Oh Brother… Democrats File Complaint Against Scott Brown Over Half-Court Shot He Sunk (Video)

Oh brother. Mass Democrats want to block Senator Scott Brown from using footage of a half-court shot he sunk in front of a group of children.

The liberals want it off the air. How pathetic.
The Politico reported:

The Massachusetts Democratic Party has filed an ethics complaint against Scott Brown, alleging that Brown has used official resources for campaign purposes.

The complaint focuses on footage of Brown’s half-court shot, which appears in a campaign web video but, per the Boston Globe, was shot by one of Brown’s congressional staffers.

“By permitting his official staff to engage in campaign related activity while serving in their official capacity, Senator Brown has failed in his responsibility to ensure that the interests of his campaign ‘do not conflict with or detract from official staff duties’ and acted in violation of federal law,” the complaint says.

These people are desperate.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    If that’s the best they’ve got on Brown they are in deep trouble.

  • Beto Ochoa

    Pretty obvious it’s Brown.

  • Mark1957

    In response, the Brown campaign agreed to allow Elisibeth Warren to demonstrate how she will scalp the taxpayers if elected……

  • BurmaShave

    This sounds exactly like the same super-hypocritical [email protected] that the Dems used to push Sarah Palin out of office.

    If these standards were used against the Democrats, every da*n one of them would be out of office tomorrow, or maybe this afternoon.

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  • BurmaShave

    @#3 Mark

    I think the Brown campaign should allow Elizabeth a few shots from the center line, or maybe the three point line; as long as we all get to see it on Youtube.

  • vityas

    Do the same right back at them. Alinsky #4–Make your enemy live up to their own rules.

  • moriah

    The mere fact that Massachusetts Democrats are so shallow that they think a video clip of Scott brown sinking a shot could somehow sway voters is ridiculous in itself..

  • FurryGuy

    So where is the outrage about Barry using official resources for campaign purposes? He’s been campaigning for 3 1/2 years wasting government monies and resources for purely partisan, campaign purposes.

    Give it up, Dems. Yet again you raise the spectre of partisan politicking that will only rebound and slam you in your collective mugs. Remember Romney’s supposed Doggygate?

  • donh

    They don’t even know the rules of the game….Once the ball is on the way down, goaltending is not allowed. Warren is goaltending Brown’s shot after it drained the net.

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  • Earthmover

    No, it’s much better to give your campaign donors billions of (TAXPAYER) dollars on failure
    after failure of green energy FRAUD! How dare the Brown campaign use footage of
    halftime basketball that didn’t cost anybody a penny! I’ve seen Obama throw out a
    pitch at a baseball game, and my ribs still hurt from laughing how he throws like a girl.
    A spastic girl at that! HAHAHAHAHA

  • bg
  • Redwine

    Dems really are nuts.

  • Economan

    “…has used official resources for campaign purposes.”

    Wow. So what’s it called when Obama uses taxpayer money and AirForce One to campaign?

  • FurryGuy

    #16 May 9, 2012 at 4:58 pm
    Economan commented:

    “…has used official resources for campaign purposes.”

    Wow. So what’s it called when Obama uses taxpayer money and AirForce One to campaign?

    According to the American Pravda media, “Presidential”.

  • Annoyed In Illinois

    Have we EVER seen any video of All-American star Barry Obama playing basketball? Have we ever seen live footage of him smacking a golf ball? Nope.

    As another poster said, all we’ve seen is his pathetic girly lob at the All-Star game in St. Louis. Note that we haven’t seen him do it again? Hell, he couldn’t even name one player on the White Sox. The average fan could name all 25 rostered players on his favorite team.

  • Liz

    He should just do it again with his own camera.

    Obama is full on bizarre-o now. Flipped on gay marriage. Selling U.S. banks to China. He’s letting it ALL hang out. Plenty of desperation to go around.

  • vityas commented:

    Do the same right back at them. Alinsky #4–Make your enemy live up to their own rules.

    ..like not permitting the SCOAMF to use his ultra-cool round-ball clips in his campaign ads?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #9 vityas

    Do the same right back at them. Alinsky #4–Make your enemy live up to their own rules.

    I don’t know how you could have missed this but:

    THEY DON’T HAVE RULES. “Anything Goes” is the unofficial motto of the Progressive. Up to and including mass graves full of dissidents and “incorrect” thinkers.

    And besides, why would we want to use a book dedicated to Lucifer?

  • Will

    Fair is fair. Liz Warren should show off her archery skills. It’s in her blood, remember?

  • Shawn

    When are the going to complain about obama using tax dollars to feed us lies and no truths

  • Multitude

    FurryGuy #17: Exactly! The Brown campaign should issue a reply:

    Please get right on your concerns by contacting President Obama at the address listed below regarding his use of staffers, military aviation and support equipment, a limo fleet, security details, hotels, convention centers and other items billed to the taxpayers of the United States. As this certainly amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars of funds potentially misappropriated for the Obama campaign, compared to my staffer donating 18 seconds of their life to snap a photo of my kick-ass half-court skills, we sincerely suggest you focus on the real problems first.


    Sen. Scott Brown

    p.s. You’re just jealous that I kick Obama’s wimpy ass with my basketball skills.

  • Larkin

    Because Scott Brown made a half-court shot,

    …then it’s only right that that lyin’ Sacajawea Warren gets no grief about scamming the system for her Harvard gig.

    And Barry gets to continue collecting foreign campaign donations.

    I mean, fair is fair.

  • If ALL filming of every candidate was banned forever, I’d be all for it. Blessedly relieved, in fact.

  • RICH


  • SeniorD

    This ploy is simply to keep the race close. If the election ain’t close, the Demodonks can’t cheat (not that they won’t try anyway).

  • tarpon

    If your candidate were a lying fake Indian, what would you do?

  • Sally

    They shouldn’t have a thing to worry about.

    After all, Elizabeth Warren donated above and beyond what was expected in taxes just like she has preached we all do. Since she is a multi millionaire it was a large extra sum…….

    Oh wait – never mind.

  • frankroy

    If basketball Jones Obama ever made such a shot it would be weeks and forever used by the msm gratuisly promoting his great abilities.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #31 frankroy

    Great point. It would also, no matter when the video was made, be in his campaign ads, and nobody on the left would have a beef.

    Because, like I said — they have no book of “rules”. How can we make someone live up to a book of rules (per Alinsky’s rule #4), when they have no book of rules?

  • Texas_Treeroach

    I don’t know why they’re upset.
    There was no conflict or detraction of official duties by Brown’s staff.

    Cherokee Graven Images Inc. got the filming contract.

  • Sasja

    This is OT but I found this article about Vidal Sassoon. For those of you, like me, who really knew nothing about this man except for his skill with the scissors and his product line; when you read this short piece, you will understand why I linked to it.


  • luckyone

    They are just jealous because The One could not have made that shot. It’s not “fair”.

  • Fresh Air

    I think this footage is very underhanded.

  • Libs despise competence/success in any form

    You’re supposed to be a helpless little entitlement-dependent serf

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  • Stu Van Tine

    Let me get this right. Scott is visiting a school, and has one of his staffers hold a video cam while he’s shooting the ball. That’s not OK? Well, BO better get a pilot’s license, since the Air Force One pilots have been working on nothing but the Chosen One’s reelection campaign for almost a year. And then there’s the little matter of all that taxpayer fuel money…..

  • Bedtime Bonzo

    As Elizabeth Warren would say, “How?”

  • Greg

    Just one more example of how degenerate Democrats have become. Scoop Jackson, the last living honest, reputable, dependable, honorable, and patriotic democrat to walk upon the face of this earth!


    A 40+ year Democrat who now can’t ever imagine voting for a Democrat ever again!

  • sandy

    Greg #41 I worked on Scoop Jackson’s campaign back in the day. Now that I have become a Republican I can’t believe I ever was a member of this party of lunatics. The last Dem I supported was Hillary. That was only 3-1/2 years ago and suddenly she has decided to go au naturale. She is the damn Secy of State, she should at least comb her hair. If she wants to be a slob then quit running all over the world giving the USA away to the highest bidder.

  • sandy

    When the next convention rolls around take a look at the delegates. Republicans are well dressed and attractive while the Dems wear Mickey Mouse ears and eat huge meals at their seats. This they do while shouting and dancing.

  • Cae

    Wait!! that picture of Obama in the war room… Didn’t that “official” moment wind up in a campaign ad? SUE SUE Sue!!

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  • JoeJack

    There is a point were the ridiculousness of being a liberal is bound to become an embarrassment.

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