Brian Terry’s Parents on Obama Adminstration: They Need to Get Their Heads Out of Their Butt… They’re Lying and Hiding Something (Video)

The parents of Brian Terry, the US Border Agent who was killed in the Fast and Furious scandal, were on with Sean Hannity tonight. The Terrys said they’d like to tell the Obama Administration to “get their heads out of their butt.” The Terrys also said the Obama Administration is lying and covering something up.

“There’s something they don’t want us to know. And there’s something they are hiding… You get to a point that you want to throw the TV out the window because of their constant lies.”

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  • CV1

    Anyone who refuses to directly answer a question is hiding something or is just plain lying. One doesn’t have to watch Eric Holder very long to understand that he does not answer the questions. He is a liar and his boss is a fraud!

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  • we should impeach holder and napolitano and obama.

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  • retire05

    My God, my heart goes out to these parents. Can you imagine what it must feel like to know your son is dead because of your own government and it’s goals to usurp the Second Amendment?

    They have a hole in their hearts that no one will ever be able to fill.

  • Justice Beaver

    This administration is nothing but a bunch of racist criminals. Do you really think they would do the right thing and/or lift a finger to help a white police officer or his family?

  • #5 … exactly.
    I cried as I watched this interview, as a parent, I cannot even imagine what they are going through… and I was impressed with Hannity, the way he was respectful and gentle and even after the interview, continued to be passionate (the panel portion).

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  • Barry S

    These poor people. The wrath Of Dear Leader is about to descend on them for speaking out.

  • myohmy

    That is the problem on electing Obama. He appointed an idiot like Holder running the DOJ. Holder is facing jail time once all these comes to light.

  • Gloria Gilson

    The One sealed his college, law school grades with an EO in the first days. He found hiding his past was easy, at least at that time. Gradually all his lies are coming to light. In time so too will his grades and he’ll find out he was a flunkie.

    Hiding DOJ records won’t be as easy. Of course there’s something being hidden. I think we can allow ourselves to think the worse. That the One and Holder themselves were personally involved in F&F whose aim was to undermine the 2d Am. This of course would be consistent with his attitude to the document as a whole. He thumbs his nose at it and at us.

    One and done.

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  • bigkahuna

    Someone needs to Ask Obigears….. Would you be hiding executive priveledge if you wife or daughters were murdered by this moronic program ??????

  • GotFreedom

    God Bless the Terry family–we pray that they will have the answers they seek sooner than later.

    As a side note–did anyone else catch Mr. Terry mentioning that his son wasn’t even suppose to be out there that night–hadn’t heard about that before–what do you all make of/know about that?

  • GotFreedom

    Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Terry for having the courage to speak out and thank you too for your son’s service to our country.

  • Valerie

    Just watched Rep. Schiff on Greta, lying bout the F&F investigation, claiming that the only reason it continues is because the Repubs want to fight. This is completely inconsistent with what I saw in the hearing before the vote.

    Here’s what he said before the vote:

    “The Attorney General has made an unprecedented offer to turn over documents that are part of the Department of Justice’s internal deliberations and workproduct, and to brief the committee on their contents. Regrettably, Chairman Issa refuses to take yes for an answer.”

    This is not at all what happened. Holder offered to brief the committee in lieu of handing over any documents, and he wanted an agreement in advance that the production of whatever documents he chose to produce would be sufficient. Understand, this is without even a log of the documents. Nobody in their right mind would agree to such conditions.

    This guy’s a liar who should be retired as soon as possible.

  • Limousine Barry

    These white people are racists!

    I like to inspect my bung hole to make sure it is free of disease and to get away from the screams of criticism. That’s why my head I up my arse. I have tired a finger and a thumb and it’s not the same!

    Let me be clear, I will not release any documents that might incriminate me or my cronies. It’s that simple.

    And, I will not be insulted by a Typical White couple whose son was shot because Eric Holder mucked-up while diddling some Mexican Gang. Case close!

    My limousine is running and I have another fund raiser to attend. It’s another $40,000 per plate Barky carnival. Bring your credit card – and any credit cards you can find. Sure, some of my donors are tapped-out but I hope I don’t lose too much money on this one.

    I cannot answer any more questions nor will I be gloated into a conversation with parents of a crapy Boarder Patrol agent who doesn’t even have a limousine. Good day.

  • Valerie

    My heart goes out to these grieving parents.

  • bg


    God bless them for speaking out..

    there really is no excuse.. 🙁

    and on an OT, but related note:

    June 21, 2012

    U.S. family jailed for Holder’s gun crimes

    [Certainly there has been no serious talk about prosecuting any of the people responsible for assisting in the illegal sales of over 2,000 guns to Mexican arms traffickers – guns that were subsequently involved in the murders of BPA Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata, as well as possibly hundreds of Mexican citizens.

    But while that investigation has dragged on, with Attorney General Eric Holder denying knowledge of the program, denying knowledge of who was involved and denying congressional investigators access to tens of thousands of documents that might answer those questions, New Mexico gun dealer Rick Reese and his two sons Ryin and Remington have sat rotting in separate detention centers, jails and prisons around the state accused of a similar crime involving some 30 guns.


    For the prosecution, it is imperative that they prove that the Reeses were intentionally engaging in the criminal activity they have already been being punished for. Failure to get a conviction would leave egg on the face of a relatively new federal law enforcement agency trying to establish itself, and would mean that the various agencies involved wouldn’t get to divvy up the spoils already pillaged.

    Once again though, we see a case where those inside the government and law enforcement are handled with kid gloves and given the benefit of every doubt, while those outside of government and law enforcement are presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence – even after the government has taken away the resources they need to make their case.]


  • nana

    I can’t imagine the pain they’re going through, they have every right to be angry with he Obama and his cohorts.

  • The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide…..Obama…

  • Coasta

    Mr and Mrs Terry,
    I am angry and sorry for your loss. There are millions of us out here that are thinking of Brian and F&F and praying that the house of cards crumbles all over itself. Your justice is our justice and I would like to think that Terry is an Angel in the heavens helping you and us get this done!!
    God Bless you both.

    Signed, An American.

  • yesmaasser

    7 bucks says the Hilary would be implicated if all documents are revealed….

    5 dolla and fitty cent says that Cass Sunstein would also be implicated….

    2 dollas says that Schumer, Blooming(diot)urg, and Pelooser would also be implicated…

    ….just to name a few droplets of scum.

  • Sasja

    Brian Terry was shot in the back. I think this plan to kill an agent was executed by these evil people known as Obama and Holder. I think by leaving a few guns at the scene was part of ultimate plan to attack the 2nd amendment and push to ban the citizens from owning any firearms.

  • lizzy84

    God bless them. Know that there are millions of Americans, Mr. and Mrs. Terry, that almost feel the same level of disgust and anger that you are feeling towards Eric Holder and a pResident who protects this liar and his own complicity in this murderous scheme whose ultimate goal was to create the fear and chaos through killing needed to advance his own agenda for gun control. We join you in prayer that these people will be held accountable and found guilty and sent to prison and that Brian Terry will finally get the justice he deserves.

  • mg4us

    # 24 Sasja

    Fully agree. . this was part of a “well orchestrated plan” to try to usurp our 2nd Amendment rights. .

    People need to ask themselves when did a criminal with an assault weapon just leave it behind after killing an officer and not in “hot pursuit”? This was a set up. . . for media to get behind and denounce guns. . . same also happened in Texas too. . but it backfired.

    Read more here

    My condolences go out to The parents and family of Officer Terry. . .

    Thank goodness Rep Issa and others are relentless and going after the truth.

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    Valerie #16 June 21, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    and of course the Republicans jumped on that
    asap, and set the record straight, right?? /s/

    hah, or perhaps they’re giving them just enough rope to hang
    themselves while the US goes to hell in an MSM hand-basket..

    of course they’ve had enough rope to hang themsleves 5x’s
    over since this first went down, but who’s measuring.. gah!!


  • mg4us

    Oh one other thing Issa needs to look into regarding F&F. . .
    Was Axelrod present in those meetings and what role did he play. . .

    Maybe Plough too!

  • lizzy84

    I’m sure that this has been posted already, but one more time..for emphasis:

    The truth has no agenda.

  • Redlite

    Where there is smoke there is fire. Barry is going to burn up before the election.He is conducting a war on the citizens of he counry and sadly he views Brian Terry as collateral damage in HIS war.

    This lawless bunch nees to be stoppped before they do any more damage.

    By claiming Exc Priv the President can only use that to protect info that he was involved and knew of F and F. The coverup is always worse than the crime. Check with Nixon on that.
    However in this matter we have an admin that is responsible for the death of American citizens and Barry is totally responsible for the death of these fine Americans.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Just a thought about what they might be hiding. No evidence, just a hunch.

    What if someone from the DOJ, DHS, or Border Patrol set Brian Terry’s team up?

    What if the Obama administration wasn’t getting the quick results they hoped for with Fast & Furious and they discussed how to make an impact by having a border patrol team ambushed with these weapons?

    What if someone working for the federal government coordinated with say, their informant in the drug gangs and planned a skirmish, and planned to have them to then drop the weapons and get away, so the Obama administration could get a big splash of attention, FIND THE AMERICAN ASSAULT RIFLES AND GET BIG NEWS STORIES ABOUT HOW WE NEEDED TO FURTHER RESTRICT OUR SECOND AMENDMENT, to further their plan to ban assault rifles like they were planning?

    What if they are hiding that agent Terry’s team was set up and Brian Terry murdered after top government officials conspired with a drug runners to do this, and it is now being covered up by Holder and Obama?

    Brian Terry’s parents said agent Terry wasn’t supposed to be out there that night. Who ordered that team out there? Was it one of the government “witnesses” who pleaded the fifth?

    There is something really big here that is going to make Nixon look like a boy scout..

  • Sasja

    Hilliary, Holder, Obama and anyone else involved in this murderous act need to be tried, and when convicted, hanged. Not only did Mr. & Mrs. Terry lose their son. I can only imagine the pain they feel. But it is estimated that over 200 innocent Mexicans were killed as a result of this heinous plan. People are but fodder to Obama and his evil partners in their quest for absolute power.

  • Sasja

    This is from June 13th. I had not heard, nor read, anything about these two. If this is true, Issa may be looking for documentation corroborating their statements… that is, if they have spoken with Issa. Surely they would have by now.

  • Valerie

    #27 June 21, 2012 at 10:33 pm
    how dumbed down are we bg commented:

    and of course the Republicans jumped on that
    asap, and set the record straight, right?? /s/

    Greta simply asked him over and over, and let him make it very clear that he meant what he said. There was no Republican involved in that segment.

  • jainphx

    There are some very good minds here, minds that can see possibilities of Holder and Obama being neck deep in the Fast & Furious mud. The shoes are starting to fall and this critter has 4 feet and Extra large ears. Working under the radar is what obama said to Mrs. Brady. You have to remember the media speaking (before this happened) of the guns getting into Mexico were coming from the U.S. Do you remember that. There was a large campaign to make us believe that we were illegally allowing gun dealers to sell weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Well it turns out they were right, except that they were Walked with the federal governments help. Now we have deaths laid at the feet of our own Government. Impeach and prosecute, it’s the only language these traitors understand.

  • Holder and his minions, and BO also, ought to be thrown in the slammer until they come out with everything. That’s what they would do to anyone else…

  • Daniel

    I just want to know if Obama killed Mexican nationals via drug lords in order to usurp gun rights in America.

  • jainphx

    How much more of this type of lawlessness are we willing to allow, How much more can we stand before we and our country melt away to ashes. The link that Valerie has posted should be posted everywhere. The rats are deserting the ship. I’ve heard that Issa and Grassley have most of the documents that are in question and have everything they need to impeach them.

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  • Patty

    They lost their son!! And this government has dragged their feet. SHAME SHAME ON OBAMA AND HOLDER. What if they lost a son or daughter.

    I see what is happening in the Trayvon Martin case and the information on that is flowing like water. What is wrong with this picture. And what are the secrets and the disastrous mishandling of this gun operation. AMERICANS ARE WAITING FOR THE TRUTH. And they aren’t those who are watching MSNBC or other liberal networks because they don’t report this stuff to the viewers.

    Holder, shame on you!! Disgrace the death of Brian Terry and putting his parents
    through this hell.

  • Tony

    Several years ago the MSM and all democrats argued passionately that Cindy Sheehan had the “absolute moral authority” on the deep division in this country over the War in Iraq. Crazy, opportunistic, self-absorbed, and irrational, we were supposed to arbitrarily give her credibility (contrary to common sense) because her son died in the war. Now, of course, Jay Carney cannot even remember Brian Terry or his family. So, imbued with the MSM inspired moral high ground, Brian’s mom and dad accurately observe that the current Administration has offered “hogwash” to justify their assertion of Executive Privilege to obstruct the House Oversight subpoenas. Even though I now qualify for Medicare and have seen a lot of hypocrisy in my life, the shamelessness of Obama, his coconspirators and the MSM sickens and saddens me.

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  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    Says a lot about Obama that he shows more outrage over the death of Trayvon Martin than Brian Terry.

  • Tim in Cali

    There is no level low enough, that the Liberals aren’t willing to go to.

    Their hatred for America grows with every breath…everyday.

  • lizzy84

    Wow..even Jon Stewart is now mentioning ‘the murder’ {although no mention of Brian Terry by name} and showed a snip of the shame regarding Fast n’ Furious:

    June 20, 2012–

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  • The Hussein regime is hiding something alright, the arming of bloody killers all over the world that will form bin Obama’s two million strong army. They will not stay in Mexico, Gaza, Libya and Syria but will be on the streets of America killing Americans. And there are no open gays among them to weaken them unlike the U.S. military under Hussein.

  • American Woman

    Hope for impeachment. Obama, Holder and Napolitano had their hands in fast and furious; all knew the score. This is far worse than the Watergate break-in; people died as a result of this fiasco and the regime (undaunted) continued selling guns to members of the drug cartel and illegals with criminal involvement.

    Hope that the Progressive Party still have some actual Democrats on their side, who have some patriotism.

  • Douglas

    What the hell was this ( T-B-P ) doing in Mexico? Sound like a set up to me. ( T-B-P ) Kill young kids all the time and no big thing is made of it. It is well known that ( T-B-P ) are very bad cops. If u are a women and get pull over bi them u can bet u will get ether rape or felt off. which is still rape. His parents do need to know the truth. And the truth is your son was kill so they can keep up the war on cannabis. Your son was set up by his fellow agents.

  • Tom

    Wow why even bother on all you right wing nuts who get spoon fed by Fox News. But why does Issa refuse to call the ATF field officer who was in charge and refused to notify anyone at justice that the program was going on? Could the truth be not political enough for Issa. It is an absolute shame that the repubs are using this death as a political ploy to try and take down Holder but guess what this will back fire on you like Bill Clinton Impeachment. You lost seats when you should have gained during that time. One more thing since the Democrats have the Senate have you ask yourself why have they not called hearings into this matter? Because they want to sit back and watch you embaress yourself. Good Luck with this one idiots!