Photo of the Day: Obama Waves to Empty Stands at Official Campaign Kick Off Rally

Bummer. It was supposed to be such a big event.
Barack Obama waves to empty stands at his official 2012 campaign kick off rally in Ohio.

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama wave to supporters at a campaign rally at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio May 5, 2012. President Obama officially kicked off his reelection campaign on Saturday with visits to Ohio and Virginia. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

Here’s the campaign’s list of excuses for the low turnout.

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  • NeoKong

    They say there were 14,000 people there but I’m not seeing it.
    If you can’t fill the upper tiers then you got nothing.

  • Al

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over…

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Even the little college babies want him gone. Are there any demographics left that support him?

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  • Video Savant

    Don’t be fooled. Those are not empty seats — those are dead voters.

  • silent_rage

    VS, you are correct, indeed.

  • Jim

    $40k seats will do it!

  • proof

    The bloom is off the hibiscus.

  • kato

    The problem is that we haven’t yet given the Section VIII parasites free cars and free parking and free hotel rooms so that they could come out and faint for their sugar daddy. But they’ll be there on election day to vote, several times even, to preserve their handouts.

  • Practical Jane

    Good for you #5!!

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  • JJ

    How much you want to bet, after this embarassment, they will be paying people to show up at his rallies. Like they did with the wal street walkers and Unions thugs on the street in Wis . I heard they also have many of the same people under different names on their face books that work under them. Liberals are only 20 % of the country

  • Brendon Carr

    Seriously, what material do they make Michelle’s dresses from? It appears to be neoprene from this angle.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Hello up there, anybody up there?

    Ah crap! The SEIU bus must have broken down on the road. Oh well, I can just have David Axelrod Photoshop them in.

    Four more years! Four more years!

    Ah, crap I suck! It not use!

    Call my limo driver and let’s get out of hear. My campaign sucks!

  • southernsue

    i pray that these two will not “occupy” the White House next year.

    these two along with the rest of their evil need to go and then the USA can get down to business and get out of this financial mess.

    i have to say, should romney win, he will have a huge mess to straighten out.

  • YourMaster

    they’ll pay people to vote I bet… would really like to see 0bama lose though
    and be totally humiliated in the process of his lose… didn’t the liberals go on about how
    john kerry was winning his election even acting like he had already won calling him president john kerry…. then BOOM bush wins…
    ….that was hellishly funny to watch all the liberals crying and screaming
    and I bet that was about 90% of the reason they disliked him
    ….just because that win humiliated them and embarassed them around the country
    that they were supposed to be right and never wrong.
    ….but it turns out reality doesn’t usually side with liberals
    like with Scott Walker…. no amount of facades, and no amount of orchestrated fake protests (of paying people to form a huge crowd… who are 90% out of state union cronies)
    ….helps them change reality… …they give the false pretenses that everything is on their side. they act like it’s a horrible bill… and they orchestrate a few protests… do countless studies that come from liberal harvard professors, and try to alter perception but in the end… usually, it almost always backfires on them. there’s more people against the unions than there are for them – and they can’t alter or change reality. …and what’s worse is they can’t explain why it seems to be against them….
    ….none of their liberal universities teach them common sense.

  • Red

    All I could think of when I saw this lack of student presence was the movie, ‘This is Spinal Tap’:

    Ian Faith: The Boston gig has been cancelled…
    David St. Hubbins: What?
    Ian Faith: Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about it though, it’s not a big college town.

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  • jorgen

    The empty seats are occupied by all those dead voters who will be voting for Obama. :(