Gallup: Barack Obama Stumbles to 43% Approval Rating

Reality Bites.
With record unemployment, record deficits, record debt, and a downgraded economy…
Barack Obama’s approval rating slid to 43% today.
Via Gallup

Which proves that 43% of the public is clueless on the state of the union.

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  • bigL

    doesn’t that graph resemble a “flat-line EKG”?

  • Bitter Clinger

    Just who ARE these 43%? I axe you! Must be comprised of nontaxpayers, food stamp recipients, cell phone recipients, ACORN, union goons, moonbats, Hollywood glitterati, limo/latte/lear jet liberals. Sounds about right.

  • Redwine

    43% is still way too high. I assume there’s a lot of under- and over-sampling of different demographics going on.

    UM reveals the skewed polling data in the latest Quinnipiac poll for Florida: “Another “Cook the Books” Pro-Obama Polling Attempt”

  • Gloria Gilson

    Com’n, Mitt. Pour. It. On.

    Show no mercy.

    Your mission, since you’ve decided to accept, is to defeat this Pretender.

    Romney’s Cold War Strategy To Defeat Obama.

  • southernsue

    i don’t go for polls.

    i believe the his ratings are less than 43%.

    only thru fraud will they win.

    remember united we stand divided we fall.

    we must stand together and defeat obama and the evil empire!

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  • Bill Mitchell

    Don’t get too excited here. Gallup could have Obama back at 52% this time next week.

    This far out these pollsters like to play with the models a bit and you can get some big swings. Now I’m not saying 43% given what is happening is incorrect – I’m just saying don;t be surprised if Obama suddenly lurches forward 8 or 9 point in the next few days for no apparent reason.

    You know, you sit back and think – wow, we really elected this guy to be President of the United States? Talk about an entire nation jumping the shark. It’s ok, it took a Carter to get a Reagan.

    I honestly believe that once we elect Romney and a Republican Congress we will be on the brink of an era of unparalleled prosperity.

    * Of course the Left will insist this was all Obama’s doing and Romney is just benefiting. Funny – nothing was Obama’s fault when he was president but he’ll get all the credit when he’s not.

  • James

    why is it that high?

  • JenBee

    #7, Bill Mitchell, you are so right on.

  • Bill Mitchell

    If we get a really horrible employment number tomorrow (we should based upon all the economic damage being reported today), we could get into the 30’s here for The One. But I wouldn’t be shocked to see the government jack around with the numbers to give us a “shocking and unprecedented surge in hiring” tomorrow that completely contradicts all the other data.

    These people are growing increasingly desperate and I would not put anything past them.

    I think we are VERY close to Obama becoming the scapegoat for the Left and their completely deserting him in an attempt to salvage the Senate. Expect to hear about how important it is to keep “divided government”.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Think about this.

    Companies have a TON of cash on the sidelines and stashed overseas. If we elect Romney all of the CEO’s who have held back because of Obama could open the floodgates. Also, if Romney gives them a tax holiday on repatriating that overseas cash things could really rock.

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  • snap boy

    It is frightening that 43% of the population is okay with Barack’s performance.

  • obama is a fraud

    Let’s see…destroy the economy…check…raise grain prices attack the food, crops, farmers,
    seen price of a steak? check destroy health care check….destroy 2nd amendment check
    destroy energy…YOUR ELECTRIC BILL will go from 300 a month to >>>>>$900 3x-4x with new kilowatt charges Lisa Jackson with MACT is shutting DOWN COAL MINES=electricity!!!!!
    OHIO will pay 4x…ALL ALL pharmacy drugs are going to go 4x–with IRS fees on every
    drug comapny=a bottle of vitamins, asperins will be 50-60 dollars! He is shutting down our military-we WILL be defenseless. Now how much money do you have left???? He is then tax,tax, tax….this is CALLED communism–they take everything CHECK…but the dumb ass democrats can’t see whats being DONE because they are 2 points above plant life DUMB.
    Our children will never have what we have..never. These evil commies are evil–they do not care as long as they get YOUR money-the GOVERNMENT with 159 agencies will be his army.

    Holder did this ploy in 1999 with CLinton with 16 terrorists FNL and CLINTON protected this piece of HAMAS crap back then..Obama is in on this–wait and see this is impeachment!!!

  • Tim in Cali

    For those who believe the 43% approval is to high,I agree…

    Although,Gateway Pundit has an article that may explain why it’s so high

    You have to be trying real hard to achieve that level of stupidity.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    snap boy commented:

    It is frightening that 43% of the population is okay with Barack’s performance.

    43% of the population doesn’t know who the Vice President of the United States is.

  • NorthernX

    Astonishing that it hasn’t hit the 30s yet. Then again, his numbers are clearly buoyed by your stupid lapdog media.

  • P. Aaron

    It’s probably worse for Bamtastic than these polls.

  • rich

    it will sink lower and faster

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    What a mess.

    Thank you, Obie-voting independents and bamboozled RINO Republicans, thank you very much, you scum-sucking pieces of crap.

  • democraps suck

    While good news on the surface… the unions and illegals and dead people voting at least twice will put the Kenyan turd back in again…this will be the most corrupt election ever seen…mark my words

  • bg


    oh no, not again.. 🙁


  • Tim in Cali

    OT…Slighty…….From the “Oh no he didn’t ” files

    Carney forgets name of Terry family

    “The family that you ,huh…refer to”

    These people take rude and crude to another level

  • Bill Mitchell, your comments on this thread are fantastic and I enjoyed the intelligent read!

    IMO, Polls shmolls. Much of America are a silent bunch…

  • Sorry folks for going off topic there, but this one reason why some folks are still in the dark about whats going on in this country this regime uses intimidation to stop all info for getting out……….scoll down the link and watch this video its one of the best by far i’ve seen ……….

  • mg4us

    Gallup oversamples Dems and non-working people. . especially young college kids. . .

    So actual number is BELOW 40%. . but even that is still too high!

    Part of the problem is 20% will be libtards. . lefties and commies. . . like EPA or goonion Kool-aid drinkers. . . or agencies that rely on government aid like Acorn and Planned Parenthood.

    Another 5 – 10% is die hard government workers desiring more and bigger government so they can get ahead. . (career advancement)

    Another 10 – 15% are good hard working citizens that are misinformed due to reliance on MSM. . NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN. . . need to get them the truth and facts. . . and they will swing right!

    Time to do a Reagan sweep this November!

  • bg
  • kato

    Forty-three percent proves that there are a whole lot of parasites in this country.

  • #29 bg, thank you for that link!

  • sandy

    According to Dick Morris a sitting President must be over 50% to win re-election.

  • David

    I can’t believe it is even 43%. Imagine what it would take to get to say 30% – 20% unemployment, daily riots in capital cities, $5 trillion annual deficit

  • sandy

    Obama’s having trouble raising money and is spending more than he takes in. He is relying too much on Celebrity events to bring in the money. Fact is the wheels have come off the Obama Campaign and no matter how many speeches he makes he cannot get back those halcion days of 2008. How many times can you blame Bush before even your most avid supporters are sick to death of your whining?

  • RE: #29, Seriously, thanks for posting that link, not only do I now have another conservative news site to frequent, but I cannot wait to see the movie Runaway Slave!

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  • Patty

    No one wants our economy to be this way. No one. But with the way Obama has handled his leadership and with many question about his socialistic ideas for this nation and AG Holder situation and Black Panthers, Eric Holder to Try 9/11 al Qaeda Planners in NY Civilian Court, Miranda Rights given to Accused Fort Hood Gunman Nidal Hasan, and national security Leaks.

    And now, the handling of Fast and Furious, Obama’s ratings should be much lower. And for an incumbent 43% is still bad.

    Things can happen but our Economy is #1 and Obama will never be re-elected. But I not only feel economy is a serious issue and a national security risk but so are all of the above.

  • bg


    TeachX3 #31 & #35

    you are so welcome..

    dear Breitbart was also deeply involved with the Runaway Slave
    project, as was another fav TEA Partier of mine, Alfonzo Rachel..

    i heart C.L. Bryant & wish him the best!!


  • bg



    here you go..

    Mychal Massie 8)



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  • Limousine Barry

    Why don’t you go ahead and say it. 0bama sucks!

    Let me be clear, my policies suck but my supporters suck worse. Sure, I have run up $5,000,000,000,000 on the Taxpayer’s credit card and some Donks actually pay taxes. But, that is no reason for them to get off of the 0bama Train.

    It’s true that I have almost bankrupted American…including a number of my donors. But, that is no reason to Jump from the crazy 0bama Train.

    Let’s be frank. You trusted me and you got Barney Franked. You knew I spew BS yet you ate it up. My supporters suck. Case closed. Good day.

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  • YourMaster

    >.> actually it’s a lot lower… it is in the 15’s or 20’s
    Most people I spoken too r/t who can’t find a job are disatisfied with 0bama’s dismal results and will not support him this election… I wager Mitt Romney will be president come the end of the election 2012.

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