Wow!… Obama Campaign Holds Protest Outside Romney Stop in Philly (Video)

When all else fails, stalk your opponent.
Mitt Romney visited an inner city school in Philadelphia today to discuss his education agenda. The Obama Campaign met him at the school and protested his visit outside.
Mayor Michael Nutter led the protest complete with Obama 2012 signs.

The Romney protest was organized by the Obama Campaign.
The Washington Post reported:

When Mitt Romney came to an inner-city charter school here Thursday to promote his new education agenda, he received something of a history lecture about the persecution of blacks in America and the struggles of African American children to meet the academic achievements of their white counterparts.

Seeking to broaden his appeal heading into the general election, Romney was venturing for his first time in this campaign into an impoverished black neighborhood to hear the concerns of local educators and community leaders. But here in the streets of West Philadelphia, the emotion surrounding his contest with the nation’s first black president was raw, as dozens of neighborhood residents shouted, “Get out, Romney, get out!”

…Outside, meanwhile, some brick row houses across from the school were boarded up. Police had cordoned off a full city block to protect Romney and his entourage. Residents, some of them organized by Obama’s campaign, stood on their porches and gathered at a sidewalk corner to shout angrily at Romney. Some held signs saying, “We are the 99%.” One man’s placard trumpeted an often-referenced Romney gaffe: “I am not concerned about the very poor.”

Madaline G. Dunn, 78, who said she has lived here for 50 years and volunteers at the school, said she is “personally offended” that Romney would visit her neighborhood.

“It’s not appreciated here,” she said. “It is absolutely denigrating for him to come in here and speak his garbage.”

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D) addressed protesters and the media, quipping that Romney “suddenly somehow found West Philadelphia.”

Mayor Nutter is a member of Barack Obama’s PA Truth Team.

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  • pst314

    “Madaline G. Dunn…said she is ‘personally offended’ that Romney would visit her neighborhood.”

    My, my, my. Some black people sure are easily offended.

  • ebayer

    “personally offended” “It’s not appreciated here,””speak his garbage.”


    And if white people spoke those words about Obama,the nightly talk shows and print media would be in a “racist” frenzy.

    Obama and the media have created a monster and it’s an ugly racist one.

  • Sam Stone

    When have these people met Obama in a school like this?

  • Sam Stone

    Days gone by: Why don;t they reach out to black people? Why don’t they come see us?

    Today” “personally offended” “It’s not appreciated here,””speak his garbage.”

    What then can be said in any rational discussion tp people like that?

  • OxyCon

    Just imagine what would’ve happened if a White Mayor organized a White mob to harass a Black candidate and tell him he wasn’t welcome in their city neighborhood. I’ve let Nutter have it on his twitter account.

  • Remco Kimber

    “We’s love living in the squalor caused by liberalism and the Democratic Party. In fact, some of us been sayin’ that we wallow in it. So now don’t you be bringin’ around them hateful ideas of gettin’ off govnment assistance and dependence. That’s the way it be for me, for my mama, and her mama, and forever. Obama in 2012!”

  • moron

    And 95% of blacks vote for their people (racists). Because he’s black. Obama and Democrats are against vouchers for the worthy to go to the best school. Keep them on the plantation is Obama’s motto. Romney wants vouchers. Dems want the votes.

  • SpideyTerry

    “Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D) addressed protesters and the media, quipping that Romney “suddenly somehow found West Philadelphia.””

    Based on Nutter’s inept term as mayor, I’m surprised he could find Philadelphia at all.

  • bg



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  • Befuddled

    “Madaline G. Dunn…said she is ‘personally offended’ that Romney would visit her neighborhood.”

    I’m personally offended and embarrassed that these people and places exist in America.I would expect it in a third world garbage dump,but this is what happens when you have given full control for too many years to Democrats.Give them enough time and everplace will look and smell like Detroit and Philadelphia.

    No wonder Black Panthers can strut around the place with impunity. Disgusting, disgraceful, and Democrat.

  • bg


    dang, do i ever wish Gingrich was the candidate.. he promised to
    give a speech wherever Obama gave one if he refused to debate


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  • Redwine

    I was born and raised in Philly. My daughter goes to university there. It has always been in a state of perpetual, low-education, crime-ridden deterioration because of these “entitled” affirmative action race-baiting socialist Demoncraps.

    Philly is pretty much going the way of Detroit.

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  • heidi

    Yeah, keep us on the plantation.

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  • bg


    Nutter did good, Obama won’t be calling him
    an Uncle Tom, no no hell no and thank God!!


  • Texas_Treeroach

    No Whites Allowed.

    Can’t Romney read?!?

  • Befuddled

    Earlier, outside the presence of the jury, Boyd said that an Army legal officer at Fort Campbell in September had dropped child pornography charges against Abdo. Fort Campbell officials did not immediately return a request for comment. Abdo was charged with having child pornography on his government computer shortly after he was granted conscientious objector status based on his Muslim faith last spring. Abdo, who claimed the charges were fabricated by his unit as a reprisal for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan, fled Fort Campbell before his court-martial could begin.
    Child pornography is not against his religion?

  • Happy Fun Ball

    Nutter, how appropriate. Describes him and his mouth-breathing, perpetual victim-class constituents to a T.