Chris Matthews: Eric Holder “Trial” Looks Like Racist “Stop and Frisk” on Capitol Hill (Video)

Lib Media to the Rescue…
Pro-Obama crank Chris Matthews says the “trial” against Attorney General Eric Holder looks like a racist “stop and frisk” on Capitol Hill.

Here’s the partial transcript, via NewsBusters:

MATTHEWS: You know, when I look at this, Willie Brown, Mayor Brown, I just look at it- and I don’t mean to use this term too much- but it’s almost like a stop-and-frisk. Here’s a chance to humiliate a distinguished member of the United States government. Close friend of the president’s. It’s a surrogate operation. If he can humiliate this guy, if he can get to him, he’ll be a big star in the Republican caucus. He’ll be Dick Nixon.

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  • Jack

    Chris Mathews is insane.

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  • Jayne on Left Coast

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • moron

    Hey Chris, please have your investigative team check out prison demographics. There’s room for 2 more.

  • stuart

    The race card played in just 12.2 seconds. A NEW WORLD RECORD!!!!
    Congratulations to our new world champion Crissy Mathews.

  • bigkahuna

    i bet chrissie said nothing about yhe plame scandal right?

  • JenBee

    OMG I am so sick and tired of the race card being played for EVERYTHING. And I REALLY HOPE that most other whites are also being tired of being told they are racist day in and day out, simply because their politics differ from Obama’s. If he is not voted out in November, this country is literally going to rip itself apart.

  • http://GatewayPundit Cutlers Bad Thumb

    Chrissy, have a cigarette and go stand against that wall with your buddies Obie, Eric & Jan…..

  • Nelle

    Why is he so race conscious all the time. Race, race, race. Does he ever see past skin color?

  • jorgen

    Let’s hope the “distinguished member of the United States government” and POTUS will soon share a prison cell.

  • Jack

    Just because you are black doesn’t mean that 1) you get a pass for being stupid, or 2) that you get a pass for being incompetant, or 3) being unqualified or 4) being unlucky.

    America is not racist for hoding elected representatives and/or those they appoint accountable.

    If a black man can’t be fired, he shouldn’t be hired in the first place.

  • bg


    NYT November 24, 2008

    A Pardon to Remember

    WHEN President Bill Clinton pardoned a billionaire fugitive from justice
    on his last day in office, even usually loyal Democrats were dismayed.
    Representative Henry Waxman of California called it “bad precedent”
    and “an end run around the judicial process.” He said it appeared to
    set a double standard for the wealthy and powerful.


    Under the rules governing pardon petitions — rules that were approved
    by Mr. Holder’s office — the views of United States attorneys “are given
    considerable weight” because of the “valuable insights” they have. And
    yet Mr. Holder did not consult Ms. White and her colleagues about the
    Rich pardon petition; they did not know of it until it had been granted.


    Mr. Holder never came close to meeting that standard. He had the last
    word at Justice on clemency petitions and he saw to it that he had the
    only word. He brokered one of the most unjustifiable pardons that an
    American president has ever granted.]

    more here (#38), in connecting links & threads..


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Realizing that the hounds are closing in, the Obie-fellators begin to make their moves in an effort to distract the public.

  • Annoyed In Illinois

    Christy Mathews is one piss-poor excuse for a White man. In fact, I wonder if his father is actually Frank Marshall Davis?

  • Blue Hen

    Speaking of stopping people based on race, crissy, any thoughts on Holder giving black panther thugs a pass?

  • bg


    Blue Hen #15 June 20, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    great question!!

    unfortunately one way thinker Tingles couldn’t
    think of asking if he & a team of MSMers tried..


  • valerie

    Is it a “racist stop and frisk” when the accused was acting suspiciously and found to be carrying contraband?”

    How in the h3ll does a US Attorney General legitimately confuse three different projects, with different names and different tactics?

  • Texas_Treeroach

    From here on out, it will be more difficult for Mama Chrissy. He will continue to be the doting mother on all fours, following and cleaning the path left by a favorite baby who has thrown its diaper.

    Happy Trails, Chrissy! The path is getting thicker, and there’s more where that came from.

  • bg


    valerie #17 June 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    you, i, anyone with even half a brain, and every
    fly on a wall knows he didn’t ‘confuse’ anything..

    that’s what cornered LIARS do..

    they desperately point fingers and shift blame on to everyone and
    anything, including the man in the moon, away from themselves..


  • Stella Baskomb

    “Here’s a chance to humiliate a distinguished member of the United States government.”

    OK, Chris, oh wizard of MSNBC, let’s play your silly little game.

    Please tell us: WHY this is “a chance” to do ANYTHING to this distinguished man?

    Is this just a inexplicable freak of cold, indifferent nature?

    Is this some tempest in a Lilliputian teapot that just sprang up with no cause?

    Is it purely partisan brimstone?

    Then why did Holder himself testify that Michael Mukasy (Bush’s last AG) was fully aware of Fast & Furious, then ONE DAY Later, withdraw this assertion? Or, if Mukasy did know about this, wouldn’t that implicate GWB? Why then is the administration defending Bush? What is the basis anyway for a claim of Executive Privilege?

    Nothing that Holder has said so far – nor for that matter, you Chris – adds up.

    Meanwhile the US border patrol agent is still dead, as are a number of Mexican citizens killed by Mexican drug thugs – using weapons apparently supplied by Fast & Furious. And your position is to say move along, nothing to see here? It’s a silly game – not journalism – you are playing.