Shocker! Obama Joins With French Socialist Leader at G8 – Urges More European Stimulus Spending

Here’s some advice to our European friends.
When Barack Obama opens his mouth to talk economics… Run!!!

The worst US jobs president since the Great Depression and worst US fiscal president ever is lecturing world leaders on economics today.
God help us.

Barack Obama joined with the socialist president of France to urge bankrupt European nations to spend more money they don’t have.
Reuters reported:

U.S. President Barack Obama will press European leaders to ease up on fiscal austerity and focus on economic growth at a summit on Saturday that will discuss ways to stem turmoil in the euro zone and head off the risk of global contagion.

At the wooded Camp David retreat in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains, Obama and leaders from other large economic powers will try to forge a common approach to tackling a crisis that threatens the future of Europe (Chicago Options: ^REURUSD – news) ‘s 17-nation single currency.

Though no major policy decisions are expected from the Group of Eight summit, leaders hope they can bridge enough of their differences to soothe rattled financial markets after worries about the risk of a Greek exit from the euro zone sent European stock prices to their lowest level since December.

“Hopefully we’ll get some stuff done,”
Obama told Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti as he and other summit participants arrived for Friday evening dinner at a lodge at the secluded presidential retreat.

Obama earlier in the day aligned himself with Monti and new French President Francois Hollande by urging a solution to the euro zone crisis that combines fiscal belt-tightening measures with a “strong growth agenda.”

On the other side of the debate is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has pushed fiscal austerity as a means of bringing down huge debt levels that are burdening European economies.

Voters in euro zone countries have shown frustration with that approach, ejecting governments such as that of Nicolas Sarkozy, who wasdefeated by Hollande, a socialist, in the May 6 French presidential election.

He’s not just satisfied with obliterating the US economy. He wants to destroy Europe, too.

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  • Joe College

    Pump it up until the election. After that, the whole world can go to hell. Who cares.

  • noway

    yawn, what’s new in this? the fact is austerity measures will have to be used sooner or later. you can’t keep going back to the tap for more of fiat currency that has no real value due to overspending. btw we face the same here in usa. california is about to find out. this socialist in france will be doing good to last 18 months. when they find that nothing has improved and the good ole days are not coming back, then they have to face the fact that they have to rebuild by actually working to do it just like our grandparents did.

  • noway

    let me further add they didn’t come as supplicants to the one as our media protrays. in fact the usa has been cut out of some of the g7 meetings on purpose. the usa is responsible for a lot of world financials issues only due to our overspending and huge debt. most of the world countries had had an audit and barry keeps running away from it. think about that. the truth is world leaders despise this cretin but don’t count on our hapless lapdog media to tell you.

  • CV1

    Obama’s economic strategy makes absolutely no sense.

    As an American, I am embarrassed by him.

  • NorthernX

    It doesn’t matter. Nobody listens to, or respects this foolish jackass.

  • The Watcher

    Is it bad of me as an American to hope Angela spanks our President soundly?

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  • bigL

    Sleeves rolled up, Obama was lecturing them today. For some reason, FOX covered it live.
    So our President Cracker-Jack Toy told them about all his knowlege of economics.
    He is so brilliant,Obama.

  • redc1c4

    well, if you’re headed for a cliff, i guess the best thing to do is push the gas pedal to the floor, so the crash is spectacular…

    this will not end well.

  • jb books

    O and the Euros deverve each other.

  • mg4us

    When the Euro and dollar collapses due to hyper-inflation. . .

    Civil wars will break out. . .

    Also on CBS news they reported lots of flying insects at camp david summit. .

    As the say $#!+ always attract flies. .right Obama?

  • Lubypaulanka

    Remember when Dick Cheney said Reagan proved deficits don’t matter? Conservatives were up in arms.

    Oh wait — no they weren’t.

    Good times, people!

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  • bigkahuna

    Luby, When they were a few hundred million under reagan and we had fantastic growth… They were not a big deal but nver good

  • bg


    ★ ~ ★ ~ ★ ~ ★ ~ ★ ~ ★

    Happy Armed Forces Day

    ★ ~ ★ ~ ★ ~ ★ ~ ★ ~ ★


  • Lubypaulanka

    Republicans only care about deficits when a Democrat is president.

    In other news — water wet!!!

  • chris

    “Hopefully, we’ll get some stuff done.”

    Pure awe inspiring genius from one of the greatest thinkers and wordsmiths of our era – perhaps of all eras. I am humbled to be a citizen whose life is dictated by such a brilliant and thoughtful intellect. And..did you see the creases on his pants? You could cut a steak with that crease!

    Keep in mind, when it comes to economics, this is a president who was a “financial journalist.” He was so great a journalist that he never once used a by line or kept track of where he was published. I think he just anonymously donated his talents to others so they might earn a few bucks. He is sooooo modest.

  • Lubypaulanka

    What we need is a president who resembles Bob Eubanks or Wink Martindale.

    How blessed we are that Mittens fills the bill.

  • bg
  • Sasja

    Luby may have won the prize for being the most stupid troll to ever visit this site.