Bobby Jindal: Obama Is “Most Liberal, Most Incompetent” President Since Carter”

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) told the Chicago CPAC crowd last night that Barack Obama is the “most liberal, most incompetent” president since Jimmy Carter.
It was a great speech.

And, that’s being nice.
CBS News reported:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, whose star as a potential running mate for Mitt Romney has been rising in recent weeks, delivered a scathing critique of President Obama at the Chicago Conservative Political Action Conference here Friday, saying the private sector is like a foreign country to Obama.

“I suspect that many in the Obama administration really don’t believe in private enterprise. At best they see business as something to be endured so that that it can provide tax money for government programs,” said Jindal.

Responding to Obama’s statement that the private sector was doing fine, he added: “Mr. President, I’ve got a message for you: The private sector is not doing well when 23 million Americans are unemployed and underemployed in this great country. This president, the private sector is so foreign to him he might need a passport to actually go visit and he might need a translator to help him talk to folks in the private sector.”

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  • Worst than Carter. under Carter the War by Terrorism was started; Under Obama It’s all but lost.

  • cal rifkin

    Obamao = worst preezy evah!

  • Truth Teller

    Obama is a fraud & he knows it.

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  • kato

    I wonder if beneath all that self-aggrandizing arrogance, little Barry knows in his heart that he’s just a posturing fraud. I’m afraid the answer is no, which makes his ignorance all the more dangerous.

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  • Patty

    Yes but Worse than Carter. Much worse. Really thought Carter took the award for the most liberal but Obama is the the most liberal and socialist president and that is a worse mix.

    The combination for this nation has completely added to an already collapsing nation. We will recover but Obama cannot say he had anything to do with it. Yet, he can say he was the cause of a nation bigger problems.

    When growth is slow and then to compound all of our other problems our nation’s security and secrets are leaked this is disastrous.

    There couldn’t be anyone worse than Carter. Everyone said this one time or another but then came Obama and his Chicago thuggery bags packed and ready to lead a nation.

    Everyone said Obama is change we believe in and his election was historic but those of us knew it would be bad but this is like, Mr. Toad’s wild ride.

    No one could have predicted things could get this bad. And so, when inexperience and social agenda try to run a nation we get much worse than Carter.


  • Francesca

    Radical. Obama is a RADICAL. As someone said on the other thread, let’s call him what he is. RADICAL

  • Toddski

    I really wish the Republicans would stop saying that Obama is incompetent. Barry is your typical marxist, and everything he does, is on purpose……No one is this dumb….He is doing exactly what he said he would do….Transform America”…..Ignorant people didn’t do their homework of what his definition of Transformation was………HELLO ???? SOCIALISM, POWER AND CONTROL !!!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …Barack Obama is the “most liberal, most incompetent” president since Jimmy Carter.

    The ultimate affirmative action hire.

  • shibumi

    You know, Jimmeh was incompetent, not a stealth commie attempting to destroy America.

    I think Jimmeh should be insulted by the comparison….

  • oldguy

    Where is the killer rabbit when we need him?

  • No Man


    I must disagree.

    Obama makes Carter look like a genius.

  • Collatinus

    1. De-regulation of trucking and aviation at a time when the momentum was toward more government regulation.

    2. When, during the 1980 campaign, Ronald Reagan criticized the Carter administration for not spending money on the B-1 bomber, President Jimmy kept his mouth shut about the B-2 and stealth technology that would be a radical change in warfare and was the main reason for dropping the B-1. Just like with Eisenhower-Nixon and JFK’s “missile gap” in 1960, he didn’t sell out U.S. secrets (and the people we have in the field) for the sake of a few votes.

    The accomplishments of the Carter administration were few, but I have to say that he comes out ahead.

    Now I have to go wash off my keyboard after writing this message. However, Jimmy still is our worst ex-President.

  • dunce

    Obama made a speech in his first year and referred to a “profit sales ratio” that left investors around the world scratching their heads. I believe that the term he should have used was “price earnings ratio” but he does not believe that businesses “earn their profits” so he cobbled together some business terms to create nonsense as are most of his economic ideas.

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  • JD

    That video is from CPAC in DC (February 2012), not CPAC in Chicago (June 2012).

  • mcc

    Jindal’s retelling (video’s last few minutes) of his run-in with this administration regarding the Gulf Oil Spill is all you need to know about Barry and those who’ve groomed him.

    It’s not incompetence — it’s by design that our nation is being weakened and destroyed.

  • obama is a fraud

    communism at its best! Mourice Strong, Holder, Axelrod, Jarret, Jackson, Rice, Peloski, Reid, Jones all slum dogs..the destroyers as the stick their millions under their rug! Makes me sick..
    so, many people lost their jobs because he SHUT down Lousianna..sold their jobs to Brazil, drilling all over the country and shut down 1,000 car dealerships..600 coal mines, waterwayd, makes me sick…they are all crooks..Holder allowed 100s of people to get murdered and DOJ staffers are all still in office! Sickening!

  • Luddite

    What a great speech!!! Wow. I was completely enthralled. I have my choice for vice president. As a Catholic, a minority, a true conservative, and the child of immigrants, he could really help Romney.

  • i disagree that obama is incompetent. he set out to destroy this country and all the harmful policies he has enacted are done deliberately to accomplish that goal. i don’t know why people don’t understand what obama is doing is what any marxist would do, destroy the existing order. if this country goes under and turns to marxism obama will be viewed by the left as the greatest american president ever.

  • sully313


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  • Scott

    Actually Bobby, he makes Mr. Peanut acutally look like he knew what he was doing. Carter was just a buffoon who never should have gotten the job. Obama is a vindictive, calculating and manipulative RADICAL who truly wants to destroy thie country. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

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