Liberal genius and NY Times propagandist, Paul Krugman, was slated to speak today at Netroots 2012.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite the draw they were hoping for.
The room was empty.

It was a rough week for the NY Times crank…
Today’s event followed the public smackdown by the Estonian president on Twitter earlier in the week.




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  1. it reminds me of the inside of his skull…

  2. You can explain this fairly easily. These are the .9999999%.

  3. If an idiot speaks in the forest, does anybody care?

  4. I bet CNN gives this event a shout out!

  5. Paul who?

  6. How embarrassing…

  7. Lib Genius Paul Krugman Gives Netroots Speech –

    To Empty Room…and he still wasn’t the most intelligent person in the room..

  8. See what happens when you diss Estonia?

  9. Hilarious.

  10. Well, at least a dozen people still read his stuff in the Times.

  11. “I’m outta here – – no one told me there would be math.”

    “Or economics”

    “Or Krugman”

  12. Everyone was out shopping and spending more to fix Americas economic problems

  13. That’s silly, I would have attended even though I disagree with everything he says.

  14. I guess he has no followers, ROTFLMAO, this has to STING

  15. The fate of Ubama in a couple of years.

  16. I’m starting to believe Obama’s base is becoming a bit discouraged.

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