Bill Maher, Barack Obama’s tw*t-calling top donor, attacked Mitt Romney this week for donating to his church.

Mediaite reported:

On last week’s edition of Real Time, Bill Maher argued during the panel discussion that Mitt Romneyshould be giving money to an actual charity rather than just the standard tithe to the Mormon church. Maher’s comments were immediately picked up by the conservative blogosphere, and in his final New Rule tonight, Maher defended what he said by arguing that while the Mormon church does good works, unlike most charities, it is not their main focus.

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Maher first clarified his comment that Mormonism is a cult by explaining he meant to say “his ridiculous church.” He admitted that there is no real distinction between a cult and a religion, but he argued that as opposed to Catholics who are very upfront about their beliefs, Mormons tend to be more “secretive” about their faith. And that sounds cultlike to Maher, at least.

But then Maher pivoted to make a more serious point about Romney’s donations to the church are not the same thing as charity.




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  2. Romney belongs to a ridiculous church? Ridiculous as one whose pastor G-Damns Amerika and gives awards to a racist crapbag like Louis Farrakhan. Moron.

  3. Does anyone give a rat’s a$$ what this clown has to say? Why is it that the dumb half of America (liberals) rely on crap comedians for their political news?

  4. Bill Maher should do a comparison of Romney’s Mormon church and Barack’ and Michelle’s Reverned Wright church.

  5. This is the guy who admitted his audience were brain washed liberals. Maher saying something intelligent would be more shocking than anything like this.

  6. Somebody is gonna seriously beat this fruity ass someday!
    Just an opinion

  7. Let’s look on the bright side, if Maher is marginally relevant as a commentator/advocate for Obama, this is probably the last time he’ll ever get this kind of exposure. Bill Maher will fade away after this election cycle. His schtick is old and on it’s last leg.

  8. Bill Maher is the de-facto leader of the Democrat Party

  9. …Bill Maher argued during the panel discussion that Mitt Romneyshould be giving money to an actual charity rather than just the standard tithe to the Mormon church.

    What business is it of Maher’s where Romney donates his own money to, cult or not?

  10. How come it is alright and condoned by liberals to be anti-catholic or anti-mormon. . but god forbid we are anti-global warming or anti-government handouts. . .

    I do like #4 john b ‘s idea for a side by side of Wright’s church / Black Liberation Theology vs Mormonism.

    I never heard of a Mormon youth Flash mob. . . hey Barack!

  11. he sucks, why waste time on him anyway

  12. I’m Mormon, yet I’d still kick the sh-t out of Bill Maher, when he’s no longer behind steel doors with security guards while he sits safely in his studio.

  13. Your site is down. I can only get in by going through the privacy policy into the archives!

  14. “I can only get in by going through the privacy policy into the archives!”

    Zounds! not the old going in through the archives again!! Kinda makes one feel unwanted, huh?

  15. First, Maher’s credibility is based on the audience that watches him. I suppose he has enough to keep his show on the airways. Apparently, it takes a twit like Mahar to explain the faith and who should donate to what charity or political figure. Like he is really defending what Hannity has been saying: “Obama accepted a donation from a man who calls women like Palin the C-word or whatever.” this after Obama says the GOP is creating a War on women.


    Bill Maher is a popular American comedian and talk show host. He was well known as the host of the late night talk show Politically incorrect, which each night brought together four disparate guests to discuss issues that most other network television shows rarely talked about.

    Bill Maher was born a Jewish mother and a Catholic father. As an adult, Maher has not known to actively practice either Judaism or Catholicism in any meaningful religious sense. Maher is widely regarded as a deist, as he has expressed belief in God, but he believes that God does not answer prayer or interact with humanity.

    Bill Maher is a Vegan. Ethical Veganism is a religion, but Veganism does not function as a religion for all vegans. At this point we do not yet know if Maher is an Ethical Vegan or a lifestyle-only vegan.

    Bill Maher has made a career out of talking about topics that are often considered off-limits, including the topic of religion. His views have been wide-ranging. He has often made statements strongly in support of various spiritual and religious values and beliefs, while at the same time he has been highly critical of many aspects of organized religion.

  16. And he’s a twit. Thanks for clarifying Patty.

  17. if romney were a democrat maher would be praising his mormon religion.

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