t exactly native to this continent.

  • Mad Hatter


    You really don’t like our immigration laws do you? You have disdain for those laws, and believe they don’t apply to those have have entered this country in an unlawful manner.

    It goes back to what my father taught me, either you’re on the side of the law, or you’re on the side of the law breakers.

  • Comanche Joe

    jgarcia – Everyone is not an immigrant or descended from immigrants into the United States. My family (both sides) can trace their roots to settlers in Virginia and North Carolina during the mid to late 1600’s, more than a century before the United States was founded. Since my family lived in the colonies when the U.S. Constitution was adopted that makes them and their descendents native (not Native American) citizens of the United States.

  • Mark S.

    Wow… He’s having a meltdown right on TV in the process in arguing with a reporter! I’d love to know who that reporter is.

  • If you don’t understand prosecutorial discretion, Google it.

  • Robert

    Of course this is done on Friday so that it will blow over this weekend. On Monday, the Republicans can go back to their business as usual of representing the destruction of America while they sit around twiddling their fingers.

    In the meantime, we STILL have NO motion toward cuts in government spending, not so much as a single peep by any of them.

  • Robert

    Congressional Republicans are nowhere to be found in support when the need is greatest, oh sure some of them probably McCain will pipe up after the fact on Sunday in front of the lib cameras.

    They fire blanks after the battle is lost. Every time.

  • Major Komg

    This is what inevitably happens when a supposed “free press” abdicates its responsibilities and becomes the agit-prop division of a political party. As wll as an “opposition party” led by a bunch of spineless reprobates who managed to get theirs and now just want to go along to get along. Furthermore, any idea that AG Holder is going to resign or be impeached should be abandoned. He’ll be needed in November to insure that all of the coming massive voter fraud will be allowed to play out without fear of prosecution.

  • Mad Hatter

    There’s at least one Republican with a set of stones to stop Obama’s Hispanic Voter Registration Drive Amnesty Act.

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  • Mad Hatter

    At Obama’s Hispanic Voter Registration Drive Amnesty Act Speech at the Rose Garden, a reporter from the Daily Caller yelled our a question (and I’m paraphrasing) “Is this the right thing to do for America?”

    The first video is 54 seconds long and you’ll hear the exchange Obama has with the reporter.

    The second video shows Obama “this far” from going into meltdown mode when the question is asked a second time.

    This reaction proves how Obama can’t handle tough questions, and thinks he’s decisions are above being criticized and questioned.

  • Mad Hatter

    ***yelled out a question*** typo

  • Greg

    Dumped on a Friday, WTF appeared poorly prepared, Could they be providing cover for some other malfeasance announcement. Could Brenake just have underwritten the Greek collapse. Syria told the US to PO with the Russia backing, Egypt military coup is wiping out the arab spring, The middle class is 40% poorer, Canada signed contracts to ship oil west to the Chinese.
    Really bad presser is a coverup. guess what it is

  • Robodog7

    Mad Hatter #32 commented:

    I think that reporter just made Obama’s kill list.

  • bigkahuna

    If my parents rob a bank later I got $500k from it….well for all intents except one its legal and mine right? This jerk should be in prison.

  • Patty

    Appeaser in Chief for a certain group of people. This is against the law, IMO. He has done this for Political reasons only and who will stop him. Washington in doing nothing so, I suppose voting him out. That might do it.!!!

  • JDStone

    Obama spits in the face of America again!He knows he’s lost the vote of middle America and will do anything to get re-elected.Like Rush said this morning Obama has used up all his political capital.This will backfire big time!

  • Redwine

    Rush called it Catch, Release, VOTE!

    Comrade Hussein called the move “patriotic”!!! Patriotic!
    It’s unconstitutional.
    Damn the bastard.
    Jobs and Votes for illegals.
    No Jobs for Americans!

    He needs to be stopped now. He’s gotten away with his numerous crimes over the past 3.5 years. Stupid, incompetent, impotent, weak, self-serving Congress.

  • mcc

    OT — Oh, look! Eric and Barry…two peas in a pod —

    The ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee challenged Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Thursday to “produce any evidence” proving his claim that a prior attorney general knew about a gunrunning investigation during the Bush administration or apologize “if no such evidence is available.”

    Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa issued the challenge in response to Mr. Holder’s Senate appearance this week during a hearing on the Fast and Furious gunrunning investigation when he testified that Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey was aware of and remained silent about a similar operation known as Wide Receiver, during which he said 300 weapons were “walked” into Mexico.

    “I was extremely disappointed to hear Attorney General Holder try to deflect criticism of himself and his department by pointing the finger at his predecessor,” Mr. Grassley said. “If any such evidence exists to back Holder’s claim, it has yet to come to light after months of scrutiny, and the charge should not stand without any evidence to back it up.”

    On Tuesday, in response to questions by Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Mr. Holder said, “An attorney general who I suppose you would hold in higher regard was briefed on these kinds of tactics in an operation called Wide Receiver and did nothing to stop them – nothing. Three hundred guns, at least, walked in that instance.”

    Great role models, you two…

  • 8675309

    Bitter Clinger, you’re wrong. This IS a dictatorship. He has done this three times that I can think of. No one has stopped him. He has tested the waters, and found them inviting.

  • Tim in Cali

    Holder and Obama don’t give a rats rear end about the Constitution
    Obama didn’t lecture about the Constitution to uphold it,he did it to destroy it..

    Over the next 5 months,as his poll #’s get worse, he will scrape the bottom of the barel looking for votes anywhwere

  • bg
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  • Tim in Cali

    NEWSFLASH…We found a pair of cojones

    That’s one pair GOP…”We the People” better see many more

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  • Joanne

    The power is with the people. It is unbelievable that the American people even allow Obama to run when he has at the very least, dual citizenship. Why aren’t the American people taking to the streets? Honestly, who are you going to blame!

  • Joanne

    The truly sad part is that the American people actually believe Obama needs votes to stay in power. These people aren’t votes; they are his Civilian National Security Force. They will feel indebted to him, and he believes they will remain loyal, especially if he convinces them that if anyone else gets in power, they will be sent back to Mexico or wherever.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    That’s one pair GOP…

    The funny part is that all it usually takes is one determined person to put their foot down and make a spirited stand for what they believe in, and it’s only a matter of time before a crowd gathers behind.

    With the typical Republican, it’s almost as if even in the face of the most egregious of Democrat transgressions, they think that a vigorous opposition isn’t all that good an idea.

  • lizzy84

    I am so disheartened.This is how a Republic dies–to thunderous silence.

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  • MVH

    Wow! So much for the separation of powers.

    He hasn’t even gone all out for black Americans the way he has for the Mexican/Latino vote “the undocumented” 30-year-old “kids.”

  • Dave in NYC

    Whatever the politics of it all, I’m glad Obama is addressing this issue. One of my friends is an Asian-American who had been valedictorian of his high school, graduated with honors from Harvard, and was studying for his Ph.D. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when ICE agents picked him up and put him in a detention facility for deportation, that I learned he was an immigrant whose family had come to the U.S. seeking political asylum when he was a young child, and that the asylum request had been denied after many years of appeals. This was a guy who was hard-working, law-abiding, and as American as anyone I knew, yet ICE wanted to send him halfway around the world to a country he hadn’t seen in over 20 years, where he knew nobody, didn’t speak the language, and where his family had been victims of political violence. It just made no sense.

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  • SacTownMan

    #13 June 15, 2012 at 12:31 pm
    J. Knight commented:
    #10 Are you the SacTownMan who used to comment on Riehl World View?

    One and the same!!!

    You a fan?

  • Nomad

    Being Afro Cuban myself, I was born here in Virginia, however it’s a bs punk move by a prez who is falling apart so he uses the Hispanics when he needs to otherwise he rarely mentions Hispanics. He is a sell out now and by allowing over a million more illegals he just shot himself in the foot because all the folks out there without jobs because he failed to address that issue are guaranteed to not support him at all. It will backfire with the highest rage. What the GOP must do is monitor the voting precincts and I guarantee you these new and old immigrants and Obie supporters will vote several times which is illegal for obama as they did in 2008

  • Militant conservative


    A desperate move by a failing

    POS NOTUS. Can someone

    Please figure out the


  • Illegal is still illegal. We have millions without work, we are already supporting these illegals in more than one way, healthcare, section 8 housing, welfare, school, etc. I want them all out; Mexican, latin america, europe, africa (Uncle O), all of them MUST GO. We need to rebuild this country according to the Constitution. If you want to immigrate here, don’t expect that we will take care of you. Every Entitlement (save Bush’s stupid prescription edict) has been prepetrated by a DEMONRAT. Wake up, work for yourself, not the government to REDISTRIBUTE to those who won’t.

  • BurmaShave

    Did anyone notice the time correlation between the TIME magazine’s latest outrageous cover story and this announcement?

    Does anyone think that was a coincidence?

  • Militant conservative

    Dave in NYC

    Sorry get out.

    Your the exception not the rule.

    Most are wetbacks from mexico

  • BurmaShave

    @#15 dwd

    Or to summarize: once again Obama gives our nation – not his (Kenya) – the finger.

    It is easier to understand this move, if you recognize that Obama is not an American, but an illegal alien himself.

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  • Stonedome

    Scorched earth, this will all be undone by the administration that replaces him…

  • Patty

    I think the other reason is, Obama doesn’t want to be undone by Rubio. Rubio will be on a book tour this upcoming week.

    APNewsBreak: Rubio book says he almost quit race

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  • Militant conservative

    He’s doing all he can for what

    Little support he has. Obama

    Is effing losing big time. MSM

    has covered his backside long

    Enough. Now they will back

    off so those that do not pay

    Attention think they are fair.

    Plus an added bonus! The

    DNC is threatened by

    Obama’s incompetence. The

    Democrat party is gonna

    throw Obama under the bus.

    They might even help

    Impeach him to save thier


    Powder is dry.

    Pass the popcorn.

  • SteveN

    Don’t forget the new tax forms for illegals where for each child
    they get a tax rebate for $1k. So 30 kids living in Mexico, and
    an illegal making 20k pays no tax and gets a $30k refund.
    At our expense of course.
    Nov 6th Obama must lose or bye..bye USA..

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  • L.E. Liesner

    Lets see, you can’t deport the illegal children because it wasn’t their fault the parents brought them here, you also can’t deport the parents because that would leave the children without their parents. Call it what you like but it is still amnesty. I also don’t see anything in Article II of the Constitution that gives the president this power. Therefore the DHS and Immigration are breaking the laws of the land by not enforcing them.

  • Time

    When we realize it’s a fight against time, one against, us and them, right against left. They hold all the cards and all the keys to the doors that open and we hold nothing more then shovels in line hoping and waiting for the time and day when we can use those shovels to dig our way under those doors …There is no more us as in America, as in one nation under anything. When has this man given any respect to any American under thirty or above thirty for their accomplishments, contributions ? He has not, not in the four years he has come to power. He has taken away and destroyed everything anyone has worked for to give it to the ones that have not contributed, accomplished. We as a nation are finished as one one nation under anything. Their purpose is and was to take away what we earned and share it among the ones that did not .. The illegals that have strong armed their way into our country by hell or high waters, with millions and billions of dollars being paid under the radar to the very people that were placed in protected places to oversee our country have fallen for the greed to give away our earnings to support, raise and educate the masses that have infiltrated our borders. As all of these so called politicians became rich beyond their wildest dreams, live beyond the average persons capabilities. The rest of the commoners are left holding the bag for the expenses for their sell outs. We are no longer free as a people but slaves to the very people we sent to protect our rights and freedoms .. The time is near when all good men and woman will need to stand up and together. They very much want us to revolt, it is their plan, on their agenda. But if you continue to ignor all will be lost by way of their laws.

  • J. Knight

    #55 Yes, indeed I am a fan. I used to use the nick Jesusland Joe. If you have a secure e-mail, please leave it here, if not, would you go to where I comment under village idiot and leave me a message there. The blog owner will give you my e-mail. Of course, you can ignore the whole thing if you want to. LOL. In any event, best regards to you.

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