Senator Brown Calls on Harvard to Correct Its Records on Phony Indian Elizabeth Warren

It’s time to drop the charade, paleface. (Polisat)

Senator Scott Brown called on Harvard to correct its diversity statistics after it was discovered that Democrat senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren was not a Native American as she claimed.
The Hill reported:

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) is calling on Harvard University President Drew Faust to correct its diversity statistics after it was revealed that his opponent, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, was listed as a minority despite failing to meet federal guidelines to be considered Native American.

Brown’s demand followed a Boston Globe report Friday showing that both Harvard, where Warren teaches law, and the federal government have specific criteria determining who can be listed as Native American in diversity statistics provided to the government, and that Warren does not meet those criteria. The report also showed that the university almost always based its statistics on how employees self-identify, calling into question Warren’s claim that she was unaware Harvard had listed her as a minority.

“I call on Harvard President Faust to immediately correct the record with the relevant federal agencies and uphold Harvard’s 400-year-old tradition of abiding by the truth,” Brown said in a statement.

Harvard did not respond to a phone message and email asking whether the university would accede to Brown’s demand and correct its statistics.

Warren has repeatedly maintained that she is part Cherokee but never sought to benefit academically or professionally from her minority status. She told reporters on Thursday she knew she was Native American because her mother told her she was growing up, and said she would not succumb to Brown’s attacks on her family.

“First of all, I’m highly offended that Elizabeth Warren would accuse me of attacking her family when I have done nothing of the kind. To make that kind of wild and baseless charge is disturbing,” Brown said. “This Native American controversy is a problem of Elizabeth Warren’s own making. She falsely described herself as a minority and some of the schools where she worked relied on that information to misrepresent the diversity of their faculty.”

One more time… This explains the liberal mindset today.

(I Own the World via Instapundit)

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  • debate coach

    Harvards no longer an institution anyone should revere. their graduates are increasingly far from impressive and at their national high school debate tournament this february, they showed their cultural intolerance and hatred for “inferior” peoples. after a day of students curious and highly interested in philosophy stopping by their philosophy building to see the offices (and have a chance encounter in person) with some of their heros, like Christine Korsgaard, the philosophy department banned the debaters from their building. they put signs warning that outsiders were not permitted and would be removed and banned from the campus if they entered.

    there’s your culture that hires a purebred WASP elitist to be their token native american. there’s your culture that was sued repeatedly in the 90s for its cultural intolerance and exclusion of minorities from their programs. this is the same culture that is ideologically hostile and reactive, as receptive as their Prussian epistemological roots.

  • old glazier

    Thinking they were wise, they became fools.

  • Patty

    I am so sick of looking at this want a be, Indian.

  • USMC Thomas

    Actually, anybody born in the USA is a Native American, hereafter, that is the box I will check.

  • Patty

    Sorry, this is a joke, keep this in mind. SHE HAS CRAZY HORSE EYES.

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  • Patty

    She is uses the Indians to justified that she can get in Cheaper into University. She simplifies fraud. The crooked liberal and now, she is on to helping the middle class, so she says.

    How we all can pull one off on the government. First, we all want less government but everyone of us have to pay taxes and are trying to live by the rules. She is a fraud and a typical Democrat. She got one over on the MAN, now, she is still lying about her heritage.

    She may have a small about of Indian but so do I and my kids. She needs to prove it and not say her momma told her so. PROOF!

  • Patty


    using the Indians and the Government. She exemplifies the reason we are broke and she should be locked up.
    Again, I am sick of looking at her and talking about this pathetic moron.

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  • GP Fan

    That’s the way they do things, like being born in Kenya one day and born in Hawaii the next. Say and do whatever they think might help them get whatever they are wanting at the time. And these are the kind of people who claim to be oh so “intelligent”, who are supposed to represent us, who are making huge life changing decisions for the entire country. This is also what our children have as examples, even from the highest office of the land! It’s no wonder this country is going down the toilet. They are sick, sick, sick. And evil.

  • sandy

    GP Fan #10 — The Lib base is stupid and will fall for anything. They will always vote Dem because thats the party of Reality Shows and handouts. Its amazing that Obama thinks he has to play to this crowd instead of the average white middle class voter. But I guess that Obama only feels comfortable with idiots.

  • Patty

    Apparently a lie about your birth, your ancestry doesn’t matter on those Application. Some who are white say they are half black on application has they can be a minority, too.

    Apparently, when “DIVERSITY” came into our life, brought to by none other than some stupid liberal, we can all be robbers in the system. Just check one little box. Apparently, even you will grow to believe your lie.

  • Patty

    So, now we can hold Warren up to a new and renewed America. A PACK OF LAIRS AND BREAKING THE SYSTEM FOR THEIR SELFISH GAINS.

    Hummm! who else in Washington is doing this.

  • donh

    That’s criminal logic for you. Catch a thief counterfitting identities , and you are ” attacking their familiy”….How sick is it to climb the social ladder by wearing a badge of false victimhood ?…saying you belong to a culture that suffered genocide to achieve status and benefits…..This is like those men who violate the stolen valor act wearing medals on their chest they did not earn..>

  • Sasja

    I thought an aunt told her she was an Indian. BTW, Warren’s maiden name is Herring. Warren is her 1st hubby’s name. Her now hubby is Bruce Mann. So if anyone is looking at her background using her 1st hubby’s name, they’re not going to find anything about her.

  • Jet Jaguar

    There is a profound truth found in Ephesians 6 that we must grasp. We are living in an age when the meaning of words has been hijacked by “…the rulers, …authorities, …the powers of this dark world, and …the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”. Ephesians 6 instructs us to “resist the Devil’s schemes” by “putting on the full armor of God”, and goes on to instruct us what this means and how to do it. The battle for the meaning of words is illustrative of the types of battles described in Eph. 6. We must take it to the Enemy instead of what we’ve been doing since the beginning of the Progressive Era. We’ve been back on our heels, letting the other side have its way, accommodating, appeasing, compromising, and giving way at every turn. We must fall back no more! We must be filled with righteous indignation and boldly speak out and act, instead of letting the Progressives set the terms and agenda. One of the best ways to fight is to keep shining the Light on the cockroach Progs and their duped toadies. Shine the Light of Truth on them, and watch them scurry!

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  • devaldeville

    Stolen Squalor

  • TrickyDick

    Actually it’s time for this bitch to go to prison and have her assets siezed.

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