That Didn’t Take Long… ‘Rush Babes For America’ Already Has More Followers Than NOW

On Tuesday Rush Limbaugh launched the “Rush Babes for America ” Facebook page. The group was organized as a counterweight to the far left National Organization of Women, who are behind a boycott of the Rush Limbaugh radio program.

After two days Rush Babes for America already has over 45,000 followers.

Rush Babes for America (a.k.a. The National Organization for Rush Babes) is a Facebook Page dedicated to the millions of conservative women who know what they believe in: family, American Values, and not being told by Faux Feminist Groups how to think.

On the other hand, via Legal Insurrection, NOW only has 30,000 followers.

Rush was right. NOW really is a fringe far left group.
And, they don’t appreciate being outed. The radical group is already lashing out at Rush.

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  • Militant Conservative


    The NAGS are just a fringe

    Group of bitter women.

  • MT Geoff

    H’m. An entertaining radio host garners more support than a shrill group of nanny-bullies. Who’d a thunk it? Next thing we’ll hear is that liberal talk radio garners an audience too small to pay the bills but conservative radio hosts make large profits.
    Stopped by Politico. Interesting range of views and commenters. Some silliness on both sides in the comments on this topic.

  • Facauwee Tribe

    Let the shaming by the Make Believe Media begin!

  • Warthog

    What the … ?! Only 30k followers? For an organization that’s been around for decades?

    Criminy! I know coupon sites that have more followers.

  • Economan

    Yeah the NAGS are all P-Oed. So funny to watch them spit out their usual litany of bile and vomit as they lash out at Rush….

  • valerie

    NOW completed its work in the United States with the passage of Title VII and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act. The ERA, which was the original focus of NOW, was not passed as a United States Constitutional amendment, in part because it was merely a restatement of the existing requirement for equal protection under the laws. It did, however obtain passage in many states, so that fake big shots in banks could not tell married women they had to bring their husbands in to do business.

    After the passage of those laws, normal people turned to using their rights to build their families and secure their prosperity. The people left in NOW turned to other goals, and lost even the nominal support of their former members because the choice of goals had nothing to do with the betterment of women’s lives.

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  • Andrew X

    Natl Organization for Rush Babes?

    Nice NORBs, baby! Bigger than the NAGS, that’s for sure.

  • scituate_tgr

    Update: RBA now ay 51,330

  • Patty


    The National Organization for Women and their simpaticos, like the mainstream media, want to project this image that all women think alike, that they’re all “feminists” in the activist liberal sense; that they’re monolithic, that they all think and act and do the same things. So what Rush Babes for America is about is posting stories and ideas that happen here on the program (and occasionally elsewhere) and inviting all of you to participate in conversations on Facebook with other women about what matters to you. As a means of demonstrating just what a minority the National Organization for Women and its so-called affiliates really are. {..}

    There are many, many more of you than there are of them. And Rush Babes for America at Facebook is where you go to be officially counted and tabulated and to make a difference. To make a difference: It’s only the beginning.

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  • Coasta


  • mg4us

    Does NOW receive any taxpayer money. .of so. .it needs to stop. . .call your congressman. . .

    Also, a little known secret, Conservative women tend to be sexier and better looking than the losers on the left. .ever seen a NOW woman? They’re the onews with hair on their upper lips. . .

    They are jealous because decent men won’t date them. . . woof woof. . .

    just look at this

    Even the fleas stay away from these dogs. . .

  • JPeden

    Carumba! Another great move by El Rushbo! Unsurprisingly, the same self-anointed self-named “Progressive” Thought Master wannabees really hate it when reality speaks up and shows their demented “ideas” to be totally fringe…again.

  • Helen desens

    Rush is right again

  • bg


    NOW is equivalent of CAIR..

    when it comes to Rush Babres, there is no comparison.. 🙂


  • bg


    re: #16 May 10, 2012 at 2:08 pm bg

    Rush Babres = Rush Babes

    dang keyborad.. 😉


  • MamaGriz68

    Look out NAGS – hear come the Rush Babes!

  • Patty,
    If it wasn’t for organizations like The National Organization for Women and the mainstream media you would not have half the rights you have now starting with; the right to vote (womens suffrage) (note:It was 30 years after African American men were allowed to vote that women were granted that same right); to own property (when your husband died, you had no right to the monies or properties you aquired together); to education (in 1919 my Grandmother was given a scolarship to college and was sent to cooking school instead because women’s work was in the home); you had no parental rights (when your husband divorsed you or you left him, you had no rights to your own children); no right to enter into legal contracts; or to have marital, or religious rights; you could not serve in the military; to hold public office; to fair wages or equal pay. I could go on forever here about the rights we have obtained because of brave women who joined together to fight against Gender Equality. We Liberated women don’t think all women should think alike, we fight tiredlessly to give you the right to express yourself about what matters to you, even when we don’t agree. Thank you for inviting all to participate in conversations on Facebook with other women about what matters to us. But how about a truthful and open conversation from both sides. What matters to me is that as women we continue to go forward instead of backwards and we listen to truth. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Wife, Mother of 3, Grandmother of 2 and a life long Christian.

  • correction; It should state against Gender Equality, which I am sure you will find amusing.

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