Obama Tells Jewish Leaders He Knows More About Judaism Than Any Other President

The ‘Narcissist in Chief’ told Jewish leaders yesterday that he probably knows more about Judaism than any other president.

Barack Obama learned quite a bit about “Them Jews” from his mentor Jeremiah Wright.

The Weekly Standard reported on this from Haaretz:

In the meeting, Obama reportedly boasted about his knowledge of Judaism, telling the leaders that he thinks he knows more “about Judaism” than all past presidents. He said he gained this knowledge of Judaism from reading.

“Obama … stressed he probably knows about Judaism more than any other president, because he read about it,” Haaretz reports. “[He] wondered how come no one asks Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner or Senate minority leader Mitch McConnel [sic] about their support to Israel.”

Similarly, he said to the group, “I [am] not going to tell you again how I even feel about Israel, but why [are] we still talking about it?”

For the record… Presidents James Madison and John Quincy Adams both spoke Hebrew.

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  • I will never understand how any Jew can support Obama or the Democrat Party.

  • vityas

    He has a lot of competition from Liz “Mockahantas” Warren who claims to have been nursing while taking the bar exam. “I’ll take a tall glass of cold milk and some of that Oklahoma crab salad, Liz, if ya got a spare minute in between your mens and rea.”

    These people …have a colorful fantasy life.

  • Obama means… he knows Jews as described in his Islamic textbooks in Malaysia which he read while snacking on dog.

  • NorthernX

    The Stupid just never stops…

  • Txn4Evr

    This asshat would rather climb a tree and tell you a lie than stand on the ground and tell you the truth.

  • Finncrisp

    When someone tells you they know about life because they read it in a book, I think that is creepy.
    The man is just one arrogant Militant, period.

    I hope the condescending one has finally tore it with the Jewish vote. He is no friend of Israel, just ask Netanyahu. He remembers the cold cuts in the servants quarters at the White House and the back door entrance and exit. Shameful treatment for a head of state, yeah, he knows about the Jews.

  • JB

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Grandstanding variety.

  • Joe College

    He learned it from Rev. Wright. That’s all he talked about.

  • squeaky
  • Redwine

    Of course Hussein is well-versed in Judaism. He read about it in the Islamofascist and Leftist propaganda of Rashid Khalidi, Ali Abunimah, Code Pink, J Street and the rest of the anti-Jew, anti-Israel trash, as well as in that sickening manual of hatred, abuse and genocide called the Koran.

  • StrangernFiction


  • Brandon In Baton Rouge

    “When someone tells you they know about life because they read it in a book, I think that is creepy.”

    Barry sounds like the kind of lefty college kid being called out by the Dead Kennedys in “Holiday In Cambodia”.

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  • Winston Wolfe

    What an arrogant punk.

  • Linda DeGaeta

    I love the punch line at the end! Great article. This mountebank needs to go.

  • democraps suck

    maybe odumbo thinks he was born in israel now instead of kenya

  • Stella Baskomb

    “He said he gained this knowledge of Judaism from reading.”

    I guess “reading” is where he learned all about the famous Polish Death Camps.

  • valerie

    I just wish he knew as much about Islam as he claims to do.

  • Delusional again…

  • Redwine

    As a Jew, I find Comrade Hussein’s arrogant statement as deeply offensive and perverse. He’s a very disturbed person. A sociopath.

  • donh

    Yes all those years studying the Koran in the madrassas of Pahkistan and Indonesia taught Obama a speacial insight about the ” people of the book ” that no other President has understood.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …that he probably knows more about Judaism than any other president.

    Modesty just isn’t this guy’s strong suit, is it?

  • GotFreedom

    He knows that he’s done more to undermine Israel than any other president. . .he knows that he’s back stabbed the Jewish people more than any other president. Would some one please explain why the good folks in the Jewish community still support this lying, cheating, backstabbing, forked tongue devil?

  • bg


    Obama may be below a certain pay grade, but that
    won’t stop him from trying take over the position..


  • CV1

    How could he possibly know if he knows more than any other president? He could not possibly know that.

  • I just can’t get over the stark difference between the modest, self-effacing President Bush and the colossal ego and self-focus of President Obama. Has there ever been two presidents back to back that were so very opposite?

  • USMC Thomas

    Repulsive. P. O. S.

  • kathteach

    If this sitting President knew anything about Jews, he could have never insulted Poland yesterday during a medal ceremony by using the very words “Polish Death Camps”.

    This shows such an ignorance and uneducated notion of what actually happened in Europe before and during World War 11.

    He is truly the most uneducated President I think we have ever had. A prop – controlled by people behind the curtain. Harvard should be more than ashamed – we should sue them!

  • RKae


    “World War 11”

    Huh? Are you a time traveller? I guess it’s nice to hear that the Earth will survive 9 more World Wars.

  • George

    What a dip s**t.

  • kathteach

    Hi RKae – I meant – of course – WWII – but my typing skills aren’t that terrific.

  • Donya

    He learned about Jews in his Koran…

  • Beth

    If he knows so much about Judaism, how is it that he apparently knows nothing about what the Lord who has established Zion has said?

  • bigkahuna

    Hey let this jerkoff keep spewing his crap. The more he talks the more mistakes he makes. The more mistakes he makes the more he pisses people off. The more he pisses people off the bigger the landslide that will sweep this POS away . I just hope that Romney and Congress find a way to jail him, Holder, Bwarney Fwank , Natzi Pelosi and Harry Bleed.

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  • owl

    “Barack Obama learned quite a bit about “Them Jews” from his mentor Jeremiah Wright.”

    You got that right Jim. Wright and Wright’s good buddy Farrahan (Obama’s neighbor).

    If the Jewish people can not change course after all this and throw the Dems out, I’ve about had it with them. Along with the Catholics, they crawled into bed with them and this is what they get. I expect blacks to see more than skin color in 2012 and I expect Jews and Catholics to also see beyond their noses. I am ready for hope and changed behavior from all.

    No, I do not believe it was an accident that Obama insulted Poland…………..again. Ask Mr Bill O’Reilly about the smartest man in the room. I even expect him to self correct at some point.

  • OxyCon

    For a good laugh at Obama’s expense (the best kind imo), here’s something I found on some blog somewhere:

    Obama Celebrates Hanukkah… Two Weeks Early… Lights All the Candles


  • kato

    At least he didn’t say he knew more about Jews than any other messiah.

  • Befuddled

    Politifact checked this statement and deem it 100% truthful.Because Obama believes what he says,it must be the truth.

  • LL

    Did the Jewish leaders immediately fall to their knees and kiss the hem of his trousers?

  • OxyCon

    Bonus points to whoever can figure out who said this:

    “I think I’m a better speech writer than my speech writers,” he reportedly told an aide in 2008. “I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m . . . a better political director than my political director.”

  • MVH

    Ooooh! And I can teach neurosurgery because a read a book about it… Mmm ka-ay.

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  • Tel Star

    Mr. Carter your brother Billy would do a better job than this idiot.

  • bigben

    He didn’t say he knows anything about the “khazar” jews who populate Israel and the US. He is referring to the “real” Jews, the Black Hebrews as taught by his Chicago mentors, Farrakhan and Wright.

  • Militant Conservative

    Like my mom, bipolar and an exqisite liar.

    Obama is a walking definition of both.

    You wonder why I hate his ass, he’s like my

    Mother. Diseased and broken. The lil bastard will

    Stop at nothing for his legacy.

    Obama = failure and evil.

  • kathteach

    # 42 MVH – good one. Like “I know all about Jews because I once stayed at a Holiday Inn”

    That about explains this sycophant, uneducated, puppet American President who surrounds himself – apparently – with others who know very little about history.

    So very sad …….and dangerous. Who is behind the curtain – a question you always want to keep asking.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Weeelllll, Dear Leader says he’s read a book.

    How nice.

    Hey, Dunce-O-Bungle— let me recommend a book for you: “The Joys of Yiddish” by Leo Rosten. You can start with the word “schmuck”.

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  • mcc

    Yep. Really bad case of NPD.

    Now how about Americans getting to know more about Barry than any other President?

    I sort of hope this happens. What fun watching their heads explode:

    Trump is seriously mulling over the idea of setting up his own super-PAC to help defeat Obama in November. Rather than focus on Obama’s abysmal economic record, which many other super-PACs will do, Trump may ask the simple question: “Who is Barack Obama?” and create a campaign around that one theme.

    Leaving the validity of the dubious birth certificate unspoken and in the background, the campaign could focus on his unreleased college transcripts, openly admitted and celebrated drug use, his radical associates over the years, the leftists he has appointed in his administration, what he has falsely claimed about himself including his birth place, among other issues. The possibilities are endless.

    The time has come for the American people to find out who Barack Obama is and Donald Trump, independent of Mitt Romney, could be the man to finally bring that issue to the fore.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/05/trump_trumpets_obama_birth_certificate_anomalies_again.html#ixzz170yKeqms

  • DavidD

    Yeah, he knows more about Judaism than any other President–he knows everything the Koran teaches about Judaism.

    His knowledge of Judaism is probably about as accurate as his knowledge of Christianity…and Economics…and Capitalism…and…and…

  • valerie

    Sometimes he sounds like somebody who has trouble handling cocaine.


  • Questionman

    n, I love being right. You 48 people are racist to the core! It’s the Novemeber elections and obviously the right aren’t hiding their racist tendencies anymore. It’s there for all to see. How do I know? the racist right are doubling down on their lies and smears to get the black man out of office.

    ” Dolores Huerta did a lot to raise the standard of living for migrant farmworkers in this country. How is this a bad thing at all? Ask the migrant workers if they were more free before Dolores Huerta and Caesar Chavez, or after.

    He’s been a great success. He’s:
    – stopped the job loss hemorrhage that he faced when he entered office and created 4.2 million new private sector jobs.
    – He and Bush bailed out the banks. Over Republican opposition, Obama saved the US auto industry from going into bankruptcy. (Saving banks and Detroit makes him a hero and not a socialist/communist. One of those would have nationalized those industries.
    – He’s no racist. His mother was white and his white grandparents raised him. What’s your problem?

    I know It’s because Obama is awarding a Non-white revolutionist like Dolores!

    Communism is a utopiaistic idea. it has never occured in the form it is meant for, and is most likely impossible. NOTHING is wrong with communism, but still Obama is not communist. Maybe a little socialist though, which is an ideal that is in the interests of the people, get your facts, and dont listen to inter party rhetoric. Vote for Obama because his intersts coincide with yours and about 99% of the populations, if you vote for Romney, well then its your suicide note, but its your choice.

    “…Blaming every failure of his presidency on his last name, Republicans, ”

    If Republicans calling Obama a Muslim is one of Obama’s failings, that particular “failing” can be blamed on Republicans.

    Also, Obama might or might not be the most knowledgeable recent President on Judiasm, but he clearly is more knowledgeable than the last 5 Republican Presidents (Bush, Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon). Nixon was an explicit anti-semite. The other 4 help define the term “incurious”.

    Obama is NOT Anti-American, how would an anti-american become or want to become the president? makes no sense. Funny that the racist right langauge fits the descpriton of Anti-American!
    And Obama is NOT a marxist, only Karl Marx was a Marxist.

    if anything, people are racist against him. They hate Obama NOT because he doesn’t think American. It’s because He doesn’t think ‘White”

  • mcc

    Just a reminder or for those to whom this is news:

    <b?Listen to this interview with Dr. John Drew, a conservative professor of political science who was a Communist in his youth and founder of the Marxist Student Association at Occidental College:

    Interview by Jeff Kuhner – Dr. Drew describes Obama's total dedication to Communist revolution in America, beginning with his youthful indoctrination in Hawaii by the well-known member of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) Frank Marshall Davis, and continuing through his college years, as personally witnessed by Dr. Drew based on his close personal contact with Obama at Occidental College.

    Dr Drew has no doubt that Obama has always been a Communist and remains a fervent Communist today. According to Dr. Drew, Obama is totally committed to carrying out a revolution in America which will destroy the American system of rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in order to bring about a “redistribution of wealth” and the forcible imposition of “social justice” as envisioned by Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and Mao Tse-tung.


  • befuddled

    He learned everything he ever needed to learn about the Jews from Rev.Wright, Farrakhan,Helen Thomas,and Barbara Streisand.

  • jdawg

    Worse yet, he blames the perception people have of him on Republican bigotry… Seriously.


  • From the link:

    ‘In Obama’s case, one could ask whether what he “knows” is what he learned from Rashid Khalidi and Jeremiah Wright.’

    Or from Karl Marx.

    ‘What truth is there in this argument? Marx’s essay, On the Jewish Question, originally published in 1844 contains the following:

    What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.…. Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities…. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange…. The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general.

    Marx argues that, “In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism.” Larry Ray explains, “Marx’s position is essentially an assimilationist one in which there is no room within emancipated humanity for Jews as a separate ethnic or cultural identity.” Dennis Fischman puts it, “Jews, Marx seems to be saying, can only become free when, as Jews, they no longer exist.”

    The British journalist and historian Paul Johnson has argued that “The second part of Marx’s essay is almost a classic anti-Semitic tract, based upon a fantasied Jewish archetype and a conspiracy to corrupt the world.” The American historian, Gertrude Himmelfarb argued that it cannot be denied that in his essay On the Jewish Question, Marx expressed views that “were part of the classic repertoire of anti-Semitism.”

    Noted expert on antisemitism, Robert Wistrich, declared, (Soviet Jewish Affairs, 4:1, 1974) “the net result of Marx’s essay [On The Jewish Question] is to reinforce a traditional anti-Jewish stereotype – the identification of the Jews with money-making – in the sharpest possible manner.” In his book, Political Discourse in Exile: Karl Marx and the Jewish Question , Denis Fischman comments that in the second section of his essay, “Marx seems fairly to bristle with anti-Jewish sentiments.”’

    Karl Marx: Radical Antisemitism

    Sounds like Jeremiah Wright and Hussein bin Obama.

  • dunce

    If obama really was an expert on the constitution, he would know that neither the speaker of the house nor the minority leader in the senate are responsible for our foreign relations, it is the presidents job as the constitution clearly states. By the way, if you send a few bucks to the Heritage Foundation, they will send you a pocket sized copy of the declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States.

  • orisda423

    Mr. Questionman
    I see you don’t question too deeply.

  • mackykam

    He knows more about judaism through reading: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    His koran also tells him jews are descendants of apes and pigs.

    Did he lose his mind when they wacked off his foreskin in Indonesia?

  • sandy

    Didn’t Obama also announce that yes he has a hit list and can kill anyone he likes with our drones? He just can’t hold people’s attention unless he is doing something really big every minute.


  • mg4us

    And let’s not forget the all knowing Obama when he was at the Western or Wailing Wall of the temple in Jerusalem. .

    He put his wish in the wall (on a rolled up piece of paper) and then removed it (a big no-no) to take with him (mine, mine).

    Or wanting Israel to go back to pre 1967 borders. . .

    Once a liar. . always a liar. .

    The mighty Obama – – the Liar-n-Thief!

  • mcc

    OT, but fun – an ad from FOX:

    You know it must be good because Media Mutters is spitting mad about it: Fox’s Anti-Obama Attack Ad (Huff!) Is Nearly (Huff!) $100,000 In Free Advertising (Huff!) For GOP (Spit!) — is only one of the many articles they’ve posted already about the new ad.

    40 different laws probably broken, here. Enjoy it while you can.


    BE SURE to hit the link to LegalInsurrection below the video of the ad…

  • mcc

    Even more fun from Hannity’s radio show: he said he’d heard Romney might be considering MARK LEVIN for Veep!!

    Guess he’s thinking he wants someone who won’t be a pushover…not afraid of telling it like it is…I’d LOVE it!

    Can you imagine?!

  • i believe it! the myth is the smartest person in the history of the world. he is even smarter then that jew einstein.

    questionman, if you want to see a racist look in the mirror.

  • pat c

    what a psycho


    keep your friends close and enemies closer,just don;t understand the jewish community,leaks
    from this white house is unbelievable,he is not their friend.

  • Beth

    This might also be a good time to also just remind everyone of the yet again demonstrated fact that Mr. Obama, who self-identifies as a Christian, is apparently completely unfamiliar with the primary Christian virtue of humility.

  • MaryW

    Gaffes and peacocking aside, let’s not forget that Obama is a very dangerous man.

  • Stonedome

    When you are only aware of yourself and willfully ignorant of history it’s easy to be the best at anything you imagine. You become a legend in your own mind…we can’t be rid of him soon enough!

  • RCL

    The coming election will prove once again that most American “Jews” hate Israel and America almost as much as Obama.

    As St. Paul said, “…they are not all Israel who is of Israel.”

  • Stonedome

    Question man said Obama created 4.2 million jobs in the private sector…of course he did that all by himself with absolutely no help from private sector businesses. Also he said there is nothing wrong with communism…I would like him to run that by all of the victims of Stalin and Mao, I think you would find a tiny bit of resistance to your statement. You, sir, are a typical Communist with an overblown vocabulary, but limited perception…

  • AuntieMadder

    @ Questionman #53 –

    You could save yourself a lot of time (and save your keyboard a lot of wear) next time around by simply posting, “I’m an idiot.”

  • BS61

    Huh, I guess nobody asked about the WH gate crasher and PLO loving friend Rashid Khalidi?!!!! We must attack the media!

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “NOTHING is wrong with communism,…”

    That’s all I needed to hear to know what you’re all about.

  • Cal

    I’ll never understand how any human being could vote Republican.

  • Limousine Barry

    I know more about Judaism that every President from George Washington to George Soros… er, Barry 0bama.

    I learned by about it reading a pamphlets in a mosque in Pakistan. I am not going to tell you again how I hate Israel – but why are we still talking about?

    Well, its election time and I need more money. It costs a lot of money to win an election! Jews have a lot of money. But, they sure don’t like to spend it. I need to separate the Jews from their money. That’s why I need good Jewish Bundlers. Good day.

  • Perfected democrat

    The second Black, first Gay, Jewish President… on his way to ultimately being remembered as the First Muslim President, who with the Clintons, personally ushered in and provided the Muslim Brotherhood positions with significant direct influence in the Executive Branch, State Department, Nasa, and other government institutions. Barack Obama is a Moslem-Communist posing as a Christian Democrat, while the Democratic Party has become a hard-left-wing syndicate engaged in racketeering and full-blown treason by opening the gates of America to the soft-jihad; with this to boot: “The Commerce Department is considering naming Arab Americans a socially and economically disadvantaged minority group that is eligible for special business assistance.” When their demographics eventually permit, as in Europe, ie France now, watch the car burnings commence! Phonies like Questionman (#53) keep up the patter about racism to distract from their real agenda. There is a good reason that people like Allen West, Thomas Sowell and other high profile Americans have been highly critical of the race baiting and demagoguery of today’s Democratic Party.

  • Perfected democrat

    Don’t think for one minute it is exaggeration concerning implications of authentic, full-blown treason:

    “FBI Chief: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Terrorism

    IPT News
    February 10, 2011

    Elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group whose ideology has inspired terrorists such as Osama bin Laden, are in the United States and have supported terrorism here and overseas, FBI Director Robert Mueller told a House committee Thursday.:

    Read the rest, for starters: http://www.investigativeproject.org/2581/fbi-chief-muslim-brotherhood-supports-terrorism

  • jorgen

    The ‘Narcissist in Chief’ told Jewish leaders yesterday that he probably knows more about Judaism than any other president.

    Yes, and he learned it all from the Koran in his childhood.

  • Benton Park Avenger

    Himmler knew a lot about the Jews too.

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  • donh

    Show us how much Obama loves Israel by releasing the video of Obama’s dinner toast to Rhashid Khalidi that the LA Times still supresses….> http://a12iggymom.wordpress.com/2011/05/21/la-times-withholds-video-of-obama-toasting-former-plo-operative-at-jew-bashing-dinner/

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  • Yes, Jew can support Obama………

  • FromMissouri2

    I’ll bet this guy even beat Kim Jon Ill’s 38 under par, the first time he played golf! This guy could easily pass for a 3rd world dictator in his narcistic statements!

  • Perfected democrat

    Nancy Pelosi Hires Former Terrorist Fundraiser


    Spend and tax; the Democratic Party’s “jizya” on the American people…

    None dare call it treason?

  • bg


    #89 May 31, 2012 at 10:28 am
    Perfected democrat

    she’s just trying to keep up with the Boss..

    hah, Obama is so smooth the powers that be pulling his
    strings can’t tell he’s screwing them as they screw US..


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