Bummer… Lib Genius Paul Krugman Gives Netroots Speech – To Empty Room

Liberal genius and NY Times propagandist, Paul Krugman, was slated to speak today at Netroots 2012.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite the draw they were hoping for.
The room was empty.

It was a rough week for the NY Times crank…
Today’s event followed the public smackdown by the Estonian president on Twitter earlier in the week.

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  • it reminds me of the inside of his skull…

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  • Roadrunner

    You can explain this fairly easily. These are the .9999999%.

  • FloridaNative

    If an idiot speaks in the forest, does anybody care?

  • Army Dad

    I bet CNN gives this event a shout out!

  • lizzy84

    Paul who?

  • Captain Kirk

    How embarrassing…

  • LOL 😆 :mrgreen:

  • Tim in Cali

    Lib Genius Paul Krugman Gives Netroots Speech –

    To Empty Room…and he still wasn’t the most intelligent person in the room..

  • old glazier

    See what happens when you diss Estonia?

  • Dan C


  • kato

    Well, at least a dozen people still read his stuff in the Times.

  • Stella Baskomb

    “I’m outta here – – no one told me there would be math.”

    “Or economics”

    “Or Krugman”

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  • David

    Everyone was out shopping and spending more to fix Americas economic problems

  • Woody

    That’s silly, I would have attended even though I disagree with everything he says.

  • richie

    I guess he has no followers, ROTFLMAO, this has to STING

  • dba…vagabond trader

    The fate of Ubama in a couple of years.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    I’m starting to believe Obama’s base is becoming a bit discouraged.

  • Bill Mitchell

    But the odd thing is despite empirical evidence of this nature, Obama’s poll numbers are doing quite well – even on Rasmussen. For me, complete disconnect there.

  • P. Aaron

    Empty commentary to an empty room.

  • illini guy

    Explains why on the Sunday shows his ferretlike furtative looks around……is everyone watching ME ME ME!!!

  • #10 Love it!
    Even the left can’t take his Bologna Stuffing anymore,

  • TJexcite

    That was the over flow room. They had hundreds of likes on Facebook so they had to set it up if the people showed up. /spin

    That is dying for a Photoshop to that photo and just replace the person on the jumbo-tron with O.

  • Fuquay Steve

    I heard they were giving away free BIG GULPS at the neighborhood 7-11.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    This might be the best predictor of the November elections.

  • Hugh

    Delicious. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person!

  • Bogdan from Aussie

    #21 Bill Mitchell; Rasmussen is cooking the books in order to help Romney to look like a true winner in a situation when even a donkey would win against Obama.

    Rasmussen was colluding with the so called “establishment” in it’s effort to destroy the candidacy of Sarah Palin and hand the nomination over to Romney as a kind of a “transitional” if still a prospective President whose strategic task shall be to help “establishment”to avoid being held responsible for the “generational theft” of now 16 trilion bucks as Palin has described it that has been inflicted on the American people of SMART AND HONEST WORK.

    The other task ascribed to Romney is to keep the little, shi**y privileges of the “rulling classes” enjoy intact.

    Romney wiil. of course, build his future popularity on the resurection of the energy sector, something Palin was all the time so vocal about and Romney strangely silent.

    Romney will win not because he displays some outstanding leadership quallities but because Obama proved to be such a blatant failure that even the most faithfull rats are abandoning his sinking and stinking ship.

    Greetings from Aussie.

  • Perfected democrat

    Democrats are a little slow; maybe they’re finally losing hope, frustrated at just being relegated to a little change when the Krugman/Obama, Keynesian econ policy is mostly about pandering to and paying off fat-cat party donors, crony caps, union thugs, the sky is falling crowd, and the Muz B’hood….

  • Ed

    “Ladies and Gent-, er, I mean, janitor on his lunch break…”

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  • mg4us

    They say a picture paints a thousand words. . but this is priceless. .

    Jim, Get it to Hannity, Rush and Levin. . .

    Put it on you tube too. . .
    Empty Promises to an empty room. . .
    Where have all the followers gone. .
    So far left they are left out!

    Obama’s days are numbered as people wake up and smell the TEA. . .TEA Party that is!

  • Estragon

    So the Netroots crowd isn’t completely stupid after all – even they can find something better to do than listen to Krugman drone on.

  • listingstarboard

    Constantly amazed that this idotic paunchy wussy boy cat stroking imabecile gets any notice in the first place. WFC what Paul Krugman thinks about anything.

  • YourMaster

    clinton and the democrats seem more uncomfortable with 0bama than ever before since wisconsin loss….
    ….I don’t think bill clinton likes obama one bit and probably already see’s the writing on the walls for the democrats… if he truly is as smart as I think he is…
    ….he’ll probably help undermine 0bama’s campaign and make sure 0bama is a one termer…

    even if 0bama and clinton are democrats… I think it would satisfy him to see Obama burn badly in 2012… as badly as he and his wife were burnt by 0bama in the primaries in 2008. it would be a more comforting retrospect for the rest of the democrats because as soon as Obama is gone… the sooner people forget about Obamacare and the bad things that came with him and his policies that can be associated with them, like a extremely bad curse.

    a curse that will give them continually losses the longer he stays around in office.

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, if this picture is any indication of the voter turn-out for me I will have to throw David Axelrod under the bus.

    Sure, I’ve done a lot in only one term. I have almost bankrupted America. That’s a huge success! It will take decades for the Taxpayer to dig himself out of the mountain of debt I have piled on him!

    I doubt any other One Term President has done better. And, if I am a “One Term President” I will just accept the fact that I suck.

    I’ll hang around K Street and give advice for $10,000 per hour to the next crop of Limousine Liberals. Good day.

  • crackermike

    #36. Clinton can’t stand Obama because he is destroying the Democrats and therefore his chances to be 1st Rapist. Hillary is much more dangerous than Obama because Bill can advise her how to impose Socialism/Communism that will be swallowed by the public. Obama just rams it down your throat and expects you to accept it because he’s black. Only the stupidest do now.

  • Bunni

    Only an imbecile would give a speech to an empty room….oh, wait! 😉

    Soon oblabber will be facing the same, ha!

  • Lightwave

    The permanent end of liberalism in America is mere months away. A generation of true conservatism will follow and if it means we have to show tens of millions of liberals the door, well, good riddance. We’ll have the courts, Congress, the White House, the people, and right on our side.

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  • Karmaa

    #38. You are so correct. The Dems are known to be sly and sneaky, and people like Clinton – who are SMART and sneaky – have slid this crap to our country for years. Along comes Obammy, who “sounds” eloquent (so long as he is on a teleprompter), and who has the added bonus of being “black” (although I prefer to think of him as half-white, just because it bugs so many people =P), but he is not really smart. He’s got the sneaky down well, but he is used to getting away with anything, hiding behind his race. Same with Holder, and his ilk. The thing they don’t realize is that mainstream America doesn’t put up with that. Only the insular hard-core dems that they have been surrounded by will give them the get-out-of-jail-race-card. The rest of us say NFW. Even those shallow idiots who voted him in to prove how sophisticated and non-racist they are do not approve of his tactics. It would be amusing except for the very real damage these people have caused.

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  • Brain

    I don’t quite believe this story. There must be more to the story…otherwise it’s almost statiscally impossible.

  • Freelancer

    Never forget, before there was ObamaCare, there was HillaryCare. The entire framework upon which the current HealthCare fiasco is built was begun by our Secretary of State while she was the First Lady. It was supposed to be her signature accomplishment in that position, to introduce to Congress a comprehensive socialized healthcare system. The American public said NO, loud and proud, and it died before it could be offered to the House.

    Bill and Hillary are politically more shrewed than the amateur Resident, but they are no less left-leaning. Clinton tried for almost two years to push a massive tax increase, and then the Contract with America stunned the entire Left. Billy Jeff was smart enough to roll with the tide, and then grab credit for policies he couldn’t prevent, and would never have supported. The Clintons are snakes, and not to be misunderestimated.

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  • Frediano

    From Nobel Prize to Nobody Buys Lies.