Yikes! Dem Presidential Candidate John Wolfe Closes in On Barack Obama in Arkansas (Video)

He doesn’t quite have the star power of Keith Judd, but he will do.
Democrat presidential candidate John Wolfe, Jr. spoke with a citizen journalist recently on his campaign strategy to defeat fellow Democrat Barack Obama.

Currently John Wolfe is closing in on Barack Obama in Arkansas.
Talk Business reported, via The Weekly Standard:

A week ago, federal inmate and Democratic Presidential candidate Keith Judd pulled 42% of the West Virginia primary vote against incumbent Barack Obama.

The President’s 57% tally in a state that will be non-competitive in the fall was a signal of disillusionment among conservative Democratic voters who dominate West Virginia’s party politics.

Obama is likely to experience a similar wave of discontent from Fourth District Democratic voters in Arkansas.

In our latest Talk Business-Hendrix College Poll, conducted last Thursday, May 10, 2012, 38% of Democratic primary voters in the Fourth say they’re casting ballots for John Wolfe, a Tennessee attorney who filed paperwork to qualify for the Arkansas Democratic primary.

Less than half — just 45% — say they presently support Obama.

45% – Barack Obama
38% – John Wolfe
17% – Undecided

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  • Militant Conservative

    Been telling y’all. Obama will

    Lose in a landslide. The signs

    are there. Real Americans

    ignore him when he comes on

    TV. He’s out right detested.

    Powder is dry

  • bg


    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..



    ELECTION 2012: Vote for the AMERICAN!

  • gena

    Even a lot of democrats are saying Anyone but Obama. that is why we have to watch that he doesn’t find some way to call elections off. He will not willingly leave office.

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  • richie

    this is going to get really intresting in the coming months, this guy will pull votes from odummy

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  • owl


  • Sasja

    We had a guy here run against him in the primary. I think he garnered 20% of the vote. If I remember correctly, Ann Coulter came out supporting him. Can’t recall his name offhand.

    Apparently Bammy just wasn’t happy with comparing himself to past presidents in speeches. He now has his people including His All Glorius HighA$$ into the biographies of past presidents, which is part of the official WH site.


  • Timothy in AR-2

    Keep in mind that Arkansas has open primaries. Any registered voter may vote in the Democratic primary. While I usually vote 3rd party in the fall, I usually vote in the Democratic primary in May to assist friends running for local offices. The opportunity to cast a protest vote is too tempting.

  • Facauwee Tribe

    Dang Jim, looks like you have a couple of deleted comments on every thread now. It’s going to be worse than 2008.

  • crackermike

    RE#1. Mil con, You are correct sir, a blowout is in the offing even considering vote fraud., I’m thinking 55%-45%. All the prelims are running 60-40. People are already discussing Post Obama America and it’s re-emergence.

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  • Sasja


    A friend of mine called and sent me to this link of East Germany then and now. It is a great reminder to those who may have forgotten just what misery socialism brings. And to all you nincompoops who think socialism is the answer; take a look at these photos.
    It would not be any different here. Just look at places like Detroit.


  • valerie

    It’s called “Operation Counteract”


    Sorta like “Operation Counterweight”


    I’ve already gotten three phone calls from the RNC, asking for money, and I tell them my money is going to Operation Counterweight because I don’t like the way they ran their primaries.

  • donh

    Where is Al Green ?…The man who ran against Jim DeMint in SC…? You’re missing out the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • I seriously doubt Obama will lose.

    There will be enough votes lost, discounted, manufactured, discovered, and fraudulently voted in the right precincts that he’ll ‘win’ re-election with 52% of the popular vote and just enough electoral votes. I believe that if every person in this country actually cast a ballot for anyone BUT President Obama (with the exception of himself and his family), he’d STILL come out on top with those percentages.

    Those of you who think there’s any hope of anyone else winning should get in contact with me. I have some beach-front property in Arizona to sell you…GORGEOUS long, beach views!


  • Jim Sonweed

    Sasja , those are great photos!!

    What Americans need do is to start at the end and show them in reverse, to see where we are heading under our Socialist Redeemer, Barack Hoeneker Obama.

    For those who missed them, look here:


    When you reach that page, click back a page to start at the end of the original photo series to see the before-after, reversed. Then repeatedly click back.

    The original: East Germany then and now.

    Reversed: The US, now and maybe then, if the Blue-Lipped Boy King is not deposed.

    Obama delenda est.

  • Sasja

    Jim, great idea. Far too many people do not realize just how destructive socialism is. It not only produces what we see in those pictures, but more importantly, it destroys the human spirit. Alot of damage was done to Germany during WWII. That the USSR did nothing to improve conditions after the war is telling. In fact, things just got worse under their jackboots.

  • sybilll

    At the very least, he has COPD, more likely emphysema, and he wants treatment for free.

  • el polacko

    everything seems to be pointing to why obama SHOULDN’T win…but that doesn’t mean that he won’t. james o’keefe is exposing all sorts of voting malfeasance but that doesn’t mean that anything is being DONE about it.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Well, buttmuck me from behind!

    I will not allow a member of my party to stick me in the butt! I will call Eric Holder, David Axelrod and George Soros and throw this guy under the bus!

    Let me be clear, in Washington DC we call bundling and bank shake-downs “Fund raising!” It is not piracy or extortion – it is forceful fund raising!

    Sure I suck and my policies have almost completely bankrupted this country but I need for more years to do the job! I will not tolerate DNC members twisting my grape nuts.

    My limousine is running and I am juggling three things at a time: Voter fraud; losing the war and helping Barney Frank get married to his butt boy. I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • Wyjoe

    It probably won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be wild if Wolfe won. The news media would be forced to report the news.

  • mg4us

    Wolfe to Obama (borrowing from a SNL skit):

    Barack you ignorant white-half slut. . .
    Bad enough your Kenyan Dad and his dad practiced Polygamy
    When it comes to gay marriage, you keep your Pole-away-from-me
    (and according to Biden you have a Big Stick. . he promises)

  • Patty


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  • Patty
  • Toddski


  • PJ54

    I for one liked what Wofle has to say and represents. I think his ideas would be good for the American people. There were points made that are also true if the politicians don’t like where the votes are going they are not beyond fixing the polls sad to say, but true. However if people will get off their butts and go vote in the primary things can change more in Wolfe favor. Don’t think your vote don’t so you don’t need to vote, if you don’t vote it is a vote for Obama.

  • richard40

    wouldn’t it be great if obama had more trouble wrapping up the remaining primaries than romney does.

  • Meremortal

    Many Americans are keeping quiet about this election. They don’t respond to pollsters or their neighbors. In November they will quietly go to the polls and vote the Marxist out of office. That won’t solve the coming fiscal crisis, Republicrats won’t do anything about that. But at least we’ll have an American president again. By that I mean a president who has lived the American experience and loves America. The mood change in America will be wonderful. The radical leftys, who are always mad, will be the only mad people left. The rest of America will simply get to work improving things.

  • valerie

    OT – Bill O’Reilly has Mr. Crump, Trayvon Martin’s family’s lawyer discussing the case, and O’Reilly is bringing the best in the guy. They have substantial areas where they agree, and where they differ, they make their points politely and effectively.

    FOX TV has had a long-term project to teach people how to discuss emotional issues without sounding like a$$holes. It’s taken a while, but it’s taken hold.

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  • anyone but obama