Former Democrat Will Vote For Romney–

Former Democrat Representative and Obama Supporter Artur Davis told Greta Van Susteren tonight that he will vote for Republican Mitt Romney. Davis said,

“You leave a party because on a whole range of issues you just don’t feel the comfort, you don’t feel at home anymore. That’s where I am but I’m not alone. Millions of Americans who supported the Democratic Party four years ago have left because they no longer see their views and their common sense represented in the Democratic Party.

Another lib finds the light.




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  1. History will say BHO drove the Democratic Party RIGHT INTO THE GROUND

    Enjoy your last few minutes on the Hindenburg, ‘progressives’

  2. ++

    more or less what happened to me, only the epiphany that
    my party left me occurred a few short weeks after 9/11..


  3. Amen bro. Gotta love the common sense southerners.

  4. I don’t know about millions, but a lot have yeah. And a lot have left the Republican party too. People are just getting sick of the same stupid crap from both parties.

  5. “Millions of Americans who supported the Democratic Party four years ago have left because they no longer see their views and their common sense represented in the Democratic Party.“

    CAN’T WE GET AN “AMEN”!!!!

  6. ++

    Christopher Taylor #5 June 11, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    albeit i never switched to Republican, that’s very true..


  7. I pray for the day when this headline reads “Millions of black Americans have left Democrat party.”

  8. When all is said and done,Barry will have killed :

    1.The DNC
    2.The media

    All I got say is,when and where’s the parade?

  9. Well Tim in Cali, Obama’s got to have SOME bragging points!

  10. Ok, so these disgruntled democrats will form a new centrist moderate party with the republicans, maintain their identity and ideology under a new name, purge the GOP of the extremists conservatives while the leftists extremists hold onto the democrat party, and the conservatives will have neither a political party or a voice.

    These same disgruntled democrats, with bipartisan support of moderate republicans will continue to advance the democrat party agenda, and everyone thinks this is a good idea?

  11. We are going to need every vote we can get. Don’t get optomistic. Just be positive, send money, and VOTE!


    The Repubicans didn’t like what he had to say, but hey they let him speak right.

  13. bg I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that you were ever a Demoncrap. Your intelligence, in my opinion precluded you ever being a Demoncrap, but what do I know. I was once a Demoncrap myself, albiet many years ago, but I didn’t quit them They quit me. The Demoncrapic convention riots in Chicago and the anti war people did it for me.

  14. “Millions of Americans” Have Left Democratic Party in Last 4 Years

    Translation…The Democratic Party has left millions of Americans and turned Socialist

  15. ++

    StrangernFiction #15 June 11, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    thank you..

    previous posts:

    Billion-Dollar Scandal Not Ready for Prime Time

    [Sadly, this perception of political correctness is out of touch with reality.
    According to a September 2003 report by a GSE watchdog group, Fannie
    Mae Policy Focus, Fannie lags far behind the market in facilitating housing
    for minority and first-time buyers. As a matter of fact, the GSEs buy less
    than 10 percent of private sector loans to first-time African-American and
    Hispanic purchasers. Moreover, Fannie and Freddie acquired “more loans
    made to absentee landlords, vacation homes, and second mortgages than
    first-time homebuyer loans,” according to the report.]

    more here & here..

    June 8, 2012

    Lying Liars: Professional Left wants regime change
    in the Senate powered by ‘underwater homeowners’

    [They’ve got the numbers, they’ve got the votes, and – if they can
    get organized – they’ve got the economic clout. And we can prove
    it. … The number of people living in underwater homes is larger than
    the number of people living in twenty-two states and the District of
    Columbia. The residents of those states are represented by 44 Senators.
    … these homeowners could account for as much as 18 percent of all
    voters – if they all turned out to vote. It also makes them one of the
    largest potential voting blocs in the country.


    Obvious bottom line? This is nothing more than another professional
    left flim flam to get the red states riled up to benefit the losers, the
    blue states.]


  16. Anybody who votes for SØBama this time is either a fool or a racist who votes for color.

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