Rick Santelli blasted the liberal media’s reporting on today’s dismal unemployment numbers. The CNBC star ridiculed the “Ostrich Economics” being pushed by the Obama-media.

Here’s Santelli on the latest unemployment data.

There are some highlights I’d really like to hit. The first one is that about 41.3% of unemployed have been unemployed for 39.1 weeks. That is huge and pretty much says it all. This is the weakest recovery since the Great Depression. A whole 4/5ths of the drop of the unemployment rate is due to a drop in the labor force participation. It is the lowest since 1981.

Many of regiohal news shows were reporting on just the unemployment rate. That’s “ostrich economics.”




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  1. God bless Rick Santelli. At least someone out there gets it. It’s a shame we have to look hard to find the truth being reported.

  2. “I don’t follow people off cliffs, as a rule.”

    Nailed it.

  3. Rick presents an interesting problem to the MSM. He goes way off their script but he is one of the most popular contributors on the network.

    They’d like to muzzle him, but even most of the brain dead who are watching would notice and say: “…duh, hey where did that one guy who told the truth go?…. duh”

  4. I am glad someone out there is willing to report the real numbers, not just the sanitized one that is the inverse of actual employment gains.

    Barry is counting on us not understanding how bad things are. He’s wrong – we know how bad things are. Meanwhile, back at the golf course…

  5. Send a note to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and tell him you appreciate the truth from Santelli. Let him know that Rick is the one shining star in their reporter stable, which is full of leftist regurgitaters/propagandists.

  6. ++

    “Ostrich Economics”

    how spot on 8) is that!!

    3 cheers for Rick Santelli!!


  7. Thank you, Rick, for continuing to tell the truth.

  8. Awesome Santelli. . telling it like it is. .

    Ostrich Economics is a perfect name. . .Obama and his people, including the MSM, have their heads up their “you-know-what”

    and i will use it and your quote shamelessly. .

    “I don’t follow people off a cliff, as a rule”

  9. It is not the government ‘s job to create jobs. When did that become an imperative? Just get out of the way and we will create work. Let us keep more of our money and we will make more jobs.

  10. Well done, Santelli.

    Denninger over at Market Ticker is all over oBama’s ‘numbers’ today too–
    Read the comments if you have the time.
    The truth has NO agenda.

  11. We need more like him to speak out.

  12. someone in the media telling the truth. he keeps doing this he’ll be in those unemployment statistics.

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