Photo of the Day: Obama Waves to Empty Stands at Official Campaign Kick Off Rally

Bummer. It was supposed to be such a big event.
Barack Obama waves to empty stands at his official 2012 campaign kick off rally in Ohio.

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama wave to supporters at a campaign rally at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio May 5, 2012. President Obama officially kicked off his reelection campaign on Saturday with visits to Ohio and Virginia. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

Here’s the campaign’s list of excuses for the low turnout.

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  • NeoKong

    They say there were 14,000 people there but I’m not seeing it.
    If you can’t fill the upper tiers then you got nothing.

  • Al

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over…

  • Even the little college babies want him gone. Are there any demographics left that support him?

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  • Video Savant

    Don’t be fooled. Those are not empty seats — those are dead voters.

  • silent_rage

    VS, you are correct, indeed.

  • Jim

    $40k seats will do it!

  • The bloom is off the hibiscus.

  • kato

    The problem is that we haven’t yet given the Section VIII parasites free cars and free parking and free hotel rooms so that they could come out and faint for their sugar daddy. But they’ll be there on election day to vote, several times even, to preserve their handouts.

  • Practical Jane

    Good for you #5!!

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  • JJ

    How much you want to bet, after this embarassment, they will be paying people to show up at his rallies. Like they did with the wal street walkers and Unions thugs on the street in Wis . I heard they also have many of the same people under different names on their face books that work under them. Liberals are only 20 % of the country

  • Seriously, what material do they make Michelle’s dresses from? It appears to be neoprene from this angle.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Hello up there, anybody up there?

    Ah crap! The SEIU bus must have broken down on the road. Oh well, I can just have David Axelrod Photoshop them in.

    Four more years! Four more years!

    Ah, crap I suck! It not use!

    Call my limo driver and let’s get out of hear. My campaign sucks!

  • southernsue

    i pray that these two will not “occupy” the White House next year.

    these two along with the rest of their evil need to go and then the USA can get down to business and get out of this financial mess.

    i have to say, should romney win, he will have a huge mess to straighten out.

  • YourMaster

    they’ll pay people to vote I bet… would really like to see 0bama lose though
    and be totally humiliated in the process of his lose… didn’t the liberals go on about how
    john kerry was winning his election even acting like he had already won calling him president john kerry…. then BOOM bush wins…
    ….that was hellishly funny to watch all the liberals crying and screaming
    and I bet that was about 90% of the reason they disliked him
    ….just because that win humiliated them and embarassed them around the country
    that they were supposed to be right and never wrong.
    ….but it turns out reality doesn’t usually side with liberals
    like with Scott Walker…. no amount of facades, and no amount of orchestrated fake protests (of paying people to form a huge crowd… who are 90% out of state union cronies)
    ….helps them change reality… …they give the false pretenses that everything is on their side. they act like it’s a horrible bill… and they orchestrate a few protests… do countless studies that come from liberal harvard professors, and try to alter perception but in the end… usually, it almost always backfires on them. there’s more people against the unions than there are for them – and they can’t alter or change reality. …and what’s worse is they can’t explain why it seems to be against them….
    ….none of their liberal universities teach them common sense.

  • Red

    All I could think of when I saw this lack of student presence was the movie, ‘This is Spinal Tap’:

    Ian Faith: The Boston gig has been cancelled…
    David St. Hubbins: What?
    Ian Faith: Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about it though, it’s not a big college town.

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  • jorgen

    The empty seats are occupied by all those dead voters who will be voting for Obama. 🙁

  • squeaky

    “they’ll pay people to vote I bet… would..” will vote for cigarettes. some probably voted for him so he that could reach into your wallet and pay on their bills.

  • squeaky

    a rally on a saturday? more of a chore than a social event and no excuse to skip class.

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  • FarNorthAlaskagirl

    They will probably photo shoppe in an appropriate crowd. When the photo comes out, don’t forget to check the layers. This White House is really bad about leaving their 8 layers showing.

  • bigL

    all kabuki. all a distraction, while the Junta dismantles the USA behind the scenes.

  • Kissmygrits

    Just like his speech to the nation from Afg in front of the 2 hummers. It was up close and to a camera, with no applause. There were no troops in sight. Wonder what the Won promised the students? He’s already given them free tuition and condoms.

  • Even 18-year-old, left-wing stoners have lost interest lol

    Maybe they’re still still sleeping off their “occupy” hangovers

    Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies

  • Truth teller

    Notice how the media cropped the photo to cut out Chewbacca’s fat a$$?

  • PamelaofthePoconos

    Is that the shadow of a butterfly on Michelle’s butt?

  • Marmo

    Barry, they’re just not that into you.

    Thank God!

  • Patty

    Obama makes free speech a felony where there are Secret Service

    Voted and past.

  • Patty

    ABC reports thousand show out to support Obama.


    I am not concerned about who shows up at his attack speeches, what matters are the Patriot turn outs at the Voting places come Nov.

  • Patty


    thought the same thing.

  • jim,

    why are there so few photos of the half empty arena?

    seems like the msm was once again protecting comrade obama

  • valerie

    Who doesn’t show up, and what’s not being said can be very important clues about how to win any political contest.

    What David Ignatius said in today’s column “Our Plentiful Future” is more significant for what it doesn’t say.

    He acknowledges that there’s a lot of “talk” about America being in decline, but thinks takes great comfort in the publication of two reports that claim there could be a boom in America about ten (10!!!!!) years from now.

    One report has to do with expanded oil and gas production.

    The other has to do with the potential return of manufacturing to America.

    What he doesn’t say is that, each of those scenarios would require the reversal of cornerstone policies of the Obama administration.


    I think Mitt Romney can win the election if he hammers on those two policies.

    With respect to the oil and gas companies, he needs to point out that demonizing and crippling our energy industry is no way to secure our energy independence. Further, we have come a long, long way toward clean energy production, and we can keep in clean, PROVIDED we allow the mechanisms we have established over the years in our own government to operate as intended, rather than governing by waiver.

    We started cleaning up our energy industry decades ago, long before the Europeans, for example, and we have never suffered the kind of pollution they have. We have met the goals originally set by the Clean Air Act, to the point that our environmentalists have taken to reporting pollutants in parts per billion instead of parts per million.

    With respect to general manufacturing, our permitting processes in the United States are as big or bigger hindrance than the price of labor. We know how to build clean plants, we just seem to have forgotten that we want them. Romney should promise to have our agencies review their processes for the purpose of defining what is permissible, and publishing it, so that plans that should be approved can be approved within a reasonable period of time.

  • GoldGeneral

    The lower part of the Arena hold 2000-7000, so he may of had 12,000 there.

    Here is a photo of the upper part. They obviously move people to right behind them so the tv cameras would capture a full house.

    No one can say the photo was taken before they were there.

  • GoldGeneral

    Another angle, more empty seats

  • Patty
  • bg


    hardly see Michelle at any of these events, perhaps
    that’s why he forgot she was on the plane, hmmm..


  • Patty

    Sorry, Gold General.

    I suppose we think alike on this one! 🙂

  • Militant Conservative


    The NOTUS is such a putz.

    The a$$ whooping coming

    Is awesome

    The boy is losing big

  • Patty

    After 39 weeks of unemployment over 8%, after an unemployment rate that’s been higher for longer than any since the Great Depression — with only 115,000 jobs added — even if you are Barack Obama, don’t you care a little about your legacy? Don’t you want some improvement somewhere in real life, not just a rate drop from 8.2% to 8.1%? Don’t you want something that’s gonna add to your legacy, make you look good to the historians?

    To understand Barack Obama, you have to admit something, and it’s a very difficult thing to do. Not for me, ’cause I know. But it’s a very difficult thing for most people to admit, even though he said so in his own words (almost exactly the words I’m gonna use to you) that we’ve elected a president who doesn’t believe this country has ever worked. It’s been a fraud. All these great presidential legacies from the founding up until him are based on fluff and fraud. We have unjust foundings based on immorality and plundering the world for our own benefit. Picture this it says a thousand words.

  • Patty

    He will never get the same voters as he had in 08. Americans have lost so much since then.

    Sadly for Obama, he is too blame. He has a record of his failures, that is something he won’t talk much about. But he will attack for the least important things and make mountains out of moles hills, no one is interested in that.

    The severity of our problems has reached a new level since Obama. He is just words and hype. Never speaking about solutions, only words that haven’t meaning. The words are positive but the message is clearly nothingness.

  • Shawn

    Any person going to college knows that when they graduate 50% of them won’t get a job and the other 45% will be flipping burgers for a living. The other 5% have government connections that will get them a tax payer funded job. As long as people vote for the big government idiots this country will suffer.

  • QuestionEverything

    @militant conservative, What is “NOTUS”? I’m not familiar with that in reference to govt positions, the Notus I’m familiar wth is the god of the south winds (Greek).

  • mg4us

    Obama, the Narcissist and Liar-in-Thief, is losing it. . He his loosing his mind.

    According to reliable sources (same fictitious sources ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN used), Obama actually was expecting the empty upper section to wave back. . .and shout his name. . . he swears the empty upper section was full. . . full of HOPE & CHANGE. . . supporting him. . . and loving him.

    How reliable is this information? Let’s just say it is as reliable as the MSM. . .

    And the source is a composite. .
    just like Obama’s girlfriends in his book “Dreams of my (Missing) Father”

  • mg4us

    Also. . .

    They had to ask folks in lower level seats to go down on the floor to make it look crowded. . what a fail. . .

    According to reliable sources (same fictitious sources ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN used), some of the reasons given for low attendance are as follows:

    – At $4/gal of gas, Dems could not afford as many buses to get folks from Cleveland
    – Those who are about to graduate are out looking for those no-existent jobs
    – Many students know that Obama, Pelosi & Reid put expiration on Student Loan rate reduction
    – Many students see mom and dad out of work, home value down and no way to pay for college
    – Other students are pissed off that they now need to spend their beer money for $4 gas
    – Some students realize the staggering debt Obama created are busy studying to get better jobs as the gravy train will end soon
    – Some students are studying Chinese just in case. . .
    – Some students just disappeared like those who vanished from the labor force allowing unemployment rate to drop
    – Some White Hispanic students are fearful of an event with a race-baiting Angry Black man who did nothing to stop NBPP (New Black Panther Party) threats.
    – Angry Big Mama Moochele was going to make them eat their vegetables rather than Chips & Salsa or Nachos on this Cinco de Mayo!
    – Many Obama supporters were still home Saturday morning recovering from their Friday night HIGH of getting drunk and stoned

    How reliable is this information? Let’s just say it is as reliable as the MSM. . .

    And the source is a composite. .
    just like Obama’s girlfriends in his book “Dreams of my (Missing) Father”

  • zevgoldman

    That was a giant wide angle lens to get his fat head, her big ass and linebacker shoulders in one frame, but it is the preview we want. Viewing them from the back as they leave the White House permanently after the election.

  • Patty

    At the risk of beating a dead horse, I’m letting you know that the Obama campaign has unveiled yet another hashtag: #readytogo.

    Now they’re just making it too easy.

    The campaign, which officially kicked off Saturday in Ohio, even got some some college students (a la 2008) at Ohio State University to lend their faces to the latest twitter try.

    OSU students #ReadyToGo for President Obama on May 5th!

    They didn’t try hard enough.

    Apparently people were not #readytogo hear Obama speak, as he spoke to a half-empty crowd there.

  • bg


    heard the numbers were 14,000 at one, 8,000 at other other..

    via Greta @ the 2:20 mark via Roundtable II: This Week in Politics..


  • mg4us

    #49 Patti

    Thanks for the info and link

    Went to #readytogo and think this sums it up

    Moe Lane ‏ @moelane
    #rsrh I agree with Legal Insurrection: #readytogo is too bloody easy. Of COURSE we’re all ready for Obama to go – – away.

    also this

    Twin66 ‏ @Twin66
    College grads want jobs, but instead, they are getting #readytogo back to mom and dad’s house

    This is too funny

    People are waking up and realizing that the massive debt, weakened US dollar due to QE ! and QE2, massive regulations and other bonehead actions that Obama has done, especially ObamNOcare. . . is OBAMA screwing with America and all that works. . .

    No wonder his Campaign Uses FORWARD as in LEAN FORWARD

  • mg4us

    People are #readytogo back to work but there ain’t no jobs. . . .

    People are #readytogo on vacation but costs too much to drive at $4/gal. . . .

    People are #readytogo on Food Stamps but the lines too long due to the 40+ million already on it!

  • mg4us

    People are tired of the Liar-in Thief who is a racist too. .

    form article:. . . With the help of his muse and co-author, Bill Ayers, Obama wove a series of racial grievances into the narrative to toughen up Obama’s life story. These stories aren’t “compressed,” as Obama claims. They are contrived. . . . .

    Therefore in his book, when Composite Girlfriend asks: Why are Blacks always angry. . We now know it is OBAMA who believes Blacks are always Angry and Justifies it. .

    Wouldn’t it be funny if in the end, OBAMA is the son of Malcolm X
    see any resemblance?

  • bg


    re: mg4us #53 May 6, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    The Life Of Peter, Julia’s Sperm Donor

    We already know what happens to Julia, but, what of the guy who
    provided the sperm to conceive Zachary? Let’s see how Peter’s life


    more here (links @ link)..


  • Mitt Romney should not attack Obama on attendance when his look worse at times. He should worry about Ron Paul that breaks attendance record which the MSM or the GOP is afraid to admit to present real news. The Left MSM married the Right MSM which they both push for Romney at the cost of breaking the rules.

    Ignoring the Ron Paul rEVOLution that gets huge crowds (The Deal with Jack Hunter)

    The reason being that Romney & Obama are the same, as many top left and top right wing people ADMIT. The only trick is to fool the masses.

    RNC Breaking Their Own Rules and Why The Republican “Bound” Delegates May Not Be (Reality Check)”

    The GOP wants Obama to win over Paul, and they know Romney’s chances are not great to be a 50/50 chance. But even if Romney looses its a win win for the GOP.

  • mcc

    Can’t believe I actually watched Mooch’s intro to this thing…she couldn’t plead enough, “Get out there and register voters” — now I’m wondering if that wasn’t in the original script, but added when she saw the empty seats…

    They must know they’re in big trouble now. We really have to turn out to protect against the fraudulent votes. You know they’ll cheat.

    Adding to #35 valerie’s comments, on two different occasions I’ve heard Rush recall what Romney told him in a private conversation – that he thought, if elected, he’d probably only be a one term president because there was so much he wanted to do to get us back on track.

    You can take that any way you want – I’m hoping it’s getting in there and doing to the federal government what a businessman would do to a business that’s under water: get in there and slash whatever it takes to make it profitable again.

    And for the federal employees who selfishly vote so they can hang on to a job they know is unnecessary – buck up. It shouldn’t be long before you’ll have a job in a legitimate business. Or maybe you’ll follow a dream or interest/talent of your own and start a business yourself. Let it be a time of inspiration and/or faith in yourself and God – anything but the deathtrap the Democrats are offering us and our kids.

    A Republican president with conservative majorities in both houses of Congress will calm the fears of business owners and reassure formerly wary investors who’ll help turn things around. It’d be the very injection of excitement our economy needs.

    I hope most Americans will understand what a difference it’ll make to their lives if they make the right choice in November. I cannot imagine what this country will look like if Obama gets a second term. Beyond depressing – frightening, actually.

  • Mitt Romney’s attendance

    Ron Paul’s attendance

  • Ed in NJ

    What a bunch of losers you all are. It’s now been proven that the photos of empty seats were before the event, and that there were 14K there. Mitt Romney has never had more than 3K at an event.

    It must suck to be so stupid and irrelevant. November can’t come soon enough. I’m hoping for mass suicide to rid the country of you useless morons.

  • Hmm…must have fallen into a right wing net of misinformation.

    14,000 in a stadium that holds 20,000, is not bad at all. It’s just the beginning, but I’m sure the right will continue to spin until they twirl themselves right into the ground. LOL

  • Beth

    this explains what all the students were staring at in that event photo shared this weekend! they were wondering “where the hell are the supporters??”.. “they told us there would be supporters here!!” FYI… liberals always.. always..exaggerate attendance #s for their events.. never fails… I only hope this is a true reflection of the little support this maniac has for reelection.. .but we do know they’ll cheat.. all dictators do…. so you better show up and use your vote – otherwise THEY will!

  • tennessee1971

    i hope all 12 of those people are the only votes he gets! NOBAMA 2012

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