Government Gone Wild–
Conservative Mark Levin discussed the court’s ruling yesterday.
A federal court gave the EPA the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions to save earth.

The Hill reported:

A federal appeals court has upheld Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) greenhouse gas regulations, a victory for the Obama administration that’s also sure to inflame election-year political battles over the White House green agenda.

Environmentalists heralded the three-judge panel’s unanimous 82-page ruling that leaves intact EPA’s first-time regulations and authority to craft future rules to help combat global warming.

“Today’s ruling by the court confirms that EPA’s common sense solutions to address climate pollution are firmly anchored in science and law,” said Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund. “This landmark decision will help secure a healthier and more prosperous future for all Americans.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld EPA’s “endangerment finding” that greenhouse gases are a threat to human health and welfare — a finding that provides the underpinning for regulation of emissions from tailpipes, smokestacks and other sources.

The court left intact EPA’s rules on carbon emissions from automobiles, and the “tailoring rule” that shields smaller stationary sources from greenhouse gas permitting that the EPA is using to target emissions from big sources like power plants.

Knocking down the tailoring rule might have created a chaotic, uncertain path ahead for emissions regulations by opening up massive numbers of businesses and other facilities to regulation.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson applauded the ruling, calling it a “strong validation” of the agency’s work on greenhouse gases

“I am pleased that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit found that EPA followed both the science and the law in taking common-sense, reasonable actions to address the very real threat of climate change by limiting greenhouse gas pollution from the largest sources,” Jackson said.

Republicans who have battled EPA over the rules vowed to press forward with their efforts to reverse them through legislation.

“This ‘big win’ for the Obama EPA is a huge loss for every American, especially those in the heartland states which rely on fossil fuel development and the affordable energy that comes with it,” said Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla), the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

“EPA’s massive and complicated regulatory barrage will continue to punish job creators and further undermine our economy.”

Hat Tip Mad Hatter

This ruling is a huge win for the Obama regime and a huge loss for America. Anything that uses fossil fuels can now be subject to government regulation. Say hello to mud huts and skyrocketing energy costs.


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  1. Dumb-ass liberal judges…circumventing the democratic process.

    …using junk science as their excuse.

    And again, the media is HELPING them.

  2. What utter and complete horsesh*t.

  3. It figures it’s DC, not even a state. Time for action is here. List the names of these liberal POS judges.

  4. This will need to go to the supreme court, but it does not look good. Unnamious decisions are hard to overturn. EPA has grown too powerful and is on a mission to destroy our country. They are destroying the village to save the town. Pitiful.

  5. This is the fault of spineless legislators and scotus. Same thing they did with illegals, bounce it back to the lower courts.


    ” In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the EPA had authority to regulate greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane under the Clean Air Act if the agency declared them a public danger. The EPA issued an endangerment finding in December 2009, clearing the way for regulation of emissions from power plants, factories and other sources linked to global climate change. “

  6. This is another reason we need to take our country back. . .

    Time for States to stand up. .where are the Governors?

    Romney should add this to the list of his day one items if President. . Overturn this and cut EPA by 80%!

    All part of the plan to reinvigorate our economy and free private enterprise from the shackles of bureaucracy and government administrators.

  7. Mud huts? Wouldn’t gathering mud have a negative environmental effects on wet lands? Back to the trees, gentlemen, unless they lie within a spotted owl habitat.

  8. We are becoming like the EU, which is, of course, what a lot of philosophically bankrupt Democrats long for.

    This trend, both here and in Europe, is headed for a crescendo (we are about there) followed by a crash.

    Can’t wait for the EPA to be abolished and restructured with a much shorter leash and much tighter accountability. There’ll be dancing in the streets.

  9. People use fossil fuel to eat. I think the EPA should regulate 4 exhales per person per minute.

  10. For those of us who heat solely with wood, this is a dire warning. In the State of Washington, Clark county curtails wood-fired heat on certain days, and is trying to ban it on others.

    Oregon is headed the same way. It would triple my current energy bill at current rates.

  11. Ignore them!

  12. I’m lactose intolerant but I

    Had cereal this morning. Tell

    The EPA to regulate that


  13. Bear, you are exactly right. I’m just south of you. We are very close to being told what, when and how much.

  14. There is NO legitimate science supporting the idea that we are endangered by so-called greenhouse gases. As all the regulars around here know, this is just junk science being used to grab ever more power over us.

    I DON’T WANT A STUPID ELECTRIC CAR (that I won’t be able to charge because windmills and solar panels don’t work too well in the darkness under three feet of snow here in Minnesota). I don’t want to have to get a permit to grill my steaks and brats. I don’t want to have to row my bass boat three miles across the lake to get to the fish and have a permit for the extra fuel burn to tow it there. I don’t want $12 a gallon gasoline. I don’t want a (not so) Smart Car to die in if I hit a twig in the road. I don’t want to have to take three buses and a light rail ride each way to get to work.


  15. We knew this was headed for the Supreme Court. Pray they save us…because if they don’t, inflation in this country will reduce us to a third-world hellhole before 2020.

    Revolution in the streets will come long before that point, however.

  16. It’s just the daily stupid thing from the regime.

  17. Cut their funding!

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