WSJ Analyst Stephen Moore Eviscerates Obama Over Bogus Spending Claims (Video)

Oh Brother.
Here’s the video of Barack Obama telling supporters he’s some kind of fiscal conservative.
“Since I’ve been president federal spending has risen at the lowest pace in sixty years.”

Wall Street Journal reporter Stephen Moore counters, “Who you gonna believe, me or your own two eyes?” Moore explains how Barack Obama came up with the numbers. In Obama’s mind the record 2009 spending, including the stimulus, auto bailout, cash for clunkers, etc. was Bush’s fault.
How convenient.

Related… The stunning chart that shows the Obama spending binge really happened.

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  • Wm T Sherman

    Barack Obama didn’t come with any numbers. Anonymous drones in the White House basement did it for him, and he repeated what they put in front of him without thinking about it.

  • Militant Conservative

    Lying NOTUS says what?

    The truth is not in him. Can’t be, or his skam is up.

    He knows no shame nor honor. He is SATAN.

  • mg4us

    Here is an interesting piece on How Liars do figure. . .
    In this case Paul Krugman who tries to support Obama’s reckless spending and debt

    But there is another issue and that paper accepts anything and statistics can make anything look like it correlates. .need to use common sense to know what the dependent variable vs the independent variable. . . meaning what drives the equation. . .

    In this case, one would expect FAST growing economies to increase their debt faster in anticipation of where they see their GDP going. . .

    it is like when a person starts a new job or gets a promotion and decides to go from renting an apartment to buying a house so their mortgage (debt) will rise faster than their income. . . but over the long run, if they kept increasing debt, they would be bankrupt.

    Since Obama has only die-hard academics on his staff. . no one has real world common sense. .
    Obama using same failed policies that drove Detroit bankrupt (since they can’t print dollars!)

    Say Good Night Obamabots!
    (ps Motel 6 will leave the light on for ya!)

  • wth

    He’s already burned all his pants up, so when does the lightning strike?

  • mg4us

    To be fair to OBAMA, Congress controls the spending. . . the article that Obama is using should have shown past 10 years. . .or even from 2000.

    What you would have seen is that spending and deficit jumps WAY UP starting in 2007 when Democrats controlled the Congress (from 2006 elections),
    up again in 2008
    and then Balloons in 2009, OVER 17+%!!!, due to OBAMA’s reckless spending!

    This does not even factor in OBAMA’s devaluation of the US dollar with Quantitative Easing (QE) and QE2!!!
    This is a main reason why gasoline prices (and food and commodities) have spiked up. Gas was $1.83/gal now over $4!!!

    But you are right that as jobs dry up and economy tanks, so, too, does government receipts which adds to the deficit widening. . .
    but it is OBAMA’s policies and lack of clarity that keeps economy in recession and investors not putting capital to work. . .
    Why risk your money when future is unknown and pointing negative while tax increases are planning to go UP?

    This may help

    Obama. .the spending King!! (I would say drunken sailor but he is more wee-weed up than drunk)

    or this. . .

    Best thing to do is Hope there is Change in November and we have a real President that manages the budget wisely (Obama has yet to pass a real serious budget in 3 years!! and last one went down in a unanimous defeat!. .even by Dems voting against it!!)

    Have a good Memorial Weekend and thank our veterans and those that serve!!

  • Luddite

    And if Republicans hadn’t taken back the house in 2010? We would have more and more stimulus = payback to cronies.

    Obama is bragging for actions of the “do nothing” house.

  • James

    Why does obama and the liberal media act like dishonesty is a virtue.

  • lizzy84

    Well, come on now. Barry’s mentor is Bill Ayers, convicted terrorist, who spent his entire life trying to bring down the USA. Looks like Bill picked the right horse to back…

    God help us if he gets 4 more years.

  • Swifty

    Wow! I had no idea Obama was an official teabagger.

  • Paddy

    Obama is afflicted with dementia. Why else would Congress pass a bill that purges the word from all federalaws and rules?

  • USMC Thomas

    I think SØBama is still inhaling.

  • Tim in Cali

    This is why I believe Liberals have gone beyond indoctrination.
    I really think Liberals have now been PROGRAMMED to believe
    anything and everything from Obama,MSM,educators..etc

    Remember the N.C teacher..any doubt that’s in every school in America

    This is May,wait ’til Nov….the lies coming out of his mouth
    will make this seem light….

    The cornered animal is getting desperate

  • mg4us

    And it is not just that Obama spends like a drunken sailor. . .

    He has issued so many regulations. . mountains of regulations. . that basically makes sure the feds cane fine you some way some how as it is almost impossible to comply with all of them as they themselves don’t know what’s in them. . .

    Here is just one of Thousands

  • valerie

    Only if you fail to count that 2009 budget as the one-off huge, unusual shot to mitigate a major economic cars as “the new normal.”

    He thinks that none of us were paying attention.

  • valerie

    #12 May 24, 2012 at 7:20 pm
    Tim in Cali commented:

    No. The Liberals were voting against him in the last two Democratic primaries. The Democratic Party at the national level threw their Liberals out in the last election. That’s why the primaries in Arkansas and Kentucky showed forty percent for ABO.

    The shame of the current Democratic Party at the national level is that it has utterly failed to live up to Liberal ideals, favoring instead the failed policies of the socialists and the communists.

  • mg4us

    But one thing Obama can take credit for is the growing number of Black Youth Flash mobs

    here is a recent one in Baltimore

    AVOID BALTIMORE Getting TOO Dangerous!



  • bg



    Obama Racist??

    that can’t be so, no no no, a Black man cannot possibly
    be racist against another Black man, right Obama?? /s/


  • keithofboston

    I ask each and everyone of you, as Americans. Are you not humiliated to have this lying clown in the White House? This is the most corrupt regime in American history.

  • saveus

    obama lies and lies and lies
    and then continues to lie

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  • H8Unions

    C’mom Barry, your constituents/backers/Obamabots may be stupid, but the rest of us are not.

    Typical Liberal talking down to the people.

  • Chicago2012

    HURRY NOVEMBER 2012!!!! Get this idiot out of office… OTP…

  • PJSolarz

    I think we should all use this method of computing the numbers when we do our tax returns next year.

  • Didn’t the Obama crew know that he would be called on this whopper which is one for the books? Yes they did, but this is the way Obama team operates under the direction of their astute leader.

    By the time the lie is exposed the faithful and the gullible have already turned to other subjects.

    Recently when Obama said that the Supreme Court has never over ruled a law passed by Congress he knew that that was a bald lie. He lied knowing he would be caught on it because the people that are going to vote for him operate from a presupposition— everyone is working against the president. And if that is the case then we should believe Obama and not his opponents. In that way the lie does what it was intended to do, it deceives the voter.

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  • William M James