Rough Night… Obama Loses 36 Arkansas Counties to Unknown Democrat – Loses 67 Kentucky Counties to “Uncommitted”

It was a rough night.
With 89% of counties reporting, Barack Obama lost 36 Arkansas counties to newbie candidate John Wolfe in Arkansas.

(Obama counties in green)
John Wolfe won 41.5% of the Democrat vote in Arkansas.

In Kentucky, Barack Obama lost 67 counties to “uncommitted.”

(Obama counties in Kelly Green)
Obama only won 52 counties out of 120 in Kentucky with 99% reporting.

And Mitt Romney won a larger percentage of the vote in each state than the sitting president.
ABC-Yahoo reported:

In Arkansas, results are still in the early stages of being counted, but with 33 percent of precincts reporting, Obama has 61.5 percent of the vote, and his Democratic challenger, John Wolfe, a lawyer from Tennessee, has 38.5 percent. Romney, comparatively, has received 69.5 percent of the vote, the AP reported.

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  • Tim in Cali

    I got a question

    The empty chair that Obama lost all these counties to…

    Is that the same empty chair that Lawrence O’donnell interviewed a few months ago ?

  • mg4us

    MSM and Obama – – Don’t Buy the Lie!

    MSM will spin, lie and deceive for Obama

    Remember Bin Ladden and the Situation room photo of the little man in the chair. . well here is another update

    Everything about OBAMA is a Lie or illusion. . . and MSM carries the water for him!

    Obama is an Affirmative action A$$hole that is not only Incompetent, Inept and Inexperienced but Radical too and spending the nation into a big sinkhole of massive debt!

    Even fellow American DEMS know this and are voting 40% against him. . . for felons, no-names and un-committed. Just wait til November. . . America will make its voices heard!

  • mg4us

    Gotta luv this. . .Headline on Yahoo home page
    Romney wins bragging rights over Obama–abc-news-politics.html

    Let’s see how long it stays there before being scrubbed. . .

    And MSM cover-up of Obama’s past. . .is coming full circle the more they scrutinize Romney

    And on a related point aout what’s coming and OWS. . I said last year that the demonstrations were a test and to slowly numb the American Public to what they have planned for 2012. . .
    read this in Investors Business Daily
    or this

    Be Prepared. .BE VERY Prepared!!

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  • crackermike

    Many libs will continue to espouse their socialist leanings publicly because they have to much invested to have to explain to people why they changed their positions. Privately, they will vote for Romney or not at all. You see, Obama has scared to death even Socialists.

  • Bustr

    If, at the convention, the Democrats end up nominating a blank wall I might vote for it this year.

  • Tim in Cali

    If you ever wondered what the phase “Not if you were the last one on earth” looked like

    I believe the Demwits are witnessing it,can’t wait for Carney boy to spin this as a positive..

  • regularguy

    I think the reason Obama has been playing so hard to the left in both policy and campaigning is his because his own leftist base is very weak. And, his internal polling says the same thing. He thinks he’s sunk, and it’s starting to show.

    We’ll have to see just how bad the electorate really is if he’s to have any solid shot for reelection.

  • democraps suck

    maybe people have woken up to the fact that we can’t have a mooslum running the country

  • A.Men

    I wanted to vote for convicted felon in prison over ovomit, but this Uncommitted candidate sounds like a better candidate against ovomit, President-In-Name-Only!

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  • Militant Conservative

    Thus proving America is majority conservative

    not liberal. Liberals are only a small minority.

    Obama is in deep doo doo.

  • That Uncommitted guy must be a RACIST.

  • Dick Dastardly

    This is news that sits well with my first cup of morning coffee. It’ll put extra spring in my step today.

  • Limousine Barry

    I really suck!

    But, Arkansas is full of stupid Bible Clinging Crackers who don’t have a Harvard Education or a Limousine. It’s time to pull out the race card!

    Wait, I just got a tweet from bent Axelrod. He said, I could blame Bill Clinton as a subversive. Billy Boy Clinton has always hated me. I wouldn’t put it past him to sabotage my campaign in Arkansas. And, that makes me look like another victim of the White man.

    If I get anymore negative vibes about this Clinton cracker I will toss him and Hillary under the bus. It would be a good example for those crackers who cross me. I may suck but the going under the bus really sucks. May your gas prices go higher! Good day.

  • bg



    this puke is going to be another FAIL on BO’s non-record record.. /s/


  • MT Geoff

    It’s very interesting that dems are voting against Obama in the primaries even though his oppostion is only nominal. When the sitting president loses to “Uncommitted” in a number of counties, even though he carries the state, it says that his own party has had too much of him. Or it says that Republicans are enjoying a chaos operation, crossing over to vote in the Dem party to annoy the Dems. Or both.

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  • USMC Thomas

    Now thats disrespect of the President!

  • Jerry C

    It’s about time for LUITPOS to bring fire down from the sky and implement his Mark. He cannot have puny humans disrespect’n his authoritay.

  • Now to wait for the obligatory claims that Arkansas and Kentucky Democrats are racist.

  • If anybody cares, Arkansas has an open primary and Kentucky does not. Therefore if people in Arkansas wanted to vote for Romney they could have and still be able to vote for other Democrat candidates whereas in Kentucky a Democrat could not.

  • bg
  • Adirondack Patriot

    Somehwere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot.

  • RebeccaH

    I’ve got some bad news for Barry, too. There are a heckuva a lot of Kentuckians and West Virginians living in Ohio (Arkansans, not so many).

  • JBD

    @mg4us and others you might consider sitting down for a long read. Some 45 years ago or so I ran across William L. Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” and read it. It was chilling then. The parallels with the last few years are somewhat daunting. Occupy is the beginnings of Obama’s Brown Shirts in almost direct parallel.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Patty

    Obama Trails Romney in Florida Poll [Ignored by Florida Media]

    Mitt Romney now leads President Obama in the race for Florida’s 29 electoral votes, a significant reversal from earlier this spring, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released early on Wednesday.

    Romney leads Obama overall, 47 percent to 41 percent, the poll shows. Two percent of voters prefer another candidate, 7 percent are undecided, and 3 percent said they would not vote. Three weeks ago, in another Quinnipiac poll, the two candidates were statistically tied, with Romney at 44 percent and Obama at 43 percent.

    But less than two months ago, in late March, Obama led Romney, 49 percent to 42 percent; since that time, Obama’s numbers have suffered attrition nearly across the board. In late March, he led Romney among women, 52 percent to 38 percent, but that lead is now just a single point, 45 percent to 44 percent. He trailed Romney by only 2 points among men in March, but he now trails by 13 points in the new survey.

    Romney leads Obama by 8 percentage points among independent voters, 44 percent to 36 percent. In late March, Obama led among this crucial bloc by 10 points. {..}

  • NVA Patriot

    Don’t get coky out there we need a landslide to not just to oust the thug club. We need a landslide to pull every down ballot race across the line.

    In 2010 we took out a lot of the Dem ‘farm’ team at the state and local level. We need another, second down ballot beating of the Dems. I just read we have a senate pick-up chance in NJ. We have tons of local precinct races within the Repub party to win.

    We need conservatives EVERYWHERE watching our would be leaders. In NVA we just trounced the R-establishment in 10th district. We need more electoral beatings until establishment morale improves and they understand we want the nonsense stopped, budgets balanced, a fence built, and our children left alone in schools.

  • GP Fan

    #28 May 23, 2012 at 9:01 am
    JBD commented:

    “Some 45 years ago or so I ran across William L. Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” and read it. It was chilling then. The parallels with the last few years are somewhat daunting.”

    Some time ago on one of the history channels I saw a documentary on young Hitler and how he had tendencies toward homosexuality, hated his father, hated that he was part jew, etc., so he and his cronies worked hard to re-invent his past, bury his past, twist his past, lie about his past, and completely change his past and who he was into something/someone brand spanking new that was a complete fairy tale lie. The parallels of that was absolutely shocking and chilled me to my bones. Of course, I never ever saw it again. They usually re-run those shows over and over again, but not that one. It was ditched into the memory hole. I think people should find it and watch it. It is so similar it is frightening.

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  • Wow must be a lot of racists in AR and KY. I wonder if Attorney General Holder will be able to do anything about this. Those voters are obviously members of the “goddamn Amerikkka” that Obama’s spiritual mentor, Rev. Wright, preached about.

  • Restless

    As usual, many of the MSM are burying any bad election news for Obama. I searched in vain for coverage of this on the web sites of CNN, MSNBC, CBS. Of course, they ignored it. However, ABC covered it with a good story about “southern discomfort” with Obama… and Fox had a good story as well.

  • historic

    ..and there has been a media (main stream, of course) blakout on it, too.

    Spread the word to everyone you know, what happened yesterday! It is historic!!!!

  • Patty


    The Truly Massive ALEC Protests (Video)

    The way the media is covering the ALEC protests, you would imagine they were about as huge as the OWS protests (which were also by and large pathetically attended in comparison to the TEA Party protests but endlessly hyped by the media). Turns out, maybe not so much. Check out this video from Ben Howe about the truly massive anti-ALEC posts in Charlotte: Video

    I hope the ALEC member organizations are paying attention to this massive public uprising…

  • Obama couldn’t win dog-catcher right now, but the media keeps trying to prop him up with their phony polling….

  • Patty

    Lot of Coal in these states. A lot of blue collar workers who have lost their jobs. Obama will have a tough hill to climb. That is exactly why he will lose, here.

  • Patty

    {..}This follows on the heels of Obama’s embarrassing outcome in West Virginia, where he lost 41% of the vote to a felon currently residing in federal prison in Texas. Both states are big coal producers, and voters in both parties have become disgusted with Obama’s attacks on the industry that keeps their economy running, and which keeps the lights on for the rest of the country. Neither state was expected to support Obama in November, but this level of anger among rank-and-file Democrats has to have Team Obama worried about their prospects in coal-heavy Ohio and Pennsylvania, which are much more critical to their hopes for re-election.

    On top of the embarrassing results in Kentucky, Obama also lost 40% of the Democratic vote in Bill Clinton’s home state yesterday, too. So far, challenger John Wolfe has 41% of the vote with 67 of 75 Arkansas counties reporting. Wolfe appears to be carrying almost half of the counties in Arkansas as well, just as “Uncommitted” did in Kentucky.

    In 1968, a weak win in New Hampshire against a tough primary challenge was enough to convince LBJ that he couldn’t win a general election. I don’t expect Obama to retire, but barely winning states against no competition sends a very similar signal in 2012.

  • Patty

    Democrats has to have Team Obama worried about their prospects in coal-heavy Ohio and Pennsylvania, which are much more critical to their hopes for re-election.

    But Obama still has 51% approval rating and he has 270 electoral votes and he needs 303

    to win.
    Obama poised to win 2012 election with 303 electoral votes

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  • George

    Obama did not win either one of these states in ’08 and he will not win either in ’12, so democratic primaries in these states don’t really matter anyway. It is a funny story none the less.

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  • Ed in NJ

    Yet still got more votes than Romney!!

    And was the first African-American to win a statewide election in Kentucky history!

    Suck on that, racist retards!

  • BrendaK

    In 2008, Hillary Clinton took 65.48% in a contested primary in Kentucky…Obama couldn’t even manage that in an uncontested run.

    He is The Amateur.

  • MT Geoff

    Howdy Ed at #44:
    I’m fine with saying you believe Obama is a better candidate from your point of view. I’m fine with presenting facts and opinions. The gratuitous insult of “racist retards” does more to belittle the commenter who says it than the commenters that you insult with it.
    I am opposed to terms like “mooslum” or “muzzie” myself. Some few commenters here do show a close-minded approach I hope they will change. A lot of them are — well, are like you.

  • valerie

    To recap: what you are seeing is some version of “Operation Counteract”

    That is, Democratic voters, the blue dogs, PUMAs, centrists, and Liberals who are appalled by the results obtained by this administration. This is the first set of strong indicators that the TEA Party platform enjoys substantial support among voters who normally would support Democratic candidates.

    Both of our national parties have made a mistake, by arbitrarily categorizing the TEA Party supporters as “conservative.” Conservatives are not the only people who expect our government to honor the rule of law, and to obey the rules we set to assure efficiency, transparency, and wisdom in the handling of our considerable tax revenues.

  • Observer

    Pelosi, Reid, Ovomit, All Democrats, & the Media

    You crammed it down our throats in March
    And we are going to ram it up your — in November.

    Ovomit just got some ramming in West Virginia, Kentucky & Arkansas with Wisconsin to come.

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  • George

    Hey Ed from NJ. Suck on this.

  • bg


    Ed in NJ#44 May 23, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    i totally agree, president Obama is a racist bastard..


  • bg


    MT Geoff #46 May 23, 2012 at 1:43 pm



  • TimPundit

    Here’s something the rightnicks and teatards aren’t going to like.

    Obama is going to win reelection. The EV map shows Rmoney has much more to defend, and much more to steal from the Blue side than Obama does from the red side.

    Repubs cannot win the presidency unless they get northwards of 38% of hispanic/latino vote. Currently Rmoney has 27%…worse than McCain did.

    Second, Obama doesn’t need to win Arkansas or TN to still beat the BeJosephSmith out of Willard.

    I apprecuiate rightwad writers trying to get ‘hits’ from the tri-cornered hat inmates, but the suthor is setting them up for a huge disappointment.

    Your Kenyon Socialist Marxist Elitist Communist Terrorist Celebrity President is gonna get a second term, and , mark my words, pretty comfortably.

    Activate soreloserhood….now!

  • bg



    May 23, 2012

    Pro-Choice Support Hits All-Time Low

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • bg


    TimPundit aka: (_’o’_) #54 May 23, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Barack Obama, the First Tea Partier


  • sandy

    Something tells me people just don’t like Obama anymore. Every campaign trick he pulls seems to backfire. Wonder when Obama is scheduled to give the I SCREWED UP speech?

  • Arkie

    #24TOM is, like all Obama supporters, incorrect. In Arkansas primaries you can choose whether to vote in the Republican primary or the Democrat primary regardless of your party registration, but you CANNOT select candidates from both parties.

  • sandy

    bg # 55 — I think Pro-Choice is at an all time low because Obama tried to force The Catholic Church to go against its anti-abortion stance and the right of Separation of Church and State in order to accomodate this administration. 45 Catholic institutions are suing the feds — this is unprecedented. And so is the backlash by the voters.

  • TimPundit

    BG, apparently you’re what now? 10 years old?

    Either that or you are mentally Palined. Not sure which, please elucidate.

  • TimPundit

    Interesting that the poll shows more people call themselves “pro-life” but still a majority favors the right to an abortion.

  • Patty

    Desperate Drive-Bys Blame Racism for Obama’s Dismal Performances in the Kentucky and Arkansas Primaries

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  • Teddy

    The best news of all will be when Obama loses all *57* states in Nov.

  • Steve

    We have the results posted on Common Cents now…

  • mg4us

    An interesting piece. .seems like some media outlets are lossing their Tingle for Obama

  • valerie

    OT but fun:

    John King laments: Fewer watching CNN

    I stopped watching CNN when they failed to explain what basis EASON JORDAN for accusing our troops of targeting journalists. They let him run around for two years making that accusation in various international meetings before a blogger actually caught the lying [email protected] doing it, and ratted him out.

    CNN also quashed information it had about Saddam Hussein’s wholesale slaughter of his own people, in order to preserve their ability to get interviews with him.

    Bankruptcy, it’s what’s for failure to have product quality.

  • Militant Conservative

    #54 May 23, 2012 at 2:33 pm
    TimPundit commented:

    Damn scored some good dope.

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