Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that his administration is “pursuing a negotiated peace with the Taliban” (Tollybon) in Afghanistan.

Two hours later, after he left Bagram Air Force Base, the Taliban bombed Kabul killing seven people.

They said it was in response to Obama’s visit.
The AP reported:

Taliban insurgents attacked a compound housing foreigners in the Afghan capital Wednesday, killing seven people, hours after President Barack Obama made a surprise visit and signed a pact governing the U.S. presence after combat troops withdraw.

The Taliban said the attack was a response to Obama’s visit, which coincided with Wednesday’s anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden in neighboring Pakistan.

It was the second major assault in Kabul in less than three weeks and highlighted the Taliban’s continued ability to strike in the heavily guarded capital even when security had been tightened security for the high profile events.



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  1. That’s how Obama’s people celebrate.

    He’ll be having another presser so he can tell us that if he would arrived there 3 hrs. earlier his people wouldn’t have bombed and killed 7 people.

  2. HEre is the text of Obama’s campaign speech from Kabul with additional points highlighted. . .


    Here are some highlights the MSM won’t show you or talk about. . .

    This outpost is more than seven thousand miles from home, (see I came a long way for this campaign stop, what a sacrifice I made, further than the 57th state, and all that fuel spent on Air force One)
    but for over a decade it has been close to our hearts. (except the time I and my fellow DemocRATs fought Bush tooth & nail over this, obstructing his every turn, withholding funding)

    Because here, in Afghanistan, more than half a million of our sons and daughters have sacrificed to protect our country. (Let me be clear, more of our sons and daughters died in my 3 1/2 years than in Bush’s 8 years, see what happens when I change the ROE and prematurely withdraw troops while signaling to the Taliban we are cutting and running)


    But first, let us remember why we came here. It was here, in Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden established a safe-haven for his terrorist organization. (and where I as Senator and my fellow leftist DemocRATs fought Bush every step of the way not to be here)

    It was here, in Afghanistan, where al Qaeda brought new recruits, trained them, and plotted acts of terror. It was here, from within these borders, that al Qaeda launched the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children. (Or as My mentor and spiritual Advisor Jeremiah Wright likes to say: “America’s Chickens have come home to roost!”)

    And so, ten years ago, the United States and our allies went to war to make sure that al Qaeda could never again use this country to launch attacks against us. (that’s right, now with my support, they can use Egypt or Iran which has much more native radicals and is closer to home. . .and soon Iran will have the BOMB)


    The answer is clear: our goal is not to build a country in America’s image ( a country I constantly need to apologize for, a country where my sweet Big Mama Moochle was only proud for the first time when I got on the ballot despite all those years of affirmative action to get me to Columbia & Harvard, A country of bitter clingers whose silly Constitution prevents me and my czars from doing what I want)


    Anyway you get the point, he wants to build a country where women and girls are fourth class citizens (goats have more rights!), where burka babes are the fashion du jour and where radical rule according to the religion of PIECE. . .

  3. We went into to Afganistan to free them from the Taliban – now Barry cleverly calls them our allies in nation building. What a dope…

    You may recall when the Taliban took over the first time, all employment and education for women ceased, just like has been proposed for Egyptian women recently. Welcome to the 5th century.

  4. obama has got to go.

    he or whoever is pulling his strings cannot love our great country, evil!

    i pray for our great country everyday.

    everyone that is a believer should be praying for our great GOD to have mercy on us.
    as a believer, i think GOD is watching the free will that he gave to each one of us taking a wrong turn. we, as a nation have been moving away from GOD and now GOD’s country Israel. yes, this is a very crucial election. good versus evil and it is not a movie or tv show, it is the real thing.

    the evil in our country is rising up and has the full force of the government behind it, however, the good in our country are watching and planning. i pray that there are enough of us good to take our country back.

    good=all who love this wonderful country!

  5. when will people realize that there is no good mooslime and they are just a bunch of terrorists…pull all troops and then bomb the living crap out of the entire He** hole

  6. So, Obama achieved peace talks and like all his other achievements, they failed. If he learned from his mistakes, he would have known better: don’t ever negotiate with terrorists.

  7. Vorwarts! Forward! That right Obama? The student=union President

  8. @ mg4us, you are sooo spot on!!! Great comments!!! Obama=bigger traitor than Jane Fonda and will go down in history as the WORST president EVER!!

  9. Can you feel the love Barry?

    mg@us is right on.

    More cowbell, please.

  10. OT

    A must-read from America Thinker:


    “Jada Williams is a 13-year-old student from Rochester, New York. Earlier this school year, she was given a copy of the book The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, written by the great patriot Frederick Douglass. Her assignment was to read the book and write an essay about her impressions. Her essay was to be entered in a contest. Jada Williams happens to be black. Many of her teachers are white.”

    “In her essay, Ms. Williams drew a parallel between what she saw as a group of self-satisfied “white teachers” overseeing dysfunctional students (characterized by Ms. Williams as “so-called ‘unteachable'” students) who were not being properly taught, illiterate and perpetually ignorant. This she considers a form of slavery.”


    The essay that Ms. Williams wrote was never entered in the essay contest. Instead, she was harassed out of her school by the very people whose assistance she requested.
    The teacher who gave Ms. Williams the original assignment was so enraged at her essay that copies were distributed to fellow teachers and the principal. Soon after, Ms. Williams’ parents began receiving several phone calls from faculty claiming that their daughter was “angry.” Suddenly Ms. Williams, a model student prior to the essay, began receiving low grades in her classes. In several meetings, these same teachers refused to show Ms. Williams’ parents the papers and tests that garnered lower grades. During at least one such meeting, according to Mrs. Williams, a teacher union representative was present.”

    There’s more, and a link to Ms. Williams’ amazing essay.

    This is so freakin’ sad — everyone involved should be ARRESTED. Not merely fired.

  11. Talk about a WAR ON WOMEN!

    barack obama handed Afghanistan to the Taliban last night. The ones who will be suffering are the Afghan women and girls. We should hang this fiasco around his neck for the rest of his miserable life.

  12. Afgoofystan is not nor has it ever been a monlithic whole. Even the talibums are not a single group. This craphole has been a mess of tribal, ethnic, and religious fragments all either vying for turf or just riding out to do battle in the manner of counting coup for thousands of years.

    My guess would be that Obysmal and Karzai are dealing with one talibum power faction and the bombing was from another faction jealous of the power grab.

  13. There is something very phony looking about the scene behind Obama….looks like a blue matte to me…notice where he approaches the podium from….another Greek column moment…

  14. Thanks for the heads up Taq.

    The cancer has spread to the point that only very difficult choices remain.

  15. He calls the Taleeban “foot soldiers?” Is he serious?

    I recall his advising our troops (true foot soldiers) there will be more sacrifices coming from them. That they may see their buddies wounded or killed before we depart this hell hole.

    That’s The Evil One’s demand from US and our military. Blood sacrifice.

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